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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

      oh for :censored:s sake, is this really what we're doing now? there's so many things wrong with the logo, there's no need to reach for nonsense like this
  2. Super Bowl Shuffle

    im in. cant resist doing a logo for Indy
  3. CBS to debut new logo and graphics for Super Bowl 50.

      they're not exactly identity packages so aesthetics definitely follow function and purpose. the type and numbers need to be presented clearly, and the best way to do that is through the similar technique you see now. but once you have that foundation down, there is still room to do unique things - the Monday night Football and Thursday Night Football on-air packages are fantastic. they use a lot of similar types and present the information similarly, which is good, but they certainly have their own unique feel and aesthetic spin on "primetime football"
  4. 2016 Daytona 500 and Speedweeks aesthetics

    although not Daytona 500 specific, here's the new entrances to the track, also known as fan injectors    
  5. Favorite Logos or Uniforms

    favorite NFL uniform (especially love the black jersey and pants options)     and that would also be my favorite NFL logo, if not for this little piece of perfection  
  6. CBS to debut new logo and graphics for Super Bowl 50.

    looks good to me. 
  7. CBS to debut new logo and graphics for Super Bowl 50.

      i love it so far
  8. i honestly dont think you can go wrong with a neutral colored helmet (white, black, silver, gold, etc)
  9. Super Bowl 50 Craft Beer Cans

    they're all great. impossible to pick a favorite
  10. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      well if thats the consequence, put 20 of them on the field!
  11. New Uber logo/look

  12. New Uber logo/look

    im going to read that article later to get a better sense of the process. but looking at only these 3 things out of context (not in the environment which they "live") i'll just say they look fine. i love the inspiration for the patterns and is exactly why you hear people say to carry a sketchbook with you everywhere; ideas can strike at any time or place.   what does concern me though is this: "It took a year and a half to agree on five pillars that best described the company Uber aspires to be: grounded, populist, inspiring, highly evolved, and elevated." 1.5 years for a company to decide who they were and what their purpose was. and i'd be willing to bet they don't feel really great about what they decided on. it is impossible to design anything when you don't know what  it's supposed to represent.    edit- ok digging in a bit more, theres something i really dont like about the icons.  i dont see how they represent "rider" and "partner" at all. they look completely abstract. this is fine if we're talking about a logo but not icons. they have to be completely clear because they dont just represent a thing, they tell you where to go, what to do. unless its spelled out for you next to the icon, theres nothing to suggest what they mean. and if you have to spell out what it means, its a failed icon design
  13. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      call be boring, but i think that's a great looking field. there's nothing over-done about it - it's as minimal as it can be and gets all the important info across. you also have to remember, you're going to see overlay graphics on that field during the game (1st down marker, down/distance marker, etc).   also, i didn't want to give them impression i wanted another patch on the jerseys, but that the conference logos would be designed into the SB patches. something like this 
  14. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      you mean in the endzone? for that space, i dont mind how much realestate is taken up by whats there. but i think if you can do it with 2 logos instead of 3, i just like that better. its less confusing that way - if you have 1 logo repeated 10 times, thats still a simpler overall design than haveing 5 different logos once because its less info to process.   i definitely agree about the 2 SB logos though. the field design's hierarchy is wrong. the most prominent logo should be the SB (at the 50) then maybe put 2 NFL shields out there.   yea we're just on opposite sides on field vs uniform. i think to "keep the game clean" and easy to follow the field needs to be easily readble and void of distractions, while every time you see a player, you see them representing the conference. then for the casual viewer theres no question of "which one does the Horse team belong to?"
  15. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

    im not a fan of the conference logos having a presence on the field either. i think a field/court/rink/pitch should be completely minimal - its harder to follow the game with a bunch of logos and graphics overlaid onto the playing surface. adding in logos, just makes it that more complex, and when that logo is 4th or 5th in hierarchy of importance, its best to just not have it at all. that said, i'd like to see the conference logos featured on the team jerseys. more specifically, designed into the SB patches. or, have a small decal on the back of the helmet with red/blue incorporated into the SB patch.