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  1. hope thats true. this is one of my favorite uniforms ever.
  2. i'll see what i can do. its preseason for us too
  3. thread is getting a little dry. thought i would change it up with what some of the better creative teams are doing for twitter score bugs this year.
  4. its a cool "trick" to highlight the chord progressions in the songs but it ignores tempo and timing – probably other things as im not so good with music theory. but if you think of chords as colors, then in context, you don't really pick up the similarities because the differences are greater (don't confuse with "more") and thats what makes those songs (or flags) instantly recognizable and memorable. similarly, you dont confuse Italy's flag with France, or Germany, Russia, etc.
  5. im with you 99% (great music analogy by the way). im actually in favor of breaking the rules from time to time. Russia's flag or Haiti's being a great example of how a slight bit of color clash can still make for a great, memorable design
  6. it was a basketball dribbling dinosaur in full uniform – can we give it a pass on the details of species accuracy?
  7. exactly my thought. sure they added the motif around the neck but adding white pants puts them even closer to IS. why!?
  8. already a good group of flags here, ill add in Indianapolis AKA "Circle City"
  9. love the concept, but the execution is really lacking. i understand budgets of course, but you get what you pay for. had these been painted they would have turned out beautifully, but the decals (on top of a wrap?) are cheap. there's an odd difference in material finish, there's bubbling of the decals, and the metal looks completely fake. nice try AirForce, but this helmet sucks
  10. that looks really interesting. its hard to fathom the work process back then because everything is so easy now. how much thought they put into type and the craftsmanship of it is something modern designers need to get back to. today, designers so often will just type a word/paragraph out and leave it. related; check out Sign painters too -
  11. i wouldnt think so, looks like theres another 1 or 2 outdated helmets up there too
  12. really? i think this set is actually the best option (not including throwback)
  13. i like it a lot but would do a different stripe design than the UCLA stripe. thats more specific to the Colts and maybe even the Jets (NFL wise) than a white helmet - which currently 8 teams have i think? and i like the idea of a white helmet division, like in the old days with the 5 teams. it makes that division unique amongst the others.
  14. thats exactly what i would do. Color Rush DLC.
  15. i vote/hope for the '63 uniform. but the "bat wing" jersey wouldn't be a bad choice either. i only assume (but is likely) that all new uniforms will be on the Vapor Untouchable