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  1. BrandMooreArt

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    im unconvinced. was it wrong for the other teams to do the same the first year they did it? maybe the Miami uniform lasts 50 years too, then is it ok?
  2. BrandMooreArt

    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    professional sports logos have such a cultural impact, its really unfortunate something so poorly done gets to be a part of it. slapping a script on top of the bell; that kind of forced integration can't possibly work. there's nothing iconic about it, there's nothing unifying about the elements, no elegance and no attempt at integration at all. those tangents, the alignment, the thinner key stroke, the overlap of the P-h (to create some kind of balance, and it's still off) and nasty curves/shapes. the absolute lack of craftsmanship is astounding.
  3. BrandMooreArt

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    why is that an issue? the Steelers dont have red or blue in their uniform. the Blackhawks dont have all their logo colors in theirs, but... yes an acceptable 90s uniform (not even going to get into that logo). but there's quite a bit of blue here that was brought over by Johnson from the Cowboys. it was agreed that blue just wasn't really historically relevant to the Dolphins and did more to muddy and complicate the uniform than help. sure, those 2 guys came from that era but when you think Marino, Shula, Csonka, the 2 Super Bowl victories and the undefeated season... its white, aqua and orange.
  4. that orange was the Tennessee orange :/
  5. BrandMooreArt

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    lol, naw. anything that is watermarked is fine. the ones i put up wernt but thought they showed the matchup well
  6. BrandMooreArt

    Best Logo Refreshes

    i had no hand in this design and i agree with Andrew's points. i would have given it the same critique he has. i think it was broken; but maybe the better point is to just leave it alone anyway? or maybe its one we need to live with for a while? i would be willing to bet a decade from now it will become better understood and accepted. you know, when the Colts changed their uniform in 2006 (different blue and gray face masks) i nearly denounced my fandom. then i came to love it, they definitely made the right move. i think this one just needs more time, too.
  7. BrandMooreArt

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    what if the approach is to preserve the good feels of the old Dolphins by wearing the '66 uni as a throwback alternate and not taking the risk of the modern team's potential failures that might taint the perception of that historic value?
  8. make mean tweets at the team. if there's enough and they're funny, the Dolphins won't ever wear an orange uniform again. i think it was the circus peanut comparison that really sold it
  9. BrandMooreArt

    Best Logo Refreshes

    bold 1: absolutely. like a head coach, the Designers take on most of the blame and credit for design when there's a lot of moving parts, even to a single logo. actually, most especially to a single logo because thats where everyone in the franchise wants to put their 2 cents in. and even i find myself being reactionary and cursing Nike when something comes out when you might be surprised how much input the NFL gets. not sure how it works in other leagues, but thats definitely a topic (or a point) i wish was more widely understood bod 2: Self Promotion, Lesson 01: only re-tweet the negative comments
  10. BrandMooreArt

    Best Logo Refreshes

    well, that's certainly not the intention. im not here for an argument; i like the discussion as long as its a discussion. thats the whole reason i come here, to get the outside perspective from y'all. though i will say when i do feel strongly about something, ill let it be known and not back down from that. i try not to do it often because when i do, i hope it carries a little weight, you know?. sorry if i come across as crass but i suppose i dont mind it if im directing it at the work, not the people (Panthers logo). and one of those things i feel strongly about is (or, is not) "towing a company line". its a shame if ive come across that way, sorry for that if i have as well. but ive certainly never defended the Dolphins (or anything) that i didnt believe. i have no issues with tearing apart the teams uniform numbers or logos; they're :censored:ing awful. but there's a lot of stuff im pretty proud to have had a hand in as well. we've done a lot of great stuff in Miami. i really dont want to derail the thread on this topic, i think this has been a really good one. it's gone well considering....well, things can go off the rails here sometimes but those people havent shown up yet. since you wanted my attention on the matter, those are my thoughts. but one more point to make: its not very often someone defends the Designers here but other Designers and i think some like taking shots at them, for whatever reason. i try not to be preachy and certainly not holier-than-thou, my intention is to teach if i can. sometimes people are wrong. i dont know, maybe its the nature of the internet? these kinds of discussions have always been better in person and over drinks. let's carry on
  11. BrandMooreArt

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    EDIT: gonna pull these photos now. i have to say about the Chargers though, i really like them in all white and all blue like we've seen recently. it breathes a new life into that design by simplifying the jersey/pants combination. either way (all blue or all white) it allows the bolts and numbers to stand out nicely. they've been doing it all wrong by pairing white with blue and making the uniform too chaotic; theres too much contrast and things battling for attention. the Browns have that same problem. you have to set something back and, something has to just "chill" in the design and the monochrome approach really works for them
  12. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    yes, if its the 1936 uniform 'ill be the first to buy a jersey.
  13. BrandMooreArt

    Best Logo Refreshes

    with the Islanders logo, i wonder how much recognition (equity) plays a part in perception? for context, @Gothamite i have to say im all in with @andrewharrington on this one. yes, i think there's a case to be made that an oddity or something "off" like the angle of the stick is interesting but moreover, what if the current mark were the old and then they made the switch to the original? just swapping the logos in the historic timeline? how would that be received? after decades of having this one thing be your logo and everyone recognizes that until the team tweaks it... how much does the change itself mean? no matter what direction you go in time, i wonder if a small shift like this matters more than one might expect, because you simply end up with a different version of the same idea. and whatever logo is actually better seems to not matter; it seems like the change itself dictates a degree of opinion. i think the angles, weight, shapes, balance are all very much better now — but was the logo always headed for resistance simply because it was different?
  14. BrandMooreArt

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    well since Tom done spilled the beans, lol this wouldnt be a CR uniform. new rules says you can wear 2 alternates [EDIT: i believe the rule is if you have 2 alternates, 1 has to be a throwback]; we would choose those alternates to both be a ‘66 throwback and i imagine wear one of them on the road at least once. we tried to do it this year and make it a surprise. we wanted to say nothing and have the team run out onto the field with the white jersey. but Nike wouldnt do it; i mean we just needed 54 jerseys but of course they have their reasons for wanting to capitalize on that too. all of this could change over the offseason. theres a meeting set for us to talk about it next week, but not sure what we’ll be discussing at this time.
  15. BrandMooreArt

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    thats mostly it. i think its close to piping— its just another tool in the box. but applied how it is on the Elite 51 uniform, it just highlights all those ugly seams and pieces. and if they change to the VU uniform that only has a total of 5 panels that make up the jersey, does that change the story? does it no longer represent "the craftsmanship of Cleveland" or does it so in a lesser way?? yea, i think its mostly the reasoning behind it rather than the aesthetic. theres just no substance to it. we all see through it. they wanted to do something that was different and came up with the absolute worst spin for it (maybe second to "hunting from the shadows"). when you know the secret to it and spot it, you just want to turn to someone and say "do you know why they did that? might want to sit down for this".