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  1. Not something you see all that much. The Quakes were down 2 men most of the 2nd half, but we're able to score in that predicament and upend Toronto 2-1.
  2. Birdman to the Cavs(I'll admit I wasn't sure whether he was still in the league).
  3. Time to start this up. Apparently Brendan Rogers first game with Celtic was a nightmare, losing to a team from Gibraltar 1-0 in the Champions League. They should still take of business at home, but still, really?
  4. Draymond Green reportedly arrested for assault:
  5. Giants have a new fan: Anyway they somehow have the best record at the moment despite fielding a MASH unit.
  6. Schlemko and Boeddker to the Sharks. Two former Yotes.
  7. He was a 4 year player at Arizona so of course I know who that is. He seemed like an OK player for Indy, but geez that much? Yep this the inflation era for the NBA.
  8. Wales! It would be so awesome if they can beat Portugal next.
  9. A team in teal will win it all 🙁
  10. The funny thing is that in 2011, while the Oil had retained the top pick, the Devils had actually won the draft lottery to move up to 4th to select...... Adam Larsson. So the Oilers had to get a guy that was drafted by the team that won the lottery.
  11. And they're stuck in the Central.
  12. Maybe Canada is assuring that they go another year of a donut of teams in the playoffs.
  13. These announcers are really ripping on England now. Over! Might be the last time Wayne "Babyface" Rooney plays in a major tournament.