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Who am I? A better question is: What are you doing looking at my profile? I'm a recent graduate from Utah State University in Physics (with some Geology on the side) figuring out what to do next. It isn't the smoothest road, but I must say that it's what I like to do. I love what's out-of-this-world (outer space), but I'm not too involved with sci-fi. I've never really liked it, and probably never will--at least to the extent of the average Trekkie. However, I am a (supposed) comedic man.

My favorite pro teams are the Utah Jazz, St. Louis Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes (they used to be the Whalers, right?). I pull for my alma mater when it comes to college, but when the Aggies aren't involved, then I generally pull for any other Utah-based team, though I've got a soft spot for Arizona St./Oklahoma St./Boise St. My main reason for being here at this site is to join in with uniform news and designs.

Sports design has always intrigued me, and companies like Reebok Adidas (and to a lesser extent Nike) aren't likely going to make the next timeless classic. As you can likely tell (from this page or from my posts), I don't like seeing people doing little or nothing and getting paid millions to do it. I've seen careers in design begin here, so this may be your shot at the big time...?

And no, despite my Username and faith (LDS/Mormon) I don't own a pair of horns--har har.