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  1. Would you consider adding red between the green on the road jersey?
  2. Really liking the road Golden Knights jersey.
  3. Where is the grey?
  4. Not a fan of the white numbers, should be yellow. I guess if the change isn't enough to make you buy a new blues jersey they're hoping the new number colors will?
  5. So Roman Reigns gets a title shot at SummerSlam because Roman Reigns said so? Is that the bottom line?
  6. Eric Lindros at a wedding:
  7. New Wild shoulder patch?
  8. I took a look at that twitter feed for the hell of it... Are they serious or is it the most convincing joke feed ever?
  9. Y'all a bunch a puppets!
  10. I'll have what he's having!
  11. Great American Bash (Not the Bash) Starcade Halloween Havoc WrestleWar Fall Brawl Uncensored
  12. 2 Days of School left and less than a month until I head to Mount Rushmore with the GF!
  13. The Champs are still here!