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  1. I see midway still using that wordmark, maybe with a new M icon or without it, but they've always had the same wordmark.
  2. They already are making fun that some teams have worn 16 different jerseys this year. And now they are going to wear bright colored uniforms for a weekend for the little league world series? When does this madness end?
  3. From the grizzlies website and twitter, hmmm.
  4. Btw the thq name does still exist/
  5. After this weekend, I kinda want to Phillies to have light blue road uniforms permanently and switch the red to maroon.
  6. That thq logo is pretty brutal. The upn one is kinda cool.
  7. The best upgrade is the Jazz and that's the logo they had before the one they replaced. I'd say atlanta's is better too, take out the neon yellow, and replace it with a more gold yellow and they would be fine.
  8. Yea the new one looks dated. Nothing was wrong with the old logo at all.
  9. It's very interesting how the Angels for the 1989 All Star Game put the team logo's on their outfield wall. But the Phillies for the 1996 All Star Game removed the logo's for good.
  10. Not bad with John Wanamaker's logo, this is the original btw
  11. Basketball courts in general peaked in the late 90s.
  12. Don't look like its there now
  13. I think if there was a thread of Good Albums with crappy album title names this could be in it too. Surprised this album cover this didn't do to him what Rock Me Tonight did to Billy Squirer
  14. I just assume they maybe were on an acid trip or something lmao. But yes that's a great album.