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  1. Some really well executed concepts in this series! Love the buffalo set. Big ups for sharing a tutorial too, will definitely be checking it out. As for my hometown Senators. I love the use of their best logo, as well as the cheststripes, I'm not sold on the gold, but I think it would really pop a lot more if the gold was used a bit more sparingly. Maybe just on the outside of the chest stripe and not in the middle as well. IMO what made their original set so great was the minimal use of gold in just the logos, but definitely think it could work subtly on the stripe. Either way, great stuff!
  2. Las Vegas Flamingos Concept (Jersey Concepts Added)

    I think the pink can totally work as a primary colour. One thing I think is missing from the logo though is the neck of the flamingo.. Could probably make it look like an 'F' or an ' f '
  3. To Split A Script...starring the Toronto Blue Jays

    Love this. Perfect balance between their colours, you've really nailed a timeless piece here. Great job.
  4. Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    To me, that is the best the Senators can do with their upcoming rebrand. Really hope they see this. Perfect balance between Black, Red, Gold and White. I'd buy em both!
  5. Vegas Golden Knights Neon Jersey concept

    Change the red around the NHL logo to gold, along with the drawstrings and I'd buy it! Also get that gradient on the socks as well IMO.
  6. 2013-14 NHL Season: "We Are North American Scum"

    So many NHL fans fear the slightest of changes. I like it, adds a little more variety to goal celebrations.
  7. I can assure you they only hold that long during dramatic wins like this one. The same thing happened against their comeback win vs. Montreal if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Ottawa All-Star game concepts

    I approve!
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins concept

    Switch the white and the gold on the jersey, and you have a winner.
  10. My NHL Redo

    I actually REALLY liked the first black alt you had done. Really like the Panthers set. Good stuff!
  11. NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    I can't help but cringe when I look at it.
  12. NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    Look how much higher up it goes to the right of the 'O' - above were the top would be... Well to me it just looks folded strangely, like they usually do with these teaser images, but who knows. We'll just have to wait for the organization to release them.
  13. NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    Apparently no one bothered to look back at the teaser image to see that there is a lot more red above the 'O' than this suggests. In addition, ALL pro, on ice jerseys will feature 'REEBOK' below the collar in place of the vector. I call fake. A good fake, but fake none the less. While it could still be a fake, your first point isn't all that great, seeing as there isn't a lot more red, like you suggest. The top of the "O" is cut off, so I'm not entirely sure what image you've seen that has a lot more red on top.
  14. Going to Amsterdam!

    Thanks for the help DEAD! Anyone else with serious tips or anything would be greatly appreciated. We're also thinking of seeing as many other countries as we can afford to. So if anyone knows of any special deals on train passes in Europe, let me know!
  15. Going to Amsterdam!

    My girlfriend and I will be going to Amsterdam for two weeks in late August. I was just wondering if any of you have been, or know any helpful tips. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!