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  1. Mitch B

    Alouettes Kick-Off New Era With Revamped Logo, Uniforms

    This traditionalist actually likes these.
  2. Mitch B

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    NCAA: reduce all conferences to a maximum of ten schools, ensuring each football teams plays against all the schools in their conference every season and each basketball team plays their conference rivals twice a season.
  3. Mitch B

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    Like the NFL wants an LA team in the Super Bowl to excite SoCal fans and further support the relocation of 2 teams to LA?
  4. Mitch B

    NFC Championship Game.

    By doing so, they'd maintain the essence of the Fearsome Foursome days by being predominantly white & navy while actually matching uniform elements.
  5. Mitch B

    NFC Championship Game.

    Nike does such a poor job with gold pants these days, I think the best way to go is white or black pants with metallic gold stripes.
  6. Mitch B

    NFC Championship Game.

    I don"t mind monochrome uniforms in football, but I sure do wish the Saints could add some stripes to their paints and socks.
  7. The Rams' navy helmets stick out like sore thumbs against their royal blue with today's HD TVs. I'll take their color rush uniforms to these any day.
  8. Each time Nike introduces some new garbage to the NFL, I just love the Colts uniforms more. I would prefer a single stripe on the pants, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
  9. Mitch B

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Michigan St.'s home court looks good.
  10. Mitch B

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    This looks good on the court.
  11. Mitch B

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I'm a Celtics fan and I don't hate today's uniform, but I agree that the metallic gold looks superior to this athletic gold. Athletic gold pairs better with slightly darker shades of green.
  12. If I lived in L.A. and had easy access to the Hollywood Bowl, that's where I'd spend my entertainment dollars. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a performance venue more.
  13. Another difference is that Bristol is hosting regional teams with strong fan support.
  14. Mitch B

    NFL changes 2019

    A rare example of where combining 2 different eras might work ... the red sleeves underneath the jersey makes the red pop, which I think is important when navy is your primary color.
  15. I'm a Dolphins fan who has never fully embraced the uniforms introduced in 2013. Their all-white combo is the only look I find tolerable, so I've only bought white jerseys. I typically buy more throwback stuff than current gear. Lastly, I frequently remind myself that we're still the best dressed pro football team in the state of Florida.