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  1. since we're on the topic of the Vikings, you'll want to watch this! the new stadium is going to be absolutely amazing. i think this is already a top 5 NFL stadium and my hunch is if i get to see it for myself, i might move it to as high as #1 on my list. can't wait to see games here
  2. piggybacking off of the "worst-of" thread, some of us thought it might be appropriate to have a best-of thread. i feel like this has been done before though, but maybe its been a while? anyway, the way i'll do it is by league and my picks are based on the list below (feel free to make your lists/cases any way you choose). its actually hard to find teams who really hit on each one of these categories, so some of my picks might be lacking in one of these areas but i feel are so great in all the others i couldn't ignore them. i could include 5 or 6 teams in every sport in my top tier, but for the sake of brevity i'll only take 1 from each. Selection based on: logos word marks / type color palette team name primary home/away uniforms Best of the NFL Packers - the identity seems to be truly timeless. the uniforms, colors, and primary logo are as great today as they were in the 60s. and they have a team name that is all their own. if they lack in one area, its the word mark but with the rest of the identity being so near perfect they're fairly easily my pick for best NFL identity. the other contender is the Raiders but Packers win here because the Pack's primary logo is much better. Best of MLB Cubs - really never expected to pick a red/blue team here in a league where 70% of the teams share that color palette, the Cubs do it so well. pinstripes, beautiful logos, and something about the youthful team name feels friendly and likable – not what you expect from pro sports teams today. i also like the Blue Jays but the logos is overly complex and the Orioles' just don't quite seem finished. Best of NBA Hornets - i can't make an argument for any other NBA team; this is THE one. i don't think the current uniform is the last on they'll wear because it could use some work but only a little. even if you're not a fan, this is the type of identity that makes you want to buy team swag. if i have to give honorable mentions though, it goes to the Kings and Bucks Best of MLS Union - this is a hard pick to make because soccer's team sponsorships completely ruin some good uniforms. i'll take Philly though based on a great crest, colors, and kit. for me the White Caps are right up there too, i really love their current jerseys and theres no reason why the Crew shouldnt be in the conversation, but they sabotaged their identity with their uniforms. Best of NHL Canadiens - i love the red and blue thats perfectly broken up by the thick stripes and just the right amount of white. really great logo that fits in with my Packers and Cubs picks for simplicity, craftsmanship, and timelessness. if i made a lists of best identities combining all sports, the Canadiens would be near the very top. that said, i was really close to making the Stars my pick here and could make a case for the Blackhawks as well
  3. that one had nothing to do with me. but its the launch of our 2016 campaign. so all the stuff you see coming out now, besides video, i probably had a hand in
  4. never let facts get in the way of a good story. thats branding. its not exactly about whats most accurate, its about association. count me in as someone who loves the Ravens identity, at least from a branding perspective im all for a best identity thread though lets get that going
  5. i say this without knowing much about why the Padres change to blue/white, but i would guess it was intentionally done to make them fit into the crowd; not wanting to stand out. brown is generally one of the least likable colors and blue a safe and sellable color – especially in baseball. im not saying i wouldnt prefer brown/yellow myself, but i have to wonder if you polled the fanbase how would they feel? or more importantly, how has the switch done with apparel sales? and IF the answer is the identity has increased team revenue then the identity accomplished what it was surely designed to do.
  6. LMAO! i was talking about the logos of course but the actual Mascot just shows how meaningless the identity is - they didnt have much of a choice but to make it a bison
  7. so Sale is definitely a CCSLC member then, right?
  8. thats a fine uniform. actually reminds me of what Indiana was doing a few years ago before they completely lost their way. its just red/white everything, but everything looks nice enough.
  9. what has happened to the world when Nike is making great number fonts (VT) and UA is making some all-time crap? i really like the ideas in the Notre Dame uniform, but its not executed very well. give them props on the Wisconsin stripes though, thats a really nice way to separate them from all the other red/white schools
  10. Idaho is an example of how you can make good design even if you dont have an especially unique identity. all of that stuff is something that could so easily be adopted by UCF or Colorado, but i really like how well a lot of it turned out. they're on the right track there. love the matte gray football helmets
  11. dude. . . they're numbers.
  12. daaaaamn Nike! i love the number font. its been YEARS since i've said that about a Nike number font. is this something from their catalog or a custom design??
  13. i think what made it generic then would also make it generic now. the uniforms were built on the entire list of standard football elements, down to the last detail of stroked block numbers and including a red, white, blue color palette. the current Giants uniform is simple, memorable, and unique because of what it doesn't use.
  14. will be interesting to see how this helmet performs. im not worried about logo placement though, they'll look better on this helmet than they do on the SpeedFlex