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  1. lilben777

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    and that’s why draws should be done away with at the World Cup. We the fans don’t want to see this so why force something on to the people your trying to get to watch? No draws means your trying to oh ya know WIN, is that not the whole point of this? Just asking for a friend....
  2. No they do. Yulman stadium, seats 30,000. Opened in 2014. So you was right
  3. Love the colors but the logo needs work, it needs to be more defined, on the edges I feel. Idk something about the logo bugs me...maybe the eyes? But that’s my 2cents.....I do think we should have a world league graphic showing the teams now there so manny and such I forget who looks like who and what divisions there in. Keep up the great work!
  4. From the article: ”Choke Canyon illegally mimicked its in-store offerings, including friendly service, ample stock and plentiful, clean bathrooms.” now just asking, shouldn’t every store strive for this? How it’s that mimicking?
  5. I’d say silver helmet with maroon mask, though blue mask might not be bad as well....
  6. I’d say Victoria is about the best option...for west Canada, maybe, Saskatoon cause this is a fictional world so who’s to say they don’t have a population boom? Lol. East Canada I’d say Quebec City then Halifax. For Europe I’d say Rome, Athens, Berlin and Brussels...for USA....I’d say why not Boise and Ohmaha and go for the far reach of Richmond, gives R/D a rival...
  7. Both work but I’m leaning towards the 1st one, it’s the shade of blue that works well with both shades of pink/red. Love the series! I love the what of of establishing leagues that folded in the 80’s/90’s.....
  8. Eh I’d say the middle top for the logos, maybe make the maroon lighter so it’s not drap, seems like the other ones are just too loud color wise. Or replace the maroon with silver on the bottom middle one. That might be a good balance.
  9. lilben777

    2018 NBA Post Season

    I think auctally we are better set up......for the year after next, if the lakers pick this year falls between 2-5 it goes to Boston if not I think, (not 100% sure) we get BOTH the grizzlies AND clippers 1st round pick in next years draft.
  10. lilben777

    Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections

    Yea your right was not trying to offend anybody, just a person that believes in equality so I hate seeing stuff like this.
  11. lilben777

    Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections

    Explain more??? Not sure I get your point.....
  12. lilben777

    Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections

    Hold on this is discrimination to a point, seriously it’s saying cause your a different color you can’t sit here....did we just like go back to segregation? If I had the money I’d buy up all the tickets and then not show up or just have all bruins fans, and I doubt they be able to do much, to make a point. Let me be clear too that I’d be saying this if any team did this, not just the fact I’m a bruins fan.
  13. lilben777

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    I like the middle one, if for only the shade of “ cobalt” blue that was the primary color of the home jersey.
  14. lilben777

    2018 NFL Offseason

    So those was back in 2013.....people can’t change for the better in 5 years? Why do we care??? Do we as a society look for the bad in people and not the good??? They are plenty of things I did back then that if I knew what I know now I’d not of done, the fact that society has a mob mentality makes me sick.....
  15. lilben777

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Correct, it verry much does.