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  1. Basically a Sports Show #363 This week on BASS: We're once again plagued by our old friend, technical issues - to comedic effect in one segment - but we did manage to pull a usable 30 minutes of NHL and NBA Playoffs talk out of the wreckage. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  2. As my friend and colleague, Ice_Cap, said, speak for yourself.
  3. In my opinion, it's not a reason to repeal Tank's ban. If anything, the behavior that made Tank "famous" perfectly illustrates why he was banned in the first place.
  4. You're looking for creativity and logic where none exists, my friend.
  5. arena football

  6. Same here. There are MLB teams I follow more closely than others and I'll go out of my way to watch them - Indians, Angels, Pirates, and Dodgers - but I'm happy watching any game. Every season a team or two will break into my regular rotation. This year it's the Orioles and Astros. I just love baseball. Welcome to the club. EDIT: Watching games I didn't know I'd watch is how I ended up with, as the guys on BASS like to say, "23 favorite baseball teams."
  7. Yeah, I'm guessing that no one would have brought up the Braves moving to a "majority white" area if the Braves hadn't moved to a "majority white" area. Astute observation. Well done.
  8. Pretty much. With regard to your "straw man" bit, see Ice_Cap's replies to your posts. There's no need for me to repeat what he said.
  9. Translation: "Will someone please take the bait? I have a really great (insert false equivalency/reverse racism/etc. here) argument that I'm just dying to make."
  10. arena football

    That kind of "garbage" is the only thing that ever made me even remotely interested in Arena League Football. Different strokes and all...
  11. Ye of little faith. Sure, we've seen some version of this thread pop up around here about 37,000 times, but I have a good feeling that this one will be the one that finally comes up with the answer that will make everyone happy.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Your post is basically a condensed version of every NBA conversation that has ever taken place on BASS. Great minds...etc.
  13. That cracked me up, Sub-commander. Nicely done.
  14. Yeah, those moments where some innocent bystander wanders in are always pretty good. The same type pf thing happened during the Calendar realignment bit. We're talking about December making trades with August, October 18th being killed in an accident, etc., and some poor bastard wanders right into the middle of it and presents his idea for realigning a soccer league.
  15. Yeah, that was one of our finer moments.
  16. I think it was in response to a new uniform or logo. The person was a fan of the team that went with the new look, but not a fan of the team's new look. His response to the whole thing was "as a fan I'm not a fan."
  17. Which, for me, at least, makes the ass-beatings the Cavs have put on the Celtics in the first two games even more enjoyable.
  18. Not bad at all. A nice, clean update.
  19. Exactly. Yogi Berra would have been proud.
  20. Chris Cornell's wife thinks the drug Ativan may have played a role in his suicide. Link.
  21. Best I can remember, it went something like this... Person A: I do all these things to make sure I don't bug my GF while she's sleeping. Person who pissed out window: That's too much effort. Person C: This from a guy who pisses out the window because he doesn't want to bug his roommate. Obviously, it was a more detailed than that, but you get the idea.
  22. A few of mine...(I'm not going to search through eleventy-billion posts to find the actual quotes so I'm paraphrasing here...) Q. What's the best use of black? A. '47 Dodgers. - the admiral "This from a guy who pisses out the window..." - I can't remember who came up with that jewel. Realigning the calendar in the Pointless realignment thread - BBTV's work in that one is some of his very best.
  23. My guess is we'll somehow find a way to carry on after the crushing disappointment of you not applying to join our league.
  24. Isn't the conventional wisdom that once a person decides to commit suicide they seem calm, content, and "normal" because the decision has been made?
  25. What a shame. Chris Cornell was a monster talent. The guy could do it all. He'll be missed.