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  1. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    agreed. brand is pretty simple; its a set of beliefs around a thing that are lived up to (or not) that form a reputation about that thing. and also why, after reading the posted Bryan quote again, i feel it is a very good analogy. not to say “you build a country by building a brand” but that successful brands start with a reason for being and lasts because they stand for more than their product. (see: Blockbuster or Kodak). personally, i think its one of the most insightful things ive heard on the subject of branding.
  2. Minnesota Vikings Primary Logos

    thats a style decision; the intent of the Vikings logo is more illustrative than iconic. i believe it works well for this logo and gives it depth and form that it would lack without the far side horn
  3. NFL concepts based off of ridiculous Internet rumors

    i think changing the identity completely, then winning the Super Bowl would be peak Browns, Browning
  4. Minnesota Vikings Primary Logos

    its a realistic profile, which i think is the right approach with that style of illustration. if it were more abstract, like the Falcons logo, then i dont think it works as well
  5. College Football uniforms- 2018

    i had some “bologna skins” on my first truck, but that wasn’t on purpose. 😂living dangerously
  6. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Nike always takes so much heat for uniform designs. This is an example of where the client has a clear influence over the design and it’s for the worst. They’ve made things different for the sake of it while adding in every damn thing they could think of. And this Post-Combat design isn’t even cool anymore, I mean the patterns in the numbers and general “extreme” design was being faded out at the CFB level in 2015, at least for primary uniforms. Not only does this entire set look overdone and unappealing, its already old. And comparing to that gorgeous, timeless uniform they had, this thing feels like a complete failure. I always look for something that can be saved and built upon but it’s not here; this is an absolute F for me
  7. Atlanta Falcons : NFL by honeybadger

    yea, thats tough because everytime you see the stripe on a new color, it changes. so it feels like there are stripes just to have stripes. and when the uniform is built on big, blocky stripes thats the focus of the uniform and i think there needs to be some kind of rule established so you have an identity. i think you either pair more like colored pieces together (go for the monochrome look) or you take stripes off the uniform. maybe only the jersey needs it?
  8. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    is the work just aesthetically pleasing? or did you notice it because you saw something you’ve never seen before, or at least never expected? was there something that stood out because it was unfamiliar? the low-wide angle of Parker in the locker room, the wide shot of Landry in the tunnel with the photographers around him, or a cropping of a face thats closer than other teams usually show you? maybe a shot of eyes and ball together, purposfully given to the audience to create tension; which is interesting? i wouldnt, but some might even say theres a “story” there. still, im willing to bet theres somethig that stood out not just for its stylistic beauty, but because it was surprisingly delightful, which is a form of innovation. and one nugget after another adds up and forms a new expectation- you might even come to expect that regularly and associate it with, a certain brand. the beauty is, its not done to just sell tickets, but because those who do it believe that is the only way it should be done. anything less would be in-authentic; off-brand even. well at least, thats what i believe. truly, its been a good chat.
  9. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    it makes sense on paper, right? all the pro teams are “selling miami” and theres even a soccer team in the market now, its so saturated with sports, who could resist an opportunity to break outside of that and be the Ft Lauderdale team? and if you go to FtL on game night theres lots of jerseys there. but what about in California, or Iowa, or New York?? people outside of Broward dont want to represent Broward. theres nothing culturaly significant about it, so its restricted to its own county lines. FtL people sure do love their Panthers, but i dont know if anyone on the outside does. too bad they dont stand for anything more than “Broward hockey”, eh?
  10. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    of course; and overlap. like i said, "don't miss the forest for the trees". and don't think that a brand is just a color and a logo, but more importantly a set of beliefs. and if you really like the work coming from the Miami team, ask yourself why that is without any judgement, or expectation, or comparison. stare at it and ask "why does this make a connection with me?" i expect, and hope, you find that it exceeds any expectations for what an NFL team is supposed to be. not talking about myself, but the entire team— they've shown you more than what you thought was possible, not for the sake of it, but because it is a reflection of the core belief system that is only beginning to be shared. and hopefully, thats something you, or anyone, might like to be a part of. and if not? that's fine too— there's not a single idea that connects with everyone in the world. but if you don't start with why you do something, you're only chasing style, which is fleeting; it never lasts. might that be applied to history as well?
  11. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    the high majority of what i post/share (on any platform) is to get people to think, to challenge a status quo, or to just engage in a discussion; even if not with me directly, but amongst yourselves. the only thing i really hope for is, unless i say so directly (and sometimes i do) i have no absolute answers. and most importantly, i would hope to spark someones imagination. if you dont agree, thats cool too
  12. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    i read every word, and i understand where you’re coning from, but . . . maybe not miss the forest for the trees, eh?
  13. Atlanta Falcons : NFL by honeybadger

    Falcons - do away with that logo. thats no where near the level of craft as the official mark. but the idea around the uniform is solid. i would suggest a focus on consistency in stripe color. its fine to mix patterns but when you use the same pattern/stripe (in this case a Braisher stripe) and apply different color applicaltions to it, it becomes confusing - theres no rules set here and everything feels overlooked; a lack of detail attention. establish what your rule is with color and pattern; what is this teams signature “thing”? it might feel like a boring approach, but this is something that will tie all peices of the uniform together and allow it to push towards timelessness. if you want to be more creative with the deisgn, maybe think about what strupes would look like if i fluenced by a falcons feathers. but then, you might end up closer to the current uniforms- think about whh that is
  14. NFL concepts based off of ridiculous Internet rumors

    you know, i like that Browns concept. it looks good, but it reminds me the argument (i know this isnt yours) of “the Browns should change everything to preserve whats left of the team history” doesnt make much sense. what if the tram actually starts winning? fans would be beging for the old design to come back oh and one thing i can say, i promise you the Dolphins aint coming out in black. i like that concept though
  15. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    you take this far too seriously. just live your life, man.