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  1. its not me. im just relaying the info
  2. of course; i said exactly that when discussing the anniversary a couple months ago. but the reason there will never be a large throwback initiative is the League doesn't want people to view them as being old; work around this brand is about presenting it as a forward thinking organization/game. im sure there will be some sort of historic celebration elements, but that wont be the major theme. does that make sense? is that appropriate? will it be successful? i haven't the slightest and thats not for me to say. is the average age of an NFL fan around 50? well, i trust the League's research more than anyone else' guesses, and the only thing i know for sure is they want to lower that number.
  3. i don't know, man. i can only tell you what they're doing in marketing and branding and somewhere around 50 years of age is the number the league values and uses to determine their strategies.
  4. the average age of the NFL fan. im not exactly sure how thats calculated, but my guess is it comes from ticket sales, social media engagement, and viewership. there are multiple things that have lead to an older audience, but the point is anything the NFL does from a marketing and branding strategy is going to put themselves in the light of "having a bright future", not looking backwards. besides team initiatives of throwback uniforms and anniversaries, when was the last time the league did anything that was any different from that strategy? off the top of my head, it was the AFL's 50th anniversary. they're just not about going backwards
  5. from what i can say based on what i know, its nothing so "loud" as that direction. i think we can expect the "modernness" of the Super Bowl aesthetic. i dont know, maybe. but the point is to "not look old." its a sport that has failed to capture the attention of Americas youth; the average NFL fan is near 50. any marketing initiative they do will be more in the spirit of moving forward, rather than looking back
  6. i'd love to see that too, but that wont happen. the NFL doesn't want to look old and isn't too thrilled about "going backwards" in any aspect. their branding/marketing is all about going forward. the messages and design around the 100th season wont be about the past 100 years, but about the next. does that make sense? well, its not exactly what i would suggest, but i believe thats where they're headed
  7. The Guardian rebrands

    to sum it up in a sentence, i'd say the aesthetic is "they've gone from internet news, to print news". i wonder if a general newspaper design is becoming just retro enough to be cool now? theres a lot of things that are right about that look. it feels like the wordmark has moved out of the college dorm and into a sweet, Victorian house. it's grown up well. i dig it
  8. Diet Coke rebrand

    thats an interesting approach. i wonder how that paid off for them? did it actually increse sale amongst women? my hunch is no
  9. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    100%. i'll give you one team that is doesn't work for: Arizona Cardinals. everything they do from an identity standpoint is still quite modern and forward thinking (even the Reebok era uni) but the gray mask is out of place because it represents the past. it still looks fine, but what that element represents and the "personality" of the others (stripes, logo, stadium, typography, etc) are very different
  10. there's 2 different philosophies on this; do you 1.) wear what is most recognizable 2.) put on something special. i think better questions are how much does it matter? what are the lasting effects of either choice? what kind of "party" is the SB, and how should that determine how you dress?
  11. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    that's the thing with the Nike-era uniforms; most of them are not meant to be classic but to make a splash in the pan. the goal was always to stand out now, rather than build something that will last. but i've got a few of my own opinions that have evolved over the years but the main one is gray facemasks on football helmets. when the Colts updated their unis in 2004, i couldn't believe they put a gray mask on a white helmet. at the time it was so ugly, especially compared to the blue masks they had before. it didnt take long though for me to come around and see the light. once i learned why they did it and what it represents, it completely changed my taste. now, if i were football czar, i'd put a gray mask on most helmets. love the look.
  12. NFL 2018 changes

    its true. there won't be a "One Florida" decal on the helmets in 2018.
  13. Diet Coke rebrand

    i love the new slim cans. it's such an obvious, smart choice for a diet soda you have to wonder why it didn't happen years ago. it actually communicates what you expect from a diet drink and looking at the "old" can, it just feels so wrong now. i'd like to know how it effects packing and shipping as well, im sure that was considered in this process. the new flavors and can livery will change over time, i dont think its even worth getting into that. but the "coke" type has also been tweaked a bit and feels more sophisticated. between that and the choice of can design, this will definitely end up being on of my favorite designs of the year.
  14. How much can you "update" a classic?

    but we're talking about different logos here, not variations that happened by accident due to the applications. theres no reason why you couldnt have 1 logo and no one would be able to tell the difference. also, the Yankees in no way should have 4 different marks. these things happen because there was no quality control over the years an some vendor did their own version for whatever reason, but today its much easier to have consistency, which should be the case
  15. How much can you "update" a classic?

    this is a very interesting question, and for me it begs another question before i can give an answer: what is the intent? if the intent is to be true to a past uniform and apply an old design to a modern uniform template, i would like it to be as accurate as possible. misses on details can destroy that nostalgia and emotional resonance, at least for me. but, especially in football, old decorations like stripes don't work any more for modern templates — old sleeve stripes were a solution to a different problem which proposes new problems today; the Steelers jerseys will never again look like they did in the 70's. but if the intent is to take an old design and do something new with it, it has to be different enough from the original that it doesn't look like a knock-off. if you're too close to the old, its kind of like "what's the point? why didn't they just go all the way with the old design?". this is a very tricky direction to get right but the Blue Jays are probably the prime example of this.