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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    thats nothing new for Oregon, they always do something in a color they usually dont even wear during the season FWIW, this is the Vapor Untouchable uniform, so this is really the first time we get to see how sleeve art, numbers, etc will look on the new template. its a big part of why im loving this design too. very clean and well fitting.
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    i absolutely love it. like, i want to marry it. straight FIRE homie!!
  3. What's up with the matte trend?

    yea that bit about HGI was what i was trying to get at. you're right about Clemson though, their helmet still has a gloss finish - it was some of Nike's concepts (including the mocks for the 2016 playoffs) that showed them with a matte finish. i got juked
  4. What's up with the matte trend?

    as far as the trend goes, a matte or satin finish is very popular. its driven by HGI and their Hydroskin process which changes a bit every couple of years, but the last NFL rebrand used it (Browns) and all the major rebrands of last year in CFB used at least 1 alternate with a Hydroskin finish. this year Clemson and Purdue have both used the finish its not slowing down at all, in fact a satin finish may even be the new standard. it matches the uniform materials well and from what i understand makes the helmets a bit lighter (thats a bigger deal than jerseys because weight can effect the likley ess of a concussion)
  5. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    how so? like, its too retro?
  6. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    of course ill reserve all judgement until the whole thing rolls out, but put me in the minority, im liking this stuff so far. if the logos have to have a basketball in them, then the logos are pretty well done. i love the crown, and i love the adoption of a lion for a tram named the Kings which is a bit more thoughtful than doing the literal "crown, staff, and throne" thing. and if they do go with blue and purple and pull that palette off well? mark them down as one of my top 3 NBA identities it does strike me as very soccer like in some parts, i cant deny that but i just dont mind it. really looking forward to seeing the rest
  7. Designer Question - Background Research

    Jaha thats a good way to do it,flip the steps around. thinking back to that project, it had to be done that way because it was very short deadline and i had to get it right on try 1. but i actually like your way better time permitting.
  8. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    probably a green counterfeit right?
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

  10. Designer Question - Background Research

    theres always risk because you can't possibly know about or find every logo out there. and for another entity to make a case against your work, all they have to do is say "it's close" and the trouble begins. to avoid it, i do 3things: 1) yes, research is key. look at HS logos, pro logos, logos on dribbble and Behance and general googlin'. spend a whole day gathering as many examples as you can not to copy others work but to make sure you dont copy others work. that was key in the beginning of my OFC proposal, knowing what to stay away from 2) idea + execution (style). you need a good idea, something original and not cliche'. you know what everyone has in common that copys Fraser Davidons' style? no imagination or ability to create a concept on their own - they just rip his aesthetic. dont be that person. and if you can't come up with an original idea, at least execute it in an original way. refer back to the above image of lion logos. the bottom left corner are the 2 most original executions on that page, and one of them is Fraser's. in fact, 7 of these are his and all have a different look to them. there's a lot to learn from that; being able to execute the same idea in a different look. 3.) when pulling images for reference, dont look at other people work. forget about the above gallery of logos and go straight to the source. pull images of real lions and create you logo in you own vision based on that. throwing in another example of mine from the same project to end, keep your sketches and upload your work online (i use behance and dribbble) to have a time stamp on it. putting it out there increases risk of theft, but at least you have a solid date to put on it to prove when you did it. i also upload my sketches (never finals) to instagram.
  11. 2016 Schedule Posters

    throwing in an NFL poster
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    interesting they went with that template (i dont even remember what version of "Speed" it is) instead of the Vapor Untouchable.
  13. Rhode Island: Cooler & Warmer

    im only going to ask this question then step out of the conversation here. having seen/read the public response to this identity, do you all (non designers) feel t should be changed based on the initials reactions? follow up question: is this the kind of participation you either want to have or feel is needed in large branding/marketing projects?
  14. NFL Changes - 2016

    if thats true i would bet the Barry era unis are used as a throwback and you'll grt something new for the primarys
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    whos helmet is this supposed to be? Navy? edit - nevermind the whole thing didnt load at first. (still say its Navys helmet!)