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  1. Why Are There No Soccer "Pride Stickers"?

    I have been a High School level coach for about 9 years. We had some crossover athletes who wanted something like pride stickers. So we started giving them award stickers to put on their shin guards...Obviously no one sees them, but it was kind of a ceremonial deal at the end of each game to hand them out.
  2. Nike Vapor Untouchable Template PSD Looks awesome! Would love to experiment with it. Thanks!

    WOW! Hardin-Simmons looks amazing. Thank you.
  4. Have been following this thread since it started. Every concept/update on here is outstanding. Would you be willing to attempt Hardin-Simmons in Abilene? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
  5. Photoshop Advice Megathread

    Darth, that is awesome. Will be a great learning tool. Thanks
  6. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Lake Worth High School Bullfrogs, Lake Worth,Texas Stephenville Yellowjackets Stephenville, Texas The stars represent state championships won.
  7. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    it was a huge upgrade over their previous logo and look which was a solid black helmet and a pseudo-Bengals uniform rip off which they used up until the early 2000's. if not 2000/2001, which I think was when they finish building the new high school. I know when we played Aledo in the second round of the football playoffs in the 2000-2001 season (one of the few playoff games that Aledo has lost) they used this logo. I remember seeing it and thinking it was a nice, original logo. Coach Buc is a hell of a coach.
  8. Vintage College Mascot Logos

    It's cool seeing the Hardin-Simmons sticker. That's where I played and coached. They didn't have football from 1953-1990.
  9. Name That Font!

    Futura Condensed Extra Bold is pretty close
  10. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Wow! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for sharing your templates and your skills. They are such a great resource for us all.