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  1. Nice job of the Perds to try to start crap at the end. That was pure domination in the 3rd. Let's keep it up!
  2. Yeah I know. Imagine if the Hawks or Wings were the opponent, those empty seats would be replaced by red.
  3. How the hell did a kitten get onto the rink?
  4. 2016 MLB Season

    After I just watched him help the Marlins sweep the Dodgers, Dee Gordon gets zapped 80 games for PEDs. edit: Yeah as Cujo pointed out, cue the Bonds jokes now.
  5. The American Hero gets the hat trick!
  6. 2 straight Oregon DLs in the first round for the Niners. Buckner was supposed to go higher, so seems like a good pick.
  7. Very smart move by the Jags to get Ramsey. Sleeper playoff team this year.
  8. Do you really need to take a RB this high? I thought Dallas had other glaring issues?
  9. Bishop is yanked. He probably should've had that last one.
  10. Someone other then the Hawks and Kings will be out of the West, first time since 2011.
  11. Hopefully the Ducks and Preds try to kill one another in Game 7!
  12. LOL Frank the Tank is full of class