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  1. i watched that episode again just a few months ago. im glad they did it, but wish they had taken it a bit more seriously and i know, taking uniforms seriously amiright? but on that list was cheerleader uniforms, pee-wee uniforms, and throwbacks all lumped together. so what the hell, here's my 10, in no particular order
  2. a few years ago it was! and the renovations are not done yet. next year the club level gets completely re-done
  3. there will be tours
  4. this doesn't fit into any other thread but thought it was worth sharing. Dolphins today are showing off some of the street art murals and fine art pieces that will decorate the stadium. involved are Vhils, the London police, Peter Tunney and 15 more artists in a project called "Art Unexpected". this is probably my favorite project i've been involved with while with the team and all i've done is drop awesome photos into this Spark site. if you get a chance to visit the stadium, make sure you make time to see some of these pieces, they are amazing
  5. interesting stuff. the Colts also used in in their Baltimore days (which this years CR features) and the Eagles had it for a time as well
  6. i think thats a pretty accurate correlation. i also think it looks really interesting. i dig the Oregon unis
  7. i would say thats likely a choice made by the teams themselves. id be willing to bet the Colts were preseneted this UCLA stripe option too but decided to stick to their current design. weather or not it was presented to the Jets as an option i cant be sure, theirs is a bit different. not likely. this is very much a Nike initiative with the goal of bringing more viewers to the TNF games. some of the jerseys look really good though, or at least are an obvious improvement over their current atrocity (Browns, Bucs, etc) and if it goes over well enough with fans there might be some consideration in the future but i wouldnt expect a team to begin CR as an experiment in that sense.
  8. there is a shoulder/sleeve seam on the VU jersey. these mockups are all done in photoshop though, so its best to not take these as 100% accurate. that said, im not saying if the Pats jersey actually has tv numbers or not
  9. i have to err on the side of caution here, but it will be a mix for sure. i guess you could say that about all the uniforms. i never expected to like any of them, i didn't even like Dallas last year even though that one wasn't too "loud". but i really do like the Bengals and theres a few others i can live with for one game.
  10. Bengals look fire emoji
  11. thats the difference between identity and brand. brand is the intangible; the feelings and associations connected to the tangible things: identity.
  12. im not discrediting it. dont you think someone who works for the team in question might have SOME insight as to WHY this happened? it's not a matter of someone or some logo being right or wrong, but a discussion on how a logo could go through so many variations. and IF we have to call 1 variation an official one (because thats modern branding) then i suggest that version be what is on the helmet – which is how the team uses it today. welcome to the CCSLC boards.
  13. like said before, i think its a safe bet that these print jobs were handled by only a couple of people so it got produced the same way over and over. im not sure if that makes this an "official" mark. FWIW, here's how the throwback media was handled in 2015
  14. im more mad about the Warning label on the helmet. talk about an eyesore. i'd love for that to be moved and the flag take it's place in that location
  15. they're not useless. they keep fingers out of their eyes; field turf too. darker ones are used for sun/stadium lights.