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  1. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    and even then it will just be a coincidence haha the color rush jerseys are almost certainly going to be a color that the team already uses anyway - with a few exceptions like alternate like the rams, a different shade like the jets, or if the raiders go gold.
  2. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    I refuse to look too much into this ... and now I'm going to .. the NFL tweeted out this photo of the first round picks -- the colors they chose for the backgrounds seem like interesting/odd choices, and I'm wondering if its a subtle hint to the color rush colors. When the uniforms are unveiled lets circle back to this post and see... Before anyone says otherwise, to me this doesn't appear to me to be just aesthetic choices. Some teams have contrasting colors as their logo, some use the same color. It doesnt appear they tried to not put the same color next to eachother - which they may have tried to do so if this was just for purposes of designing the graphic (virtually the entire top row is gold/yellow or grey -- when there could be blue, red, teal, purple). Some teams have the same colors as existing uniforms, but many do not especially the ones that are a color besides white. Many of them match up to that leaked color guide from a few weeks back. notably I see grey for eagles, when it could easily be green or black, red for the giants, lime for the seahawks, gold for the ravens, orange for the dolphins -- colors that you wouldnt normally say are the team's primary colors. One thing I will say is that on most of them where there seemed to be a choice of color for the name/school area they used the darker.. which would explain the abundance of gold and grey in the main area. So - take it for whatever its worth but it is worth keeping an eye on this:
  3. OKC Identity Crisis

    I think you need an identity first before you can have an identity crisis. but yeah since day 1 with that bland nothing logo they've never had any defined identity. No primary color (light blue? navy? orange? yellow?), no mascot, no unique font style or jersey pattern or anything that seperates them from any community rec league. So that makes it easy to have nothing look like they belong to the same branding package
  4. Bomb logo and logo comparison

    different people see different things.. your logo is much more modern, clean, etc. more "logo" like. The eyes and mouth could have some more emotion in them, but its a good start. it would re-size well and look good on jersey, field, hats, etc. everything a logo should be. The existing logo is a well rendered cartoon bomb with a face. It has shading and depth, but way too many colors for a "logo" - especially the spark on the wick. Having said that, I can understand someone who isnt in graphic design thinking the existing cartoon is better than your logo because it has more going on and from an untrained eye it looks like it took more skill to make. Probably the best of both worlds would be to reduce the colors and shading on the existing logo, especially in the wick and spark. Use one color blue for the body, one color red for the eyes, and the same solid blue for the wick and same color red for the spark. That logo can and should be done with just black, white, blue, and a red/orange.
  5. Bomb logo and logo comparison

    dont wear this on a tshirt at the airport
  6. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    Ur right that Renovations are further along than I realized, but the new design only has 13,000 seats. I don't think u can have an NHL team with that size stadium.. (That might even be the basketball layout hockey may be less). They are planning to have 6 islanders games a year there though so we'll see.
  7. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    In the past 10 years there have been 3 brand spanking new basketball/hockey arenas within 15 miles of Nassau.. Prudential, Barclays, and the $1B renovated MSG. There is also the very serviceable Izod center. Nassau is a subburban county, so there really isnt a way to get taxpayer funding for it. They can't get NYC taxes to pay for it. So it would have to be Charles Wang who is rich but not privately-pay-for-a-$1B-arena rich. And the team isn't premier enough like the Rangers to justify it. Honestly i know people on Long Island are kinda upset, but the move to Brooklyn makes a TON of sense, Its only a little further train ride from Nassau but it also opens up a big market in Brooklyn and Queens and also downtown Manhattan are all short train rides away. The only downside is the stadium layout - if they weren't so delayed in figuring out their plan they could have build the arena together so it worked for bball and hockey. But honestly its fine.. the hockey layout is a quirk of the stadium, but its not the embarrassment i think people are making it out to be. Certainly still doesn't justify ANOTHER 1B stadium a few miles away especially in a suburban area. Right now you have 3 brand new arenas in the area and 2 usable arenas in Izod and Nassau (perfectly fine for concerts and disney on ice etc even if they arent new enough for a major sports team) So it would be really hard to see someone spending so much for a new one. Even the stories I'm hearing about renovating Nassau seems far fetched to me.
  8. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    I wonder if this has anything to do with a patent thing ... Not sure the specifics but I imagine they are losing some $$ on merchandise since they lost the patent on the logos, so maybe they are in no hurry to put out alternate jerseys right now.
  9. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Hey guys- one thing we may want to keep in mind is there is a strong possibility that the color rush concept has changed this year. The concept may now just bealternate color jerseys in a color vs. color matchup. It MAY NOT always be head to toe monochrome like we saw last year. So there's a chance we may see like red jersey/white pants vs. blue jersey/gold pants for example as a matchup. Just keep that in mind as a possibility. Might not always be monochrome anymore. The NFL and teams want to sell alternate jerseys, fans don't buy pants, so same color pants aren't as important to the concept as alternate color vs.color is.
  10. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

  11. NBA logos as super heros

    Found this on the internets... My takeaway is the NBA logos are so bland an awful its not too hardspoof. There were a handful that I didn't even realize what team they were spoofing right away like the raptors. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/spider-man/nba-logos-get-a-superhero-redesign-in-awesome-new-artwork-a132749
  12. USA Basketball releases new uniforms

    Supposedly there is a uniform gradient .. not unlike the Mutombo hawks .. but it must be pretty subtle cuz i dont see it in any of the photos.
  13. March Madness 2016

    I think it would look awesome if the lower left bracket slashes were going to the top-right and the lower right bracket slashes were going to the top left... that was all slashes would be pointing toward the center. I'd love to see that mocked up.
  14. Sportslogo design pet peeves

    It's crazy ironic that you used the panthers as an example as they've gotten rid of not 1 not 2 but all 3outlines.
  15. Dragons Logo

    I think you should ditch the claw altogether.. it looks awkward... the falcons looks awkward too but they put it there to look like an F ... you dont need it. I think your logo would like miles better with just a head, neck, wing, and tail. no claw.