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  1. Actually I'll just tell you now. Week 13 is an easy week everyone is wearing color at home and white on the road. (That includes Miami) Cowboys and Redskins are scheduled for color rush on Thursday night. The only interesting note is the Chargers are wearing color rush at home on Sunday.
  2. I'll post the Week 13 uniforms soon but the Redskins ARE scheduled to wear color rush on the road. We shall see
  3. No we’ve been talking about this for a while with redskins and giants. Thanksgiving is not Thursday Night Football. It’s not part of nfl networks TNF package. It’s part of the regular network nfl package (the night game is technically NBC Sunday night football on thanksgiving). Therefore, it’s not a color rush game. Additionally, the redskins seem to have a color rush boycott going on anyway. So the redskins are not wearing color rush. The giants aren’t either, they are choosing (not required) to wear them on Dec 10 instead.
  4. The Bills are wearing the white throwbacks twice this year.
  5. Ok then! It seemed like it would be a rare occurrence but i guess not
  6. I'm just going by the designation guide... this is what it says: Cowboys Week 12: Color Cowboys Week 13: Color Rush Cowboys Week 14: Color @shstpt1 made a good point about the helmets, and even though the navy alt is still in their style guide its not listed as a uniform option. So I think its going to be correct according to the designation. Normal Navy at home Week 12. White Color Rush week 13 (If Redskins opt out that doesn't affect if cowboys do it or not) and Navy week 14 on the road. The only thing the designation got wrong i think is Chargers in powder blue Week 12, but as i said that might have been done before they knew cowboys are opting for navy at home.
  7. That could be correct as well. If they don't wear the throwbacks then they are wearing their normal navy uniforms at home for a change.
  8. Cowboys don't have the navy throwback listed on the uniform designation grid at all. Which is why it just says Color for Week 12. So i can't say with 100% certainty if Week 14 is reg navy or throwback but I'm pretty confident its just their normal navy, The Giants' white color rush is basically a throwback which is why there's a very slim chance the cowboys may opt for a throwback as well, but that is not likely .
  9. This is just a guess - but this is probably the first time in a long time the cowboys will go three straight weeks without wearing their classic white over silver/green uniforms. Week 12: Navy Throwbacks Week 13: White Color Rush Week 14: Navy on Road vs. Giants in white color rush
  10. Already posted week 11, jumping ahead to week 12 which has some interesting stuff in it due to thanksgiving: Right now, the Rams are the only team scheduled to wear white at home, with the Saints scheduled to wear color on road. That means on the schedule the Cowboys are scheduled to wear navy at home on thanksgiving, its not designated as throwback but it should be their throwback navy uniforms. This is the only color home game on the schedule for the cowboys, and it was implied they may try to wear navy at home more often (once is more often than zero). However, the Chargers are scheduled to wear color against the cowboys, and not just color but actually their alt powder blues. But I don't think that is correct. If I had to guess before this was finalized the chargers assumed they would were color on the road and chose powder blue. But they will probably be in white against Cowboys in navy throwback. The Lions are also scheduled to wear throwbacks. And there is one more throwback on the schedule. There are also two other color alternates in addition to the chargers on the schedule. The Redskins and Giants are not scheduled to wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving night, which seems like a missed oppurtunity to me but whatever. Not color rush either so it will be a burgendy vs. white matchup.
  11. strange NY Jets cap from 1974

    Yeah I still don't think that clears up the Knicks and its something I've been wondering about for like 20 years Tiffany may have invented the idea of an interlocking NY, and sure it shares some visual similarities with the presented Yankees logo, but its not the Yankees logo. theres a thousand ways to draw an interlocking NY. But the logo on the Knicks uniforms, and as recently as the early 90's is pretty much the exact same logo the Yankees wear on their uniforms just recolored. So I still don't understand how that happened for 10 plus years. The football Giants wore interlocking NYs - and yes one version does look a lot like the Yankees -- but that was way in the early days of logos there was very little branding continuity or reasoning. The Knicks is 1992.
  12. Jumping ahead to Week 11. The cowboys are the only team wearing white at home, so eagles will wear green on the road. And yes that means the Browns are wearing brown at home. Titans and Steelers for color rush.. light blue vs Black seems like enough clash to me but who knows. There are 2 throwbacks scheduled, no alternates. Bears and Packers have already been announced as the throwbacks. In case anyone was wondering (i was so i looked ) for the Packers the green face mask is actually on the style guide for the throwbacks. Other teams have changed face masks for color rush or alts even with the 1 Helmet rule so maybe they will change this year we’ll see.
  13. Insensitive indeed. Plus there is precident. Robert krafts wife had a patch. The giants also wore a patch for Ann Mara when she died. Joan Tisch was the wife of bob Tisch who co-owned the team for 20 years and now their son Steve Tisch holds the 50% share. She she is basically one of the owners despite who actually holds the shares. it’s also a pretty ignorant statement to say she had nothing to do with the team. She meant a ton to the organization and community. Do a little research. You clearly don’t understand the family component and how important it is to the Giants. Not a lot of teams in pro sports have been owned by the same (now 2) families for 93 years
  14. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I always thought it was ironic that teams named Browns seem to find their way to Baltimore. St Louis Browns became the Baltimore Orioles.