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  1. Stadium art/banners

    Was just thinking the other day I really miss when people sitting in front row of yankee stadium would hang up Ks for strikeouts. I’m sure they did it everywhere but it was really a yankee stadium tradition. They would get really creative. Cone heads for David cone, beer cups for David wells, red socks against the Red Sox, pictures of Michael Kay. Really miss that.

    An idea floated out there in various states of re-branding doesn’t really count as an unused logo. It’s just a concept. Unused logo is something that was actually finished and ready for use but for one reason or another was never actually used.
  3. Super Bowl LIII logo

    I saw the Super Bowl LIII style guide. 1) fear not--- there is PLENTY of Red. The theme is Red Blue and Silver. The color scheme is reminiscent of the late 80s/early 90s SB logos except less muted. Remember despite the logo there was tons of purple in the LII branding. Same thing here with Red. 2) the vertical stripe/gradient effect from LII has been replaced with a sort of geometric pattern, inspired by the stadium. 3) they are using a font similar to diamante extra bold
  4. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    Amazing, You work for Dolphins or is it a 3rd party creative firm?
  5. Super Bowl LIII logo

    Firstly .. why? the Super Bowl is probably the most successful brand of all time. Its up there with the world cup and olympics as one of the most well known events of ANY kind -- not just sports. Name a music event, political event, entertainment event or anything else that is more well known than the Super Bowl? So mediocre logo or not the last thing they need to be doing is re-branding. Secondly... yes, but also yes. There's a few reasons why this does make sense .. While the NFL did of course exist before the super bowl, it was a very very different league. especially early- on it was fledgling, it was second rate compared to college football. The AFL/NFL merger and the Super Bowl IS the modern era of the NFL. The NFL championships before that would be akin to an NFC championship now, so its not really fair to say the providence steamrollers accomplished the same thing that the new england patriots did. NBA and ABA merger added a handful of teams, so the pre-merger teams were still the NBA. But the AFL/NFL was a true merger, it basically created a NEW league. The NFL had strong established branding so they went with that name instead of creating a new name, but the league almost doubled in size. They could easily have merged the NFL and AFL into a new brand say the United Football League. So its really a totally different new league that began in 1966 or 1970 however you want to look at it. Also, baseball does the same thing with their pre-world series history.Its the modern era of MLB, so its not really fair to consider the pre-world series and pre-super bowl leagues as the same. The Super Bowl could use a BETTER standard logo, but they have the right idea-- create a consistent brand. I'm actually surprised so many of the logo-nuts on these boards are against that. Yes the yearly changes were fun but would we accept a watering down of a brand by changing logos every year in anything else?
  6. Super Bowl LII Field

    It looks great from the all-22 view... but in reality on TV most of the game-action is in and around either 25 yard line. So having the SB logo there makes it show on TV way more frequently. Think about it --- how often is the line of scrimmage between say the two 45 yard lines? Whereas basically every drive at least starts on the 20 or 25, and if they make it to the red zone or even field goal range you would see the SB logo on the other side of the field. (meaning many of the scoring plays and therefore many of the highlights will have the logo in it) So from a TV perspective this makes more sense.
  7. Super Bowl LII Field

    I’ve seen so many complaints when an NFL team debuts a new wordmark that they look so similar... wide spaced letters - falcons, Seahawks, Broncos, Dolphins. Extra kern please!! Well, here’s your answer. You have to think about application and where the wordmark is going to be used. For the same reason so many nba teams have a round or ball element because it has to work at centercourt. For years the eagles wordmark looked tiny in their end zone... with the drop shadow it’s just too tall to make the width work in an end zone. They fixed it in their home this year by enlarging the logo so the 3D effect is basically cut off I do wish the nfl field guys took that into account when sizing the patriots logo. They basically took the max height of each wordmark, but they should have done a better job of sizing them relative to each other. If they shrunk down the patriots logo to closer to the width of the eagles, then there would be some empty space above and below it but in an all-22 view it would work better.
  8. XFL Return, new logo

    Logowise its nice. Nice modern update of the original. The colors are more inviting and less aggressive than the old one. the strokes overlap in weird ways but it works for me. There's some technical issues with it .. like for example the navy outer stroke around XFL doesn't extend into the big X... you can see under and above the F there's no navy stroke there.. so that's a little weird. But this could be a placeholder anyway
  9. ah ok -- hey they did something.it was an emergency situation.
  10. In terms of modern times., some of the London games have done this. Before you say that’s a neutral site, it’s a little interesting because sometimes they’ll go home team logo at 50 yard line but still give visiting team one end zone. So they do consider it a home game for one team. Off top of my head Rams had that in 2016. The jets and giants do this for their preseason game against each other. The whole stadium will be turned over to the home team- ring of honor, wrap etc. but “road” team gets one end zone. The other one I know is the saints at giants stadium after Katrina. They tried to make it as much like a saints home game as possible so they gave them the end zones (I think both).
  11. Super Bowl LII Field

    There will be some nice symmetry actually despite the size. Eagles and Patriots have similar shaped logos (although NE’s will face the word mark rather than away) and they both have the concave (not arch) word mark. Should look good.
  12. Not a fan of this. Reason being the recent trend of white team winning super bowl -- what is it 12 or last 13 or something? - was mostly coincidental. The team wore the jerseys they usually wear. Broncos and Steelers are the only team I remember that chose to wear white, and they both had reasons other than this current trend. Patriots have won in both, so to me this takes the fun out of the trend if teams are trying to do it.
  13. Artistic choice. Its a cartoon.. its just for some balance in the photo. Otherwise you have three white/silver pants in a row with one black on the end, and they wanted some colorful jerseys and some contrast so they did teal over black for jags rather than black over black or black over white. Again its just a cartoon for fun. I think they did a good job actually-- they got the number fonts close and even did pretty accurate player accessories --- one glove for TB.. although he'll probably wear 2 this week lol. And they got Keenums wide-ass torso,
  14. More times than not when you read audience data (or any other stat for that matter) you have to understand the point of the stat. Those types of numbers are specifically calculated FOR tv. In other words, a company is looking to advertise on an NFL telecast, or if FOX is trying to figure out how much to bid to renew its TV rights, those are the numbers they want to know. It doesn't matter to them how many teenagers saw a one-handed catch on twitter. When you talk about ticket sales and merchandise... lets be honest who's actually paying for that? 50 year old or 15 year old. So yes of course its misleading to say the average NFL fan is 50 --especially when you lump all fans together. Ive seen reports the define it as anyone who has been to or watched 1 NFL game in the past year. That is a definition of a fan. Or you have reports asking what your favorite sport to watch is (this definition means if you are a huge sports fan with the NBA as your second favorite sport, then you are not a fan. BUT if you are a super casual sports fan that doesn't really have any rooting interest at all, but prefers NBA to anything else the you ARE a fan) So you have to consider how and why they are compiling these stats.
  15. REMEMBER! there is no "primary uniform" .. there is only primary jerseys. You can wear any pants any time (and now you can even mix color rush pants into the rotation) So even if team must wear their primary color or white uniform, they can wear any pants they want.