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  1. I agree for expanding usable numbers, though I like 90-99 for linebacker use. In fact, I'd expand the use of 90-99 to tight ends and 80-89 to linebackers. Maybe it's just from watching college football or older NFL/AFL videos where numbering rules are/were less strict and those number sets seem to be used fairly often, but those numbers always seemed to fit just as well as what we're familiar with today. While I'm at it, why not let players use 0 (QBs/Ks/Ps) and 00 (treating it as an abridged, 2-digit version of 100; LBs/TEs/D Line)? I've never understood the rationale in keeping 0 and 00 off-limits to players except for the grandfathered Jim Otto and Ken Burrough (OK, Burrough was a WR, but still). It'll never happen, but I can always dream, can't I? (Side note: Apparently 90-99 were off-limits in the NFL until 1987. Maybe numbering rules weren't as loose as I had previously thought.)
  2. A desert pirate city!! YEAH!!!11
  3. Glad the outdated Tom and Jerry-esque logo is going, but the Green, Gold (and Black) are as well? Dang. True it is. I really wanted to put this on my list of potential "Go to" minor-league parks in the future, given its outlying location.
  4. I've only heard how expensive replacing catalytic converters is, as I didn't have such strict emissions rules where I went to college (Logan, UT). That, and the Check Engine light is at the very least annoying (as in my first car, a 1992 Explorer with low miles for the year) and at the most spells an expensive fix too...as ignoring one in my second car (2001 Chevy Blazer) ended up costing me $800 to replace the fuel injection (pro tip...avoid getting a car with the spider fuel injection, AKA late 1990s-early 2000s Chevrolet/GMC V6 trucks and SUVs). That leads me to my set of gear-grinders and boat-floaters...early last month I was rear-ended and said Blazer was eventually totaled. What grinds my gears is that I was given a rental for about 3 weeks, and took another week on my own dime at the reduced insurance rate in hopes I'd find a car. I found nothing that fit my needs, and I've been pretty much on foot or bumming rides off my roommate, friends, and co-workers since the start of August. It helps that I don't work too far from where I live, but it's not exactly within a reasonable and/or timely distance (nor are there nearby bus routes that effectively cut said walking time). Then you also have to deal with salesmen at dealerships, what with their pressuring tactics, as I was dang near pushed into buying a car I had just looked at the first time. What have been boat-floaters were that I wasn't held liable (I did come close to hitting the car in front of me but was turned in a way upon collision that I missed them) and that what I owed on the Blazer was paid off and then some. Plus, the Blazer was giving me the same Check Engine light--which blinked (!) the same way it did the day I took it into the shop last year to replace the fuel injector-- as recently as the day before my accident. It's just a matter of finding the right car and having a means of getting to see it.
  5. It l just saw a couple of episodes of Beavis and Butthead's short-lived revival (from around 2011-12 or so) and can tell you that the world needs more of Beavis and Butthead riffing on MTV's programming and today's music videos:
  6. The Los Angeles Rams have also not played the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, or Baltimore Ravens. They'll be scratching off Carolina this season.
  7. The number font also works well with it as well IMO.
  8. Dragons kinda plays into the Knight theme, albeit as the commonly viewed adversary of knights. But it works.
  9. I'll admit...I'm kinda bummed Nighthawks won't be chosen--and less so that the team rescinded the "-hawks" options instead of sticking to its guns--but it's nice that there won't be a conflict with the Chicago Blackhawks. Plus, it keeps the option--however slim--for Vipers, Knights, or Aces (all superior in light of the issue with Chicago IMO) open.
  10. Keeping in line with this thread, I've been eating the All Dressed flavored Ruffles available here in the States; maybe I and Canadians have similar tastes (though I have yet to try Ketchup-flavored chips). As for other flavors, I do like Biscuits and Gravy (underrated but not my favorite), and I found new flavor for this year, Tikka Masala, to be absolutely delicious (being a fan of Indian food and having tried curry-flavored chips crisps during my time in Britain).
  11. I had some small concern over St. Louis fighting to keep the Rams name if they went back to LA--which is dang near equivalent for Kansas City to fight for the Athletics name upon the team's relocation to Oakland--but fortunately the NFL has more sense than that (but not enough to let the Rams at least go back to being a Blue/Yellow team and wear their throwbacks in the intern). It was mostly out of concern for the size of Roger Goodell's ego. As for the Titans, I like their overall identity, and the fact that they still wear light blue to some extent (though I'd love to see them wear light blue with white pants full-time and use red more and navy less), but I'd prefer that Bud Adams' original plan (to keep the Oilers name in Tennessee) went through, leaving us with those awesome uniforms for a considerable time longer. Who cares if Tennessee and oil don't go together?* We have the Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, Arizona Cardinals**, and Los Angeles Dodgers (among others) whose names don't originally fit their original locale and are widely embraced by their fanbases. But it is what it is, and Tennessee fans (unfortunately) didn't like the Oilers name. *When I was younger, I was always under the impression that there were a considerable amount of oil fields/coal deposits in Tennessee, given that the eastern part of the state is in the southern end of the Appalachians. **Keeping in mind that the Cardinals name originally refers more to the shade of red than the bird. But even taking the Cardinals name to mean the bird, there are some northern cardinal populations (in addition to the more localized desert variety) in Arizona, though nowhere near as much as in Illinois and Missouri.
  12. I've decided to split each league into "Traditional" and "Modern" categories, with "Modern" generally referring to identities introduced around 1990 or later and/or otherwise buck traditional trends. It can be kind of vague, though I'll try to limit myself to no more than 4 entries each (though I'm really shooting for 3 each). Only current identities count and I'm primarily basing these decisions on home and away uniforms along with team branding (though having 15 alternates clearly knocks the Cavs off the perch). Anywho, here goes: MLB Traditional: Cardinals, Cubs, Yankees, Dodgers. Modern: Mariners, Blue Jays. NFL Traditional: Raiders, Packers, Colts. Modern: Vikings, Broncos, Ravens. NBA Traditional: Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, 76ers. Modern: Hornets, Lakers. NHL Traditional: Canadians, Red Wings, Blackhawks. Modern: Flyers, Stars, Kings, Blues. Some notes: I consider the Lakers and Blues to be modern because the Lakers' uniforms do have a more modern cut, dating back to 2000 or so, and the Blues have the bottom dark blue hem that matches their pants (a post-Edge NHL first?). Despite their lackluster logos, the LA Kings and Baltimore Ravens otherwise have great identities. Also, while they can just as easily be considered "Traditional" teams by looking at their uniforms, the Stars (Kellyish Green) and Flyers (Orange) OWN their primary colors in the NHL. Also, kudos to the Stars for going to a lighter shade of green.
  13. My thoughts exactly. And, it also stands out from the rest of the league.
  14. LOL @ Sarah Silverman, a (now former, I guess) Bernie supporter, telling booing Sanders supporters that they're being ridiculous. Keep up that brand of "Me first" activism, Sarah!!
  15. Don't forget Politico Ken Vogel emailing stories to the DNC before publishing them. But this only confirms my fears that Hillary and her team is vindictive and she would step over her own mother to get the Presidency. Great timing (OK, not on my response that's inadvertenly been sitting in Topic Quote Purgatory for 2 days, but still). Remember the Friday news dump (the Friday before the Independence Day weekend, mind you) that determined that only ~ 60-120 people outside of combat zones were killed from drone strikes by executive order? At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I never understood how Obama won the Nobel Peace Price when stuff like this keeps happening under his watch. Anyways, the United States is pretty much set on picking either: Someone willing to literally throw her own mother under a bus to win the White House, or Someone who's quite literally BS-ing his way there in the most ignorant way possible, and a lot of people, for whatever reason, will pick one of those people to lead the free world (if "leader of the free world" is still a thing--sorry Admiral). At the risk of using a common phrase again...at the risk of sounding cliche, I'm not going to be among the people choosing between these 2 this come November. I need a rock to hide under.