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  1. Costanza was never a Fosse fan. He was more into Jerome Robbins.
  2. Baltimore Bullets, early-mid-70s. When I was becoming cognizant of sports logos and unis. the old NHL sticker books did a job, too, The logos. The colors.
  3. I didn't see this in the search, so: Does anybody know which is the biggest center-court logo in the NCAA? By the eye test, I might say Kansas. For a single-letter logo, the big Rutgers "R" at the RAC might do it. Thoughts?
  4. Well, Vegas is a pretty boring town, not known for its nightlife, not a lot of entertainment options, not a lot of talent to choose from out there. Honestly. I didn't watch, bt iyt sounds like the rollout couldn't have ben worse. Not a bad logo, though. Don't like "Golden." It sounds like a college program.
  5. I was kind of hoping we'd see OR ELSE on the backs.
  6. Bring back the kachina uniforms and it's all good.
  7. Everyone caught up in the push/pull of the Jets/Thrashers/Coyotes meshugaas is missing the important element of what the current team, which is named the Jets, means to the people of Winnipeg, who also had a(nother) hockey team named the Jets. Everyone here and everyone there is aware of the permutations of the club and the names. Give it a rest. Winnipeggers are still, despite five years of mediocrity, thrilled to have an NHL team, and they've shown it with their wallets, and that loyalty has been rewarded with a Classic game.
  8. Mascots are supposed to basically appeal to kids, so if you're the Cubs, then Clark the Cub, who is a big bear, makes some sense.If your team is something more esoteric like the Jazz or the Lightning, you're not going to be literal. Should Utah have a beatnik with a beret and a soul patch? Or even a Dixieland gent with a moustachio and a top hat?
  9. They are, rightly or not, associated with the Ballard era, which is not something anybody wants a part of.
  10. Read some Carl Sandburg, maybe? Not much for poetry. Still have never heard someone use it. Read anything, maybe?
  11. Read some Carl Sandburg, maybe?
  12. Hulk Hogan? I would say John Boehner, but he's an R, not a D.
  13. What about The Whale?
  14. OK, yes, this is the very definition of an unpopular opinion. I have a question about this logo, maybe someone can help me. What is that thing that forms the crossbar of the "A" supposed to be? At first I thought it was trying to be a halo, but that makes no sense... it's physically attached to the wing. So WTF is it? Well,I do like the logo and it is an angel attached to the head.That's supposed to be a pitched (or hit) baseball, yes? And I personally loathe that set. Took a great uniform set and Disneyfied the crap out of the team.