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  1. BrandMooreArt

    Islanders' Fishstick Prototype vs Production Differences

    Yea, it’s high on the list. I love that it’s such a different way of thinking about a hockey jersey which are so often built from hard edged, geometric shapes. Not only is this design going against that status quo, but it’s a disruption of the whole space, Like a wave overtaking the entire jersey. Not enough to simply bend the stripes, they’re acting as a churning ocean, And of course, it’s not just about doing it for the sake of the aesthetic, that striping idea is driven by a relevant concept. It doesn’t work if it doesn’t tie into the team name or location. It’s certainly a jersey that demands you have an opinion about; this is not one people can possibly be passive on.
  2. BrandMooreArt

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    yea thats a shame. agreed, outside of the pants stripe, this is a really great uniform. love the numbers
  3. BrandMooreArt

    Green Bay Voyageurs FC (USL League Two) unveil name, logo

    there’s quite a list of imperfections in the logo (that Y in Green Bay really has a mind of its own) but I suppose the imperfect, caddywampus nature of it leads to the charm. I can’t say I like it, but I can appreciate what it’s going for. I think it could reach its max potential sewn onto a wool sweater
  4. BrandMooreArt

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    not a fair comparison. Bortles has never lost a Super Bowl. in fact, he has never even had an incompletion in a Super Bowl.
  5. BrandMooreArt

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    im going to be optimistic and say the printed pages are real, but that cover is just something that was thrown together. i just cant imagine they put the actual new logo on the cover page then let photos/video of it get out. they have to be better than that, right?
  6. BrandMooreArt

    First Look: Super Bowl LIV Logo

    no, these identities are done by the NFL Creative team in LA. or maybe back and forth between them and the NYC team, but some time ago we were talking to some of those LA designers working on Super Bowl LIV and recommended an approach inspired by the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami (street art), but not seeing any of that influence in these initial graphics.
  7. BrandMooreArt

    First Look: Super Bowl LIV Logo

    im not certain what the NFL is going for with that background pattern but it reminds me of MiMo (Miami Modern) architecture
  8. BrandMooreArt

    Kannapolis Intimidators are looking for a new name

    well thats lame. man if there's one sports franchise i'd love to have a re-branding (new logos/identity) shot at its that one. so much potential
  9. BrandMooreArt

    Alouettes Kick-Off New Era With Revamped Logo, Uniforms

    yes, exactly the same.
  10. BrandMooreArt

    Alouettes Kick-Off New Era With Revamped Logo, Uniforms

    if Juventus opened the door for lifestyle / sports crossover identities, the Als just kicked it off the hinges. seeing it all together now, im completely taken by the new logo and helmet. although i wish the facemask were blue, i'd probably put that helmet in my top 10 favorites of all-time right now. if you watch the video above, they'll mention how they placed the mark (bird/plane/M) on top to create this effect that the players are in formation— that will look most excellent pre-snap the really interesting thing will be to see how the whole identity develops over time, because it is so of the moment and trendy. whats the next step for them?
  11. BrandMooreArt

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    its really not. those colors are absolutely shifts of r/w/b. thats why they were chosen. (and to that Washington example— Nike cut those inserts to actually reflect those parts of the stadium, they match perfectly on the angle.) there's plenty of examples of logs/identity where the reasoning for the visuals is backwards, where nonsense copywriting or justification comes afterwards. (i'd use Nike's "hunting from the shadows" as an example) this is not one of those times. this is how its done correctly, when the visuals are driven by reason and purpose. it could be a lousy idea, but the idea is there.
  12. BrandMooreArt

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    you may not like it but its not a reach at all, what they've laid out in text is absolutely written into the design; and thats how you make good design decisions. the aesthetics have to be driven by purpose, by reason. otherwise, it is not much more than decoration and the only justification it can have is "i like it" or that it is different for the sake of it. that is not design. a shift in color is not even uncommon— there is no standard blue or red for these campaigns.
  13. BrandMooreArt

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    "Beyond the unconventional type treatment, the Harris campaign also adopted an uncommon color scheme... The colors are basically the red, white, and blue of the American flag—but warmer and more vibrant. They fit the human aspect of the slogan: it’s “For the People,” after all. When displayed on a white background, the violet part at top left and the red at bottom right make the logo resemble the US flag’s fabled stars and stripes, thanks to the persistent rhythm of the letters’ strokes."
  14. BrandMooreArt

    Burger King using Throwback Logo on Twitter.

    yea i would bet this leads into a Super Bowl ad. probably nothing permanent, just part of a campaign.