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  1. goforbroke

    A New Era: New York Knicks Brand Refresh

    I miss the NYK subway token. A lot of people didn't realize what it was, but it was actually a really unique logo and it was so well executed and tied into the history of the NY subways. I don't get the point of the new Knicks in a ball logo. I know they had something like it in the 70s, but i still don't get the point? Instead of knicks on top of the ball you have knicks inside the ball? If you're going to have an alternate there should be a reason. And none of it says or implies New York anywhere. That could easily be a purple ball and say Lakers and it would make no difference.
  2. goforbroke

    NFL changes 2019

    I can't stand these conversations. The location of the team's stadium is just 1 (small) part of how to label the team in terms of location. You build the stadium where you have room to build one. It could be way outside the city limits, could be downtown, could be in a different state altogether. Wherever there's a place to build it. It makes just as much sense (zero) to name a football team after the specific location of their stadium as it does to name them after the location of their training facility and front offices, and in fact if you really want to go down that route then it actually makes more sense since the practice facility is where they spend 99% of their time. The team only spends 3 hours a week at their stadium. Every other working moment is at the training facility. So if you want the Jets to be the East Rutherford Jets then they should really be the Florham Park Jets which is just as dumb. But anyway, you name your team based on the location and fans you want to represent, be it the city, borough, 1 state, 2 states like carolina, 6 states like new england. Whatever marketing purposes or regional purposes you want, that's what you name your team. The specific location of the stadium doesn't matter. As much as it seems to bother some people that the Jets don't call themselves the East Rutherford Jets (seriously?) is how much is bothers me that it bothers them.
  3. goforbroke

    MLB 150th Anniversary Patch for 2019 Spotted

    Before this spirals into a typical internet, jump the gun. over react, thread -- let's pause because we were better than that. Hold off on bashing this anniversary patch for now. Ultimately, no one wants clashing patches, and teams will have their own patch right above this for whatever anniversaries or special events they are having, or just their normal sleeve patches. There will be an MLB anniversary logo for uses other than the sleeve patch, and this patch will basically be a partial or simplified version of that. To me this is a great solution to acknowledge MLB 150 without dominating and muddling up the brand.
  4. goforbroke

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    There's too many patches committed to chest already. Where do you fit captains C, walter payton, memorial patches, and team anniversary + just the normal team ones like Jets Steelers and Chiefs have. Not enough space if you want it in the same place for every team. That's why the NHL put their 100th anniversary patch on the elbow. Seems like an odd place but at least its consistent.
  5. goforbroke

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    The NFL 100 Style Guide shows the NFL100 logo on the color. Its altered slightly so it fits in the triangle shape, the shield is under the 100, but its the same logo. Sloppy mockup, but basically this:
  6. goforbroke

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Depends what you mean by new. Does Recolored, partial etc count as new?
  7. goforbroke

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    You guys are way overthinking this. Facts: 1) every team does this. The helmets are sent off, paint stripped away, and repainted for next season. The jets are not painting over their helmets. They are stripping away the paint and repainting them like every team does every year. The helmets might take a beating during the season with paint scratches etc, but the shells are perfectly fine and will be reused next year. 2) The Jets are not misleading anyone, I promise you they aren't doing any misdirection or fake leaks. They are simply using this video to tease the change for next year. 3) Do not expect a brand new logo for the Jets next year.
  8. Talk about this before. The 1 helmet rule is pitched as concussion safety. Whether that’s real or not can be debated but if some Dr told the NFL that then they aren’t risking more lawsuits by changing it. However, for me I love the 1 helmet rule! A lot of team figure out ways to make it work with throwbacks by changing or removing the decals or changing the Facemasks. But the most important thing is that Helmets are basically a team’s logo. If you allow a team to wear different helmets your going to have teams drastically altering their brand week to week. You don’t want that. Look wtf is happening in the NBA where almost every team now has uniform sets that are no where near their primary brand scheme. The one helmet rule protects teams from themselves because if youre forced to wear at least the same color helmet you can’t do that much damage to the rest of the uniform. Especially because the NFL Has wayyyyyy more casual fans watching than any other league, the teams need to be instantly recognizable. The redskins leather looking helmet was cool but I’d sacrifice that in a second to avoid the can of worms removing the 1 helmet would start.
  9. goforbroke

    NFL changes 2019

    Yeah there's def different eras you certainly don't reset your history with every evolution. But I do think the merger / super bowl era is a good line to separate the NFL into the modern era. So I think that's a more important anniversary than the 100th overall season. And the NFL sometimes pretends that it was two different leagues, and in a lot of ways it is. The Post-merger NFL as a whole is very different from the pre-merger as a whole, so I personally don't mind when the NFL pretends that's when their history started.
  10. goforbroke

    NFL changes 2019

    But why?? What are you honoring? A terrible team that no cares about, that won like 5 games over 5 years? To me thats way worse than when the Jets would throwback to the Titans... at least there's SOME legacy to that .. its the same team, and its a throwback to the original name. Even the Toronto Raptors playing as the Huskies makes a tiny bit more sense... its the same city and that team played in the first NBA game. But even still... it just SCREAMS lets sell some different jerseys. Especially on these boards when we kill teams for black for black sake... why should teams wear throwback for throwback sake? When you throwback you should be honoring something and have a reason. Why honor a terrible team and barely won a game.. just because they had a pretty cool name?
  11. I'm pretty sure all of the white at homes have been correct this year from the initial designation guide. There have been a handful of last minute changes this year when there have been virtually none that I've seen in years past, but i think all of them have just been wearing a different colored jersey (IE changing from color rush to primary)
  12. goforbroke

    NFL changes 2019

    Disagree. That stuff is for the teams to celebrate. The Packers just did a 100th anniversary season, you want them to do the same thing again next year? And for defunct teams, sorry not sorry, but NO ONE cares about the Duluth Eskimos. To me, trying to educate people on rinky dink teams from the 20s back when the NFL was in its infancy and people thought it was a joke compared to college football is a waste of time. Anyone who cares can do some reading. From a historical perspective, the NFL's angle on this is going to be the biggest moments, best teams, best players (Maybe an all-time 53 or something).. but outside of that its going to be all about fans and future. Small tangent, but that's why I don't hate that the NFL pretends its history began with Super Bowl 1 or NFL/AFL merger. Not only did the merger almost double the league size, but the pre-merger decades were a completely different league, small markets, totally different playing style. So that's a very convenient starting point for the modern era. Its not to pretend the early years didn't exist - obviously they are including it in the 100 seasons - but the Super Bowl 50th anniversary was a more important milestone in my opinion.
  13. goforbroke

    NFL changes 2019

    I took a look through the NFL 100th season styleguide. Its actually pretty good... much like the Super Bowl branding, if you ignore the terrible logo then the color scheme and style and branding are actually pretty good. They are using a cyan, red and silver color palette and a hint of neon green. I think overall people will be pretty happy with it. It also looks like the NFL 100 logo will replace the regular shield on jersey collars. Slightly altered though so the shield is centered beneath the 100. Same thing on the game balls. A few years ago during the Super Bowl 50 season, the NFL shield was replaced by a gold version for the full season, and the r/w/b version was basically unseen. I expect the NFL100 logo to replace the regular shield the same way.
  14. wouldn't it look weird if an o line from left to right had one guy in white sleeves, one silver, one navy, one royal blue, and one black? They have a uniform.. that's why its called a uniform because they are supposed to look alike. And again, they get PLENTY of warnings and training so its not like this was some surprise fine he got hit with. If you park in a fire lane and run into the supermarket for 5 mins and get a ticket right away, i can see you saying a cop is being unreasonable. But if you get 5 warnings, PLUS all the yellow stripes, and the big signs, and still do it, then don't act like the cops are being unfair.
  15. you need rules dude, and sometimes you need to get ahead of these things before players make up reasons to wear whatever color sleeves and cleats they want. William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats and everyone killed the NFL because he said it was for charity, which i understand. But you do have to draw a line somewhere. What if the next guy wears yellow cleats because its his kids favorite color, and the next guy wears polka dot cleats because he like polka music. There's a line, stay on your side of it. And if you know your breaking the rule, then take the fine. NFL gives many warnings and training before issuing a fine. There's uniform codes posted in every locker room. players know they are breaking the rules. Besides if i was given an NFL uniform i would be honored beyond belief. I would not try to alter to to fit my own personal taste.