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  1. Weirdest Jerseys

    That's just insanely ridiculous... BT hey like the Smucker catch phrase "With a name like...." what can you say?
  2. Weirdest Jerseys

    That's just Gross...lol
  3. Weirdest Jerseys

    This one wins the " How many letters can we fit on one jersey" award...lol
  4. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    Center field Tiger Stadium; at 440 ft, a batter had to have nothing but pure power to homer there. Not to mention the double decker bleachers sections that accompanied it too.
  5. City Mashups (NBA,NHL,NFL,MLB)

    You forgot the Tigers with midnight navy and orange for the Detroit set.
  6. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    The best uniforms BC has worn, although I'm partial to a black facemask.
  7. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    I second that!
  8. Creating more modern NFL helmet icons

    The official color is called Metallic Silver Blue, so yes it has a blue tint to it.
  9. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Now that's a sharp uniform set!
  10. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    I second that
  11. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    The only problem with this is that there is 2 teams with team colors of red & black. What is your theory of Ottawa having silver?
  12. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    I agree, but IMHO, the yellow pants with the thick black stripes were the best.
  13. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    Ditto for me too;the Eskimos uniforms in the 80's were the best. Even though they were essentially knock-off's of the Packers, they were a lot better than the current uniforms.
  14. MLS | Expansion team Detroit Motor SC

    Although I'm favor of resurrecting the Express nickname, this would be my second choice! Awesome job! I also would suggesting to chrone the bird on the primary logo, and the Motor SC on the roundel secondary logo.
  15. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    I agree, four teams use black helmets; BC, Ottawa, Hamilton and Calgary. I understand black is nemero uno when it comes to marketing, but please!