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  1. Now that Durant is gone and the Thunder are only going downhill, this will probably happen sooner rather than later. Maybe one day the NBA will expand the way the NHL seems to be doing. The Thunder move back to Seattle and OKC can get a(nother) new team. Basically a Ravens/Browns equivalent.
  2. Whatever became of the Eagles considering moving back to Kelly green? Is that something they gave up on, or something that will be happening in a few seasons?
  3. I noticed the different number set, too. Seems the St. Louis set has a more "modern" looking font. This was probably always the case, but something I honestly never noticed until seeing everything side-by-side.
  4. Seattle SemiSonics
  5. The NFL uniform rules are so odd. So a helmet change is okay, a pants change is okay, but not the jersey? So you get the mess above. I mean, given 2/3 of the uniform is swapped out, what's the harm in just letting the Rams remove the gold from the jersey? I know it's mainly due to merchandising/licensing rules, but given how many ways there are around these rules, may as well just scrap them. Would avoid the mess like above.
  6. The Rams stated they're going to wear white at home and their blue-and-yellow alts as often as possible, right?
  7. Does the Lions' logo slick show the new numbers? I'm curious what they look like.
  8. I do hope when 2019 rolls around, the Rams will keep this blue-and-white look, but work it into a proper alternate. Seems to be a good way to keep people happy: blue-and-yellow on a regular basis, and blue-and-white as sort of a historical throwback. I agree that navy and gold is fine, but those colors will forever be associated with St. Louis, not L.A.
  9. That's the benefit to being first, for better or for worse. Everyone else kind of gets lost in the lurch. For what it's worth, Robinson stated what he wanted to see more than anything else in the majors was an African-American manager. This didn't happen until after he died, unfortunately.
  10. I agree. Not only is it far better than the block C they are using now, I can't think of any other team that has an I monogram, so it would be unique.
  11. As long as we're talking about league-wide retirements, I'm still not sure Gretzky was really deserving of the honor. I understand the reasons for Robinson, that he largely transcended baseball. But Gretzky... he was just a really good player. But so was Michael Jordan. And so was Dan Marino. I realize that Gretzky was effectively the MVP's MVP, but he simply didn't face the same kind of adversity Robinson did. (And for the record, no, Jordan's #23 should not be retired league-wide, either, no matter how much LeBron might say so.)
  12. But if everyone is wearing #42, won't kids in 30 years wonder why this is the case, and do some research?
  13. Why is it that football seems incapable of having a minor league system? So many attempts have been made to have spring football, presumably to work as a minor league of sorts, and they've all failed. Is it the nature of the NFL being relatively short? The only leagues that even appeared to last a full season or multiple seasons were the ones that at least tried to incorporate different rules... World Football League, XFL, etc.
  14. "Run Beto for Senate" sounds very odd to me. It sounds like something you'd say before he announced his intentions, i.e. it's like saying "Run, Beto! For Senate!" Maybe replace run with his first name? EDIT: I'm aware it's probably intended to read "Beto: Run for Senate," but even that just comes off as a mouthful to me.