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  1. This one can be answered off-air. The new logo is actually an alternate that we've had for a while now. It was created by our very own Atomic and we used it during this year's GTOV. Twitter going to round avatars is what prompted the switch. The primary "Tim TV-Bow" logo doesn't work as a circle. Atomic's logo works great as a circle avatar. Just for kicks, I decided to try it out on all the platforms. We haven't really discussed making the change permanent. We'll see. In any case, I'm glad you like it. @Atomic always does stellar work.
  2. There are direct links to the mp3 files in this thread. Just go back to page one and start there.
  3. One of the things I learned while working on that series was how quickly addicts figure out ways around the rules. You'd think an addict wouldn't be all that sharp, but they're quite resourceful when they need to be. Junkies are going to get their drugs one way or another. I don't know the solution to the problem, but I don't think it's going to be solved at pharmacies or in doctor's offices.
  4. Why? Because they're opening? Cheap Trick hasn't been an arena headliner in a very long time. Because it's Nickelback? I don't see how that affects Cheap Trick in any way. It's not like they're playing Nickelback music. Pretty sure they do their own stuff. Say what you want about Nickelback (I'll probably agree) but someone must be going to see them. It ain't like they're renting arenas just to play to empty seats. Anyway, I saw Cheap Trick last summer (headlining at a fair) and they were great. In my experience, the size of the crowd or the building has no effect on the quality of the music.
  5. Actually, I do know a little about it. At least I know what I saw in researching it. Back in 2014-15, I worked with a pain management center on a documentary series on that very issue. Both the doctors and the pharmacists all said that the regulations had little, if any effect on addiction, etc. The only people who thought the pharmacy regulations were a good idea were politicians. I'd be happy to send you a link to a rough cut of the episode of the series that addresses it if you'd like.
  6. I'm familiar with some of his stuff. It's good, but for some reason, it doesn't grab me. Since we're talking power pop, I can't remember if I've asked you this before, but where are you on Cheap Trick? I've heard their latest album is very good.
  7. That's between the patient and the doctor. You, me, or anyone else aren't qualified to make that assessment. I get that some people are overmedicated, but that's not the same as being an addict. Not even close.
  8. And not one of these new pharmacy regulations has done a thing to help stop drug abuse or drug overdoses. All they do is make it that much harder for people who actually need medication to get medication.
  9. Off to a great start, folks. I'm already looking forward to the show.
  10. Don't be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you just need a little down time which is to be expected on a trip of this magnitude. Take the necessary time to recharge and don't worry about it. Edit: Also, I've heard that India is a great place to visit in theory but not so much in reality.
  11. It's a tradition like no other - the Basically a Sports Show: Ask Us Anything episode. The premise is simple. You can ask us anything you'd like and we'll do our best to answer your question. There is one exception. We won't take questions about or involving our respective significant others. Literally anything else is fair game. The...ahem...Bask Us Anything edition of Basically a Sports Show will be recorded the week of the MLB All-Star Game. You can post your questions here in the thread. You can also ask questions via our Twitter account @BasicallySports or on our Facebook Page. If you'd like a little anonymity, you can send questions via PM here or via email to We won't reveal the identity of anyone who asks questions via email or PM. The previous AMA episodes were a real success and a lot of fun. We're hoping for the same this time around. Fire Away.
  12. That's some really good stuff. I'm really digging it. I'd never heard of these guys. Thanks for posting it. And yeah, that's one awful album cover. The music deserves something much better.
  13. I'm guessing I'm in the minority, but I love that contraption. It's awesome.
  14. Basically a Sports Show #367 This week on BASS: The more things change in the NBA, the more they stay the same. The Vegas Golden Knights hold all the cards (pun fully intended) in the expansion draft. Will the team try to be competitive quickly or will it use the opportunity to build a solid foundation for the future? The new Los Angeles Rams uniforms aren’t going over very well with Rams fans. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  15. Now that I've had a chance to get a good look at the teams that made the most changes... Las Vegas: I thought I'd like this jersey more than I do. Now that I've seen it, I think it's a little on the boring side. it has some cool elements, but overall, it's not that great. Grade C+. Minnesota: Very nice new look. I really like it. I'm probably in the minority, but I like that the red stripe is limited to the sleeves. The red on the collar is a nice touch. Grade A. Carolina: Huge improvement over their previous look. I could do without the bottom half of the sleeves being black, but it's not a big deal and I may like it better when I see it in action. The sublimated storm flags are cool. A black "pentagon" on the collar would add a little contrast, but overall, I really like the update. Grade A. New Jersey: The Devils should have left well enough alone. I don't think it's the disaster that a lot of people think it is, but it's definitely a significant downgrade. The Devils screwed up what I considered a classic look. I'm surprised by how much losing the white in the collar threw off the color balance. Grade D-. Colorado: I've always thought the Avalanche logo looks like it should be on a 44 oz. pop cup at a Truck Stop instead of on a hockey sweater, but that aside, this is a really nice upgrade. I'm probably in the minority again, but I like the C patch. Grade A. Nashville: I'm glad all the piping is gone, but I think the Preds may have gone a half step too far in cleaning up the jersey. It's a little too clean, but it's still an improvement. Grade B. Calgary: Losing the piping was definitely a step in the right direction, but there is still some work to do here. Changing the C back to white would make this jersey look so much better. Oh well, at least it isn't as ugly as it used to be. I like the name and number change. Losing the italics was the right idea. Grade C-. Buffalo: Count me among those who wanted the Sabres to bring back the royal blue, but other than that, just getting rid of the silver nonsense is a huge improvement. One of my favorite NHL jerseys. Grade A. San Jose: The Shark on the front of the jersey is plenty. No need to add another one. No need to grade a patch. Columbus: Right now, I'm not crazy about going with the font from the alts for the name and number font. I'll have to see it in action. Edmonton: I didn't think I'd like the change to orange as the primary look, but it's really grown on me.