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  1. so this is really a fauxback, right? design wise, it's certainly got UA's stamp on it but it's a good looking uniform that will balance well with Army's but damn, is this really how they roll out a uniform design? did this really come from UA? because i don't think i've seen a worse presentation than this. Nike does a photo shoot, a video, and host it on all on a microsite complete with right-ups on uniform details and inspiration. then there's this from UA? i hope there's more
  2. the new Army uniform is straight up badass! really love this one. the spray painted skull on the helmet with the "netting" looks so good. i am concerned about the numbers though. i think they might be a little too styled for their own good. and as wide as they are, they're wrapping around the player in a way that makes them even harder to read, and if you have a uniform with an unreadable number, the whole thing is a failure. they could have taken that risk with TV numbers or even shrunk the number size on front/back for legibility. at this point, it's a fantastic concept, with some highly questionable number execution ^ yea, just trying a little too hard with the number design here. these MUST be legible from All-22 angle
  3. true story. im a fan of both uniforms, but i had real trouble watching just the highlights of this game. the teams were harder to differentiate from one another than most. this was the perfect game for the Falcons to wear that black alternate (or maybe even the fauxback) they had up until a handful of years ago.
  4. pretty easy pick for number one this week, eh? (but seriously, that Colts/Steelers is a tough one to beat IMO). those pics dont quite do the uniforms justice though; the below are better. yet, they don't do the uniforms true justice either. i didn't get to see them with my own eyes during the Bills game, but i made a point to watch the guys walk out to the field sunday. for all the flaws with the logo and 3 different stripe patterns, it is truly one of the all time great NFL uniforms.
  5. nfl

    lol, i dont know how much pull i have. its a little early for us to be thinking about those things, but that would definitely be an interesting project. maybe next year
  6. nfl

    have been looking forward to this game all year and so far is my favorite NFL uniform matchup. Bills and 49ers were the perfect teams to wear the throwbacks against, and the gold/red of the 9ers was a great contrast to the Dolphins
  7. totally agree. maybe the diamondback is just too aggressive for MLB, ive just i've never liked that name. i would guess they liked having "diamond" in the name for a baseball team but it also adds to the minor league feel. like its trying a bit too hard.
  8. i think that was right. it wasn't me who coined that term though. my vote is still for "Reebok Era" unis OR if we rearranged the letters. who's down with YPP?
  9. referring back to the OP, i have to say i really like 99% of those names. im a fan of singular names as it refers to the team as a whole and breaks conventional naming. i think if you need a metaphor for something or a team name, an animal is almost always a great way to go. but it doesnt have to be that direction every time. one of my favorite team names in sports is the Orlando Magic. it touches on the cities most recognizable cultural "thing" (which is Disney, not just the Magic Kingdom) without sounding like a sponsorship; like say, the Mighty Ducks (maybe that ones a little unfair, but you get the gist im sure)
  10. exactly - they kept the core idea (the wordmark in a circle is just enough to work) and just made it better. its not a very exciting update, but its certainly an improvement
  11. i think it's a good improvement. it's certainly less clunky and has a more elegant look to it. the thickness of the letters and outer ring are the same, but i think thats the one mistake here. the outer ring should have been slightly thinner so it optically looks the same as the type.
  12. i dig it. i'd like to see a yellow alternate jersey too (NOT to pair with the pants) if they went that route
  13. ahh, see i didnt even think of that. i would hope (because who really knows with Nike) that was the primary reason for doing the cuts on the chosen corners
  14. you'd be surprised! i think the 90 degree corners on the WF numbers makes sense here though. they're highlighting the angles on the bottom-right and upper-left corners here; that's the whole idea to this number set. so for that to work, i think its best to "zero" those opposite corners so you're not mixing in 3 different angle cuts, or having someone guess which corner has that intended meaning