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  1. SummerSlam so far... Lesnar v. Orton Balor v. Rollins Cena v Styles III? New Day v. The Club IC Title Match US Title Match Banks v. Flair rematch CWC Classic Final? What does Ambrose do? What about... Owens, Zayn, Nevile, Cesaro, Jericho, Bray, Corbin... SS 2015 had 10 matches SS 2014 had 8 plus one on the pre-show Guess I'll have to add the Universal title to my sig... what a stupid name.
  2. Maybe some sort of women's IC title could help more story lines develop?
  3. Detroit gives Dekeyser 6 years and $30 Million
  4. .
  5. Rumor is adderol
  6. Ballor beats Reigns clean
  7. The Universival Champion sounds like a TNA version of the Intercontinental Title
  8. I'm not home, did they show a belt?
  9. The crowd clearly hates him (Reigns), WWE acknowledged the suspension and seemed to run with it (apparently it was adderal to fight exhaustion). Any chance we see a double turn with Reigns and Rollins in the very near future, like tonight on RAW to build towards SummerSlam?
  10. So its a foregone conclusion that The Miz will retain the IC title tonight right?
  11. Heel turn for Reigns tonight?
  12. The Smakdown logo is fine, just ditch the 'Live". The new RAW logo is terrible and generic.
  13. Outlaws could work... We don't have a Cowboy / Wild West / Renegade themed team in the league.
  14. Did Cesaro piss somebody off or do something? It seems like every big push of his gets canceled quickly. I love Jericho and he is my favorite wrestler ever, but he should not have beaten Cesaro cleanly last night.