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  1. Interesting. I guess it's pretty much been a free-for-all the last few years anyway, so this just makes it official if true. It's certainly no longer been the David Stern era of strict uniform/logo rules.
  2. Wordmark beveling looks a lot like the previous Milwaukee Bucks set, which is a not good thing.
  3. Perhaps you misread "road" as "home"? I've never been a big fan of their current iteration road jersey. The 1984 era ones were far superior. Different strokes, I guess.
  4. I really wouldn't mind a road-only navy alternate top, similar to the spring training jerseys they used this year. The Tigers' road jerseys are bland at best.
  5. An improvement from the previous "P" logo but nothing to write home about. This is where I would have liked to have seen a little more creativity that some people wanted from the primary logo. The basketball flying through the D is apparently a "tertiary" logo so I wouldn't expect to see much of it.
  6. Oh, I agree. I guess I didn't word that well, but I much prefer the royal and red to the teal, either the current or the Bad Boys era interpretations. In fact, it seems I may be in the minority on this (most I've seen don't seem to like the wishbone collar), but if all we get jersey wise is a shorts logo update and the return of the mid-2000s red alternate, I'm personally going to be very, very happy with the Pistons refresh. Just was pointing out the teal era wasn't as bad as some people remember it in terms of the team's actual performance compared to what we've seen lately. I wouldn't have minded one of the teal era secondary logos in the team's updated colors compared to the "P" logo they've been using, but I'm interested to see whatever they've cooked up to replace that.
  7. Both points are valid, but honestly the teal era was a damn golden age compared to 2009-2014.
  8. 🙄 It's not hit you over the head obvious, but there's no need to be snarky if you don't like it.
  9. The above article also (all but) confirms a new alternate jersey: Previous leaks said the red alternate would be back next year, so I'm 99.9% that is what's in store. It also goes on to say no horse/teal throwbacks, at least not for the time being: Full article available here:
  10. I'm happy the navy is officially removed from the color scheme. It was only ever used as shading for 10 + years since 2001, and then all of a sudden the Pistons stared to emphasize it heavily with the Motor City and Chrome jerseys. I have to imagine Motor City is now retired, and the Chrome will be updated to have royal blue replace navy.
  11. Interesting. All the other leaks from last summer that the Twitter account that provided that have been accurate thus far (nailing the primary logo and the Pistons court update), so I'm guessing that the NBA shot it down for not being unique/different enough from the primary logo. Definitely good news as it was my biggest complaint with the Pistons update.
  12. Bumping this thread for the trademark news from Conrad and the (presumable) forthcoming official announcement. Feels like it deserves a separate discussion from the main NBA changes thread. On topic, I think I might be in the minority here; but I really like everything that the Pistons are presumably doing. The fauxback logo is a big upgrade from the current primary, and I really like their current jerseys that have been used since 2001 with only a few tweaks over the years (doesn't sound like any major changes are occurring jersey-wise.) Again, seems that this isn't a popular opinion but I've always liked both the font and the wishbone jersey collar style. The font does look better horizontally than on an arc, so I'm glad that they fixed that in the new logo, especially since the arcs didn't match in the old logo. Other than that, the secondary logo shown earlier in this thread could be more imaginative (I wouldn't have minded a return to the teal era DP exhaust pipes or horse ball logo) but it is still an improvement from the current D inside a P logo. Overall, as a Pistons fan, I'm quite happy with this update. Bring back the red alternate jersey, mothball the Motor City one, and I think overall it's a solid identity.
  13. Looks like the Pistons will be making the official announcement on their new logo soon.
  14. Things certainly can change but Nike did some really nice jerseys in the NBA around the turn of the century. The Lakers, Pistons, and Heat all come to mind as designs that were done by Nike, and still hold up really well today (IMO), nearly 20 years later.
  15. This gets by a lot of people, but the new (old) logo is also a piston in a cylinder viewed from above.