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  1. hard to say with the texture. every team has patterns they use in select marketing material (Dolphins use a pattern that reflects stadium roof rafters) but certainly Nike isnt afraid to pitch those ideas for the uniforms. black will always be a desired neutral color for apparel
  2. i like the chrome idea but used tastefully. i wouldnt decribe a chrome plated helmet that way, but a little bit of chrome trim around the logo, some thin stripes, even working it into the uniform like around the numbers would be nice. basically take the approach of "chrome trim" rather than "we're the chrome team"
  3. the Pantheon icon is a little more complex than it needs to be. you could cut off a little of the sides, still get the idea across, and enlarge the icon so the space between columns isnt so tight. but, the use of the Pantheon seems a little easy. id like to see a 3rd or 4th idea and i think there's room for a nice visual pun. what if the Pantheon were also a grocery bag or had vegeitables in the negative space? the type is also off, and an easy choice. its fun but a little too cliche. i think this is where you say "the icon carries the idea and the type doesnt need to reinforce it, only assist it". the choice of the second font seems fine a lot of gray area there, but one thing im certainly not a fan of is the color palette. the green and black is too close in value. it just looks a but odd and anything but "fresh" that you'd like to see here. think of the Publix green. this palette actually feels rotten, but a better, brighter choice in green and eliminating black will fix it
  4. i would guess the former. i think we'll see something new in 2019. hard to see them going backwards; they'll always have the throwback option
  5. smart and gorgeous. the total package.
  6. thought it would be good to continue this thread through 2017, especially coming off of Dolphins Cancer Challenge last weekend. i'd like to make this a bit more interesting than just posting finished work, so i'll give a behind-the-scenes look of this stuff as much as i can. (soon, ill post everything from the Dade vs Broward game and im sure there will be lots to see around draft time) Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) is the biggest charity event in the NFL. i don't know the exact numbers yet, but i believe over the last 7 years it has helped raise $16M for cancer research. wrapping up my first year with the Dolphins, this was my last new experience and it was pretty amazing. riders and runners start at different points around South Florida and end up at the stadium for a concert; this year it was Counting Crows. last year, Brian Gundell helped create the DCC crest. We continued using that this year ofcourse, but really changed the identity of the event. In a concept I called "Patterns", i created a pattern that was made up of different tones and squares that appear to be pointing in different directions. the idea is that cancer effects people of every nationality, race, gender, and age. From this diversity, we come together as one to help find a cure for cancer. We also decided to use a lot of full color images instead of an "Aqua wash" that was done in 2016, simply because we have the best damn photographers in the biz and wanted to let their work really shine my favorite part of designing this identity was doing the biking uniforms/kits (jerseys and shorts). Applying our new pattern to the kit was an obvious choice, but it needed to be used sparingly because we needed our sponsors to be visable as well. We kept the same system of designation; Aqua was a general participant, Aqua with Liime Green stripes was Team Joel, black was heavy Hitters, and orange for Alumni. We sat down last April and brainstormed ideas for the event. Everyone got really excited about allowing riders to customize the jerseys, so we printed a space for them to do just that. At the event, you could have your message heat pressed onto the jersey, or write in yourself with a Sharpie. I can't say enough about how amazing this event was. There was something in the air when everyone arrived at the stadium that you don't feel during game day. This was bigger; everyone who rode/ran had donated and contributed to something that's actually important and made some good happen in the world. I love football, but its just a game. A game that provides a living for a lot of people sure, but designing for a game and designing for cancer research and cures cannot be compared. When i'm concepting and designing for the team i think of fans and what i want to see as a fan myself. When working on DCC i think of people i know who have been affected by cancer and doing what i can in my small part to help them through design. I can't wait until next year.
  7. the billion dollar questions. these are some of the things they will ask themselves before moving forward (after stadium move-in) with any changes.
  8. yea, thi uni mock up looks great, but you have to think of it in the big picture. how does navy/white/gray look next to all the other teams? how does their apparel and jersey stand out? can they claim a color palette as their own? this isn't passing the test. they need yellow/gold so they have something that anyone can recognize them for in any application
  9. that's a solid design. i never really thought about what it represented before, just always saw it as a "T". looking at the electric motor, you can see that reflected in the wordmark as well, which is most appreciated– the coils match the E very nicely.
  10. i have to start with what im going to get into is all speculation on my part and i have no inside knowledge on what the team is actually doing. i believe we'll see a new home, road, alt (throwback), and color rush uniform on the unveil. helmet: i think we're going to see a blue facemask, and a new stripe design (maybe no stripe). i don't expect a return of the Braisher stripe, or a gray mask because of the similarities that has to the Cowboys helmet. im most excited to see how they handle that aspect and seperate Detroit from Dallas. it will be harder without black. They also need to keep the Rams, Chargers, and Colts in mind. jerseys: safe bet we'll get new blue and white, but what's the Alt? very hard to say, but im going with the 1930s throwback (blank helmet and silver numbers). the reason i say this is because if it's a throwback, it needs to be one that is different enough from the new primary uniform to be worth doing. i believe the new uniforms will lean towards the Barry Sanders era uniforms, so it wouldnt make sense to have a throwback thats only slightly different from that one. i think the new wordmark is an indication of a numbers/font. the new word mark isn't really much of a logo; to me it looks like they created a font, then typed out the team name. i think we'll see that on a lot of marketing pieces, and i think the numbers will be set in this new font as well. Nike loves crazy numbers too. pants/socks: surely the socks will be plain, solid tops. i think we'll see gray and blue pants. im thinking of how they're going to do something new with the uniform, and besides the numbers, this is a good way to introduce something fresh. it would also allow the team to stand out against all those previously mentioned teams; Honolulu blue pants won't be confused for anyone else. color rush: if the primary and throwback alt are blue, there's no way they do another blue jersey for color rush. they just brought back the black jersey this year knowing they were dumping it in 2017. i think the CR uniform will be silver.
  11. i think the G/8 icon is a good idea. im not sure if that lightning bolt is needed on the crossbar of the G, im not finding how that really adds to anything. unless you're going for "speed", then maybe you can make the rest of the mark play around that too. maybe skew it a bit? there's too much going on in the wordmark though. what is it you want people to notice and remember? the red G? the lightning crossbar in the G? the 8? an oversized, red 8? take away some of those ideas and it will be stronger. just focus on one thing. i feel the colors might be a bit aggressive. i'd recommend using gray instead of black and/or using a cool color in place of red. make it a bit more approachable
  12. i never noticed this but i love it. you get the play of the logo where you can see it from tv angles and stands, but keep the field clean as possible.
  13. ^ would have been cool to riff off of Kulwicki's "Underbird" design
  14. i'll forward to Mr. Ross (not really, he's too scary)
  15. right, but why the post?