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  1. I love this !!!!
  2. The fact that the horn color of the logo doesn't match the color of the horn per the helmet sticks in my craw,
  3. And it's not like these two teams don't have something good to work with. On an added note, that navy Chargers helmet looks so much better than the current white one. The white helmet looks great with the powder blues, but it looks like a plain white helmet with a navy jersey. But that's just my opinion.
  4. re: The Nets I think it was great that they branded as Brooklyn. I initially hoped they would adopt a uniform reminiscent of the Dodgers, but I love their minimalistic black and white look. As a kid growing up in the early '70's, I thought it was cool that NYC had the Mets, the Jets, the Sets and the Nets. When I think of the Nets, I recall a struggling ABA league with a star named "Dr. J" playing in New York. I believe the nickname Nets is worthy of being preserved.
  5. Could this be saved by adding a logo with gold to the pants and a little gold to the helmet?
  6. Ugly v. Ugly
  7. I hope they never wear those dark uniforms. They are horrible. Past or present, navy and white LA Rams look best in all white.
  8. I've always associated the 49'ers with the 3 stripes. That'll take some getting used to.
  9. I don't like their new logo, but I think the Norfolk Tides is a Major League worthy name.
  10. I agree. I can't stand the Reds home jerseys.
  11. I have a hard time putting W.C. Ford on the same plateau as pioneers such as Halas, Hunt and Davis. Overall, I find these uniforms one of the better Nike sets in a major sports league that has some bad uniforms.
  12. I don't understand all the hate for those socks. They could be a little less busy, but I don't think they are that bad.
  13. Those jerseys stick out like a sore thumb.
  14. Didn't Jaworski lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl in 1981 wearing kelly green?