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  1. The one's I'd consider worse has definitely already been posted. The nordiques logo is like the brewers BiG logo, people either love it or hate it. The one nordiques logo I would put in here though is heir unused 1996 logo since they ran to Colorado. It's just so generically 90s to me, are they the timberwolves? That's not what a Nordique is, and WHY does the I look like a golf tee?
  2. The Back
  3. Also don't forget to Photoshop it in place of the Nike logo on the undershirt, yea no one thought of that, it's going to appear twice on the front.
  4. Funny thing is they were suppose to show a lead up video cause the owner said how he took so much time doing the interview part, but instead they just said screw it and went right to the logo unveil.
  5. To me, nothing screams more generic than a team using their hat logo as their sleeve patch.
  6. I kinda like the secondary logo of the vegas star with the swords, I guess....
  7. The more I look at it, the more bland it looks, I never thought the color scheme of the super nintendo logo would make for good colors of a mexican fast food place. But I think the font is what's the worst, so plain looking. Wendy's is a great example of how to update one's look.
  8. Laid back, not trying to look like models like them. Hockey fans are usually just laid back scruffy looking people. I guess they tried with his light beard.
  9. They seem to lean more on taco if you go to their site, they seem to push ta.co as their address and call their shop the tacoshop (which is interestingly the only part of their website with the new logo)
  10. Well at least Hockey News still knows about brand equity.
  11. I'm more talking about the poses they are doing, like seriously what is he doing? Looking down and away? Can't be because he heard a joke from the girl, since she is just lookin away at space.
  12. That picture of the 2 people, look nothing at all like how hockey fans who wear jerseys usually look...
  13. Took too long imo til someine posted this....
  14. I approve of this thread being bumped lol. Also definitely Chief Wahoo can be considered.
  15. If you don't think this is a great game because of the jersey's the teams are wearing, sorry but you are not a baseball fan. But a fashion fan.