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  1. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    yes, im including viewership as a part of this as well. you're right about Green Bay but thats a special case and most teams have available tickets for most games leading right up to that week (be it a $55 nosebleed). so why would all 32 owners buy into this? obviously for more revenue. but that cant come from apparel sales alone (from the color rush angle) i think its about butts in seats at games (add to this the money people spend at the stadium) and eyes on the tv
  2. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    i dont know the numbers, but so much the NFL does is about selling tickets. so when it comes to the game day experience, theres going to be some extra incentive to go to "that" game. fan appreciation day, service appreciation, breast cancer awareness, Play 60, Back to Football, half time shows, new uniforms. there is always something driving that ticket sale. and although these are primetime matchups, its still on a thursday night and you're giving up 3-4 hours of it to watch the Bills and Jets. not exactly a hot ticket. or what about primetime TV shows? thats competition too. i agree partially with the 2nd part. i dont like the idea of novelty like this either, but a lot of people have told me how much they like the Color Rush uniforms because "it's something different" so if its stupid but it works. . . . i think if this were only about apparel sales, they'd put all the teams in a throwback uniform because there is so much nostalgia tied to those things where something new like Color Rush is about a new shiny object - and that seems to me to be a driving factor for the gameday experience, at home or at the stadium.
  3. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    right, im sure the NFL/Nike would like for that to happen with all 32 teams. i believe NFL has tried to get every team an on-field 3rd (or 4th) option for some time now so i think Color Rush is their best attempt at that. for 2015, i would only assume it was market testing, and/or quick turn execution. now that every team has had a year or more to develop the 2016 uniform, we'll soon know the "real" intent of the offering. definitely jerseys/apparel are on the list, but in my opinion it would be secondary to 1.) fans at the stadium 2.) viewers on TV. the financial benefits of those things are probably (i dont know exact numbers) better than pure jersey sales. fans at the stadium spend a lot of money while they're there on top of the ticket purchase and advertisers want to see their commercials being placed in front of large numbers. so Color Rush is an extra incentive to get fans to do those things. the apparel sales i imagine is just the cherry on top. The NFL can do whatever they want with apparel and move it. and there is another piece of evidence that supports Color Rush as an "apparel marketing move" though, and i hate playing the "i cant say anything" card, but i can't say anything as it would give away too much but as the season rolls along you'll probably pick up on the patterns that the teams/Nike is doing. again, i'm not suggesting its NOT about moving apparel, i just don't see it as the primary reason
  4. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    you're on to something there. yes obviously part of it is to sell apparel (t shirts and hats and such in addition to jerseys) but there is still more to it than that. the teams share revenue, so just doing something to "sell more jerseys" is just not worth the effort really. it has to be larger. that larger picture is to bring viewers to thursday night games. celebrating team colors is the vehicle for that. one thing that NFL/Nike never mentioned about Color Rush to my knowledge is that the 1st televised NFL game in color happened on a thursday Thanksgiving game. the specific year escapes me at the moment, but that "story" is part of what they're going for here.
  5. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    not trying to be coy, but i cant say anything specific. there are multiple things there i can assure you are wrong.
  6. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    well done mock
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    i wonder if they will keep the current helmets?? that last design lasted longer than i think anyone expected. but this is another turn in trend for football uniforms that just builds on the 2015 Nike designs. the previous Rutgers set was a Pro Combat clone, like many schools they saw that offering and wanted that aesthetic full time. so, this looks like a catalog order but look at the 180 they've done here. no patterns in the numbers, no special helmet finish (still not sure there) and no custom number font. its very much a modern take on traditional elements. like Nike's major designs of 2015, it's subtle in the details that set it apart (even for a catalog order) and very minimal in its approach. even being 1 of a million red/white schools, theres enough here to avoid confusion for another. its really not often you see a catalog order turn out this well, but i do hope those old helmets stick around
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    thats nothing new for Oregon, they always do something in a color they usually dont even wear during the season FWIW, this is the Vapor Untouchable uniform, so this is really the first time we get to see how sleeve art, numbers, etc will look on the new template. its a big part of why im loving this design too. very clean and well fitting.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    i absolutely love it. like, i want to marry it. straight FIRE homie!!
  10. What's up with the matte trend?

    yea that bit about HGI was what i was trying to get at. you're right about Clemson though, their helmet still has a gloss finish - it was some of Nike's concepts (including the mocks for the 2016 playoffs) that showed them with a matte finish. i got juked
  11. What's up with the matte trend?

    as far as the trend goes, a matte or satin finish is very popular. its driven by HGI and their Hydroskin process which changes a bit every couple of years, but the last NFL rebrand used it (Browns) and all the major rebrands of last year in CFB used at least 1 alternate with a Hydroskin finish. this year Clemson and Purdue have both used the finish its not slowing down at all, in fact a satin finish may even be the new standard. it matches the uniform materials well and from what i understand makes the helmets a bit lighter (thats a bigger deal than jerseys because weight can effect the likley ess of a concussion)
  12. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    how so? like, its too retro?
  13. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    of course ill reserve all judgement until the whole thing rolls out, but put me in the minority, im liking this stuff so far. if the logos have to have a basketball in them, then the logos are pretty well done. i love the crown, and i love the adoption of a lion for a tram named the Kings which is a bit more thoughtful than doing the literal "crown, staff, and throne" thing. and if they do go with blue and purple and pull that palette off well? mark them down as one of my top 3 NBA identities it does strike me as very soccer like in some parts, i cant deny that but i just dont mind it. really looking forward to seeing the rest
  14. Designer Question - Background Research

    Jaha thats a good way to do it,flip the steps around. thinking back to that project, it had to be done that way because it was very short deadline and i had to get it right on try 1. but i actually like your way better time permitting.
  15. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    probably a green counterfeit right?