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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    im okay with that. i think its a touch pedantic to think a logo for the Jaguars football team is slightly cheetah-ish and will confuse people. the association is there. moreover, im okay with the general styling of the new logo because its a bit more expressive. i at least like the motion the current one has— it seems the jaguar is leaping forward where the old is really static. its hard to choose between the two, though. the old logo's broken jaw is as unforgivable as the current's complex rendering of shadows, spots, and thin lines. neither get an A for craftsmanship. i think i'd like to see the current logo rendered with the boldness and simplification of shape as the old
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    i like it. like the old saying goes, if you want your helmet to look bigger, make the numbers smaller.....
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    wow, never thought i'd see the day. when i was doing apparel for tOSU, we developed a few different camo patterns for tees, jackets, hats, etc. it made sense because camo is such a big thing around there and camo things with OSU logo drops sold well. so we (J. America) came up with some camo patterns that were specific to OSU, like using the buckeye leaf, buckeyes, lines from the sidewalks around campus; we had one that we nicknamed "bikini bottom" because it kind of looked like seaweed, not too different than whats on the helmet actually. but this is surprising because the school just would not go for it at the time. they wanted nothing to do with a camo pattern on apparel, and now here we are with "bikini bottom" on the football helmets
  4. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    i'd still pull the WL record off, but i've always liked the TO's to be indicated by circles too. the entire bug is rectangles, so having that contrast in shape would be useful when applied to the appropriate info and i think TO's would be served well there. if someone said "we're doing what i want and the WL record needs to be displayed" i would move it up next to the team abbreviations. you're going to associate it with whatever its next to, so it doesn't make sense to have it next to the TO count. details like that really make or break the readability of a bug for casual fans. its all about good communication of information
  5. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    im with you, and i think that spelling out the team names works better than an abbreviation for this reason, but you have to know what information is useful and how to display it to make the game easier to follow. this however makes it more confusing; not only is the WL record unimportant during the game, this added information makes the bug that much harder to read. this is something you display on before the game or during an appropriate break but this never changes during the game, so its useless for the bug. bad design decision here.
  6. Names below the number

    i like the idea and i think the Paul George jersey does it best because the design establishes some hierarchy between the 2 elements. the first few jerseys posted feel like everything is trying to be as large as possible and when you get longer names, the back becomes too busy and the 2 elements compete with each other. if you're putting the NOB below the number you're saying the name isn't all that important anyway, so the best practice here is to just keep it small. building off the George jersey above, i like the idea with a smaller than expected NOB and by pushing the large number up on the jersey, the player feels a little more balanced. he's carrying the number more on his shoulders rather than the middle of his back, which looks much better IMO
  7. NASCAR 2018

    totally agree. those things you listed are important because they serve a purpose- it has to be functional because it is not art, but graphic design. im going to change position on what i said before though, like you said i do believe now that the numbers must be legible, even as some sort of a shape. (you could put a red circle on the roof and accmplish the same thing). the spotters are looking for them from far away so black on blue like the 88 isnt going to work well.
  8. NASCAR 2018

    touched on this on twitter, but its good that the numbers dont have to be readable anymore or the 88 would be a complete failure with the black on blue approach. for spotters and announcers purposes, they're mostly reading the cars by shape and color, so the liveries do a decent enough job there. still, you'd like to be able to read the numbers on the doors which you struggle with the 88 especially. i can;t say i like any of these liveries though, there such a lack of attention to detail with tangents (numbers nearly touching shapes), oversized logos (on the hood, the 48 the type spills onto the fenders) and everything about the shapes/lines on these designs does its own thing. just looking at the 9 alone, the angle of the sponsor wordmark, the linework, and the number are all different. theres no unity between any element on the car so everything feels disjointed and slapped on. i give them all a thumbs down
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    if it is, and things are kept underwraps, we wouldnt know until its time to release. usually around the Draft
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    ahh, they were on a tour eh? wonder if they bought tickets after that?
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    im with you about 99% here. i dont think we can look at helmet finishes as a right/wrong answer, or that one finish should rule them all. we have options now and when we use them depends on a few things. how does the color look in multiple finishes? does it match the jersey materials? which jersey materials are we trying to match? what kind of look are we going for? how do we want to this whole uniform to feel? is this a traditional brand? will the art be painted or decals? all things i would ask before selecting a gloss/satin/matte/other finish. if i have to pick one, i like satin because it does match modern material better than gloss but you get a better sense of depth than with matte, and the curves and form of the helmet comes out through deeper shadows/highlights. like MSU here yet in this specific case, its not offensive by any means but that helmet does not match the uniform material as well as i would like. this is why you have to consider so many questions before making a choice for any specific team. for MSU here, maybe a matte finish would be better. lets look at the alternate though, where a satin finish IS a more appropriate choice. this bronze satin helmet works so well here, not because the finish matches that of the base jersey green but becasue it matches perfectly with the bronze twill trim in the rest of the uniform. this all leads to a really nice metallic armor feel throughout and makes it the most appropriate choice for this uniform
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    definitely has SW connotations. would have to be careful not to push the teal too turquoise. heres a quick color blocking idea for better reference to what i see in my head (not at all a proposed design, just color experiment)
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    uniform wise you're right, but put 2 t-shirts next to each other or the 2 colors on a scorebug when they play each other and there will be confusion. im for a good dose of all 3 colors (even if one is a new swatch) but one has to be the primary and theres a lot more that goes into what makes it a good choice than just the jersey color
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    thats a solid argument for emphasizing teal, but im still not sold 100%. ill propose another idea: they should introduce a new color. this is a franchise that has nothing to lose, they're one of if not THE least popular team in the league and theres nothing really worth keeping from a historical point. i say they go black, teal, and copper. the right amount of black would add just enough testosterone to make for a really unique and exciting look if you ask me