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  1. What throwbacks do you want to see?

    1936 Bears
  2. NFL 2017 changes?

    the problem is it wouldnt be different enough to even warrant having the '66 uniform as an alternate. you'd end up with some kind of bastardization of the throwback as the primary uniform. if you did another throwback for the alternate, the 70s/80s unis arn't really that much more unique, they'd probably look like those suggested primarys with a gray face mask to most people, and no chance in hell does Ross approve a throwback to the previous identity (as he shouldnt). our thinking is, no matter what the primary uniform is, lets keep the '66 pure.
  3. im not a big fan of the current identity either, but it was overseen and approved by the current owner who likes where things are at right now, along with our CEO. as long as those guys are still here, i dont think much is ever going to change. they're committed to making the Dolphins an elegant, luxurious brand that is recognized for more than football and i think even though the current logos/unis are not beautiful or well crafted, they do at least have that "personality" about them. i also agree that keeping the 1966 uniforms as throwbacks is the best route for them. keeping them rare and wearing them on special occasions keeps the want for them. they dont hang around long enough to be tired (again) but because we see them twice a year, its kind of like christmas. you get excited for it. the last thing i would want to see happen is any kind of combination between the two eras and you end up with a bastardization of the '66 uniform— and then you have no reason to keep it as a throwback because its not different enough and on that note, i dont care if the primary uniforms are pink and brown with Comic Sans numbers, as long as the throwback uniforms stay pure
  4. Aqua isn't a PMS color or anything so specific, its a loose term. sometimes more blue, sometimes more green, and all kinds of variations. FWIW, the Dolphins Aqua PMS swatch is 321 (though the "Turbo Green" tactile color kind of lays between 319 and 320). compared to the Throwback PMS swatch of 322.
  5. NFL 2017 changes?

    heres some of my favorite shots from last night's game. this was such an excellent week for the creative team, not only because we all get excited about the throwbacks, but we pushed the gameday look to the next level. we had Jon Contino make some faux-back logos, a wordmark we used on the Gameday Playbook, and the other we used as the image bug. We also had a new photo treatment similar to the 2015 game against the Giants, but even better. every shot looked amazing and theres so many more we havent posted yet that will definitely make our Best Of 2017 book.
  6. NFL 2017 changes?

    reference for those suggesting the logo should go on the back of helmets
  7. NFL 2017 changes?

    im with you, i really like this. that is a very honorable award and placing a badge on the winners jerseys calls attention to the very best leaders in the NFL. it will take some time to recognize what this extra patch is, but that starts the conversation and makes more people aware of the honor. it brings attention to who these players are and how they impact their communities and people around them— it makes them more than just a guy who plays football, and the NFL could definitely stand to have that message at the forefront of their marketing right now.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    @Morgo i think i jumped i to the middle of something; i probably didnt get a chance to take in all the info here. i didnt mean to compare one logo to the other, just stricktly speaking to the one i quoted about (which i think andrew was also adressing?) it has some real craftsmanship issues. i think Andy is right, it actually looks more like a cotton ball than a buffalo. but all that said it makes me wonder how much it matters. that specific logo is not well crafted, but the bigger question to me is does it make a real difference? i mean if that were the official logo would people care that the lighting and fur rendering wasnt good or wouldnt be reproduced well at small sizes? what i struggle with is, how much should i care if people will love a poorly rendered logo if its good enough that most people would wear it with pride? maybe a better question for @andrewharrington ? maybe ill have a better answer after the mojitos wear off
  9. NHL 2017-18

    no, i dont think there's confusion to the end of "i don't know that's a buffalo" but there is a real craftsmanship issue there. its not well rendered at all, and even though its primary application is a large one on the front of a sweater, its still a logo and it needs to shrink down and be flexible enough to work at smaller sizes. it's a fine enough take on the logo, but thats not the quality i expect from a professional sports team
  10. Formula 1 new logo

    ive thought about it some more and now like the other options less than i did. those track options feel generic to me - would you do a road for a car manufacturer? the new logo is just an alternative F1. i believe it was W+K that mentioned something about “2 cars racing torwards a finish line” but that feels like a post design interpertation rather than a core idea of the mark. because i dont think anyone would have guessed that
  11. Formula 1 new logo

    yes. and that's why i believe the old mark is better. because there is that element of cleverness which builds a connection to it. making a better crafted logo is easy enough, but finding an idea that connects, even a nice negative space puzzle piece, is harder. plus, the issues they had with the old logo will be had with the new with its thin lines; and it being so wide means it has to be even smaller, like in avatars, doing the mark more disservice. aesthetics and the communication of aside, i don't think they solved those craft issues they set out to at all, and by starting out with "we dont want to do another 'F1' because we'll never do it as well" and then ending there anyway are decisions that make me worry about the entire sport's future. one thing we havent gotten into yet is the type though. i love the 3 new typefaces, but again they all feel like they won't translate to small digital spaces well. these will be great for headlines, but unless they introduce a standard (one would assume, but thats not what they mocked up in the release) they've created something that doesn't meet their needs in this area as well
  12. Formula 1 new logo

    yea i feel like thats where they were before. the previous owner compared it to a high priced steakhouse— it was exclusive so that only a select few could join and the minimal amount of a certain kind of people would make that experience like no other. i think Liberty Media's strategey has been "its open for everyone" and trying to reach as many people as possible. i only assume the costs of tickets and access has come down with that too
  13. Formula 1 new logo

    im with you 100% there. but thats what F1 used to be (well, a year ago). since Liberty has taken over they've had a more "fan focused" approach to the races. one thing they've done is opened up the pits to more fans so its not so exclusive. W+K mentioned this "for the fans" angle when talking about the new logo too. i guess, i honestly dont mind whatever approach or brand they awnt to build— but there seems to be a lot of confusion even within LM as to who/what F1 is. they mention "reclaiming the passion" of the sport yet are "ushering in a new era" as well. between the experience, the broadcasts, the identity, the racing, the rules. . . there is a total lack of values and identity. i think what frustrates me the most is that lack of focus and direction. and the previous owner Bernie may not have been the best guy, but at least he had a vision for F1
  14. Formula 1 new logo

    Liberty Media has also descibed the new mark as “2 cars racing towards a finish line”. hows everyone feel about that?
  15. Formula 1 new logo

    kind of thinking the same thing— the Forza Motorsport logo, without the craft and care. heres an article from Creative Review: one thing W+K says is they didnt want to do another "F1" because it wouldnt compare to the current logo and the started moving in another direction. yet, they end up there anyway. some good changes have come to F1 in the last year but this logo is about as odd of a decision as the Hypersoft tire