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  1. Just as we all predicted, the Kings hammer the Nuggets tonight.
  2. Probably because they play in an overall weaker division plus obviously having the best pitcher in the game. Plus they still won the division even though Kershaw missed 10 weeks(of course the Giants had to Sharks the division away)
  3. Kings get Tyreke back and Buddy Hield who ironically grabbed Cousins' nuts last week. Who knows maybe the locker room was toxic beyond repair. Just like the Browns, rebuilding year after year with no end in sight.
  4. 42-15 3rd quarter. Holy crap.
  5. Draymond loses it again after Cousins buries an And 1 and got tossed. He is gonna need to control his temper going forward.
  6. Julien replaces Therrien for Montreal. I almost forgot this is his 2nd stint with the Habs now.
  7. Poster to Watch in 2017?
  8. Fab Melo, former Syracuse and Celtic playing, died.
  9. Mike Ilitch has passed away.
  10. Kings last 4 games(all at home): Lose to Suns Beat the Warriors Lose to Bulls(Cousins gets a tech late, but he had a point since Wade grabbed his jersey) Win over Celtics tonight with Cousins suspended with too many technicals
  11. The Sharks are about as comfortable in Buffalo as Colin Kaepernick is.
  12. How just how do the Falcons rebound from this?
  13. Lewis wrecked his knee
  14. Edelman just 1 upped Julio on that catch.
  15. 90+ yards for Brady to go.