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  1. I'm guessing probably not.
  2. You have given the matter a lot more thought than I have.
  3. 3 hours. Seriously though, being paroled doesn't mean he's "free." Basically, it just means he's serving out the rest of his sentence on the outside. The slightest screw up could put him back in jail.
  4. We have plenty of "woe is us, everything sucks" threads around here. (Most of them involving Nike. ) Isn't it about time we have a thread that accentuates the positive stuff going on around us? So, inspired by the "Jesse Ventura got punched by a Navy SEAL" posts over in the boat floater thread, here is the counterpoint to "More proof the world is going to crap" thread. Just one small request; please keep the politics out of here. As a wise man once said: "No one cares about your fantasy sports team, or your politics."
  5. Basically a Sports Show #372 This week on BASS: Are sabermetrics ruining Major League Baseball? The MLB All-Star Game is pointless. Tom Brady gives us the secret to life. How did Jeff Fisher manage to be an NFL head coach for 22 years? UCLA Football unveils new uniforms. A BASS prediction comes to pass. And all the usual BASS-type stuff. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  6. According to one of the news reports I watched yesterday, talks were already in the works for an OJ reality show. How much truth there is to that is anyone's guess, but it's out there.
  7. And him.
  8. Now that I think about it, if we only had some way of keeping threads around here open for a while. Some sort of system where each section of the site lists all the threads. Then we could add a search function that uses key words or something. A search system that allowed us to look up other posters would be nice too. Such a system would make it really easy for people to check out what's been happening around here. Who knows? Maybe someday.
  9. Both.
  10. A lot of things have happened since April and someone asking "hey, whatever happened to that Uglybus guy?" wasn't any of them.
  11. On behalf of the BASS crew, thanks for the answers, guys. I'm humbled by these responses. It's awesome that you guys listen and enjoy the show. We really appreciate your feedback and support. Feel free to let us know if there's any topics you'd like us to talk about etc.
  12. Totally missed the seal. Oh well. My better half is fine with the sunglasses. She thinks I'm "being silly" but she tolerates it. That would be one badass classroom.
  13. No kidding. I can't recall ever seeing a post from this 1937redskins person.
  14. I did a search and as best I can tell, we don't have a catch-all TV thread. Thanks to Netflix, I've started watching a few shows that I knew about, but had never seen. I thought we could try a thread to discuss shows we've "discovered" via Netflix, Hulu, etc., and all the stuff that's airing currently and so on. I just started watching The League and Sons of Anarchy and I'm totally hooked on both. Thanks again to Netflix, I "discovered" Trailer Park Boys a while back.
  15. Two very good albums in the last two years for these guys.
  16. Basically a Sports Show #371. 2017 Ask Us Anything Episode - Part Three. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  17. Damn. We totally missed that. Many apologies. That was quite clever on your part.
  18. Basically a Sports Show #370 2017 Ask Us Anything Episode - Part Two. Listen via iTunes Stitcher Spreaker BASS mp3 download
  19. No, he posted the whole thing here just so he could share with us the pain of being crushed by her refusal to marry him.
  20. That's great. Congrats, -Dan.
  21. A few questions... Is that the actual White House press briefing room? If so, that is very cool. How did you manage that? Finally, do we share the "no pictures unless I'm wearing my sunglasses" thing?
  22. Yeah, I need to download the old stuff that I have on Photobucket and then that place can right off.
  23. That's a great point. You're absolutely right. In that context, the ABA and WHA are pretty much the same league. I retract the comment. I still stand behind the AFL comparison, but I was off the mark using the ABA in my argument. The funny thing is, while I really liked both leagues, I liked the WHA more than the ABA. I loved our Cleveland Crusaders. To this day, the Crusaders are my favorite hockey team.
  24. Photobucket has become ridiculous. Bombarding people with ads and making the free version of the site all but unusable is not exactly an effective way to get folks to spend the money on the subscription version of the site.
  25. I'll have to test that theory when I'm back in Florida this winter.