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  1. That sounds boring to me, thinking of a yankees game and how the fans look. I'm a Phillies fan, so going to games while its mostly red, its great to also see maroon and light blue too.
  2. The wells fargo center is having a 20th birthday event and will have the floor be half ice and half basketball court, so fans can take a basket or shoot a goal. Should look quite interesting.
  3. Looking at the 82 caps and this, I really wish the reds would get rid of the drop shadows.
  4. I don't like it, wish they did 2 logos like the regular flyers logo would be. AND the red line hides the part of the flyers logo that makes it look like a P.
  5. No they don't.
  6. So I was in a store yesterday that did also sell the diet version. Just a gray version.
  7. Yea that "other uniform" websites entry today was beyond absurd, worst part tho is though he was gone the past month, he has his minions, err substitute writers talk in the same annoying lingo he does (Like "The steelers may wear Color Rash uniforms with a nike sponser advertisment at Sports Authority Field at, I still call it Mile High Stadium.....douchebags") We really need someone else to start writing about daily uniform/logo changes.
  8. Old: New: I really like the newer one better, the horse looks nice, never cared for the last one, the only thing is, people usually associate white labels with diet soda's.
  9. They changed how the mustards look. Old: New: (Sorry for the blurry shot) Looks kinda plain, looks on just red space now.
  10. It definitely gray, I don't care what they consider it.
  11. I would have guessed the logo on the right was the older one with the thinner lines around the man and barrel part. I would say the colors do seem better but I can't tell if that's just because its an outside bright shot making them appear different. Honestly I don't get the point of a logo change if there is barely much difference, they are probably not even going to bother changing many signs of their restaurants its that minor.
  12. I prefer Diet coke to Coke Zero, I think because when they created they used a new formula so it tasted good, it works better instead of trying to taste like coke, which Coke Zero does, and just reminds you that its not coke. I didn't care for Diet Pepsi recently when I tried it, its just ok. I'll try the "classic sweetener" (aspartame) one when it comes back, which should be soon, cause at least from memory that tasted better, interestingly I did like Pepsi One back when. Oh btw I went like 3-4 years without drinking soda, so there was still some I didn't try in a while.
  13. Why wouldn't you just post actual pictures of those?
  14. This is a middle school near me.