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  1. Clippers gonna clip...... blake griffin OUT for the rest of the postseason, AGAIN......
  2. So who does the valley get to replace? That's the bigger domino I feel...
  3. But what if the devils went red, green & black? I could be ok with that, IF done correctly.
  4. Anybody else a fan of "the good place"? Just ended season one and it's really good show I feel.
  5. Somebody just made the list.....
  6. Scott is only 28, that seems a tad to young to retire right??? I'd bet there is more to this...
  7. ASU rocking sparky tonight and looks great, such a shame they don't use him much now
  8. What about brown, white and pink? Cause Western Michigan looked horrible
  9. Lynchburg logos coming 10/27 per website.....the "teaser" it's green and white hopefully they keep gold as a accent and not just full on green and white.
  10. Mid 90's north least the head but the rest is the new north Texas logo....pretty odd...
  11. So seeing as it been about a month after most teams that did not make the playoffs seasons have ended, any rumors or dates of unveilings?
  12. So last year after the cards lost in the 1st round to the Cubs was not good enough for u??
  13. So how does tim deruyter still have a job Fresno st? They was 3-9 last year and last week they blow a 31, yes 31 point lead....
  14. Idk I half to get used to Maine not using the script I grew up watching....