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  1. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    to the best of my knowledge, this rule stems from the failed Color Rush initiative. there are some teams who want to keep wearing their CR uniforms but because its no longer a requirement, the NFL has opened it up as an option. teams will have their home, away, alternate, and throwback jersey option for the season. if im not mistaken, teams can wear the alternate and throwback twice each. and as the 100th season approaches, this could also be a preview of what is to come, but that's only a guess.
  2. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    I see it as the opposite. Look at the trends of the NFL; Titans, Bucs, Seahawks, Browns, their last uni... this one goes Away from all of that completely. It’s the one uni that isn’t trying so damn hard to “tell a story”
  3. BrandMooreArt

    "Hostile architecture" AKA "defensive design"

    i dont think its so black and white. not knowing anything about the city's politics, i get the impression that these examples of "hostile architecture" are intended, above all else, to keep traffic flowing freely. i dont believe they target homeless, but target everyone— i imagine those would be decent places to sit and eat a cheesesteak, but at the cost of slowing or crowing those areas. is that something the city should be spending money on? i would say yes
  4. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    seconded. lets make this bill a law
  5. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    would love to see SI try to run that headline today
  6. BrandMooreArt

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    they didn't decide to do this uniform just this year. they've probably had this in the works as their Color Rush option. they can still elect to wear their red socks for the games, though
  7. BrandMooreArt

    Walleye Logo Concept

    i think i found your reference picture, and its a great illustration to use. i think your logo interpretation lacks a bit of motion and action. using that same illustration i did a quick sketch focusing on making that same dynamic form in only 2 colors (light and shadow). i think if you go back and start there, it will lead to better lines and a more iconic logo from there you can style it a bit more like your original if wanted/needed, adding in the key stroke, the colors, or building in some other highlights. which you did a great job of, i just think you need to revisit the foundation of it
  8. BrandMooreArt

    NFL 2018 changes

    they should still work if reflected. even when you flip the “motion” or fur or whatever. often though, McCarthy is right, when you reflect the art some mistakes show up, especially when you have to consider perspective, like the Bengals logo. digital artist will flip their canvas a lot while working to reveal all those mistakes in perspective or lighting. the same process should be considered when doing logos like that, most especially if it were intended to be reflected in the firt place, like when using on a helmet edit - to see that process in action, this artist does it a couple of times at the end of this video:
  9. BrandMooreArt

    Jacksonville Jaguars Uniform Documentary

    yes, but i dont buy that film review, where you can control the speed of the tape and focus on a single player, translates to the field and real time play
  10. BrandMooreArt

    Jacksonville Jaguars Uniform Documentary

    can confirm a lot of players have said they like "when the jersey matches the pants". and so many of these guys have probably played in that kind of combination since high-school; its normal for them yea thats sounds like complete non-sense. as if a big ass Braisher stripe (Packers, browns, Saints, 49ers) down the center of the helmet would be any different
  11. BrandMooreArt

    West Virginia Black Bears to play as Moonshiners

    sooo... how am i supposed to feel about a team changing their mascot/name to one that deals in illegal activities?
  12. BrandMooreArt

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    roasted seahawk?
  13. BrandMooreArt

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    there's not a better bird mascot logo than the Seahawks. change my mind
  14. BrandMooreArt

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    as much as i like the current colors, i think i'd actually like to split the difference— current blue + kelly green
  15. BrandMooreArt

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    spot on. i think the current Seahawks logo is one of the very best in all of sports. it has that unmistakable Native PNW style, a more unique color palette, and the boldness of the lines and shapes works better as a logo. meaning when you shrink it down or embroider it, it doesn't collapse on itself. its simpler, more iconic, everything feels like it was carefully considered instead of copied from a photograph. all that just makes it better, but there's also this forward motion and sense of speed to it that i really like where the original is so static.