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  1. We have plenty of "woe is us, everything sucks" threads around here. (Most of them involving Nike. ) Isn't it about time we have a thread that accentuates the positive stuff going on around us? So, inspired by the "Jesse Ventura got punched by a Navy SEAL" posts over in the boat floater thread, here is the counterpoint to "More proof the world is going to crap" thread. Just one small request; please keep the politics out of here. As a wise man once said: "No one cares about your fantasy sports team, or your politics."
  2. And the biggest size available is 3XL. Tank is too big to wear his own t-shirt. I think that's what the kids call ironical.
  3. That's 40 seconds longer than I was able to hang in.
  4. God help us and more importantly, God help that poor girl. She's clearly in need of a better partner than TheIrishPinata98.
  5. Actress Erin Moran, best known as Joanie on Happy Days is dead. 56 years old. Shame she died so young. EDIT: After reading this, I'm wondering if her death may have been drug related.
  6. While watching the Sharks last week, I started thinking about how long Joe Thornton has been in the league. I started seriously following the NHL in '92-'93. I've been an NHL fan for 26 years and Joe Thornton has been in the league for 21 of those 26 years. There are probably people posting in this thread that weren't even alive when Joe started his NHL career. My point, I suppose, is that I knew Joe had been around a while, but until last week, I didn't realize just how long he's been around. Ice_Cap is probably right. It might be time for Joe to hang 'em up.
  7. Remember when every Hedley didn't need to write a 13 paragraph dissertation to illustrate why he's great and everyone else sucks? He used to be able to do it in just a few sentences. And he had a sense of humor...sort of. Those were the days.
  8. Love the graphic that says QB "David Gerrard stripped naked, told witnesses he was going east to toil."
  9. Gearing up for game one of the Pens - Jackets series. Even grew a playoff beard this year. Lot of good it did.
  10. Only have a few, but here they are. Half of these have gone from current to throwback. I also have a full size Packers helmet. Not exactly a helmet, but it is a mini. GF got me this one for our first Christmas together. She also threw in a Rangers Stanley Cup Banner. Knew she was a keeper after that.
  11. 1. Whatever. I think it would be neat to see a Canadian team win the cup solely because I think it would be neat to see a Canadian team win the cup. Nothing more to it than that. 2. Because that's the only way you're ever going to get to see a CFB championship? 3. Change #2 to World Series title. 4. Awww...the little rivalry that could.
  12. The Majestic XII have spoken.
  13. We need a belt or something for that.
  14. OK, as soon as I find the correct belt, we'll finish the paperwork and make it official. The Majestic XII will speak shortly.
  15. WTF? Did he chop up some European hockey player with an axe before he came to work?
  16. Yeah, even with the lunatics that bounce in and out of here, the average CCSLCer is still nowhere near as looney as the average NFL coach.
  17. Good question. I know it it were me, I'd be too embarrassed to come back after being suspended for a year. I seriously considered not coming back after being suspended for a month.
  18. Nominating this for POTD. Can I get a second?
  19. I don't know, I think "2 feet down..." is pretty funny. This ain't half bad either.
  20. C'mon. Things like the SS and the Khmer Rouge are "pure evil." The NFL is just a sports league. No one is forcing us to watch the NFL...well....maybe ESPN, but other than that.
  21. Could it be that they don't use it often enough to warrant spending the money to upgrade it to HD? Then again, it's already in HD on other providers so it shouldn't be an issue. Who knows?
  22. Wow. That's exactly how I feel about baseball. For example: I've always liked the Indians because they're my local team. I like the Angels and Dodgers, because my old work schedule made it so I only got to watch West Coast teams and I kinda gravitated to the LA teams. About 10 years ago, I started following the Pirates because I felt sorry for them. I've always liked the Mets just because they aren't the Yankees. Other teams have bounced in and out over time, but in all my years of watching baseball, I've never fully settled on just one favorite team. The only constants have been that I've always hated the Red Sox and I don't like the Yankees or Phillies. And like you, I prefer it this way.
  23. Same here with the NHL, but I still watch the entire playoffs. Actually, I'm beginning to think that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are more fun when you don't have a team in the hunt.
  24. That's weird. It's HD on Direct TV.
  25. Well, that's that. At least it wasn't a sweep. Good season for the Jackets. Hopefully it's a sign of better things to come. Go Rangers, I guess.