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  1. Does this qualify as a heel turn(not really an expert on pro wrestling)?
  2. Looked like NBC told that US runner that he was DQd which he didn't appear to know about.
  3. The GMen should just cut him.
  4. Nm
  5. Wasn't there that PacMan incident at the strip club also?
  6. Complete with the Elton John photo.
  7. Unbelievable. US upset by the Swedes on PKs. ☹️
  8. They should play "You're the Best Around" whenever they introduce Phelps.
  9. Brazil has put up 2 donuts against Iraq and South Africa.
  10. I got the app for fun mostly. I like seeing where the certain Pokestops and gyms are. Yesterday I had jury duty so I looked at the Kings new arena, and there were several Pokestops there, but they were all parts that were in the now demolished mall. You'd kinda think that they would know certain places wouldn't be around anymore.
  11. Yep. Maybe not the most appropriate adjective this year, but they Sharks'd this one tonight.
  12. Meg Whitman, the GOP nominee for governor in California in 2010, announced that she is voting Hillary.
  13. Not something you see that much: an ump during the Giants-Phillies game tossed a fan. Apparently this same ump(Bob Davidson) tossed a fan in 2010 in Milwaukee for yelling slurs at Yadier Molina.
  14. Puig was told he'd be either demoted or traded and he isn't with the team on the trip to Colorado.
  15. I can't argue with the 2-3 win predictions for the Niners. Hopefully the Cards will come out of the NFC.