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  1. One thing that I don't like about interleague play is that they don't rotate the locations it seems like when teams play. For example the Giants hosted Minnesota and Cleveland in 2014, and will do so again in 2017. Why can't the league do what the NFL does and rotate the locations? I thought that the league would want its popular teams playing in different locales?
  2. Just read somewhere that it appears the Raiders and Chargers will move barring an unexpected miracle.
  3. Dallas Atlanta NO NE Denver GB Cincy Baltimore SF Oakland Pittsburgh AZ SD Seattle Indy
  4. We just heard an "officials" horn go off in LA, since the league saw it was in and wanted to halt play.
  5. There was that time in 2002 in late August I thought that there was almost a strike, but that was averted.
  6. Thanks to condensation, the Kings-76ers game is scrubbed for tonight.
  7. Does that qualify as a great heel by Doc?
  8. It appears Gerard Gallant is gone in Florida.
  9. Of course this death had to happen when Colin Kaepernick, who has praised Castro, goes to the place that hates him most(Miami)
  10. Looks like Oregon is preparing to move on from Mark Helfrich. Kelly back to Oregon wouldn't surprise considering the 49ers franchise is sewage level bad at this point.
  11. At least the Cats saved the best for last. Dumped 519 rushing yards on the Scum Devils! ASU isn't going bowling, and I wonder how much danger Todd Graham will be in.
  12. Yeah exactly. In 2000 the Sharks hadn't protected Nabokov, but sent picks/minor leaguers to Columbus and Minnesota so they wouldn't get him.
  13. Warriors go for 149 in revenge against the Lakers!
  14. Detroit Dallas Pittsburgh Tennessee Buffalo Baltimore Atlanta Giants NO Miami SD Seattle Oakland NE Denver GB