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  1. BrandMooreArt

    Cheaper Photoshop Alternative

    @Bpoe96 i havent tried them yet, but one concern i have watching some videos is the layer system, specifically with Designer. what are your thoughts on the layers and selecting objects vs Ai?
  2. BrandMooreArt

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    This uniform is a solid A+. I’m not sure why the jersey appears to not match the helmet/arm sleeve black, but that’s such a minor nitpick anyway, look at the size of the stripes throughout the uniform, legible and well crafted numbers with enough color contrast to separate from the jersey, the “Sail” colored pants, complete lack of tackiness (chrome face mask for example) and all those geometric shapes are broken up by the charmingly cartoonish Bucky logo.(and I don’t say that often about old, hand drawn characters). This is what a uniform looks like when you shoot for long lasting craft as opposed to *fire emoji*
  3. BrandMooreArt

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    i wish we saw more metallic colors like brass, copper, or pewter. not many pastel colors at all, even lighter shades of blue and pink we do see are often fairly saturated. outside of Vintage White, theres not many off-white colors i can think of either. theres loads of variations of colors i'd like to see more. when you say "orange" most people picture the same swatch (think Mets or Broncos) but then there's Tennessee Orange and Texas' Burnt Orange. little shifts in a traditional sports swatch goes a long way.
  4. BrandMooreArt

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    excited to see what happens here. more blue and a simple monogram is the obvious direction given the new ownership. the team is also looking for a new creative director, so plenty of opportunity over the next few years to make much needed changes
  5. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    the team is pretty good now. what happens if they win a super bowl or two in the next few years?
  6. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    i dont think the Raiders uniform is good (maybe the best) just because its been around a long time. my argument has always been the Jags uni is good because there is potential for it to never change again. the problem with their past uniforms and why they've changed so often is that there was never anything there that wasn't trendy and it dated quickly. building from the Raiders Minimal design principles, the Jags finally have a uniform that can become Raiders-like— it can stick around for 50 years without needing to change or looking tired. sure, they uni could use a gold stripe or two but, this is a team that has fairly dramatically changed their look every time they've done it; they're always "The New Jags". FFIW, i really like the black over teal look. good amount of their signature color without looking gaudy. looks like the new NFL trend is going to be colored pants. probably for the best, because Nike's white pants are too transparent.
  7. BrandMooreArt

    USL New Mexico is... New Mexico United

    i do like that reworked version but wouldnt say its actually a better logo. using familiar iconography and colors is only a starting point. whats actually being communicated here? theres no message and the elements are only decorative. which shows how empty the original design is. both shields are nicely crafted but theres nothing under the surface. the problem with decorating a logo in elements of good flags is those elements are used everywhere in the state and this logo just becomes part of the noise. you combat that with a good idea or something memorable that cuts through and this logo doesnt just doesnt have it
  8. BrandMooreArt

    USL New Mexico is... New Mexico United

    get the :censored: right out of here!! god, these things somehow get worse over time. in no way are designers/creative teams involved in this copywriting. find me a single designer who ever selected a tall, out of the box sans serif because “it represents the strength of the city”. whoever wrote that likely wrote that garbage headline as well. its actually a really nice crest but this makes it hard to take seriously. theres no need for this nonsense
  9. BrandMooreArt

    Philosophical question - Monochromatic Design

    i dont think they look ugly. i think its more of a matter of how often you see it. you expect a basketball/baseball uniform to be one color but football/hockey mostly uses 2 or 3 colors. im all for dark or neutral colored uniforms though regardless of sport. i like it
  10. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    correct, there are 2 versions— one is to be used on dark colors, the other on light. the goal is to make the dark/light areas in the color logo consistent in every application. otherwise, you get a ghosted or negative logo which is wrong. i went ahead and looked up their logos from our files. they do have both correct versions available, the lockerroom is just either a mistake or someone selecting the wrong logo. and to echo some other comments, its not that big of a deal to apply the correct one in this instance. having less metal is certainly the better option than having the negative logo there are multiple ways of using the correct logo though, its not like the only option is to completley mill out a peice of aluminium. you could cut it on a C&C that would route out the details or paint them black in appropriate (positive) areas.
  11. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    thats just another example of using the wrong logo. someone is recoloring the black logo to white (i think thats the way). these things are made worse by the team not having a creative team, or at least a very small one ive never actually met anyone there, to control the quality of such things. also, we (Dolphins) use the correct 1 color logo in a few places around the stadium and if it can be done with that :censored:ty logo, anyone can do it.
  12. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    i dont think thats as bad as having a ghosted/reverse logo though. #FlyingGhostOfElvis
  13. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    really cool they're doing a way-behind the scenes series on the people that work for the team. i know the equipment guys in Miami take their job just as seriously as Brenden and the whole Equipment Staff "fraternity" is close nit across the league. they really thrash on gamedays on the road, that was the best part of the video. they only have a couple of hours to set up before players start getting dressed and less time to tear down before they're on the bus and getting on the plane to go home. side note: Pats put the wrong 1-color logo in their new locker room
  14. BrandMooreArt

    Football: bring back metallic pants

    its more than a fashion choice— the materials arn't as good as (yet?) as the matte fabrics. and in the grand history of football, it was the shiny materials that were the fad and flat colors are a return to center here's where i stand on the helmet/pants thing though; i think a metallic helmet paired with matte jersey/pants makes sense. i guess i would start with the fabric, i just dont think shiny materials are good look. it reminds me of tacky fashion trends or cheap track suits or something; Night At The Roxbury even. fabrics IMO that look like soft fabrics are more pleasing to the eye and make sense as something a normal person would wear. the helmet though we understand can be painted in many different ways, so when you see a silver painted shell, it's not odd. its just seems like a logical application.
  15. the Patriots are a good example of doing it right. when they re-did their uniforms it was the right time to write in the "new century" story. same for the Rams and "New Millennium Blue" i think it is? if you start with the things, moods, words you're trying to express visually and arrive at a color that makes sense there, thats good design, and it definitely helps sell the idea to the client. i only suspect "wolf gray" is a Nike tactile and the digital value that matches it closely happens to be the same as those other teams. the NFL has fine tuned the team colors starting last year i believe, so if you really dig in, you'll probably see a lot more matches in color where there were difference before. i'd bet the Giants didnt match the Seahawks exactly until recently, at least in tactile (pants) color