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  1. Moose! Rock on, how'd you find our little corner of the world? I'm the big tall guy from TCGHA with the long goatee, you gave me your card on Sunday. Hey, most excellent!! We have to set up that football/hockey thing with you guys soon... hope you can all make it to a game. Sorry for posting kinda off-topic, but who do I credit for the photo? Moose
  2. Hey, everybody! I play for the Vixen, whose logo was complimented quite nicely in this forum, and I just wanted to say thanks to the person who stopped by at Pride... and ask if we can put that pic up on our website? Our logo and many of the other official logos were designed by the same guy, Francis Santaquilani of Santaquilani Designs. Great work for very reasonable prices. Women's football is small but definitely growing... thanks for all your support. Jodi "Moose" Benson fullback, #48 Minnesota Vixen