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  1. The US started the evening at -5 GD and finished at +1. Honduras did exactly the opposite - starting at +1 and finishing at -5.
  2. I've long predicted that eventually the NHL will go to the other extreme, by just giving every team one outdoor game per season (or maybe even two - one home and one away, to allow every team to actually host one). That still seems much more likely than doing away with them.
  3. After severely shaking up their starting XI (with most of their legacy NASL players starting or being subbed in), briefly taking the lead, then playing the last 20 minutes (plus a generous five added) down a man following a questionable straight red, Minnesota United escapes Colorado with a 2-2 draw and their first-ever MLS point.
  4. Given the FA Cup semifinal matchups, it has now become a significant possibility that Arsene Wenger's final match as Gunners manager will be in the FA Cup final - against Spurs. How bonkers would that be?
  5. Well, I was at this game. They actually had to stop it once during each half to blow snow off some of the pitch markings, and spent all of halftime doing the same. They apparently didn't add any of that time onto the stoppage time, though considering how the game turned out, it was just as well. FWIW, the announced attendance was just above 35K. The next game in Minnesota is on April Fools' Day, but snow in April isn't uncommon in Minnesota, so this might not be just a one-time thing. Oh, and one more bit of Loons news: The stadium being built in St. Paul has a sponsor now.
  6. For the first 80 minutes of Minnesota United FC's MLS history, they looked like they belonged. Those last thirteen minutes, on the other hand...
  7. Viper - how's it going? 

    How is everything in Minnesota?   Snow??

    Life is good here in KC



  8. There is one North American league where Canada has been much more successful lately: The National Lacrosse League, where teams representing four different Canadian cities (Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and even Saskatoon) have won NLL Champion's Cups since 2009. Of course, it helps that almost half the league's current member teams (four out of nine) and the overwhelming majority of its players are Canadian (and quite a few more physically live north of the border but identify as Iroquois Nationals).
  9. A seemingly run-of-the-mill story that broke on Monday but could set an ominous precedent going forward: Stanford's Christian McCaffrey, has announced he's skipping the Sun Bowl to prepare for the NFL draft, despite being healthy (unlike LSU's Leonard Fournette who is also skipping his team's bowl game, but due to injury). The message apparently being sent by McCaffrey: If it's not the College Football Playoff, it's not worth playing.
  10. A few current and former teams representing Chicago in various sports play(ed) at Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, a good 30 miles northwest of downtown.
  11. The Cosmos aren't the only warmed-over NASL brand linked with an MLS move. Now there's word that the Tampa Bay Rowdies could get in (setting up an I-4 rivalry with Orlando City) if David Beckham's Miami bid doesn't get its together in time.
  12. At least two have been spotted in the wild this holiday season. The Vancouver Giants rocked these beauties in two games over the weekend: Not surprisingly, the other one is from the National Lacrosse League. The Saskatchewan Rush wore these in a preseason clash - and line brawl - against their former in-province rivals from Calgary.
  13. Here are the nine team-colorized variants of the logo. Top row: Rochester Knighthawks, Vancouver Stealth, Calgary Roughnecks Middle row: Georgia Swarm, Buffalo Bandits, Toronto Rock Bottom row: Saskatchewan Rush, Colorado Mammoth, New England Black Wolves
  14. Here's the announcement on the league Web site, which has a surprisingly detailed breakdown of the new logo design. Not what I expected, and it doesn't exactly scream "box lacrosse", but then again MLS's logo doesn't exactly scream "soccer" either and yet it's grown on me. Given the second-year commissioner's MLS background I'm not surprised they went the same route (complete with the custom-color option).
  15. More on the Wake Forest/Tommy Elrod story here. Their initials are WF, but after this story perhaps they should add a T in there as well.