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  1. Then everywhere that isn't listed above. 😉
  2. So far I've been to 17 states + DC. 3 Continents (Asia, Europe, North America) 7 countries (United States, Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, China... Possibly Japan this summer)
  3. 🚨🔊🚨 Fantasy booking alert 🚨🔊🚨 Smackdown Live seems week on Main even face talent, so here is my prediction (not sure if anybody else here has already said it)... Finn Balor is the 10th entrant into the WWE Title battle royal tomorrow.
  4. Just added this beauty.
  5. Not a political post, saw it and thought it was funny. Mods, if this is an issue, please remove it.
  6. Could Orton use his RR victory go after the UC? Also, is this a subtle enough redesign for the WWE Title?
  7. I'm now really confused by the two main events from the Royal Rumble... Cena wins the title to only lose it 2 weeks later and not make it to the final two in the elimination chamber, why even give him the title? Orton wins the rumble but gives up his spot? Why have Orton win it then? I'm really hoping this isn't a way to give cena the record breaking 17th title at WM 33
  8. Fun concept series... Would you consider doing the opposite, Whalers in Canes colors, Nords on an Avs template etc...
  9. Maybe just get hard times or son of a plumber printed on a t-shirt? Or, if I go with the Dusty theme...