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  1. Zach: How do you feel about people who spell ZacK with a 'K' instead of an 'H'? Do you view them as heretics? Greg: If you don't mind my candidness, you're one of the coolest 50+ year-olds I know. What's the secret to staying cool and not allowing the world to turn you into a bitter old codger? I'm not being sarcastic at all; you're cool as sh¡t. Mike: If you could create an original, fully functional Power Ranger for yourself, what would your color be, and what would be the theme (i.e., animal, vehicle, humanoid, mythological creature, etc.) of your individual zord?
  2. The Arizona Cardinals' uniform doesn't look all that bad IF it's paired with white shoes.
  3. I like the use of gray on their current white pants because it incorporates the gray the facemask much more smoothly. Would you rather the red numbers or the blue numbers on the white jersey?
  4. Below average? Stop it If you take the total sum of all 32 "dark" uniforms, and aesthetically average them out (somehow), you would have the Saints below that average? I'll give you average, but not below average.
  5. Take that Mariners pullover, replace the yellow with teal, and make it a button up. Easy.
  6. I wonder how it would look if you switched the wordmark fonts for the Magic and the Kings?
  7. I don't the Spurs don't at all. I actually like it a lot. The uniform is missing the distinctive silver/grey elements though. Maybe a double black/silver outline like the current unis? Maybe even just silver-chrome the wordmark, numbers, and Texas logo instead?
  8. So to recap, who's confirmed for new uniforms so far? • Timberwolves • Trailblazers • Clippers?
  9. I read that whole thing and I'm still confused.
  10. Skylar Diggins This wasn't a bad uniform for Notre Dame.
  11. 2009. I remember because it was the reason I joined the boards.
  12. I wasn't here for the Cardinals unveiling, but I was for the Marlins and I absolutely remember the board crashed for about a couple of hours.
  13. Since Minnesota is the sports logo story of the day, here's Minnesota MC J. Plaza. (I know. Weak segue. )
  14. I'm a 5%er here because I'm black.
  15. It looks like an accident to me, guys. Let him live.