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  1. Very subtle eh?
  2. Vince has been off tv for a long time and has had leg surgery twice in the last six months. Also Stephanie has been the authority presence on Raw for sometime and has interacted / danced with The New Day many times. Also important to note that it was the New Day that broke the tag team title record in the day of hot potatoing title belts.
  3. This was a uniquely awesome version:
  4. I attended St.Lawrence Elementary in Utica Michigan for 1st -6th grade. For the sake of nostalgia I took a look at their web site and found a page about their logos and branding. I have never seen anything like this before on a school site. Has anybody here seen anything like this? St.Lawrence Elementary
  5. But the belt is safe right? lol
  6. Well at least you're not jumping to conclusions.
  7. Yep, could have been handled better by both. Orton could have pulled out his ear buds and either said : No or See me after my lift. The guy could have waited until Orton was clearly done with with his lift or realized that he was being blown off.
  8. This popped up in my Facebook feed... this has sad high school gym written all over it.
  9. They also need space for the all star patch, team logo patch nhl100 patch and possible divisional patch
  10. Well I do now! Plus my classroom has The Podium... of Jericho... Study up maaaaaaaaaaaan!