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  1. New Minn Kota logo

    Like the new one a lot more than the old one.
  2. So, are the Blackhawks next?
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    As overused as navy is, I still think the Angels best look was their '86-'88 look: I think it could work modernized a bit. Use the current "A" and wordmark. But I prefer the more standard block font.
  4. I actually prefer the ram head. Curious if you can update that? What you have here is great, but seems better suited as a secondary logo.
  5. It's too bad the original '93 logo can't make a return. I actually really liked it and the way it wrapped around the helmet.
  6. The XFL may be making a comeback

    A rival that is still two years away from even playing a single down? Let alone a guarantee it can even survive one full season...
  7. MLB changes 2018?

    I'm surprised mascots are even still a thing in 2018. It's something I always associated with minor leagues or college teams, but it always seemed unnecessary at the pro level.
  8. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Didn't the NFL try to merge with the CFL at one point? I think the CFL is a good example of how to make a NFL competitor: by being different. I think the CFL is well aware that its talent level is far below the NFL, and many of its rule changes sometimes come off as silly (there's an infamous game on YouTube you can watch where both sides rally the ball back and forth for like 2 minutes because you can't do a QB kneel). But the point is, none of that matters to the CFL. It's not a NFL competitor and never tried to be. It offers a product that is recognizable but distinct in its own way. It also has a slightly different season structure, and the Gray Cup is a multi-day affair that makes it almost as significant as the Vince Lombardi Trophy or the Stanley Cup. I don't get the impression the XFL is attempting something like that. It's instead going for the "here's how the NFL should be!" angle. And it just won't work.
  9. The XFL may be making a comeback

    I'm not familiar enough with the CFL to comment on aspects of the game like that. I just like the idea that if a team does attempt a longer field goal (from midfield or beyond) and it succeeds, they get one more point than usual.
  10. The XFL may be making a comeback

    That I don't know. But I will say that despite some ridicule, I'm actually a really big fan of the CFL in general. Fewer downs, less time between play calling, you can't end games with a QB kneel (the ones that people don't protest), and the field is longer. I would imagine some of the rule changes (like the one I mentioned about longer field goals being worth more points) is likely to balance out what I consider a somewhat faster paced game.
  11. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Yeah, this is odd. The original XFL at least went with cities that didn't have NFL teams at the time (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Birmingham, etc.) Obviously the Rams have returned to LA, and the Raiders are due to play in Vegas next season. So I don't know why Vegas would targeted. Or any of the other listed cities. I mean sure, living in SoCal, I like both the Dodgers and Angels, but that's the result of them having existed for decades, playing in different leagues and thus having different rivalries. So I can get being a fan of, say, the Broncos and Denver XFL, but the problem is the latter is starting fresh. Not only does the league need to prove it works, the team needs to be engaging on-field and build up meaningful rivalries. That takes a long time. You'd think the new XFL would purposely go to cities without any pro football, kind of like how the original AFL worked.
  12. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Yeah, very much the vibe I was getting. I saw some people talking about how the XFL would bring back "pure" football. Wow, sounds an awful lot like when Don Lewis wanted to start a totally not racist all-white basketball league because people were getting tired of "streetball" in the NBA. If people really wanted to watch "pure" football, then they'd want leather helmets, an era where field goals were worth more points (and more important) than touchdowns, and a million other rule changes that would result in an almost entirely unrecognizable game. I wonder how many people realize how drastically football has changed in rules and play style from roughly the 1920s to now. What I think the XFL should do, and they actually did do this in the original run, is try out some various rule changes. For example, the CFL has a rule I like, where 51+ yard field goals are worth 4 points instead of 3. Thus, this creates scenarios where risking a longer field goal might be worth the reward. I would like to see that in the XFL. The original incarnation adopted the "Action Point" rule that the World Football League had. If the XFL wants a simplified set of rules, adding some rules that the NFL may or may not ever adopt could at least make for a different game.
  13. The XFL may be making a comeback

    The other problem is the league isn't starting up until 2020. The public has a very short memory. Remember when every September, the NFL scandal was the "Redskins have a racist name!" It was talked about for a few weeks then forgotten about once the season really got going. Frankly, the whole "the players are kneeling!" never struck me as anything more than just more manufactured, non-controversy. And, just as I expected, the longer the season went on and we started to see teams get into playoff position, the less and less it became a talking point. Now, it has found itself being discussed exactly where I expected it would be: conservative radio shows that keep finding "evidence" with every passing week of the war on religion, conservatism, etc. Just noise, as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, my point is, two years is a long time between announcement and product. I would be amazed if anthem protests are still a thing by then. If they are, it will just be hot air just like the annual Redskins discussion has become. Now, had the XFL somehow been ready to go as soon as this spring, maybe it would have a chance. I know that wouldn't be possible logistically, but then why not make the announcement next year, or even in early 2020 and be ready for a fall launch (or w/e he plans to start up the league). The real reason, as mentioned, is that the next CBA expires in 2020. And Vince is probably hoping for a lockout like in 2011. That was exactly what the United Football League was hoping for, a lockout that would cancel games, making sure the UFL was thus the only option for football. In theory, games get lost in 2020, here comes the XFL to save the day. The problem is, that's just not going to happen. The NFL is too big and makes too much money to lose even one game. Even the NBA's lockout resulted in a 66-game season, not good by any means, but still the majority of the season. But the NFL is much bigger than even the NBA.
  14. The XFL may be making a comeback

    And another major issue with the first XFL was it wasn't taken seriously as a sporting league. It was treated, well, like wrestling. Or a UFC match. It was seen more as a "weekly special" than anything else. Despite what I thought was actually pretty professional coverage on TNN (remember that?), I don't think any major sports network ever really talked about the XFL. Newspapers rarely, if ever, even showed scores. The problem, of course, was Vince. It was hard to look at the XFL and its original ideas and not assume it was driven by storylines and fixed outcomes just like wrestling. Every time a XFL game ended with a major come-from-behind win, you couldn't help but wonder if that was the setup all along. There was zero evidence for any of this, but some sports historians have commented that had the XFL never been associated with Vince, it might have worked. Maybe.
  15. The XFL may be making a comeback

    The announcement's vague statements about players being respectful, not signing players with legal issues, etc. makes me think he's trying to target those who believed that football (and America) had some perfect time in the past where everyone was a one-dimensional patriot. You know, kind of like how some people felt the current administration was going to take us back to this time that has never existed. Granted, I do agree that the NFL can be complicated to follow. There are a lot of rules. But even the XFL's original intent to be a "rules light" product didn't work. The very first injury was the result of this. And all the games ended up being extremely boring, low-scoring affairs. Or boring blowouts. The problem was, as it turns out, you need rules. Without them, you have a boring, second-rate product, like the original XFL.