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  1. Buffalo Bills logo

    i think its really cool ...   stick with the Blue version -- red and white arent doing it for me.   Its way too big on your helmet mock up though,  everything else I like a lot. One suggestion would be to tilt it forward a bit .. might look like it was charging more and even moreso make it look like a B.
  2. Super Bowl LI

    looks to me like the turned the trophy a little.  Angle on NFL logo as well as the ball is different.  
  3. Useless sports logos trivia

    Panthers vs. Patriots is the only championship possible in any sport featuring teams representing more than one state ..  the 2 carolinas vs the 6 new england states.   Carolina Hurricanes has no counterpart in hockey.  Other team's not named for a State or a City is Golden State Warriors and the Tampa Bay teams (tampa bay is not a city it is a region sort of like saying the San Francisco Bay area) and the Brooklyn Nets - Brooklyn is technically a burough of New York City, despite being large enough on its own to be one of the biggest cities in US.
  4. NHL All-Star Divisional Logos

    They do but as not like what they originally pitched..   I was supposed to be No east vs west at all ..  just 4 individual divisions ... once you get to the final 4 and rerank ... but there is no eastern champ vs western champ   its all about the divisions      For me having a 4th or even 5th place team jump to the other division for playoffs kinda ruins that.   It would be so cool if there was a legitimate Atlantic Division playoffs with an Atlantic Division champion.  And no west vs. east.
  5. Alternate Super Bowl Logos

    I bet at some point they start putting way more emphasis on the word SUPER BOWL with the roman numerals way smaller .. so they will have to change up the logo template.  But I see no reason to move away from Roman Numerals .. i dont think LXXXVIII looks funny at all - thats just how it is.   Its like if they went with years and said Super Bowl 2053 looked funny.    itsa number -- not the most design friendly, well balanced number like Super Bowl 3000 would be    but it is what it is.
  6. NHL All-Star Divisional Logos

    Pretty cool ... I really wish the NHL went with its original idea of 4 divisions .. then a mini playoff within  the division to get 4 division winners, then that's the final four for the Stanly cup. Would have been really cool to have rivalries every year in the playoffs and then your Division champ banner really means something.
  7. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      Talked about this the last few years... here's the thing -- you don't see the entire field view like that ever,,, only when they go to the blimp view. If you think about what you see on TV --  90% of the game action happens between the 20-40 yard lines (especially because they are on both sides of the field)  while maybe 10% of the game happens between the two 40 yard lines.  In that respect you will see thew Super Bowl 50 logo on TV WAYYYYYYYY more often than you will see the NFL logo at midfield.  So it makes much more sense to put the Super Bowl logos where they have them.
  8. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    Even on black the panthers don't have a stroke around their logo. http://cltblog.com/files/2012/01/carolina_2012_logoslick.pdf  
  9. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    thats the same end zone -- the other end zone has tunnels in the corners
  10. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    The NFL will probably use a simpler 2 color version of the NFL shield and maybe the 4 color Super Bowl logo.
  11. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    I hope the endzones are Orange and Teal .. make it bright and fun and colorful ... if Broncos got Navy and Panthers go black that would be a shame.   Having said that I think in the past the NFL has usually gone with the blander of color choices .. For example Patriots and Seahawks both had Navy..   Seahawks and Broncos both had Navy ... Ravens had purple and 49ers had red but I'm not sure there were other choices.. Patriots and Giants both had blue (although they prob wouldn't got red for either so again no other choice) i think its so photos of opposing teams in the end zone don't look very out of place.  In other words if Cam Newton rushes into a bright orange end zone it sort of makes for a weird photo, end zone color becomes a distraction.   That's not how I would want it - I really hope they go Teal and Orange --  but Im guessing the NFL goes with Black and Navy end zones.  Which is what they used for Broncos and Panthers the last time they were each in the super bowl
  12. He said A logo, not primary logo. Whatever the Eagles Rams Vikings Bengals and even seahawks have on their helmet is a logo even if it's not their primary mark. Besides in that respect you can also argue the Chiefs and Ravens only have 1/2 a helmet too because the other side are alternate versions of their primary.
  13. What if the New York Red Bulls were to rebrand?

    Guys-- we go over this all the time. The actual physical location of a stadium does not define what the team should be called. The meadowlands was just some open land where they could build a stadium. So they did. Just like the 49ers did in Santa Clara but they are not the Santa Clara 49ers. They are and always will represent Thw San Fransico market. Same with Giants and Jets in New York market and with the Metrostars. They played in Giants Stadium because that was the football stadium for NYC. Who cares if it's just over the bridge. Then when they were ready to build their own SOccer specific stadium they chose some open land a just like 5 miles from that in Harrison which is basically newark. They had started to get a fan base in the area and because of that They didn't want to play in the Bronx or Queens where they MAY have found land but more likely found a ton of legal opposition which always comes with building a new stadium in NYC. So boom stadiun in Harrison NJ. None of that changes that they represent the NY area. And to be honesnt anyone who says they could have played in queens or Long Island but chose to stay in NJ and should thus be the new jersey Metrostars or red bulls or whatever has no understanding of the new York city landscape or market at all.
  14. NHL shield in orange and black.

    I don't know the answer but I know you're asking the wrong question. the NHL logo is based off the NHA logo of 1910. And if I had to guess I would say the orange / yellow color had to do with it being the cheapest or easiest to print on league contracts and paperwork
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning Palm Trees

    I'm always concerned with symbols and logos representing a letter. The Spurs pull it off with their Spur "U", but i'm not sure your palm tree really looks enough like a P. I almost think it would be better with just the Tree, and not the TAM A