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  1. The Giants just flat out suck now.
  2. It seems like just yesterday, in 2000 the final 4 was Colorado vs Dallas and New Jersey vs Philly, and now they're the top 4 picks in the draft. Time does fly.
  3. Halfway to a Senators-Penguins conference final. Man is that gonna be one sided.
  4. 1. New Jersey 2. Philly 3. Dallas Those were the top winners in the lottery.
  5. Nice comeback by the Sens sends this one into OT. Pageau's 2nd career hat trick I believe.
  6. Blowing that 2 goal lead was devastating. Very winnable series and blew it. Who knows what changes the team will make before next year, and who knows how the division will look like(if LA bounces back,etc). Pulling for the Preds to come out of the West. Just not happy right now, can't believe I'm considering pulling for the Ducks over the Oilers next week.
  7. Now its Span's turn to crash into the wall. More injuries!
  8. It's official, Preds vs Blues 2nd round.
  9. Kinda like when Jeff Kent broke his wrist on the motorcycle in 2002.(Of course Kent had lied and said that he was washing his car) NOT the injury the team needed at this juncture.
  10. Can't let your opponent back in it. That's what happens.
  11. First flippin time in 9 playoff games that a McLellan led team scores at least 3.
  12. Maybe its a little different since the Niners don't play there anymore, but SF is definitely a baseball town. What helps is that the Giants have been good and play on waterfront and everybody is pissed off at the Yorks.