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  1. EddieJ1984

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    You do realize the original jersey had 6 colors, right? (Eggplant, Jade, Silver, Black, White and Yellow).
  2. EddieJ1984

    "Flying Sock" Logo History

    A crude version of it is there under alternate logos Lookin up some pics, in the mid 50s they were using it by itself too perhaps, not sure if the triangle is from them or the card company.
  3. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Found an old thread talking about Sierra Mist changing their logo...yet again in 2014, this was 2 changes ago. Aw I say in it I haven't drank soda since 2012, that ended in 2015.
  4. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Nice! I find it interesting that the diet version of Sierra Mist has now had 3 different names to describe being sugar free. Diet Sierra Mist, Sierra Mist Free, then back to Diet Sierra Mist, then Diet Mist Twst and now Sierra Mist Zero Sugar.
  5. EddieJ1984

    Unpopular Opinions

    When Maryland based teams wear the maryland flag I find it tacky and think it's an ugly flag. 10 years ago when maybe one or two did it, whatever but yea I'm tired of it now.
  6. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    This is a message board, not facebook or twitter and even on there I find hashtags annoying. You could've just put "most aesthetically pleasing cans of the three, branding matters"
  7. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Yea this was when Pepsi changed all their main designs when Pepsi changed to the smiley globe and mountain dew became mtn dew....obviously this one didn't work out so well
  8. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    What's crazier is he missed the 1st logo from 1999 - 2001
  9. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Just went to the supermarket and sure enough hiding on the bottom was the diet version, which is being called "Sierra Mist Zero Sugar" Also what's interesting is that the NBA isn't a "Proud partner" anymore.
  10. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    Yea, but Storm has caffeine in it and they current have Mtn Dew Ice which is lemon lime with caffeine. Yea Pepsi's lemon line soda is confusing. I prefer Diet 7up myself.
  11. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    I took this pic back in like 2010 when you could find 3 different labels in a store.
  12. EddieJ1984

    New Warner Media logo

    All I think of is the old New Line Cinema intro.
  13. I tried the peach one, was really good.
  14. Their glass bottles. I never get why Coke Life gets to be part of the bottles, people seriously buy that? I did once and bleh (And I like Coke, Coke Zero and even Diet Coke sometimes)