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  1. i'll answer in two ways: as a fan, i'd like to see playoff seeding adjusted (all 6 teams seeded by season record instead of both wildcard teams automatically seeded at 5 and 6). but as an employee, there's really nothing that stands out. if i could convince the Dolphins to move the creative team into our own studio-warehouse in the Wynwood neighborhood, or into a place right on the beach i'd be all for that.
  2. yea that was one of the billboards we did last year. last year, the team decided to do fewer billboards than normal and have the ones we did design around Miami be more "brand plays" than call to action types. for instance, we did one where we took Jarvis Landry's 1 handed catch from the '15 season and had him jumping out of the billboard. but, for the Orlando preseason game and Central Florida marketing, that was an instance where we had to do the traditional "buy tickets" kind of design.
  3. a rough estimate, i'd say about 50%. most of what i do through a normal week is for social platforms. even if that's making a template like for free agent signings, then dropping in an appropriate photo once a guy is signed. that kind of easy stuff pops up often through out a day. and it's not just directly related to football, but there's also plenty of sponsorship, youth programs, and stadium events we have to create and promote as well. the last few weeks we've been heavily involved in the ICC (soccer) match ups. we concepted/created a lot of the identity parts for El Clasico Miami and have been building out a lot of that marketing. bus wraps, taxi toppers, billboards, etc this kind of thing seems pretty common with NFL teams– i know the Falcons design team does a lot for ATL soccer and the Broncos do the Denver Outlaw lacrosse stuff as well. so if you're with an NFL, theres so many other events that happen at most of those stadiums, you'll probably design something for it. mostly, what i do on social is static images, but i also created the "It's Gameday" GIFs and "big play" GIFs last year. i don't have any direct hands on with video, we have a team of about 7 just for video. but right now we have 8 video "franchises" each with their own identity that i've helped design; logo, lower thirds, title screens, and textures. on game days or during training camp, i edit photos and make sure they look as good as possible before we send them out. to my knowledge, this is unique for a graphic designer in the NFL, but so much of our creative depends on great photography so its usually all hands on deck for games or large events
  4. no. but i like the sound of it.
  5. i'm not a hockey fan, but i really love the Panthers new identity. they're doing some really good creative work there too. they have my vote.
  6. for general vector/Illustrator tutorials, i highly recommend checking out these courses: LINK one other tip; something that helped me a lot when starting out was gathering JPGs of logos i really liked, then tracing them in Illustrator. doing this was kind of like learning to play someone elses songs. you learn them "note for note" and at the end, you have understood what its like to actually make a quality logo. how big strokes should be, how small you can go with details, and just how to make something from simple shapes. but most importantly, focus on the idea. the Nike logo isn't just a swoosh, it's a wing in motion. the Apple logo isn't just an apple, its an apple with one bite out of it and that means something. this goes for color too. there should always be some concept that you start with, then learn how to make it into a real thing.
  7. LOL. . i think i'll pass on this one.
  8. no. i had to re-take a web design class in college because it was hard for me to grasp. there are plenty of designers who can do both, but there are also specialist that do well too. if that's an area of design you're interested in and you want to work in sports, there's probably a gig waiting for you. i don't know what the future really holds for NFL team sites, but i think the NFL's template policy is dated enough and every teams Creative Team is expanding enough, that its only a matter of time before there's a major overhaul. personally, i think each team should be able to design their own site and their own content to support it because each fanbase is a bit different. it would make sense then that every team would have their own full time web designer, which isn't the case just yet.
  9. only $350 per fart. is that a good price?
  10. i would like to see the U have their own stadium just because i think every team should have their own stadium. and if it were on campus that would be even better for them for attendance. lol, well i've lived in Orlando off and on for 7 years or so. i've been through some nasty tropical storms and the way i saw it was anything that survived Andrew and the outbreak in 2005 will probably survive anything else. plus, building codes down here have improved greatly and anything built post 05 is pretty much a fortress. i worry more about the cockroaches and palmetto bugs
  11. i've come to learn that the work experience can vary widely depending on the team. but i think what most NFL designers would tell you is that they either work at the stadium or training facility and get to use design and art as a means to support their team. most of us i think are at each home game as well. for me, i'm editing photos and/or making score graphics for out social accounts. i try to be as professional as possible at all times, but as a life long NFL fan i can't help but be star struck every time i see Dan Marino or Nat Moore. i also walk out to the stands of an empty stadium each day for a few minutes to remind myself this is still real. there weren't any major hurdles i had to go through for the job that i was worried about, but they did their due diligence before hiring me. background check, drug test, 3 calls to references, and HR will probably creep on your facebook photos too. most of the time, the U doesn't effect what we do. they design their own in-stadium banners to drape over the walls, their own scoreboard graphics, etc. there are from time to time games that are on the same weekend or so close together that we take into consideration what the field art looks like. so, if during a Dolphins game you just see "MIAMI" written in the endzones, they probably did that so it wouldn't be odd for the Hurricanes during their game. it is the Dolphins stadium first and foremost, but everyone does try to work with the U to make sure they look good on gameday too.
  12. it's hard to point to one specific thing, it's probably more of a whole body of work thats had the biggest impact. but an early project i did was for QBA ( ) where i designed a new logo and tons of sub-brand logos afterwards. i got that job because i just emailed the owner and asked to work with him. turns out they were searching for a designer at the time and it all worked out; i don't think anyone i've ever cold emailed since has wanted to work with me though, so i definitely owe a lot to those guys. another thing, connections are huge and one of the biggest connections i've made came from the CCSLC. years ago i was notified of an opportunity with Adidas here and though i didn't get that job, it did lead to me going to Columbus not long after. i guess what i'd advise anyone looking for that foot in the door opportunity is to get to know someone you admire (no matter how high they might be on the chain, most creative people are very helpful and friendly) and be prepared (portfolio) should an opportunity come your way.
  13. first off, i want this thread to be helpful for anyone looking to start a career as a Graphic Designer (specifically in sports), any Designers who are independent looking to improve their business, or anyone who may be looking to hire a Designer/Studio for their project. Because there are many industry professionals that frequent the boards, i hope they will jump in here as well and add to anything I might miss or anything they can expand on. But i feel this could be a good thread for this forum because i'm seeing more and more people ask about portfolios, logo design, and design careers– the timing seems right. a bit about me: i graduated from Full Sail University in 2009 with an AD in Graphic Design, though my focus since has been in Logos and Branding/Identity. Since graduation, my independent design career has always been important to me, though i have held a few full-time positions. the first was with a timeshare company in Orlando doing mostly web design, then a year with J.America creating Ohio State apparel, and i am currently a Graphic Designer with the Miami Dolphins where i've been since Feb 2016. i do hope whatever experience or knowledge i have can help (or at least entertain) the community here. i will answer as open and honestly as i can, though i will get a couple of things out of the way first. 1.) the Dolphins have no plans to change their logo and/or uniforms that i am aware of, and they seem happy with where they're at now 2.) yes, i wish they would wear the throwbacks full-time too 3.) while in Columbus, i learned to love Ohio State, but i also like Michigan too. i'm not one of those kinds of Buckeyes! other than that, AMA
  14. there are many variables that go into "needing" a degree. many job descriptions will request candidates to have a degree, but that doesn't mean they won't hire people without. the only times i can recall anyone even inquiring about my education is when they heard of the school i went to and asked if i enjoyed it or what it was like. your portfolio, experience, and connections are far more important. C-S, with where you are now, i dont think you need a formal education. i think you're on the right track already and when looking to expand your knowledge/skills at this point, i would recommend buying a few books and a subscription to and get your Behance portfolio in shape– it's critical.
  15. know what, im gonna hijack this thread before it inevitably happens anyway. this is now the "coolest race car thread". all cool race cars welcome