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  1. The darker green provides a better contrast to the brIght althletic gold. Teams like the NYJets and the Philadelphia Eagles lack such a bright color and I believe look better with a lighter shade of green.
  2. While I like the color Kelly Green, I think the Oakland A's are one of the few sports teams that looks better with a darker shade of Green.
  3. You beat me to it. The Home Depot logo really spoils that kit.
  4. Seeing all the A.L. players in their grey uniforms was a treat for me. I'd like to see the colored alternates used more sparingly.
  5. That is a great look, but I think the current Nationals uniform beats their originals by leaps and bounds.
  6. The SF Giants current home uniform is sharp.
  7. I find this year's all-star game caps to be the least offensive of any since they began this mid-summer classic cap foolishness. I actually like the all-star games caps for the following teams: The Oakland A's The KC Royals The Tampa Rays The Milwaukee Brewers The San Diego Padres.
  8. I beg to differ. Change the orange trim to yellow and you have a great uniform. I love pinstripes, the color brown, and interlocking letters. It has everything. 😀 I wish the Mets had a similar road uniform (blue pinstripes on grey and the interlocking NY on the chest).
  9. Sure thing, if my memories are wrong i'd like to know the truth too. The early 80's were my personal "Golden Age" of baseball. I got to see a lot of talent come thru Virginia, a lot of which helped the NY Mets win the '86 World Series. It was a good time to be a Mets fan in Virginia.
  10. I don't either. I remember the Tides had baseball cards commemerating the '83 Championship Season and a Gooden card was included.
  11. "At Lynchburg he finished the season 19-4 and struck out 300 hitters in 191innings. This earned him a promotion to Triple-A Tidewater in time for the International League playoffs. Gooden got two starts for manager Davey Johnson’s team. The first was a loss to Columbus in the semifinals. Gooden then started the decisive game of the playoff finals and defeated the Richmond Braves 6-1 to win the International League title..5 Goodn finished his season by pitching a complete-game win against Denver as Tidewater won the Triple-A World Series, a round-robin event.6."-
  12. I saw Gooden pitch for 1983 Lynchburg Mets of the Carolina League. Nobody could touch him. I am pretty sure that upon completion of that season, he was sent up to the triple A Norfolk Tides and was on their roster for the 1983 International League Playoffs. I think the pic you posted is from 1987 during Doc's rehab stint. He pitched in both Lynchburg and Norfolk. The Tides wordmark on that uniform is loosely based upon the Mets' "New York" script wordmark that was introduced that season. 🔵🔶 ⚾️🗽🔵🔶🗽⚾️🔵🔶 I got my name in the local paper for being the first in line to get tickets to see Gooden pitch again in Lynchburg. ⚾️🔵⚾️🔶⚾️🔵⚾️
  13. Great thread 😀 While I've never been to Minnesota, to watch a late season game from old Metopolitan Stadium on TV was a great experience as a kid. Nothing beats football in the cold, mud and snow. 🏈😎
  14. I guess they're fortunate that the sponsor allowed them to tone down the logo on one of the kits, but that large red oval does bring down an otherwise solid home kit.