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  1. Watch them hire Jeff Fisher!! Ha ha ha
  2. Well it’s that time of year, seems like it’s been a quiet offseason with only a verry few I can think of: william & mary stetson feel free to post other updates or announcements of dates of new identity’s
  3. So I’ve been thinking about what power 5 teams are in the most need of new logos, here is my list by conference: ACC: Virginia Tech. The “VT” could use a modern update as to me it looks 80’s. Also gobbler could use a update and be a solid secondary logo. Honorable mention: Georgia Tech. Ironically almost the same reasons, “GT” could be modernized and same with buzz. Big 12: West Virginia. It’s almost a common theme here, but it’s still true here the “WV” could be touched up and also a true secondary logo would help. Honorable mention: Kansas St. the power cat could use a update, also a front facing wildcat secondary logo maybe here? Big Ten: Northwestern. The wildcat is WAY outdated and needs to be redone for sure. Honorable mention: Minnesota. Goldy Gopher would not mind a refresh, also the “M” could be fixed up a little. Pac 12: Washington St. it looks dated verry BADLY and they also lack a true secondary logo. Honorable mention: Arizona. The “A” could benefit from a refresh. Also a modern for new wildcat secondary logo. SEC: South Carolina. The gamecock is dated and the “C” could used is smoothing out. Honorable mention: Ole Miss. If your going to distance yourself from Rebels, then pick a new name and mascot full time.
  4. lilben777

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Minnesota’s unis tonight: DA $%@&? What in the the heck is THAT!?
  5. So is Urban Meyer gonna report THIS beating???? I’ll see myself out now....
  6. lilben777

    2018/19 College Hockey

    Maine has not been a power for like 20 years? After Sean Walsh's death they have never really been the same.
  7. lilben777

    Loyola Marymount Visual Rebrand

    Looks like the lightened blue, I like the contrast with the maroon. But so far only the new “LMU” as a new athletic mark? Will there be more coming?
  8. lilben777

    The Oakland/Las Vegas/Where The Hell Are We? Raiders

    Why not just have them play 8 different games(well 7 they will find away to have a game in Mexico City again) in all different California cities? The ultimate comedy on show on a tour!! Lol in all seriousness, would Stamford stadium be a option as well?
  9. Oh I know that, I was merely letting you know so he can know. I’m on mobile as well most times and idk If the ads are affecting desktop versions or what. Again just my info.
  10. So I know Chris needs ad’s to generate revenue for the site, that’s fine. But these new ads that completely cover all borders and won’t let you even click on anyting till you “x” of the ad is a tad annoying to say the least and ruins this site. Plus some cover like like 25% of the dang page. Just trying to help with feedback.
  11. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    Glad to see that Earl Thomas still loves his team and his
  12. lilben777

    Flyers introduce terrifying orange mascot Gritty

    Can we like sanction a fight to the death match with this and VGK’s gilla monster? Imagine the buy rate!!! Secretly we are just gonna gas em both, lol. Two birds with one stone done.
  13. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    If jimmy g is out for any lengthy amount of time I’d say 5-11 maybe 6-10
  14. Wait did Caly Helton make it back on USC’s plane? Lol
  15. Not even the big.....east? Lol
  16. lilben777

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    USC vs Texas? I’d say there even...
  17. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    My point 100% BBTV, could not say it better. Yet every year the media and us get teased with these flashes from Rodgers, I’ve just gotten to the point to know when to bail out on him....
  18. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    I’m not sure what your drinking......But he can only carry his team to one super bowl in a watered down NFC.....he’s almost but not quite a prime time player in the playoffs....
  19. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    It was this score I said yea I’m going to bed, pack gonna win 21-20.....pretty close, if it’s a regular season contest and your down Aaron Rodgers is who you need to call, just try to not need him in the playoffs, he kinda is like Clark Kent reverse.....he’s not there when you need him then....
  20. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    He must need the money, he might kill it the next 4 games get the starting job be decent and get one last payday and then suck next year, ask the bills & jets. If there’s money to be doled out to somebody not worthy of it in the NFL, you better bet Ryan Fitzpatrick is the first person around it.
  21. lilben777

    2018 NFL Season

    Kahlil Mack to the bears.......interesting
  22. lilben777

    Ask A Moderator

    Like yesterday at this mods maybe somebody should be on duty 4-8am (est) till this passes, also if you look at the profile set up it’s obvious there spam bots. How do these accounts get approved? Just asking, trying to be part of the solution rather part of the problem here.
  23. lilben777

    Ask A Moderator

    So basically it’s a no unless I give up my name now and strat from scratch....
  24. lilben777

    Ask A Moderator

    So how do I request a name change? Cause years ago I did the poll thing and geesh that was a disaster concept I feel. I’ve been a member for over ten years and I’d say I’m in good standing.
  25. lilben777

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    Yea I’m not feeling the “n” more then anything, just to thin, needs to be more bolder I feel. Don’t like the lack of red in the primary logos as like the husky though. Edit: Looks like they have a “3D” logo of the husky eyes just like Cincy does. Interesting....