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  1. So I'll take it that the Wolves should be predicted to make the playoffs next year and end the longest current drought in the league?
  2. Tippett steps down in Phoenix.
  3. Yet the German B team is able to get a 1-1 draw vs Chile.
  4. David Perron is going to Vegas.
  5. Temperamental DeMarcus Cousins would become the best player on an at best mediocre team, which is what he is used to.
  6. The 3 best teams in the NL are in the West at the moment. Who had the Giants not being one of them entering the season. The team appears hungover from choking the division and the playoffs away last year.
  7. Rams trade Greg Robinson to Lions for a 6th rounder. Yet another very high drafted OT for the Rams bombs.
  8. They're probably all .1%ers who don't really want to be bothered.
  9. The NHL's best fans threw popcorn on the Oilers bench after they lost to them in round 1. Although it would've gotten a pass from me if it were directed at Kassian.
  10. Kinda like 2013 when Michal Handzus was the longest tenured to win the cup on the Hawks.
  11. Hurricanes in 06? Though nobody remembers them.
  12. Green is encouraging the crowd on after he gets tossed. Oh I guessed Steve Kerr got the first one.
  13. 2016 was kinda weird. The Penguins were clearly the better team, yet all 6 games were one goal games throwing out the empty net goals.
  14. Game 1 being the exception.