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  1. Beautiful a double play by Puig wins it for the Cubbies!
  2. Not often you see a 10-5 win as Colorado did to Stanford.
  3. Week 13 will be Bozo the Clown vs Mr. IDGAF in the toilet bowl!
  4. GB Giants KC Tennessee Minny Cincy Detroit Oakland Baltimore Buffalo TB Atlanta NE AZ Denver
  5. Cubs needed a night like this in the worst way.
  6. He had some interesting anti-Canadian conspiracy posts earlier this year in the NHL threads.
  7. Where did your offense go, Cubs?
  8. Big Ben is out indefinitely, torn meniscus in knee.
  9. Thank you Cubbies. Montero Grand Slam!
  10. I know there have been injuries, but man Arizona looks pathetic. The QB missed a wide open guy and thus threw it straight to a Trojan. The defense can't tackle to save their lives. It's like the Pete Carroll juggernaut is back.(Even then the team was generally more competitive vs him then this).
  11. Out for 3-4 months it appears.
  12. Denver Buffalo Philly Tennessee Giants Carolina Jacksonville Detroit Pittsburgh NE Oakland Seattle GB Indy Zona
  13. It's early, but I'd fire the entire bullpen right now. Go Nats on Thursday.