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  1. im liking the new identity. its sort of a Bauhaus-meets-modern-digital-design approach that feels pretty fresh. the colors are really nice and not as saturated as you might expect; the trendy thing would be to use a palette of neons, but it looks like these colors could have been pulled from Google's Material Design swatches. maybe they were. its easy to see how dated the previous logos were, they looked like something you'd find on 99designs in 2007— even if you're not familiar it still feels like an old blog logo. where the previous uses the style of the time and a thoughtless rotated "e" to try and make something ownable/memorable, the new icon actually has a concept to it that makes sense. this old meets new idea (coin slot for an internet based product) falls into place very nicely with the visuals; the 1930s Bauhaus + modern minimalism thing. the wordmark is a modern sans (Gotham?) but its used in a way you'd expect Helvetica to be used in the 60s. the overall blending of old ideas and new is really smart and well executed. i like this a lot
  2. ^ thats from the press release, which im just catching up on. at first i was very interested in the visuals and had high hopes for the identity, but im now seeing some conflicting ideas here. especially in the bolded part, because i agree its an identity with expressive personality, but i think that gets in the way of "letting the message take center stage". the type and colors are so bold and in your face, most especially in animation where things are moving fast and flashing that the message gets lost. its not about the message at all, its about an entertaining visual. if you want to see an identity package that truly lets the message take center stage and deliver it in a perfectly clear manner, Viceland is the primo example.
  3. unpopular opinions: the Chris Gaines album was good come at me
  4. cherry on top . . .
  5. just to order home and away. theres probably going to be a mix of jerseys at home
  6. not very. well, as far as schedule release is concerned. Wake was 1 of 10 players we used for schedule release, and photos were chosen mostly based on the negative space and how they would hold a schedule. this one doesn't work as well for facebook admittedly, but the full version is pretty nice. we did make a conscious effort to include some throwback images (Devante Parker has a nice one too) for obvious reasons, but we didn't want to use too many in order to try and avoid any "they're pushing throwbacks, what does this mean!?" talk. sorry
  7. interesting. it seems like a lot of post production work to photoshop the regular uniform onto a Color Rush shoot. would be a lot easier to just shoot the athlete in each uni, but for comparison the Nike "any field" Team store athlete for Miami was Landry, who was also the Color Rush athlete
  8. boy, you crazy
  9. a mess? how could a Saints design be any simpler?
  10. i wouldn't mind if that were their primary helmet. matte black with metallic gold stripes/logos? take my money!
  11. so crazy a football team as old as Penn State can pull different elements from their entire history, mix them together, and it doesn't fall apart. in fact, i'd say thats the best uniform they've ever had
  12. it suggest to me that at some point (and maybe it was only when it left Nike) there was only one layer with orange vinyl. OR it was the way you suggested at one point, again perhaps the team did not execute it as it was intended
  13. Rick Bakas was one of the designers at Nike involved with the Broncos re-brand. if someone were wanted to dig deeper into it, you could probably tweet at him edit - couple of guys are on it already