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  1. Yea.....those 76ers uniform certainly are in a league of their own lol http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/basketball-philadelphia-76ers-manute-bol-during-preseason-tournament-picture-id88053135
  2. How about a sexy pose in ugly uniforms?
  3. Gotta go with the 2008 logo, I admit I am a big biased since the phillies won it, but I love the design of it, always a fan of a diamond background.
  4. Buffalo Sabres buffaslug for sure.
  5. I think it's as simple as this. If you were watching the team one day then say went into a coma for a year then went to watch them and questioned if it's the same team look wise (and name wise) then it's a rebrand. I think the Buffalo Sabres is a great example of this, if someone was used to their prior blue and yellow uniforms then saw the red and black one's they wouldn't guess its the buffalo sabres.
  6. The w looks drunk on that twins uniform.
  7. Also the natural flavor got renamed to Unsweetened. Also the regular flavored one.
  8. Those would look good, if there wasn't the bottom stripes, which far away look odd like why is there extra blue cloth there?
  9. I must've misread it as mid to late 90s, ok I get 99 yea, I'd use the logo with TNN then.
  10. Yea I wouldn't consider ECW a failure, for a fed that ran from 1993-2001, it is fondly remember, and never got bad,and people still chant it today. You're not going to post every wrestling fed that isn't active anymore as a failure. Anyways
  11. I really wish someone else did a daily blog about changes in sports uniforms and logo's that isn't so anti-corporate or lets their beliefs effect reporting what is done, seriously today's blog he wrote out a paragraph about how this years home run derby jerseys are made of a new lightweight material, but has it all striked out and said sorry I can't bring myself to care about it. Sorry you shouldn't be doing a daily blog about what changed happened in the uniforms and logo's of sports if you're going to act like a 12 year old, because if you really didn't care you wouldn't have typed it in the first place.
  12. Someone's a cinemassacre/avgn fan.... I don't know if I've had any, maybe when the phillies first introduced their alternates back in 08 I thought the hat was the same one I liked as a kid in 94.....except a bit later I realized the one in 94 was all blue and no red bill.
  13. I wouldn't mind if the Phillies wore their blue hats on the road against other red hat teams. I think it would look good with their road uniform.
  14. What is with the fainted lines over the logo though?