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  1. Very few of these photos are showing the best part of the Giants uniform which is they brought back the GIANTS WordMark on the helmet.
  2. The Giants will not wear their color rush white in the London game called Rams. Regular road uniforms. That's a Sunday morning.
  3. That "TNF" game is on Saturday so no color rush
  4. That's basically it. The one I saw was for on-field, so it had much shorter sleeves. However --- the helmet is the best part. They also have a cool effect on the NFL logo on the collar that idk if any other teams have
  5. No not even close. @canzman is on the right track..
  6. I dont think its just stubbornness - but if the redskins lost their right to merchandise their own brand, then why should the NFL/Nike be able to profit off them?
  7. I think Tohasbo was referring to the 2007 red jerseys, which are still technically part of the team's official style guide even though there are no plans to ever wear it again. So he was saying that technically red could be their color rush uniform as its still part of their style guide, satisfying NFL/Nike's requirements.
  8. DP
  9. Not even close
  10. a little bird gave me the scoop on the Giants .... I wish I could give you more info but all I can say is it's a good one. They did it right.
  11. The commission has 2 jobs ... 1) uphold the integrity of the game. 2) make decisions to grow the league financially. you can't kill Adam silver for the ads... if it brings in $$ and honesty no one besides us will care. Eventually we won't notice anymore. It will be like a stadium naming rights, or a jersey manufacturer logo, or sponsor logos on the boards in the Nhl. Eventually we won't even think about it goodel is often caught between a rock and a hard place... He wants to protect the shield but then puts his foot in his mouth and makes odd, inconsistent discipline decisions. But no one can say he hurts the game financially or the integrity of the sport. Bettman is a Disgrace--- 3 extended lockouts over his tenure. What else do u need to say. Hockey was huge.. HUGE... In the mid 90s. Gretzky was in LA, Rangers were winning. Mighty ducks movies were big. Kids were playing hockey. The sports was legitamatly growing as a true Big 4. Now look at it... They lost their ESPN deal... Their NBC deal is a joke. There's other Sports more popular like ufc mls. Bettman messed up big time.
  12. Giants just announced: white pants at home full time in 2016 regular season. grey on the road, even if they wear blue on the road (at dallas). http://www.giants.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/Giants-to-wear-white-pants-for-all-home-games-view-uniform-schedule/c4f4d08e-14ca-446d-a570-55f9a63e7f6a
  13. Ok if lebron requested them then that makes sense. Still they are fugly as uck.
  14. I'm curious how the sleeve jerseys in Game 7 came about. We know lebron hates them so I can't imagine the cavs would force them on him in the biggest game of his career and the team's history. Could Adidas or the NBA have forced them on the cavs and they either didnt or couldn't push back? Was this one last ditch effort by adidas to sell some sleeved jerseys before Nike took over
  15. At one point I jump on a few leaks and conspiracy theories--- but think about this ... Why would this paper Even exist? Why would there ever be a sheet made by the NFL and Nike with a list of the logos and colors that teams will be wearing on Thursday? Who is this sheet for? Why would anyone ever make this? This isn't a logo slick or a design guide or anything of any usefulness whatsoever. It serves absolutely zero purpose OTHER than to tell people what color the teams will be wearing on Thursdays which is useless to anyone of note with the exception of the people on these message boards. There is no way this wasn't mocked up just for NFL leaks and Us.