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  1. well, if you find your way to Miami next season, i'll see if i can hook you up with a stadium tour. then you can decide for yourself i'll just address this point because i think i can round everything back to this. if this were to happen to the Packers, they should not change their identity but they should absolutely change their marketing/branding strategy. when you can't rely on wins to support the franchise, there just HAS to be some other thing. value/sales/desire will all go down; so how to you counter it? never would i say throw out all the history. but what they give to fans has to be of value and for them specifically, that's probably a gameday experience in a historical outdoor stadium. and they'll use that "Titletown" brand to separate them from everyone else. for Miami, it's a different situation and a different approach. the team wore throwback unis twice this year, they haven't done away with everything. but there is a focus on being entertaining to fans, and valuable to sponsorships that will survive any downturn in team performance. this approach i would not recommend for the Packers and not needed for the Raiders, but i think what is being built upon in Miami is right for Miami. the luxury sports brand is how they're building that "thing" thats greater than wins. Green Bay and the Raiders already have it
  2. i missed this post before. interesting thing about drivers names on the back window. i'm having a hard time figuring out why they would even do that at all if they couldn't/wouldn't put them on the front. seems useless
  3. Pro Combat before it was cool
  4. put it this way, if you had no allegiance to a specific team right now, would you be more inclined to be a fan of "the team that won a Super Bowl in 1972", or the "bad guys in silver and black"? if your team is all about the W-L record, then the importance of it will be defined by it. meaning, when your team sucks, no one shows up to the games or buys the jerseys, or watches them on TV. this doesn't mean you throw out all the history, the team has not done that. but "a few down decades" is absolutely a big deal and it definitely makes an impact
  5. i'll share what i can from the point of view of the Dolphins. the change in ownership brought a new brand positioning for the team. a few posts above when i compared the Raiders and Dolphins brands, and the Dolphins not being known for anything relevant – the new strategy is to be known for something that isn't dependent upon on-field performance. what goes into the new strategy? what makes this a luxury brand? it's not adding new colors (they were slightly tweaked) or chasing trends (they're actually quite innovative. trend starters even). to brief the philosophy, it's about offering a unique or better experience during gameday (you can't get any closer to the endzone than the seats at Hard Rock Stadium), and having that same approach to content put out. for instance, 8 new video Franchises were created in 2016 that give you daily team updates or share stories from the fans themselves. you have to offer something valuable, is the point that's all really a short introduction. but there's so much more to it than football games and it's on the same premise that Apple is about more than computers (thinking different, challenging status quo, elegant design). the important point is not that a select team becomes a "luxury brand" but that it becomes a brand. the Raiders have it, the Cowboys have it, and the ones that don't no one cares about unless they're winning. and winning doesn't always happen. you MUST be more than a W-L record
  6. well, all the numbers suggest otherwise without divulging too much, over the last 4 years the teams brand has been on the rise, while only having 1 winning season in the last, what, 8 years? you always need something that is bigger than team record and there is no NFL team that is "just a team" anymore.
  7. that's certainly an argument to be made. it's a different situation though. forget about the logos, think of the brands around the Dolphins and the Raiders. For Miami, the things you probably think of with them is the perfect season, back to back Super Bowl wins, Dan Marino, Shula . . . Ace Ventura. those are all things that are long gone. when you're not known for anything that transcends team history, you're not winning, and your identity is dated it's time to re-brand. that's exactly what they did– they didn't just redraw the logos, they've repositioned themselves as a luxury sports brand. the best logo to communicate that, is the current what about the Raiders? what comes to mind? silver and black, Commitment to Excellence, "just win baby!", the Autumn Wind. these things are bigger than winning because they "stick" even when the team isn't winning. if you change the logo or uniform, it changes those associations that come with them and you start all over. thats why i think they should keep their ugly logo
  8. man, i don't know. obviously that logo is rough and there are plenty of reproduction issues with it. it doesn't scale down at all, its poorly drawn; it's an average at best logo. but my best advice to the team is don't touch it. i just don't think its a brand you want to go messing around with even if it meant making the identity look better.
  9. im a fan of the Juve designs, i don't think anything there is flawed. but much more importantly, you hit one something i was just thinking on. im not a soccer follower or fan, but when i saw this identity package yesterday, it shocked me! but i dont know if the way they rolled this out could actually have been better. let's say they let it be known they were re-branding. what expectation does that set? an updated version of the crest, right? so when they roll out with the J, it still veers heavily from expectation. they absolutely blew up everything they had for this new identity. a new business model, the whole 9 yards. i really think the only way you roll this out is to do it Band-Aid style, all at once. the reactions that followed could only have been anticipated, i just can't fathom anyone from the club or Interbrand saying "people are definitely going to love this day 1". i think the biggest mistake here was reverting back after one day.
  10. wow, they pulled a Chargers. after going through this whole process of completely re-imagining everything that is their brand, they cave in after one day? did they really think they were going to roll this out and have their entire fanbase praise them from the get? you know what the biggest problems in branding/identity design are today? impatience and fear
  11. very well said. at first i liked the decision to make a branding move this bold, but was doubtful if this was the right team to make such a move. today, im thinking this is the perfect team to do such a bold re-brand. we always see cases of struggling brands/teams with a weak history reposition themselves as something more than they are (taco bell). but Juve, by being such a successful club over so many years, have earned the right to do this. and IMO, this identity feels more authentic to who they actually are as a soccer team– and they've just positioned themselves to be a worldwide luxury/lifestyle/sporting brand. im very excited to see how this brand evolves over the next 5-10 years. it's a huge risk that alienates a lot of hardcore fans today but years from now, this could be a team/brand we talk about on a global scale with Coca-Cola and Nike. its important to know that this isn't just a change in logos, it is a complete change in company culture and business model. these designs reflect that
  12. well, yea. and not wanting to play in a decrepit ass stadium.
  13. from Interbrand -
  14. they've moved twice before and never changed anything drastically. the Raiders will very likely always be as they are. yea the logo is ugly and rough, but that's kind of who they are too. silver numbers? naw. the original white/black shield? too connected to the AFL. a new secondary logo? i bet everyone has cold feet about that after this week
  15. to add to that, this styling would make consistent, quality reproduction harder. especially in embroidery. the letter forms are now crashing into each other (top of A) and the space around all the angles/shapes have gotten worse. (there is only one part where you see white inside of the keyline.) as GFB said, you can now see the angles and alignment issues more clearly and though my biggest problem with the logo is color, this cat should probably reserve the hubris in his "fix" because he definitely made the logo worse. but more importantly, im disappointed the team abandoned the logo because it was still a nice addition to their logo family. with just about every logo release, the internet outraged and the Chargers caved. no one goes out of their way to make fun of all the other bad logos that come out. they just needed to have some patience and let people simmer down. if this is how the team reacts to a secondary logo release, maybe we shouldn't expect anything new from the team at all