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  1. Just let Dalton Castle be Dalton Castle if a purchase happens. That guy make me laugh my ass off.
  2. No, it was needed for the highlight reel and likely planned a few weeks in advance.
  3. ***Not trying to get political*** The Huffington Post picked up on my twitter feed and contacted me for an interview this week for an upcoming article about conservative public school teachers. Not looking to have a conversation about that topic here, just thought that its interesting/exciting news.
  4. I'd like to see Dalton Castle in WWE, but they'd likely ruin him...
  5. International Wrestling Association International Wrestling League National Wrestling League International Wrestling League World Wrestling League World Wrestling Association Major League Wrestling Global Wrestling League Global Wrestling Association Pro Wrestling League Pro Wrestling Association Trying to find a way to make it sound like a legit "pro sports organization" and not a sports entertainment organization. Have a NHL/NFL/NBA/MLB vibe to the name and shield type logo. Any one of those names (with the exception of Global) would make any upstart or renamed organization sound legitimate and "established" from the get go. Names like Omega, Paragon Pro Wrestling, Resistance Pro Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action & Global Force Wrestling all sound like new upstarts that are trying to be edgy but fall short. The prefixes of either International, World, Major League, Pro and to a lesser extent Global seem more "big time" than even American or any other adjective. If I were starting a promotion I would of course have a few gimmicky & comedic characters but it would be a story driven show and presented like a legitimate sporting event where wins and losses mean something, there are consequences for actions and title shots are earned. Yes, stories exist in WWE today but if I were to televise a match it would be for a reason, not to just fill time and put somebody on tv. I firmly believe that lower card and mid card wrestlers could be used in story lines that have payoffs. The payoff could be to advance to the main event level, see a face finally over come a nemesis or a heel finally get whats coming to him.
  6. Yeah, that will put butts in the seat.
  7. Does TNA own the Broken gimmick? Perhaps why the Hardy's didn't go to WWE? Maybe this explains the post above post?
  8. Heading to RAW tomorrow, just got this in my email...
  9. Scrap Anthem from the logo and you may have something.
  10. Wings, I'd be very happy with that booking.
  11. Definitely wrong for Andy Moog (Montreal) But which one is right??? (Edmonton or Boston) He won Cups in Edmonton, but to me as a kid growing up he was a Bruin.