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  1. Tygers09

    The NFL (8/32; Patriots added)

    Great job on the uniforms so far. Anyone agree with me that the red helmet the Bills used in the 90's was the best base color for them?
  2. Portland Explorers has a nice ring to it; gives reference to Lewis & Clark, when their expedition ended there.
  3. Tygers09

    MLB | Tampa Bay Rays Primary Logo Draft | Update

    Primary logo? Maybe if used like the Old English D on left side of shirt like that of the Tigers. Cap logo? Definately!
  4. Tygers09

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    UGH!! I hated those shaded numbers the Niners wore back in the 90's..
  5. Have you actually been to Tropicana Field and the Coliseum in Oakland in order to call them dumps?
  6. Tygers09

    The Battle of Seattle

    Understandable, since Boeing factory is located on outskirts of town.…
  7. Tygers09

    Fixing the CFL

    Different, but definitely unique! Love the aqua/teal and columbia blue color combination!
  8. Tygers09

    Fixing the CFL

    I don't know, to me, just the black and orange color scheme for BC is too cluttered/contrasting. The white seems to separate this.
  9. Tygers09

    Fixing the CFL

    The current A- shield logo just doesn't do anything for the Argos. They should make the football boat logo full time!
  10. Tygers09

    Fixing the CFL

    Does anybody agree with me that the CFL teams should go back to wearing white sleeves on home jerseys and color sleeves on away?
  11. Tygers09

    Fixing the CFL

    Yes!!! Get rid of the Black and Red color scheme.
  12. Tygers09

    Team Color Changes

    I believe the official team colors of the "Bucco Bruce" era was Florida Orange, White & Red
  13. Tygers09

    Blue Jays Logo

    Fierceness? How do you explain the Oriole hat logo?
  14. Tygers09

    The Battle of Seattle

    Love the color combination and uniforms, but something about the primary logo isn't doing anything for me. Not the Native American/tribal motif, buy the way the fish in a complete circular motion.