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  1. last years Ferarri was one of my favorite Scuderia liveries in a long time. really sad to see less white used there but ill take the Lauda-esque shark fin. still looks cool the old McLaren orange is such a beautiful color, i can't believe the car is 50% black. i would love to have seen them go all in with orange. im really not feeling this design at all as a side note the 2017 car design does look so much better. i hope they race as good as they look
  2. theres a video that takes you through the renovations showing some before and after renders. looks like they're doing everything: clubs, bars, scoreboards. . .they'll certainly be pushing that this season.
  3. Mercedes not changing much of course, but looks like this will really be the one to see in the night races
  4. looks like the stadium structure to me too. would make sense for them to pull visuals from the stadium to use in marketing material for the upcoming season. (goes back to that whole concept and inspiration thing). the Dolphins did the same for 2016 season, too.
  5. 50's style auto badges is another direction i had in mind myself and think taking some cues from that era could work very well too. that doesn't mean to make a wordmark like the Bel Air badge, but what if you took their new modern-block and beveled it like a chrome badge? or added a single flourish on a letter? or trimmed it in chrome instead of gray? you can take anything and turn it into something else that is either tasteful or gaudy. i just don't believe you can say "let's not look at any of these things at all" or because the Pistons started with a similar concept that anyone else would end up with the same-ish result. i totally agree that press releases for sports identities are overblown to say the least. and i believe too, they're written after the fact with no to little input from the design team, which is why we shouldn't worry about that aspect of it at all. every piece of design is inspired by something, trying to meet some sort of goal and communicate a visual message. that doesn't mean you're going to end up with a BS press story, it just means that some organizations arn't really good at communicating the things that actually went into it– or feel the need to do more for whatever reason.
  6. perhaps the most unpopular unpopular opinion, but very much yes. poorly drawn, complex logo with a dated, sloppy word mark and a bland uniform design and color palette. the identity is kitsch.
  7. so much of modern sports branding involves pulling concepts from the local area. whether its using a local/state animal as a mascot, state flag colors, or something from the area's history it's usually a good direction to pull from things that are synonymous with the place you represent. and if the Lions said "let's look at Ford/Chevy/Chrysler aesthetic and history to see if there's anything we can pull from" i don't know why the immediate reaction would be "no, that's bad." on top of that, i don't know where the Lions Honolulu blue came from, but it's very close to Ford Engine Blue and that could have been a great story for the brand if they had named it so. if they decided "we took inspiration from 60's muscle cars for our new sleeve stripes" i also think that would be a great story and design direction for this team
  8. if that's the worst, F1 is doing great. i think its definitely better than last years livery and there's just enough orange and green to separate it from Mercedes. im a big fan of the 2013 Force India design, but this one is my favorite of theirs ever, other than 2013.
  9. i haven't seen your design, but are you sure this is the same one? i think a lot of people might arrive at a very similar design taking the minimalist direction. that said, if you offered it up as a free resource then, yea its fair game. that also said, dribbble is no longer a community of the professional or exceptional. whoever this person is, its only their second shot of the site and yes, obviously passing this design (if its not his) off as his own is shady at best. im assuming he just doesnt know any better and theres no harmful intent there, so maybe send him a message if you would like to be credited. which you deserve to be if you wish.
  10. they pulled out of a black concept late last year which i thought was a mistake, especially with the satin finish. i absolutely love this livery
  11. i could do without the white, but Old Gold and blue is one of my favorite color combinations. beauty of a car; deserves to score more than 2 points!
  12. players would hate it, but i've been wanting to see a compression half-sleeve undershirt utilized in an NFL design ever sense Oregon State did it in 2010. i believe they'll have a throwback as well, but there's no way they'll have a blue color rush, home, and throwback jersey. i think the new uniforms will riff off of the Sanders era uniforms, so if that happens why would they have a throwback to that era? either way, im starting to think whatever throwback they do will feature a white jersey
  13. i'll take the 50+ logos based on color alone. the Roman numerals always take me a few seconds to read it and the stadiums haven't really been rendered so iconic that they're an instant read either. so the type and shape isn't an instant communication of what this thing represents. just that splash of color makes the logo more memorable though and at least at this point i can associate gold with 50/San Fran, red with Houston/51, etc.
  14. hard to say with the texture. every team has patterns they use in select marketing material (Dolphins use a pattern that reflects stadium roof rafters) but certainly Nike isnt afraid to pitch those ideas for the uniforms. black will always be a desired neutral color for apparel yea i like this direction. for an RGB purpose, i'd go even more subtle. (used a generic wordmark because lazy)
  15. i like the chrome idea but used tastefully. i wouldnt decribe a chrome plated helmet that way, but a little bit of chrome trim around the logo, some thin stripes, even working it into the uniform like around the numbers would be nice. basically take the approach of "chrome trim" rather than "we're the chrome team"