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  1. I'm a die heart broncos fan; and although I understand the how important the horse- D logo is to the team's history, I still prefer the current horse head logo. But good job on the logo though!
  2. Sorry but even though Beavers would be the logical choice, there is already the Oregon State Beavers and as you mentioned, the old Beavers team. With my suggestions, I was going with names playing close attention with R and D in Portland. Not having a lot of importance with the culture or character of the City of Portland as a whole.
  3. And what would be your suggestion?
  4. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    I prefer the Orca over anything else the Canucks used, more so than rink with the stick, the skate and Johnny Canuck. Take a real close look at the Orca logo....it has Native American ( or First Nation) art included in it, synonymous with the Pacific Northwest. How can any of the other previous logos remotely even come close to representing the Canadian Pacific region? Next, I really liked one of the most infamous uniforms of the modern era, the Islanders 94-95 Gordon fisherman unis. Not the fisherman logo itself, but wavy stripes/ color combination set them apart. Oh wait is that too Corporate too? What you think is Corporate, I define as original; what you think as generic, I define as traditional. And before you label any professional sport as corporate, let me remind you it's a business, and nowadays, they have taken pretty much all of the sport out of it, and emphasized the corporate aspect into it.
  5. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Generic??? Talk about generic... the C rink logo is generic! A 5 yr old could've designed that logo. Furthermore pretty much most of the hockey unis, of any league, are generic!
  6. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Sorry, even though I understand why the team went retro with the original blue & green colors, IMHO the 1997-2007 Deep Blue, Deep Red, Sky Blue, Silver unis were the best.
  7. An Arizona Cardinals Concept

    I wish the Redskins would go back to the double stripes on their uniforms!
  8. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    The left fin is missing; and round the top of nose, it looks up turned and too pointed. Sharks usually don't have sharp pointed noses.
  9. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    In the forums of the CFL messageboard, someone actually suggested the Halifax Frigates for a team name. It actually sounds good.
  10. Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    Although I like the idea of the use of orange in the team colors, yes the double blue scheme is close to that of the Argos; so here's some suggestions: Change to the 90's Argos team colors of. Navy, Teal, Silver and White Wave/water - teal Boat hull - navy Sail/A - Silver Helmet stripe : Teal - main/middle, silver then Navy
  11. Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    Wait my bad, the letter A is symmetrical...
  12. Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    Awesome job! But one question...what would the logo look like on the left side of the helmet? Maybe go like the Steelers and have only a logo on the right side.
  13. Ottawa Senators

    I can see the relationship between a Roman government official because of the team's nickname, the Senators, but IMHO that logo just doesn't fit well for representing the city of Ottawa as a whole. To me they should've used some generic type Canadian government type logo or something in the nature (no not a Maple Leaf!).