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  1. Don't think I can post what I'd compare the browns too lol
  2. I hope the cool retro golden grahams box comes back. So much better than the abysmal current box.
  3. You're not really funny posting pictures of all 8 teams. There's been plenty of afl teams that have looked worse and even nfl teams (browns, jags, buccaneers).
  4. Heh, funny enough they just changed their shop site to shopimpact.com, so I guess TNA is indeed dead. But matt hardy still appears and those super outdated impact logo's are still at the bottom.
  5. It gets even more outdated if you go to their shop site, that still uses the TNA name and uses the Impact logo from 3 logo's ago.
  6. Their website is so confused logo wise, seriously look you can see all 3 in one page.
  7. Not seeing any pics.
  8. Old: New: That yam holding shape means business!
  9. I hate to break it to you, but even Jiffy Mix has changed their box, even slightly. [/img]
  10. Yea, kinda dissapointing the box is mostly the same (ok ok the bowl is red now). They should cimplify un-cgo the toast character, or better yet bring back the chef dude.
  11. I get the store brand box for 50 cents. Store brands care about my wallet.
  12. Lol, yea like there's nothing healthy about it, as a 32 year old, I could never eat this now and not feel guilty lol.
  13. Noticed it at the supermarket, more simpler New box on left, old on right. I like the new box better, good to see the phase of embossing and warping logos from the 2000s finally being phased out.