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  1. Detroit you say? We'll WWE knows that Detroit will cheer Reign's 5th WM main event in a row.
  2. When I was at Raw (2 weeks before Wrestlemania) he came to the ring during the commercial break for the final segment, he really struggled to get to and into the ring, it looked awkward and painful. (Must be the reason it was done during the commercial break.
  3. Hopefully he starts getting around better.
  4. There is also a dirty meaning of gimp.
  5. The leather makes it tough for me to use my computer.
  6. First I'm seeing those.... damn!
  7. I was so bummed when they didn't use the actual bug on their original jerseys.
  8. On the plans WWE had for him with the brand split: “At one point the plan was for me to be Stardust on one brand, and Cody Rhodes on another brand. I thought that was a really great idea. Absolutely wanted to do it! Everybody wanted to do it except for one person who will remain nameless, but that one person has the main vote.”
  9. People throw tantrums at fast food places all the time, I'm desensitized to it. What I am not desensitized to is the phrase "fix me a___________)" How do you fix something before its made?
  10. Deal! It will be summer so we won't need to burn a day off!
  11. Less than a minute? I think it was under 30 seconds. Hell, he didn't even take an offensive move from Hawkins.
  12. When I say roster page, I mean a jumbled mess of pictures of people that had been in TNA at any given time.