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  1. NFL Changes - 2016

    yes. and speaking of new stadiums, heres the latest on Miami
  2. NASCAR livery concepts

    decided to make a template for Nascar just to mess around with. heres a few liveries some of my favorite racing liveries ever is Petty's from the 60s and 70s. i cant stand that stupid swoosh they have on the car now. even without having STP as a full time sponsor, this seems like a very easy design to do. not too far from the 2015 Darlington car the Monster car is pretty good as is, but i really dont like that number design (though i think it comes directly from Foyt) and wanted to try something influenced by Ken Block's cars keep the number, but at least change the design and let it stay with Gordon. this is pretty much the Rick Mears yellow submarine livery. Tony's Mobil 1 car is one of my favorites in Nascar, but again changing the number font here and trying a more interesting graphic idea for the quarter-panel
  3. Seagull guitars rebrand

    acoustic guitar manufacturer right? i really like the new logo. its really well crafted, modern, adn will scale much better to smaller sizes. the old logo is so disjointed, an icon just slapped above the word mark, and looks like it was done in MS paint. the new elements all fit together well, its hand drawn, and i love the bow-tie shape of the new workmark. the centered sun/circle will make this fit perfectly on the headstocks. im a fan
  4. NFL Changes - 2016

    i almost really like the Viks field design but i cant stand those tangents where the wordmark is touching the boundaries in the end zone. a simple fix is making those wordmarks just a little smaller to give them some breathing room
  5. Indianapolis Colts' Horseshoe Helmet Logo

    some very old logos. its not "supposed" to be that way but these things have seen a lot of changes in production, EMs, helmet design, etc. in their lifetimes. i would bet the owners have never even noticed
  6. the Saints wearing a black helmet, played the Falcons in a preseason game in 1969. couldnt find any great photos. the Saints played the Dolphins in 1970 which would probably be a runner up for me
  7. NFL Changes - 2016

    i believe the study was done considering fan bias (for and against). cant remember how they accounted for that exaclty
  8. Do Uniforms Matter to Recruits?

    i dont have much to add here. just posting a few tweets from Jeremy Darlow (author of Brands Win Championships) and Matt Lange, Alabama CD
  9. Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    Shiner always has great design
  10. Portland State unveils a new look

    yea i see what they're going for there. im not sure theres any good way to really pull this one off, theres just always going to be something odd about it. i think the angles here also add to the tension. its a mark you just have to forgive in execution - at least the idea behind it is really good.
  11. NFL Changes - 2016

    here's the full stadium illustration used, made by your boy Brian Gundell
  12. NFL Changes - 2016

    hope so too. im not sure about those plans, but its possible they will
  13. NFL Changes - 2016

    things could change, but as of right now the 2 home games with aqua will be monochrome and 1 home game will be white/aqua
  14. NFL Changes - 2016
  15. Portland State unveils a new look

    this is going to bother me forever; the lines of the S not following the shield