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  1. No Mercy should be a solid event.
  2. What about orange/white/orange?
  3. ???
  4. For the people complaining about the Patriots wearing the Texans pants, how did you feel back when the Giants and Bills used to play each other in the late 80s and early 90s?
  5. Houston vs. New England Arizona vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Miami Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Detroit vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Kansas City San Diego vs. Indianapolis Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Chicago vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. New Orleans
  6. Agreed. 🙌🏾
  7. I'm a Saints fan, but as long as they have those stupid ass collars and accept khaki pale Vegas gold as a substitute for their original brassy gold, they'll never have the top spot for me. Personally, I'd switch 1 and 3, but it's not my list. Also, do people still b•tch about the Cowboys mismatching blues? I notice you mention it almost every time you list them as one of your best looks. It's almost as if you have to justify your opinion in your own thread!
  8. If anyone has Madden, then I'd love to see the Bills with their current helmet, current blue jersey, current white pants, color rush red socks, and white shoes. Also, Dolphins color unis but with white pants and shoes.
  9. Absolutely perfect.
  10. The socks either need stripes or to be solid black. 9/10
  11. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Detroit Baltimore vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. Washington New Orleans vs. NY Giants San Francisco vs. Carolina Miami vs. New England Kansas City vs. Houston Seattle vs. Los Angeles Tampa Bay vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. San Diego Atlanta vs. Oakland Indianapolis vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Minnesota Philadelphia vs. Chicago
  12. The pants are also stripeless, which I don't like. They should've just used the pants from this combo from last year.
  13. As a Tulane football fan, I begrudgingly like this uniform a lot.