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  1. Field turf is little strands of green plastic. The plastic can be any color, but for the field they use green. I can tell you for MetLife stadium the actually blades of plastic are blue or dark green for the giants or jets ends zone and the NFL logo at midfield is red white and blue plastic blades. They don't paint the green plastic.
  2. It has a little bit of an Orlando predators vibe to it... but it's not at all similar enough to be worry about. There's a slew of 3/4 view open mouth panthers logo out there if you do a google search, but i think there's just only so many ways to draw one (if thats what its supposed to be). So unless i'm missing one i think its fine.
  3. You might be able to make something happen with your basic idea however the biggest problem with this concept is the inconsistencies - the Jersey stripes are totally different then the short stripes. the front of the sleeve striping is different then the back of the sleeves and collar striping. Once you clean all of that up and make it consistent then you might be able to salvage something from your basic idea You need to make it more interesting - find a much less generic font. Arch The wordMark or add some perspective to it. Put a stroke around the number on the back Things like that to make the concept more interesting The general idea which I guess is to have the number inside the circle isn't terrible but the execution needs a lot of work
  4. The San Antonio part looks tacked on but the defenders and the Alamo encasing are cool you can probable fit San Antonio small and horizontal - no arch- right above defenders in white. This is pretty good for a wordmark but you need something else for a helmet logo
  5. Only on the internet would someone criticize the accuracy of a joke meant for 4 year olds.
  6. A- if you set criteria specifically to include the Broncos then your criteria is inherently flawed B - even with your criteria, how could the Packers not make the list? they meet all the criteria and then some. C- The Seahawks are no where near this list. They have had a lot of success the past decade, but only 1 super bowl and not long sustained success in the Super Bowl era. If you are going to be a team like that - like the Seahawks where the majority of your success is recent than you better be the Patriots and have had a BUTT LOAD of recent success. D - If your criteria is only the Super Bowl era, then to be honest some teams don't belong there-- like for example the Giants who have 2 championship "eras" of lets say 5 years but very little success otherwise IN THE SUPER BOWL era. They meet the ownership but what else? CRITERIA 1- Several eras of championship success (Includes pre-super bowl era) 2- nothing else. *championship success weighed for recent success above past success (for example as you mentioned the Lions and Browns are no longer elite even if they once were) **successful eras of non-super bowl winning success taken into SMALL account above non-contention (for example the early 90's Bills has a very good era in the early 90's even without a championship. The 49ers had a very good mini era the past few years even without a championship. these eras count slightly better than a team that didnt make the playoffs for 5 years) Packers Steelers 49ers Patriots Giants Bears Cowboys Teams like Lions Browns and Redskins not included because lack of recent success. Patriots included for opposite reason.
  7. This is a bad answer, but my guess would be because the changes to the Rangers shield logo aren't THAT significant - to lay, non logo obsessed people anyway. That maybe putting different NYR logos would look sloppy, rather than a nice nod to the time period. Whereas the Knicks logos are different enough that it successfully shows the evolution of the logo and the team identity at the time. Again, not a great answer but that makes sense to me.
  8. I like seeing color vs color as long as it doesn't clash.. it's a cool change up once in a while as long as they don't go nuts with it like MLB did. My issues are the uniforms themselves-- why does it have to be full monotone vs full monotone including pants socks shoes etc. ideally I would like to see a matchup of say 49ers in their regular home uniforms - red jersey gold pants - vs Giants in their regular home -Blue Jersey white pants. If that was color rush one game a week for something different and interesting then I'd be all for it.
  9. Very few of these photos are showing the best part of the Giants uniform which is they brought back the GIANTS WordMark on the helmet.
  10. The Giants will not wear their color rush white in the London game called Rams. Regular road uniforms. That's a Sunday morning.
  11. That "TNF" game is on Saturday so no color rush
  12. That's basically it. The one I saw was for on-field, so it had much shorter sleeves. However --- the helmet is the best part. They also have a cool effect on the NFL logo on the collar that idk if any other teams have
  13. No not even close. @canzman is on the right track..
  14. I dont think its just stubbornness - but if the redskins lost their right to merchandise their own brand, then why should the NFL/Nike be able to profit off them?
  15. I think Tohasbo was referring to the 2007 red jerseys, which are still technically part of the team's official style guide even though there are no plans to ever wear it again. So he was saying that technically red could be their color rush uniform as its still part of their style guide, satisfying NFL/Nike's requirements.