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  1. Ez Street

    Vote for my sock design!

    Please vote for my Kansas City Wiz/Wizards inspired sock design to with the Sock 101 design contest. http://www.sock101.com/Design-Contest-s/1858.htm Vote once per day! If it's in the top three on May 2nd, they will be made available for purchase. Also, long time no post.
  2. Ez Street

    Ontario Junior Hockey League

    Anyone got a high quality version of the old Streetsville Derbys logo? I'd like to have that for the personal collection....
  3. Ez Street

    What songs do MLB teams play when they win?

    Kansas City Royals: Win - The Beatles "Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey" Loss - Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City" Standard.
  4. Ez Street

    Minor League Parks

    AAA Memphis Iowa (Des Moines) Oklahoma City Omaha (Roseblatt) AA Corpus Christi A Kane County Independent Kansas City Southern Illinois Sioux Falls Rockford (Marinelli Field)
  5. Ez Street

    Penguins/ LA Kings come to KC for preseason

    (Emphasis added) If they really feel that way about the NBA in KC (this piece was written by a KC native), they must be even more apathetic about the NHL, where having a franchise doesn't even qualify as a bona fide community status symbol. The guy who wrote that article was a walking contradiction when he was interviewed on the local sports radio station. Dude hasn't live in Kansas City since he graduated from High School. He does not have the pulse of what the Kansas City community thinks. Waste of time./
  6. My team, the Streetsville Derbys, is now defunct.
  7. Ez Street

    NHL/AHL Affiliation Changes 2011

    Not no more, he signed a one-year deal with HV71 of the Swedish Elitserien on June 17th.
  8. Ez Street

    Schaumburg "name the team" contest

    Yeah, when we visited Schaumburg a few years back, I found out how much the people there love that cluster:censored: of a mall. So, yeah. Name it after that thing.
  9. Ez Street

    Schaumburg "name the team" contest

    Schaumburg Schadenfreude
  10. Florida Panthers moved to Kansas City and renamed Sporting Kansas City. They will join Sporting Kansas City (MLS) as part of Sporting Club.
  11. Ez Street

    Lewiston MAINEiacs no more

    Extreme fishy-ness.
  12. Ez Street

    ECHL adds new expansion team in Colorado

    Some of these CHL franchises would be smart to move to junior hockey. The NAHL would be a great fit for a lot of them...
  13. Ez Street

    Family Coat of Arms / Crest

    The one I'm working on will have elements of my family coat of arms, but also have things representing people in my life, my place of residence, my heritage and so on. I want to do a hybrid of making it look like the Coat of Arms style, but give it that modern "logo" type look to it, if that makes any sense.... We'll see if I can achieve my goal on it. I've got a "dumbed down" sketch I'm working through in illustrator and hope to refine it from there.
  14. Ez Street

    Family Coat of Arms / Crest

    I've been interested lately in getting a copy of my family Coat of Arms. My uncle was able to get me a copy that is our "official" Coat of Arms. Apparently there are variations.... It looks similar to this: I've decided to make my own Coat of Arms specifically for me and my family. I'm currently in the idea phase and will hopefully have something show to soon. I wondered if anyone else out there wanted to either share their family coat of arms or if anyone had designed one of their own. Feel free to post yours.
  15. Ez Street

    Searching for your 'whale'

    Yeah, my bad. Didn't know about them till very recently. I'll try the email route. Keep your eyes open for me. Thanks!