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  1. goforbroke

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    There will be one, but they might never wear it except for the all star game. I don’t keep track but I think for the last rebrand they rarely wore the grays. But there will be gray jerseys and for sure gray pants to wear with Road colors
  2. goforbroke

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I think in this case it’s a good idea. As with Texas, the location is a better sell than the nickname. They are branding themselves for the city, so that’s what should be on the home jerseys. Having said that, plenty of people will probably flock to the color jerseys so there will be plenty of marlins wordmarks around.
  3. Another change - ravens will wear black this week. Ravens have been ignoring the designation guide all season. https://twitter.com/Ravens/status/1063139975435350018
  4. you basically have it except for 1 of the color rush
  5. Sorry I just want to clarify -- Seahawks were never scheduled to wear Color Rush THIS WEEK. They are supposed to wear them later this season
  6. Week 12: 5 Color Rush 2 throwbacks 3 teams are wearing white jerseys at home Also I peaked ahead -- there's one game in Week 13 everyone here is going to drool over. You can probably figure it out if you look at the matchups.
  7. Week 11: Throwbacks: Falcons and Redskins Alternates: Bears, Jaguars Color Rush: Lions, Packers, Saints, Rams. Seahawks were never scheduled to wear Color Rush, someone wrote an article about that but it was never scheduled and is now clearly not happening. Cardinals are supposed to be in red unless something changed. Lions color rush, I still can't figure out if that's considered a white or color jersey. They wore it against the Cowboys in white, now it looks like they will wear it against Panthers black - which should work. Maybe its a case-by-case thing to see what clashes because its a very dark gray. FWIW Seahawks gray is considered a white alt.
  8. They had two black jersey games on the schedule both of them are future weeks.
  9. I had eagles in green this week and all black in a regular Sunday game in a few weeks. So who knows anymore.
  10. goforbroke

    WNBA's Chicago Sky unveil new logo

    Yeah it’s way better than WSKY soft rock radio station
  11. Week 10- Bengals in alt orange. Tampa in white at home/Redskins in maroon. Steelers in color rush. Everyone else including Browns/Falcons are in normal white away/color home. Eagles I have in normal greens. FWIW this list has had some changes in it since it was released in early July. Someone said the Seahawks are now wearing color rush Week 11 but I don't have that, so we'll see. And the Ravens were listed with the weird Alternate White last week which doesn't exist and they were actually in alternate color. So i can't be 100% certain i'm just letting you know what this designation sheet has. Next week has some fun stuff -- 2 throwbacks, 2 alts, and 4 (possibly 5) color rush
  12. I mean it could have changed since the uniform designation guide was created in July. I don’t have an updated one so if the ravens changed their minds then there you go. But this one wasn’t a typo because then steelers were listed I wear color jerseys. So if it changed it was a late decision.
  13. Could be changed — FWIW the Steelers specifically says black jerseys on the guide. But again maybe they changed it. This comes out in like July.
  14. Week9 - Only white at home is Ravens who are again listed as a white "alternate". I think we've figured out that's either a typo or something that was abandoned. Schedule that as regular white at home. Patriots have color rush. Raiders are listed as white classic, I think that might be their color rush jerseys but with normal pants