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  1. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    It's 99.9% just lighting, but the gold on Jared Goff's uniform looks mighty yellow:
  2. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Either color scheme (Green/Light Blue or Green/Purple) would work well with Utah IMO, though with Green/Light Blue I'd be inclined to add purple trim and with Green/Purple i'd throw some copper or yellow trim.
  3. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    "SAC" is a bad abbreviation, but maybe "SACTO" isn't?
  4. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Apparently Raiders-to-Las Vegas is picking up steam.
  5. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    Some black is needed to break things up, but Purple/Silver as-is isn't bad, either. I'd also be on the Purple/Silver/Gold* bandwagon as well; those 3 colors are the most regal colors one can think of and could work well together IMO. *Metallic Gold
  6. . or . : How Many Spaces After a Period?

    Learned one space in High School (early 2000s), but while in college learned that one space is fine unless expressly told otherwise (science reports can be rather technical).
  7. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    My feelings as well. Just lop off the bloody sleeves already.
  8. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I meant the Lion-dribbling-the-basketball logo: Ithink the ball herewould work better without lines, where the lion has nothing inside the silhouette besides his eye. It would also playup the simplicity and maybe subtlety. But the logo could even work better without the basketball.
  9. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I blame the bland jerseys (aside from the light blue alternates) more than anything, personally. The colors could work under a cleaner set IMO.
  10. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I like Purple/Light Blue best for Utah,and it would've been a good progression from the 1997-2004 set, butPurple/Copper/Black could've worked, too. Some combo of Forest Green/Light Blue/Purple could even work today in their current set.</tangent> It's nice, but that ball needs work. It looks like they just slapped it on there. Maybe even remove most (if not all) ofthe balllines.
  11. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    Actually, I wouldn't mind the Kings in Light Blue and Purple, but I prefer them in either Purple/Silver (or Gold)/Black orLight Blue/Red.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree on both counts. Ty Corbin is a good coach, but by far he's best at being an assistant. And yes, he was dealt a hard handand therefore hadmassive shoes he had to fill, but unlike a lot of coaches in the league, he was given ample time (2 1/2 years) to do something with it andhe never really seemed to buildupon his experience or have much of that long-term perspective. Essentially, he relied on the best players on the team (primarily Al Jefferson--I'm glad Big Al's finally having some success in Charlotte) in crunch time instead of allowing younger players like Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Rudy Gobert--now considered Utah's core players--to gain that experience. On the other hand, you have Quin Snyder, who,despite the late-season collapse, has the understanding that it's more like a marathon than a sprint. He hasn't been afraid to take out better players likeGobert in crunch timeif it ultimately meant a better matchup. True, he's also shown that he's mortal as well, as like Corbin he hasn't been dealt the best hand either--what with the extended time Gobert, Favors, and Alec Burks have missed this yearon top of not having Dante Exum at all--but the biggest difference between him and Ty Corbin is thathe also seems to find ways to work around it.I also think he's going to be an excellent coach well fit for this group the Jazz have going forward.* *(At therisk ofsaying that in this thread.)
  13. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    It's impossible totake an Emmerich film seriously,but oneAvatarmovie already had a plot stretched too thin. We don't really need an Avatar sequel, let alone a 4-prongedAvatar sequelogy.
  14. 2016 NBA Summerball Season

    *Sobs internally*
  15. A new terrible buffalo logo

    Ah, yes. The Bull in a Blender. What the hell were they thinking? Oh wait...they weren't.