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  1. I don't watch much Smackdown Live! With Cena out, is the main event picture just Styles and Ambrose?
  2. Silver Smackdown Live!
  3. fictional league

    I'm going to love this series! Great work so far, keep it up!
  4. If it happened, I missed it but, didn't Christian deserve an on-air retirement? I didn't need to be a big drawn out thing like Daniel Bryan or Edge, but at least a final Peep Show to make the announcement?
  5. Cruiserweights to Smackdown Live and all women to RAW? Are there enough women on the roster to warrant a secondary women's singles title if they were on one show with a NXT call up or two?
  6. Damn good match to end the show. Charlotte's arms are cut up pretty good from that kendo stick.
  7. This skit is so skittish. I know its WWE but the acting is terrible.
  8. Recently saw Hacksaw Ridge, great movie.
  9. I bumped into Rob Conway about 10 years ago at a weight lifting expo... he was so happy to be noticed.
  10. Vegas Double Downs?
  11. What time today is the announcement being made?
  12. Any chance Heyman ditches Brock as a client tonight?
  13. Brock got squashed?