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  1. Would any of these logo swaps work, or just use that HC jerseys as a full time alt?
  2. Gretzky Blues "Trumpet" jersey. Didn't know where else to post this.
  3. CFL jerseys... I'd like a red Flutie Stampeders jerseys and one from his Argos days as well.
  4. Bit of a bump... still trying to track down a Beijing Jersey... Anybody know where I can find one? I've already checked the team site, the KHL site and eBay. Thanks, -Dan
  6. Why cant they put the AHL logo on that collar, I hate that dead space.
  7. Possible Wrestlemania 33 match...
  8. I have 3 black Minnesota jerseys... one of them is a Modano jersey... My very first jersey from my parents on Christmas Day 1991! I also have a 1991 green North Stars and a white from their last season in Dallas
  9. Figured it out!
  10. I just broke my mouse hitting like!
  11. I could really use a "You just made the list" Jericho gif!