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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    This, except I'd go so far as to say they should just ditch the vintage white and replace the primary sweater with it. A white version, too.
  2. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    Wilkes-Barre has pretty much the exact same thing with vegas gold, and it looks pretty damn good. Just sayin'.
  3. Interesting MiLB Park Features

    People's Natural Gas Field - Altoona, PA
  4. Creamer Concept World Cup - VOTING(FINALS)

    Group A Cameroon Brasil Croatia Mexico Group B Chile Netherlands Australia Spain Group D, holy crap Uruguay Italy Costa Rica England Group E France Honduras Ecuador Switzerland
  5. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Inversely, I and many Americans find "Mow-bile" annoying as well.
  6. EDIT: Nevermind. Stuff like this is what we need less of around here.
  7. Jfc, Penguins. And Subban is a prick. Unless ankle-stomping, flying elbows, and slew-footing are cool.
  8. In an amazing turn of events, once the Penguins started playing solid defensively in front of him, all of Fleury's critics disappeared. Amazing what not giving up forty shots and constant odd man rushes every night will do for a goalie...
  9. That was an... interesting series. Way to keep it together, Pens. Good on the Jackets to give them a hell of a time the whole way. Columbus is a hell of a hockey town, looking forward to more meetings in the future. Could be a great rivalry.
  10. If Columbus wins tonight, I would like to apologize to Ohioans in advance for how awful my Pittsburgh brethren are going to be. If we draw Detroit, however, it's gonna feel really weird for both parties.
  11. Steigy is a joke. Why Root Sports favors him over a hall-of-famer and fan favorite is beyond me.
  12. Eeeexactly what I expected in response. All I am saying is there is something to be said for being critical of a team even after a win. You can rack up 20 goals in three straight wins, but if you give up 15 in return, something is still wrong, and you are gonna get burned in the playoffs. Everyone knows playoff and regular season hockey are whole different animals. And trust me this is the last place I would go to if I was seeking sports-related sympathy. There's lots of wine here, yes, and lots of sour grapes along with it. I know the Penguins are gonna win the cup again someday. Will it happen this year with a injury-ridden roster depending on its stars because it has about as much forward depth as a backyard kiddie pool and a defense that's so bipolar it needs its own 90's teen drama? Probably not, but if it does, it'll be even sweeter.
  13. Dumbest Names for Sports Venues?

    It probably would have been something like "Highmark Center" or "UPMC Center" or "US Steel Center" or "PPG Arena" instead, so it doesn't get much better. After a while, Consol Energy Center didn't sound so bad. At least compared to American Eagle Arena or Sheetz Arena.
  14. Winning does not equal playing well. Sometimes it actually hurts a team and fools them into thinking there are no flaws in their game. Then they get to the playoffs and are humiliated by the Flyers or Bruins.... ....wait, this sounds familiar.
  15. Someone enlighten me because I'm not sure - I thought judgement calls can't be made retroactively from a review (nevermind the fact Sutter was shoved into Jones). To review it and call it a goal but then not a goal at the same time seemed pretty off to me.