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  1. EddieJ1984

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    Well then, shouldn't the crackers be renamed then? Barnum evokes thoughts of the circus.
  2. EddieJ1984

    NHL 2018-19

    Hopefully they keep it the same.
  3. EddieJ1984

    Barnum's Animals - New Packaging

    Lame, I am tired of this "get offended by everything" society. PETA go after ACTUAL animals being harmed. It is called BARNUM Crackers after the circus. The old packaging looked like a circus train car, was a cartoon drawing. Seriously, they even had the bars be subtle in the background. And now that it must look like a "Natural Habitat" the polar bear gets shafted out.
  4. EddieJ1984

    NFL 2018 changes

    The old pewter was better looking, especially since reebok did the shiny material with it. The new flat pewter looks worse imo. The only thing with the old set that I would say needed improving was the black thick outline around the numbers.
  5. EddieJ1984

    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

    The roof needs to blow off first for it to be a TRUE spectrum!
  6. EddieJ1984

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    I kinda wish the team would use the font from this.
  7. EddieJ1984

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    Haha absolutely nothing to do with the team.
  8. EddieJ1984

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    Memphis too
  9. EddieJ1984

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    The grizzlies don't deserve this much attention lol. Light blues the best the rest is meh
  10. EddieJ1984

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    All that space in the front, they stick with that tiny name and number. Expand the name more vertically or arch it like it was before.
  11. EddieJ1984

    New Honey Comb Branding

    In an update, I went to Honey Comb's facebook page and it seems like they are reverting BACK to the previous design now, and mothballing the new taste.
  12. EddieJ1984

    New Honey Comb Branding

    It wasn't a bee I don't know what it was suppose to be lol
  13. EddieJ1984

    New Honey Comb Branding

    So I see Honey Comb pulled a New Coke and is now selling one with the "Classic Flavor"
  14. AGAIN Why why WHY is it SO HARD for the NBA and Nike to make good uniforms completely good? Is this for fans that'll think "Thats lit" as the dumb kids say now? Even tho design wise it makes no sense.
  15. EddieJ1984

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    2021 Tho that sounds generous lol.
  16. they go back to the bad smiley pepsi globe? Even Diet Pepsi is joing in the retro label's....at least the 12 packs are. Though, the cans should be white.
  17. EddieJ1984

    NFL 2018 changes

    So the stripe only is in one panel of he hat? Ehhh guess thats ok.
  18. Yea the weird solid purple part of the back collar and no outlines on the names on the back keep these from looking great. How come it seems like it's so damn hard for nike or any other big modern company to make a nice simple jersey?
  19. Why wouldn't the name on the back be outlined....
  20. EddieJ1984

    Starter Confirmed as AAF Uniform Supplier

    Yes I believe they are a walmart exclusive brand now, I have a pair of starter shorts I got the other year at walmart.
  21. EddieJ1984

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    Its crazy cause purple shoudn't work for a cherry soda since you would think people would think of grape, buts somehow that has been imo the best design for Cherry Coke. Also agree on vanilla coke, but this version Also in general I much preferred when the name of the flavor was before the soda name like Cherry Coke , Vanilla Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi. I don't think anyone really has picked up on calling them Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla or Pepsi Wild Cherry. It's just weird sounding imo.
  22. EddieJ1984

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    I love that mexican Sprite still uses the 1994 logo.
  23. EddieJ1984

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    You do realize the original jersey had 6 colors, right? (Eggplant, Jade, Silver, Black, White and Yellow).