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  1. I don't know if the team announced its jersey schedule so no comment
  2. its nothing new, i just don't know if they announced the schedule yet. they may have that i didn't see.
  3. 1 team wearing an alt, another team wearing a throwback
  4. Browns, Cowboys, Chargers, Jets, and Buccaneers are wearing white at home next week. There's an alt and a throwback being worn but I'm not sure if those have been announced yet
  5. Going back to the Browns-- There are elements of those uniforms I actually really like. I like the brown face mask, I think it works for them. I like the new color scheme even though it got mocked all over the internet as such a subtle change it wasn't worth mentioning, I think it's a good color and a nice shade of orange. I like that most of their uniform elements look natural... u see them in orange or brown or white and it looks like the same team. As opposed to say the 49ers Black uniforms where you can't even tell what team is playing at first glance. also - I REALLY like the visible stiching. I think it's such a cool element and very unique, retro that works for that team. And I like that they have the same over the numbers on front. It's a college- style look that works for a classic team. I think if you take the things that work and remove the ones that don't--- take off the pattern on the helmet stripe, fix the font and drop shadows, take the name off the pants and go to a traditional consistent striping throughout then you actually have a real winner to me (uniform wide at least)
  6. Seahawks are supposed to wearing white with Titans in Navy. Pants can be decided anytime. The gray jersey is considered a white alt. So they can choose to wear it at home, or if they are on the road and the home team chooses color, Seahawks can wear white or gray. But they still count as 2 diff jerseys so they're supposed to pick one months in advance. If I had to guess the mascot either doesn't know what they're wearing or is just having fun on twitter.
  7. yup - so much for my theory. too bad cuz that look is garbage. I hate that the Rams are taking away yellow overall, but the white on white look (basically their current road uniforms) is a way better look than a yellow on yellow mustard bottle.
  8. Jets are in green, dolphins white this week everything else looks right. Panthers and chargers are the only 2 teams wearing white at home. (And as a reminder I don't have any info about pants) Idk for sure what the color rush colors are. Rams might be white over white - which given their color scheme choices this year makes more sense to me than yellow over yellow. I don't know for sure either way, but I personally don't see them switching back to yellow horns for this game, so I think they wear what they wore last year which is white over white with white horns
  9. FWIW the schedule I have shows the Bears wearing White week 15 with the Lions in Color Rush. But thats different than the schedule the Bears put out. Possibly they didnt know the Lions Color Rush would be Grey when they put the uniform schedule together so they assumed Bears would have to wear white. But since Lions are in gray, the Bears in Navy makes more sense than white to me.
  10. Guys- the Seahawks gray jersey is considered an alternate white jersey. It can be worn as a replacement for white against any color jersey. The lions gray is a color rush jersey. It is not an alternate white jersey. It should not be worn against color EXCEPT as a color rush option, in which case color against color is allowed.
  11. Look good. Panthers and Bucs are only teams wearing white at home this week
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    this is a preseason game so maybe the didn't bother designing a cover specific for this game, and just used an extra one. According to the old farmers Wikipedia the chargers hosted the oilers on 11/13 and the titans on 12/18
  13. NFL 2017 changes?

  14. NFL 2017 changes?

    Can't have Final Fours in an open stadium. Also in general if you have the money its better for everyone to have a roof -- concerts, trade shows etc. I get that football CAN be played in the elements but it doesnt HAVE TO -- but the stadium becomes 1000x more versatile if you have a roof option.