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  1. Looks cool maybe Im doing something wrong,but the PSD I downloaded isnt changeable
  2. Sure Always fun to play with new templates These would be fun,I like to make cards for fantasy league players
  3. Ok I just fainted,too cool.Looking forward to it
  4. Cant wait
  5. you can find them here http://rezland.deviantart.com/gallery/
  6. new stuff
  7. heres a couple using this template
  8. Thanks Brother
  9. eww something new to play with
  10. Hi!! Good work man. I would like to do the same for my football team. I've already download the template file of davidson (wich is AWESOME) but i'd like to know where you found your background jersey fabric texture... Thanks in advance. send me an email happy to send u a copy lobosan007@yahoo.com
  11. Not sure I like it but what you think?
  12. how about this?
  13. last batch 4 tonight As a long time Bills fan this is how I feel this season buddys fantasy team The Beers Quahog Clams Finally Jacksonville Lions
  14. Romulan Empire
  15. The Kentucky Colonel's If the Klingon Empire played football The Americans The Poledancers Umbrella Corp