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  1. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Just wanted to share this little bit of wild luck...while watching Saints - Vikings, I was texting with my BASS co-hosts @Ice_Cap and @Still MIGHTY. After the Saints kicked the go ahead FG, my esteemed colleagues talked about the Vikings going Vikings and losing the game at which point I said "call me crazy, boys, but I still have a good feeling about these Vikings. This thing ain't over yet." Predictably, they both called me crazy - and then the "Minneapolis Miracle" happened. The God's honest truth is my gut instinct was that the Vikings were still going to win the game.
  2. NHL 2018-19

    Do we think they forgot? Seriously though, what is the reasoning behind that? I don't see your point. For example, let's say that the Browns decide go back to their 80's uniforms to remind fans that the team used to be really good in the '80s. That would accomplish what, exactly? Other than the fact that you prefer the look, what is the point in having the Panthers wear the '96 uniforms?
  3. NHL 2018-19

    Jerseys are not going to have any effect at all on the on-ice success of a hockey team. No offense, but it's really silly think otherwise. I mean, do you really believe the jerseys had anything to do with the last time Florida won a playoff series? Again, no offense, but you might what to try a different argument to support your position because this one is just short of claiming supernatural forces are somehow in play.
  4. NHL 2018-19

    It's possible that I'm missing your point but.... Are you saying that the design of a jersey had something to do with a team winning in the playoffs? Call me crazy, but I'm betting the 80's Oilers would have been every bit as good if they had worn white t-shirts that used electrical tape for the names and numbers. Point being, I kinda doubt the jerseys have anything to do with the success - or lack thereof - of a team in the playoffs.
  5. NHL 2018-19

    Just my opinion, but no.
  6. TuneIn Radio new ... logo?

    Better, but there is still a ways to go. FWIW, Roku is still using the old logo.
  7. Thanks. Your Dad has had two? Wow. Hopefully, I'll keep mine to just the one.
  8. Since you brought it up.... This is what my best list would have looked like this week. 1. Packers - Bears 2. Giants - 49ers 3. Steelers - Colts 4. Vikings - Redskins 5. Browns - Lions
  9. Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
  10. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Unfortunately, Cleveland used those "oppotunities" to draft Carzon Wents and Dashjuan Watzen. Needless to say, using spellcheck was the first item on the agenda at the Browns post-draft meetings.
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Does every day count?
  12. NFL 2017 Best And Worst Weeks 1-5

    I find this thread strangely familiar.
  13. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    Would it be safe to assume that you're not a Packers fan? I don't let my personal team preferences influence the lists. If I did, the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, and Seahawks would be on the worst list every week and the Packers, Browns, and Chiefs would always be on the best list.
  14. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    1. I can and I did. 2. No. What would be the point? Reading other lists wouldn't change my opinion one bit. 3. I can assure you that I don't. What would I gain from reading other lists before I do mine? 4. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.