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  1. Don't look like its there now
  2. I think if there was a thread of Good Albums with crappy album title names this could be in it too. Surprised this album cover this didn't do to him what Rock Me Tonight did to Billy Squirer
  3. I just assume they maybe were on an acid trip or something lmao. But yes that's a great album.
  4. So I looked them up and this is their logo now. Yeesh.
  5. Well one good thing about the predators new jersey is, at least when fans wear a black replica it won't look as bad as this.
  6. Flyers Road Jerseys
  7. Yea in good light the holes in the shoulder numbers look bad.
  8. I liked CCM better than either adidas or reebok.
  9. With Morgo's post. Yea I agree about the San Jose Sharks, nothing you can say about it, its that bland
  10. A department store I went to back when I was a kid, John Wanamaker. I decided if it were still alive it would be known as Wanamakers but keep a JW logo refrencing the name.
  11. Glad to see the flyers jersey mostly intact. With that said I'll be looking to snag a cheap reebok jersey when they are in clearance.
  12. Avalanche and Hurricanes are the big upgrades imo. Good to see the flyers untouched.
  13. At least the hem is straight.
  14. I know I've mentioned this blog before. But Uniwatch 2 days in arow, the main story has had nothing to do with uniforms, I don't find paul lukass (or the others) daily lives or trips interesting. And no mention today of the nhl unveiling all the adidas uniforms tonight. What a joke, but got knows he'll talk about his corny I still call it Shea shirts.
  15. Ah ok, well good because I was thinking of tighting up the spacing. Also I think Borders would be using the same logo is they still existed, it looked modern enough.