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  1. Damn. With all of the movement in the Mountain West, it's a shame that Utah, TCU, and Brigham Young all jumped ship. A league with Utah, TCU, and Boise, as well as regularly competitive teams Nevada, Fresno State, Hawaii, BYU, and Air Force... that would be an incredibly competitive conference, certainly deserving of a BCS tie-in. And it would easily be better than the Big East and ACC most years.
  2. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

    This is just classic...
  3. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

    I didn't realize "Moose" Davis commented here. He should start a league for white players to wear fundamental uniforms, which they like.
  4. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

    Minnesota Vikings Alternate Road Uniform: "i don't mind the purple pants with the white jersy, but i hate the purple pants and the purple jersey together. My opinion is the NFL is getting to be just as the thugs that end up in court or jail. I'm sorry to be cynical, but the NFL used to be classy until this whole one color uniform fad. I'm a Vkings fan, but i'm glad teams like the Raiders and even the hated Packers haven't gone to thid fad. It's very ugly and needs to go, and maybe the players will start to clean up their act as well."
  5. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    The B on the Raven's head is backwards.
  6. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    This whole thing is kind of laughable... it's times like this that I feel compelled to remind everyone that this is a forum for discussing sports logos; the hostility is sometimes dumbfounding. I don't want to be a moderator wannabe, but if you have any qualms I would take it to private message rather than derail a topic as useful and demonstrative of the community we should strive for as this one.
  7. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Beautiful. Thank you!
  8. Name That Font!

    Sorry man, just looking at the image and comparing the I's makes it pretty evident this is a custom design. I'll keep an eye out for a similar font however I doubt you'll find anything exactly like it