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  1. indeed. and that my friend, is design. keep at it, you're getting closer
  2. thats the Elite51, but its just for a photo op. pretty likely they will switch to the new VU template
  3. "Do Something" doesn't have that inspirational je ne sais quoi that "Win The Day" does. really like those SG unis though.
  4. as a huge fan of the previous WSU uniforms, i was afraid they were going to change too much. but im not too disappointed, everything Nike has done since 2015 has been very minimal design and this is the most minimal thing they've done in 3 years. its still refreshing to see Nike's work in CFB continue to be so daring in the opposite way they became known for at this level. i really appreciate the return to strong design that will last for years rather than trying to make a splash with a new pattern or crazy helmet design. they have a very distinct logo and a good number font that tries to carry the identity, but im not sure if it does. im conflicted on the wordmark removal on the jersey; on one hand, the removal moves the front numbers up and puts them in a better placement but the wordmark was one of the more likable jersey wordmarks in CFB because it was small and unobtrusive. it also served as a visual cue that separated them from all the other red and white schools. and on that note, the previous set was better in its use of gray and anthracite. with every uniform set or different paring of pieces you felt like this was a red and gray school where with the new design it feels more like a red and white school with gray alternate pieces save for the primary gray/red/gray set. you have to always think of the uniform as a whole; its easy to get caught up on details of a single piece and think "this needs color here" when it really doesn't. and 9/10 times single color numbers and elements are the best route to take. this is the 1 time where the numbers/elements do need a splash of the other color– either gray on the red or vise-versa. its still a very nice uniform. but it pushes them closer to red/white schools all over the country where before there was no confusion. i'd grade it at a "B-"
  5. theres a paid Graphic Design internship at Texas Motor Speedway up
  6. everything has a highlight and shadow
  7. never let facts get in the way of a good story
  8. both Rooneys are more than deserving of some sort of permanent tribute, but i dont like the idea of the uniform element. not even on the Bears. i dont know what the Steelers have done for Art, but i think a statue at the stadium or some sort of "Rooney Corner" is more appropriate. if i were Football Czar, i might even suggest Rooney Stadium
  9. not feeling this. this is too much contrast between the elements. not everything needs to fight for attention, which was a huge problem with the previous primary. due to the proportions and color, everything was competing to be the primary element. what the new logo gets right is it uses color to set these elements back a bit. i still think theres a bit too much green, but at least that (star and eye) is where your focus is and those elements stand out first. rightfully so because they are core ideas in the logo– the north star and wolf. also with this, you completely lose the feeling of a night time setting or any hint at the northern lights. the "Story" that was written into the logo is gone
  10. thats my guess. dont think they'd have a matte and gloss version of the same helmet. unless there's some other design going on that one.
  11. LMAO!
  12. at this point it seems strange to criticize the concept when we're talking about one of the logos being a roundel. but, the "angry mascot over angry wordmark" idea is probably the most cliche in sports identity history. (maybe an interlocking monogram). it is at least out of style; very 90s type of design. the new one isn't timeless, but at least its not that and its certainly better constructed. if trends change, the new logo can be pulled apart and repurposed forever while the old logo was never any good to begin with. before i go on, don't take that as you can't like it. there's plenty of bad design/music/movies i like too, but i wont call them good. this isn't an attack on your opinion or you, i am just giving a straight answer in regards to the logo the old primary's wolf is the biggest problem, its not well drawn. even when you're working in a heavily illustrated, almost cartoonish style, the colors there dont feel life like or believable. there's too much contrast and it feels as if every element is calling out for attention based on color and proportion. the wolf, trees, wordmark. . . nothing really falls into the background. the new logo does an excellent job of avoiding all of those issues. its incredibly complex. not just in rendering, but there's too many ideas going on here. yea thats the NBA's thing, but thats not something to overlook. its always made a better t-shirt than logo, which is why you see the wolf head alone in a lot of applications. and to compare it to a similar logo, look at the UCONN husky. thats the difference between someone who can draw and someone who can't. i like the direction of the type, but it seems lazily put together. its an interesting mix of teeth and fur, but it looks like it was a font that was created, then the name typed out as it is. this would have been a great opportunity for a lettering approach, where each letter is meant to fit beside or together with the next. the letters all crash into each other oddly and the stroke around it makes it all worse im sure thats all much more than you asked for, but thats my run down. if it were a clever idea i could overlook some execution issues. if it were executed well i could overlook a cliche idea. my hunch is because everyone has lived with that logo for a while and this one is so new, it will just take some time to get used to the switch. one day i think a lot of people will look back and laugh at how bad many 90s-early 2000s logos were.
  13. i almost like this. but in this context, A points/represents north, so what does that say about the V? it has to become a pointer as well and i think theres too much negative connotation. if you allow the A to just be an A and the entire alphabet to be rune inspired, you don't have to worry about it. it is kind of visually pleasing to see the A point due north, but the meaning doesn't work for the team name– especially when spelled out horizontally.
  14. i like it. if thats where they started, i think its a fine execution. obviously you're not going to make a typeface out of those symbols, so taking note of the angles, tall straight lines, and monoweight of them i think they made a really nice font out of it all. very nice way to take something old and form a new idea
  15. i agree it should make sense. you should start with the idea and execute that rather than doing something for aesthetics and trying to build meaning into it later. the mouth is open now for the same reason it was originally, it's howling at the moon and there is significance in that. and again i have a strong feeling the BS is a copywriting issue. the RGB optimized colors CWX did is exactly the color shift i wanted to see. that is a huge, positive improvement. one more note; i did a quick search on Viking runes and didn't find anything specific to a wolf, but the letter M is exactly as it is in this new font. i'll guess it will make another appearance or two alone as the rest of the logos roll out