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  1. I don't the Spurs don't at all. I actually like it a lot. The uniform is missing the distinctive silver/grey elements though. Maybe a double black/silver outline like the current unis? Maybe even just silver-chrome the wordmark, numbers, and Texas logo instead?
  2. So to recap, who's confirmed for new uniforms so far? • Timberwolves • Trailblazers • Clippers?
  3. I read that whole thing and I'm still confused.
  4. Skylar Diggins This wasn't a bad uniform for Notre Dame.
  5. 2009. I remember because it was the reason I joined the boards.
  6. I wasn't here for the Cardinals unveiling, but I was for the Marlins and I absolutely remember the board crashed for about a couple of hours.
  7. Since Minnesota is the sports logo story of the day, here's Minnesota MC J. Plaza. (I know. Weak segue. )
  8. I'm a 5%er here because I'm black.
  9. It looks like an accident to me, guys. Let him live.
  10. Delete this post. See my next one.
  11. Looks like a custom font I would see in a millennial's social media bio. ᴍıɴɴᴇsᴏᴛʌ ᴛıᴍʙᴇʀᴡᴏʟᴠᴇs
  12. Since it's a league rule that every team not grandfathered in must have at least one logo featuring a basketball, then is there any reason why the league logo itself can't be a… roundel with a basketball? *ducks for cover* FAKE EDIT: Yes I'm aware the silhouettes technically feature a basketball.
  13. I might be WAY outta left field here (pun somewhat intended), but logically speaking, I can see football uniforms heading towards a full-body, strategically-padded exosuit, helmets with 360° cameras, and digital visors displaying play calls, trajectories, and real-time speedometers.
  14. Better look at the belts. --- As an admirer of sports aesthetics, I really appreciate Kassius Ohno's gear. I think most of us here would too.
  15. Unofficially, I'm taking the chimp biker gang in a blowout.