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  1. Thanks. Your Dad has had two? Wow. Hopefully, I'll keep mine to just the one.
  2. Since you brought it up.... This is what my best list would have looked like this week. 1. Packers - Bears 2. Giants - 49ers 3. Steelers - Colts 4. Vikings - Redskins 5. Browns - Lions
  3. Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    Unfortunately, Cleveland used those "oppotunities" to draft Carzon Wents and Dashjuan Watzen. Needless to say, using spellcheck was the first item on the agenda at the Browns post-draft meetings.
  5. 2017 NFL Season

    Does every day count?
  6. Running a little late this week. Had a helluva weekend that I'm still catching up from. This week, the lists are going to be short and sweet. Those of you who have been reading my lists over the years are pretty familiar with why I choose the games I do. Anyway, I'm still a little tired after my ordeal so this one time, I hope no one minds if I present the lists without comment. As always, the lists are my opinion. You may have a different opinion and you are encouraged to say so. With that, let's get started... Best: 1. 49ers - Colts: 2. Chiefs - Texans: 3. Seahawks - Rams: 4. Packers - Cowboys: 5. Ravens - Raiders: 6. Vikings - Bears: My one comment of the week. This game would have looked so much better if the Vikings had gone all white. The white over purple is a good look, but not when matched with the Bears colors. No worst list this week. That's all for now. We'll do it all again (and with more detail) next week. Thanks for taking a look.
  7. NFL 2017 Best And Worst Weeks 1-5

    I find this thread strangely familiar.
  8. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    Would it be safe to assume that you're not a Packers fan? I don't let my personal team preferences influence the lists. If I did, the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, and Seahawks would be on the worst list every week and the Packers, Browns, and Chiefs would always be on the best list.
  9. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    1. I can and I did. 2. No. What would be the point? Reading other lists wouldn't change my opinion one bit. 3. I can assure you that I don't. What would I gain from reading other lists before I do mine? 4. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.
  10. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 5

    That's how the game should have looked. This wouldn't have been bad either...
  11. Week four may be the lightest week in all the years I've been doing these lists. There were a lot of good uniforms vs. bad uniforms this week which means there wasn't much to work with. We had two games worthy of the best list, one team making the worst, and a game that made the best list mostly because it had no serious competition. This one is going to be quick. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different than mine and you are encouraged to say so. Best: 1. Bills - Falcons - I really like these Falcons throwbacks. They aren't quite as good as the 60's inspired throwbacks, but they're still pretty good - and a whole lot better than their current set. Throw in the Bills and we have the best match up of a really weak...ahem...week. 2. Washington - Kansas City: The burgundy pants kept this one out of the top spot. I like the look, but I think the gold pants would have worked just a little better matched up against the Chiefs. Still a good looking game. KC is one of my favorite looks. 3. Panthers - Patriots: I think the Pats uniforms look like they were designed by committee, but the colors are good and this is their best possible combo. It ain't the greatest look, but when combined with the Panthers, it's more than good enough to make the list in a week as light as this one. Worst: The Los Angeles Rams: The Rams look like they lost their uniforms on the way to Dallas and had to wear mix and match stuff donated by local high schools. This just might be the most messed up uniform to ever take the field in the Super Bowl Era NFL. There's no way the Rams keep up this nonsense for the next two and a half seasons, right? And that, folks, is that. Let's hope we have a lot more to work with next week. Thanks for dropping by.
  12. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 5 schedule: New England vs. Tampa Bay Buffalo vs. Cincinnati NY Jets vs. Cleveland Carolina vs. Detroit San Francisco vs. Indianpolis Tennessee vs. Miami LA Chargers vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Philadelphia Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Oakland Seattle vs. LA Rams Green Bay vs. Dallas Kansas City vs. Houston Minnesota vs. Chicago
  13. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    And...I now know that I can't be fast and loose with my uniform descriptions.
  14. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    You need to go back a season (or two). These are exactly the 1966 uniforms with the 1990s helmets (except for the jersey cut shrinking the logo). I should have just said "the throwback set with the red helmet."
  15. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    That would certainly help.
  16. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    Couldn't agree more. And welcome back. It's good to have another "old-timer" around here.
  17. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    By "60's inspired", I guess I meant the Tommy Nobis era uniforms.
  18. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 4

    I really want to like the Lions new look, but it's just not working for me. The home set is OK, but I'm not a fan of the white over blue. Maybe if they wore the gray pants with the white jerseys. I love the Vikings uniforms.
  19. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 4 schedule: Chicago vs. Green Bay New Orleans vs. Miami Buffalo vs. Atlanta Cincinnati vs. Cleveland LA Rams vs. Dallas Detroit vs. Minnesota Carolina vs. New England Jacksonville vs. NY Jets Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Tennessee vs. Houston NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. LA Chargers Oakland vs. Denver Indianapolis vs. Seattle Washington vs. Kansas City
  20. Not a whole lot to work with this week, but we still managed to get four pretty good looking games for the best list. Luckily for us, the worst list is just one and a half games long. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different from mine and you are encouraged to say so. Let's get started. Best: 1. Raiders - Washington: The Raiders road uniform is my favorite road look. Throw in those great looking "original Americans" uniforms and this game was the easy choice for the top spot this week. Good enough for the first "every game should look this good" of the 2017 season. 2. Giants - Eagles: I think it's safe to say that the Eagles are this season's improvement through attrition team. The Giants are up there with the Raiders on my list of great looking road uniforms. Really good looking game. 3. Seahawks - Titans: Seattle has two uniform combos that I think look pretty good when matched with the right teams. The white over gray is one of them. There are still a few too many "gadgety" elements with the 'Hawks uniforms, but for the most part, this is a very solid look. Why Tennessee thinks a complete overhaul of this great home set is a mystery to me. It's a great looking "modern" (read non-traditional) uniform. Enjoy your time on the best list, Seattle. I'm guessing you won't be spending a lot of time here. 4. Saints - Panthers: Kudos to the Saints for finally wearing a good looking uniform this season. Now we have to deduct 5 points for those awful collars. I like Carolina's all white look, but it's time to break out the black jerseys. Worst: 1. Ravens - Jaguars: We need to apologize to London for both the game these teams played and the uniforms these teams wore. The Jags are just a few minor tweaks and a fixed helmet away from a really great look. I know they're called the Ravens and black should be part of the color scheme, but we have to be able to do better than those awful pants, right? This week's "Thanks for ruining a great match up" award goes to the Chicago Bears for wearing these ugly-assed throwbacks. I like throwback uniforms. I don't like 1950's High School football uniforms. The Bears have one of the best home uniforms in all of football - maybe they'll actually wear it at some point this season. That's it for this week. Thanks for taking a look.
  21. Who looks better than ever?

    Definitely an unpopular opinion but I love that you think this. That's my team and I appreciate the love for our look... Add me to the Marlins club. Other teams off the top of my head: Bills, Blue Jays, and Mets.
  22. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 3

    Tell me about it. The Bears are usually money in the bank for the best list. When I saw Steelers at Bears on last week's schedule, I immediately thought "there's the top spot on the best list." I was really disappointed to see they went with the throwbacks. Same thing happened last year when the Bears played the Packers at home.
  23. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 3

    The Bears throwback is an ugly uniform. Historical significance ain't changing that.
  24. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week 3

    Not likely. I think the Broncos current uniforms are among the worst in the league. It's been 20 years now and I'm still wondering why they changed their look. I'll never understand why the team thought this... was a better look than this... That being said, I do like the Broncos current color scheme. Their color rush uniforms are a great start towards a new look. The jersey and helmet look fantastic. Add some white pants to the CR set, use the orange pants for the road uniforms, add a blue alternate jersey, and I think it's one of the top uniforms in the league. Seems easy enough to me.