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  1. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    LA Rams vs. San Francisco Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Denver vs. Buffalo New Orleans vs. Carolina Pittsburgh vs. Chicago Atlanta vs. Detroit Cleveland vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. New England Miami vs. NY Jets NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Seattle vs. Tennessee Cincinnati vs. Green Bay Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Oakland vs. Washington Dallas vs. Arizona
  2. What are you watching?

    I did a search and as best I can tell, we don't have a catch-all TV thread. Thanks to Netflix, I've started watching a few shows that I knew about, but had never seen. I thought we could try a thread to discuss shows we've "discovered" via Netflix, Hulu, etc., and all the stuff that's airing currently and so on. I just started watching The League and Sons of Anarchy and I'm totally hooked on both. Thanks again to Netflix, I "discovered" Trailer Park Boys a while back.
  3. Another less than stellar week of NFL uniform match ups. There were a couple really good looking games, a lot of average looking games, and just a couple that warranted a spot on the worst list. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different than mine and you are encouraged to say so. Let's give the wheel a spin and play our game. Best: 1. Bills - Panthers: It's too bad the Bills play in a city where the sun basically disappears after September because these uniforms look great in the sunshine. I like that the Panthers go all white for the early home games. Good looking match up. 2. Jets - Raiders: I still prefer the all white, but the Jets white over green look is growing on me. If the Jets had gone all white, this one takes the top spot. What can you say about the Raiders? How about they have one of the best uniform sets in all of football. Another good looking match up. 3. Vikings - Steelers: Another game that could have taken the top spot. The fact that I like the Bills and Raiders uniforms a little better than the Steelers uniform put this one at number three. Yet another good looking game. 4. Eagles - Chiefs: I like Philly in all white, but how much I like it depends on the match up. It loses just a little when matched up against those classic Chiefs uniforms. Maybe the drab green doesn't work so well with all that red. Whatever the case, this one was still good enough for the #4 spot this week. 5. Browns - Ravens: The Browns need to wear the all white combo as often as possible. The Ravens need to ditch the black pants and stick with purple over white and all white. Worst: 1. Patriots - Saints: The uniform that looks like it was designed by committee takes on the worst possible choice in its opponents wardrobe. Both teams are just a few changes away from looking good. But not here. 2. Dolphins - Chargers: If I had a "most boring" list, this match up would take the top spot. Miami's current look reminds me of a travel agency, a cruise line, a water park, a tube of toothpaste...what it doesn't remind me of is an NFL uniform. The bright side is we'll get the Dolphins throwbacks twice this season. Looks like we're stuck with this Chargers set. That's it for this week. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for taking a look.
  4. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week Two

    You get what kind of site this is, right? The "insignificant" stuff is kinda what we do around here. Anyway, I don't believe that stating my opinion on something is the same thing as "complaining."
  5. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week Two

    Sure they can. In fact, they did...twice so far.
  6. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    I'm a little disappointed that he didn't post in my Best and Worst thread before he was caught. DennisBergan calling me an idiot in that thread always made me feel like football season had officially started.
  7. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Houston vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. Tampa Bay Cleveland vs. Baltimore Buffalo vs. Carolina Arizona vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Philadelphia vs. Kansas City New England vs. New Orleans Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh Miami vs. LA Chargers NY Jets vs. Oakland Dallas vs. Denver Washington vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. NY Giants
  8. Back for another season of weekly best and worst lists that are sure to please a few people, infuriate a few people, and be ignored by whole bunch of people. The lists are just for fun and they're just my opinion. Your opinion is always welcome. A couple quick notes before we get started. Barring a particularly horrific match up, Color Rush games are not going to be eligible for a spot on the weekly worst list. Based on what we've seen in two years of Color Rush games, it's probably safe to say that the majority of the Color Rush games are going to look bad. I think including CR games on the worst list is too easy and a little lazy. We're running very late this week. Normally, I try to post the lists no later than Tuesday morning, but I have family down in Florida so I was a little preoccupied with Hurricane Irma. With that, let's get the show on the road. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. Week one wasn't exactly a great start to the season, but we still got a few good looking match ups and a few not so good looking match ups. Best: 1. Philadelphia - Washington: Picking the game for the top spot this week was a tough call. In the end, Philly's all white look was the difference, but it was close. For those of you who are Best and Worst "regulars", I think the Eagles are going to be this season's "improvement through attrition" team. Good looking match up in a rather lackluster week. 2. Panthers - 49ers: There are probably going to be some people who say this game should have taken the top spot. I wouldn't argue with them too much. This was a really good looking match up too, but I liked Philly - Washington just a tad better. 3. Giants - Cowboys: Mismatched colors,'s still a good looking match up between two classic looks. 4. Jets - Bills: This game would have taken the top spot if the Jets had gone with all white. The white over green look is pretty solid, but I prefer the all white. I've said it before, but the Bills should be page one in the great book of "This is How You Update a Uniform." 5. Raiders - Titans: Normally, I'm not a big fan of the Titans navy pant, but they looked pretty solid matched up against the classic Raiders uniforms. If the Titans had gone with the light blue pants, this game would have been in the running for the top spot. 6. Steelers - Browns: The Browns current look ain't great, but there are a couple combos that I think look pretty good under the right circumstances. The all white combo in the sunshine matched up with the Steelers is one of those circumstances. Worst: 1. Falcons - Bears: The Bears making a very rare appearance on the worst list. The mono-blue is awful. It's even worse when it's paired with those boring, dated Falcons uniforms. 2. Chargers - Broncos: What happens when you chase uniform trends? This does. The Broncos Color Rush uniforms are a very nice start to a much needed update. The Chargers just need to go back to any uniform prior to this current set. 3. The Los Angeles Rams: Anyone that knows me around here knows that I am a big fan of the Rams late 60's - early 70's era blue and white uniforms. When I heard that the Rams were going with the blue and white helmets and pants, I thought that just maybe the little bit of gold left over wouldn't be enough to screw up the look. Wow, was I wrong. Hard to believe how much that little bit of gold screws up the balance of this uniform. It's not awful, it just looks like the team is wearing two different uniforms - because it is. That's it for this week. We'll reset and do it (on time) again next week. Thanks for taking a look.
  9. infrared41's Best and Worst 2017 - NFL Week One

    I agree...right up to "especially when wearing green pants." The Jets are in my top ten of NFL uniforms. The green pants aren't bad and can look great in the right match ups, but I like the all white look a lot better. I'll admit the all white is a bit of a nostalgia thing for me. It reminds me of the Joe Namath Jets. (Yeah, I'm old enough to have seen the Namath Jets. )
  10. infrared41's Best and Worst 2017 - NFL Week One

    I don't hate the Chargers current uniforms. In fact, the Chargers have made the best list a couple times over the years. I just think any Chargers set prior to the current set is much, much better. The current set is a real snapshot of its time and it doesn't hold up well at all.
  11. infrared41's Best and Worst 2017 - NFL Week One

    Speaking of the Jets... I thought this was interesting. Apparently, someone on the Jets website wants the old green to come back as much as some of us do. The first picture is from Buffalo's website. The second picture is from the Jets website. Maybe it's just me. but it sure looks like the second picture had the color adjusted a little bit.
  12. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #381 This week on BASS: "Overreaction Monday" in the NFL, the week in College Football, and all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  13. MLB: Project 32 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Pt. I Added

    Nope, just some minor fact-checking. I liked what you said, but I was unsure (because I couldn't find it in any official histories of the team). I was glad when I got confirmation! I remember it reading about it in Sports Illustrated. It was a 4-5 page piece with great details on the whole thing. I want to say it was the late 80's or early 90's. May have even been the early-mid 80's. Anyway, you might be able to find the actual article on SI's website in their vault. Well worth the effort if you can find it.
  14. MLB: Project 32 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Pt. I Added

    Did you think I made it up?
  15. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #379 - 2017 NFL Preview Part Two - The NFC Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  16. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 1: Kansas City vs. New England Tampa Bay vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland NY Jets vs. Buffalo Atlanta vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Arizona vs. Detroit Jacksonville vs. Houston Oakland vs. Tennessee Philadelphia vs. Washington Indianapolis vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Green Bay Carolina vs. San Francisco NY Giants vs. Dallas New Orleans v. Minnesota LA Chargers vs. Denver
  17. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #379 - 2017 NFL Preview Part One - The AFC 2017 NFL Preview part one - The AFC. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  18. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #378 2017 College Football Preview Show Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  19. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #377 This week on BASS: The "Great American Eclipse." The Los Angeles Chargers and Vegas Golden Knights are perfect examples of what not to do with a pro sports franchise. ESPN overreacts to something that it should have ignored and ignored something it should have reacted to. After a promising start, FS1 has gone right down the tubes and turned into ESPN Junior. Plus all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  20. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    I won't use the self checkout lines unless it's the only option. After 10-11pm, the 24-hour Kroger stores I've been to only have the self-checkout lanes open. Conversely, the main Walmarts I go to, they each have the self-checkout lanes (8-10 kiosks), and only like 5-6 of the manned-checkout lanes during the daytime. At night, it's a couple folks at the registers and they've shut down the self lanes for the night. If I need to go to Walmart, I try to go in the morning when there's fewer folks shopping. Or, if I do go when they're busy, I go to the Electronics department and get checked out there. So, in both cases, there is job loss. Although with Walmart, I guess it's more "job repositioning", with a bunch of the employees seemingly always screwing around the clothing/dressing rooms area. Considering the fact that, as far as I know, neither one of us currently works for the aforementioned companies, I kinda doubt we have any real idea of the effect self check outs have on the number of jobs. My guess is we're heading towards using "well, I have a friend who..." to support our positions. Frankly, I don't have enough interest in this topic to discuss the matter any further so I'll concede your point. If you say people are losing jobs then people are losing jobs.
  21. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    Outside of Chick-Fil-A, we rarely eat fast food. I've no idea how McDonald's or Burger King or whomever construct their shift plans, but when it's the middle of meal rush (lunch or dinner), CFA has like 4-5 folks running the registers in the inside. So, presumably, instead of those 4-5 folks running registers for lunch and dinner (so, 8-10 folks total), it would be 1 or 2 folks assisting the customers with the automated machines. So that would be cutting 5-6 jobs right there. I've only seen the automated machines once, at a McDonald's just outside Tampa. The one girl that was sweeping the floor in the dining area asked if we needed help. Don't remember how deep their staff was at the point. We don't do fast food at all. I was referring to places like Wal Mart and grocery stores. The local Wal Mart has a total of 16 self check out machines to go along a help wanted sign that's been up since I can remember. Same thing with Meijer and Kroger.
  22. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    Are self serve kiosks taking away jobs? Every store I've been to that uses the self serve checkout has a help wanted sign and is all but begging people to apply.
  23. Go Stare at the Sun

    We had 85% coverage here in Ohio. it was a little too cloudy to get the full treatment, but we did manage to see parts of the eclipse. We didn't get total darkness, but the sky did have a weird hue going for a while. Pretty cool.
  24. Basically a Sports Show

    Basically a Sports Show #376 This week on BASS: The Chargers make their LA debut to a bunch of empty seats. More new NBA uniforms. Do we really need MLB "player's weekend" jerseys? NFL preseason talk and all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download