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  1. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    The look on his face says it all.
  2. j'villejags

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    What would everyone here think of the logo on the waistband as the next primary logo? I like it much better without the navy/back fill and outline seen across the chest. The native patterns around 'OKC' would make for an incredibly unique and instantly recognizable logo amongst all of the circular logos in the NBA. I had been working on a native-themed concept 2 or 3 years ago (see spoiler below), so I'm thrilled to see the team moving in this direction. It makes too much sense. Might need to update my concept using that waistband logo.
  3. j'villejags

    NFL 2018 changes

    On a side note — does Minnesota have the best stadium lighting in the NFL? Those gameday photos look sharp.
  4. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Hate to quote myself but I started wondering... What if the real reason they made the numbers so big was to show off how much room they have on the front of this new template?
  5. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They look palatable here, but that could be from the photographer having them crouch down and lean in with those 'football stances' to effectively mask the size of the numbers. For anyone interested, here's what reducing the number size a smidge might look like --
  6. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It looks like they wanted to make the inner-stroke more prominent, so they enlarged the numbers to show off the added detail. Then they needed to chop off the collar to make room for the aforementioned oversized numbers. ...Which gave them the need to add the Ducks patch on the jersey to give some form of identification. Then they slapped an oversized O on the pants to make sure that logo was visible somewhere.
  7. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I'm with you -- it's been all downhill since Mariota left. Their coaches polos could offer some clues as for color combinations. I wouldn't be surprised to see a gray/black/green set in the mix. New tweet from Oregon:
  8. j'villejags

    NFL 2018 changes

    To be fair, my comment was directed at the teal/white color combination -- not the details of the uniform. You won't find a bigger fan of the Fred Taylor set than me, and I would still have preferred if they'd gone back to it. The Jaguars weren't able to pull off the teal/white look with the previous set due in large part to the black numbers on the teal jersey. Not to mention the two-tone helmet completely taking away from the look. The set before that had the teal flake helmet, which never quite looked black (or teal) -- plus they had that atrocious piping slapped all over the uniforms that still makes me cringe. (I actually hated that set even more than the last set.) You could argue that they have over-corrected a bit on these after going to the extreme with their last uniforms, but I'm okay with it. Simple isn't always a bad thing, and as traditional as it looks, the clean lines are actually quite contemporary. We've seen where trying to be cutting-edge has taken their identity over the past decade. We've also seen what Nike has done to teams who were trying to push the envelope -- our previous set, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, etc.... and no thanks. I don't see people getting sick of these after 2 seasons. People tend to get sick of the trendy, over-designed sets that look dated shortly after unveiling. If anything, I see this as the kind of set that could grow on people given that they choose the right combinations to wear. Again, it goes back to what I said was the misstep of sticking with the black primary. Being minimalist and clean is great, but not at the expense of your primary colors. Now was the time to switch back to teal as the primary set so that you wouldn't have this problem of needing to inject teal and gold into the look. My fear is that we'll consistently see black/white and black/black at home, with the white/black and white/white on the road. I'm still interested in seeing black/teal on the field, but I don't know how often they'll actually wear the teal pants. I had mocked this up prior to the unveiling as something I would have loved to see -- These tweaks would make their uniform absolutely perfect in my eyes --
  9. j'villejags

    NFL 2018 changes

    I loved seeing the Jaguars actually look like the Jaguars again. I especially loved seeing the teal-over-white paired with white shoes. So much nostalgia for me... The biggest misstep they’ve made with this set is keeping black as the primary jersey. The signature look will always be teal-over-white, (with teal-over-black making a great alternate to that).
  10. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Red/Red/Gold really should be the primary look. On the other hand, if they had kept the gold pants, we could have been blessed with this potential combo --
  11. j'villejags

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I’m not sure why they put a black collar on the red jersey when there is no black anywhere else on the red or white uniforms. I’ll bet we can expect to see a black/red/black combination at some point — just hopefully not against Texas Tech.
  12. j'villejags

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    I also miss the gold but was never a fan of the mustard gold Nike was using. This was much better --
  13. j'villejags

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I’ve always pictured their T-sword logo as an old locomotive for some reason. I think of the beveled part as the “pilot” — The 3-star shield would be the engine — The crossbar on the T could be the cabin. The Tennessee Trains.
  14. j'villejags

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Looks great to me. The teal pants would compliment the black jerseys very well and would add the needed color to make it work. I'm hoping this will be their primary look. I'm a little surprised at the board's reaction, but it's all good. I am just happy to have a clean uniform again. It's been 10 years since I've liked the way the Jags have looked. It's been a dark decade for me.