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  1. ninersdd

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    2015-16. Denver beat NE and Carolina crushed Zona.
  2. ninersdd

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Biggest loser today was Le'Veon Bell. Look at what career castoffs Damien Williams and CJ Anderson did today on the ground. Proves you don't need to go out and spend a ton of money on RBs.
  3. ninersdd

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    Dixie State to the WAC in 2020. Oddly enough, this place exists in Southern Utah, not say Alabama or Georgia, etc.
  4. ninersdd

    NFL Playoffs Thread

  5. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Season

  6. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indy Rams NE NO
  7. ninersdd

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    No surprise considering it’s Scottenheimer as their OC.
  8. ninersdd

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Brutal injury there for Hurns
  9. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indy Dallas Baltimore Chicago
  10. ninersdd

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    Saw my Kings lose to the Cavs in 2011(first year post LeBron). Two bad teams going at it. The most recognizable player on the Cavs to me was Luke Harangody, and that was solely based off him in college. Here is the box score: (Two days later I saw them got smoked by a playoff team in the Sixers)
  11. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Season

    Antonio Brown was apparently benched, not injured for yesterday’s game. So are the Days of Our Steelers.
  12. ninersdd

    2018 NFL Season

    Nope. Steelers are OUT
  13. ninersdd

    Forgotten Rivalries

    The Niners were well on their way, until they flat out imploded after 2014.
  14. ninersdd

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Now UCLA gets crushed at home by flipping Liberty. Steve Alford has to be on borrowed time. So much wasted talent during his tenure there.