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  1. Cincy Jacksonville Houston Washington Seattle NE Carolina Oakland Detroit Denver AZ SD SF Pittsburgh Minnesota
  2. Bills delivering a hammer to Zona. Definitely the WTF game so far.
  3. The Patriots should take it upon themselves to find the saddest QBs every week to see if they can win. Are Ryan Lindley, Kyle Boller, Rusty Smith, or JaMarcus available?
  4. Houston Arizona Oakland Miami Jacksonville GB Denver Carolina Giants TB Seattle KC SD Pittsburgh Dallas NO
  5. I was thinking that Clipboard Jesus was available for the Pats to sign as a temporary backup. As it turns out he went to the Browns who are in a world of hurt at QB.
  6. Dat Denver pass rush is still lethal.(Though I know Indy's O-line is pretty crappy)
  7. The Cal RB just pulled a DeSean!(Also a Golden Bear)
  8. That could've been true, but the Giants had to choke away the division to them like they did tonight.
  9. Vin Scully will be done on the last day of the season, no playoffs for him unfortunately.
  10. Buffalo Pittsburgh Detroit Baltimore Dallas Giants Carolina NE Houston Seattle Zona SD Oakland Denver GB Chicago
  11. Hopefully the Niners don't repeat Week 2-3 again, but man again 2 brutal games are next(@CAR and @SEA).
  12. The Rams offense is as attractive as Lena Dunham.
  13. So the Skins gave Norman a ton of money and they're not making him follow Brown?