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  1. Green Bay vs. Atlanta Pittsburgh vs. New England
  2. I think with their full pant stripe, it's not as egregious
  3. I think it means to take away my team whenever it has an uncertain stadium situation.
  4. I've been advocating this since the possibility first made news.
  5. cc: @Ice_Cap People waste no time.
  6. Seattle vs. Atlanta Houston vs. New England Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City Green Bay vs. Dallas
  7. So… are we still doing this week?
  8. I forgot to mention to you guys that I went to Raw last night. It was cool to see Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in person, but otherwise it was just an OK show. I saw about a dozen people walk out from my section alone after The Undertaker segment. It was cool to see The Undertaker chokeslam Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens after the cameras went off.
  9. What if you just make the posts like you always do, and one of us figure up the point totals? We can do the work; you just officially acknowledge and co-sign it. --- Giants switching to white shoes really improved their look in my eyes, especially the road look. Also, when I think of DA BEARS in my head, I envision their road uniforms with the blue pants automatically. It is a very classic look for them to me. But as you said earlier, different strokes.
  10. Aw yeah, son! My last week is my best week of the entire season and I'm tied for 2nd! ✌🏾️ Oakland vs. Houston Detroit vs. Seattle Miami vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Green Bay
  11. If I can finish in the top 3, then I'll consider this a successful regular-season. Buffalo vs. NY Jets New England vs. Miami Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Tennessee Oakland vs. Denver Kansas City vs. San Diego Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Philadelphia vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Washington Carolina vs. Tampa Bay New Orleans vs. Atlanta (or as @infrared41 so affectionately phrases it: "The Little Rivalry That Could") Seattle vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. Los Angeles Chicago vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Detroit (anyone's guess though)
  12. Man, I really want to win this! I'm still not sure about three of my picks ATM, so I might change them before the deadline. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Miami vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Minnesota vs. Green Bay San Diego vs. Cleveland Washington vs. Chicago Atlanta vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. Seattle San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Cincinnati vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Denver vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. Dallas
  13. * As always, I reserve the right to change my answers until December 31, at 11:59pm CT 2017 Royal Rumble Winner: John Cena Return of the Year: Can I say Triple H? Biggest Signing of 2017: Kurt Angle Most Surprising Departure of 2017: Mark Henry to retirement WWE Star Most Likely to Join Another Major Wrestling Promotion (ROH, New Japan, Lucha Underground): Hideo Itami NXT Star Most Likely to Get Called Up and Succeed on the Main Roster: Samoa Joe Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner: Braun Strowman Will The Undertaker Compete at WrestleMania ✹, a.k.a. WrestleMania 33?: Yes If Yes, Then Name The Undertaker's WrestleMania 33 Opponent: John Cena Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania 33 Opponent: Goldberg πŸ˜‘ Main Event of WrestleMania 33: Seth Rollins vs. Triple H - Universal Championship Superstar Most Likely to Switch Brands and Succeed: Dean Ambrose to Raw OR Sami Zayn to SDLive 2016 Money in the Bank Contract Winner(s): TBD First Time WWE Champion*: Baron Corbin Biggest Character Heel/Face Turn: Chris Jericho turns Babyface Feud of the Year: Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz Superstar That Will Miss the Most Time Due to Injury: Tyson Kidd for the second year in a row πŸ™ 2017 Slammy Award Winner for Superstar of the Year: Samoa Joe Female Superstar Who Will End Charlotte's PPV Winning Streak: Ronda Rousey How Many Times Will Charlotte Win Back The WWE Women's Championship? LOL, but really: 3
  14. Just a heads up: I bumped the 2016 WWE Predictions thread started the 2017 WWE Predictions thread since it's an annual tradition here.
  15. Your thread title says 'when'; the article says 'if'. There's a significant difference in implication there. --- I like UCLA's colors. Powder blue and old gold.