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  1. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    I concur with Portland, Seattle, or Abbotsford for the Canucks, but Salt Lake would've been (would be?) a good place for a minor team. Yea, it kind of bums me out that the Grizz are staying at a lower level (playing the likes of Idaho, Rapid City, and so forth instead of moving up with Stockton, Bakersfield, etc.). That said, I can't fault them for wanting to call their own shots while not having to deal with the constant meddling of parent clubs. Perhaps if things don't work out in the ECHL in the coming years, they can become Chicago Wolves West if they want.
  2. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    From my neck of the woods... Don't count on the AHL in Utah Soon; Grizzlies say "We're Doing Fine"
  3. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I'm far more concerned with Melissa McCarthy (who's quickly becoming a female post-2005-or-so Adam Sandler) trashing the Ghostbusters name than I am having 4 women star. If these rumors are true...Holy Unfortunate Implications and Built-In Excuses, Batman.
  4. So The Jacksonville Jaguars Have An Indoor Football Team?

    Cease and desist in 3, 2, 1...
  5. May Madness - 31 days, 31 NBA concepts (Day 28: Toronto Raptors)

    A couple thoughts off the top of my head... I like what you did with Charlotte, the Lakers, and Houston, as well the out-of-the-box thinking with Detroit, but I'm just not feeling the Memphis colors. I feel that teal or light blue would work better in place of the lighter brown, red, or even white. You've got something there with the Grizzlies, but it's just not quite there--keep at it!
  6. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I agree--I prefer purple or green over navy as the main color,* and therefore find it increasingly annoying that the team insists on wearing navy while hearkening "back to the old days" (according to their PR/social media departments) when guys named Griffith, Eaton, Stockton, Malone, and Sloan roamed the courts and when the team's primary color was purple (well, for the most part). Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, in a roughly 15-year span (1996-2010), the Jazz have had 3 different color schemes and identities (Purple/Teal/Light Blue/Copper/Black, Navy/Light Blue, the previous Navy/Dark Green/Yellow or something thereabouts) and are trying, just as they are now doing personnel-wise, to establish some continuity. But slicing the side stripes at a 66° angle only 8 or so inches from the armhole and shorts hems doesn't exactly help that. Maybe it's that (*puts on tinfoil hat*) this is the last year of Adidas and that the Jazz may just be playing fast and loose--at least uniform-wise--this year to test fan interest whether to be more modern or stick with a more permanent, restrained uniform redesign (thus fixing the little flaws in this coming year's set) when Nike takes over and eradicates basketball sleeves to the Netherworld of Bad Sports Uniform Ideas. (*Removes tinfoil hat*) *I do still think the new green alt is still the best of the sets due to what looks like a lighter/more saturated green and more of an emphasis on green/yellow/white despite not having the Jazz logo on it.
  7. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    This is more than I thought would be happening. Really wished the stripes continued, though the sleeved uniform does tie back to the old warmup jackets. If you're going to wear sleeves, that's not a bad route to go (even though I don't like sleeves in principal). Ah, jeez...they didn't even bother to put "UTAH" above the "JAZZ" wordmark on the uniforms, but I like the "UTAH" on the green alternate. And, aside from the court being very navy-heavy, it's good, and I love the old note ball at center.
  8. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    Even with virtually no Teal, the Arizona Rattlers' Black and Copper is a great color combo: I'll also add just about any color scheme with Brown (Brown/Orange, Brown/Yellow, Brown/Red, Brown/Light Blue, even Brown/Teal if anyone's used it) would work, but what about combining some of these colors? We've already seen the Padres in Brown/Yellow/Orange, but what about Brown/Yellow/Light Blue? And also, imagine these: With brown replacing black. (Don't get me wrong, Black/Lightish Blue/Orange is/was great, too, but Brown/Light Blue/Orange would be a near-perfect way for the Cavs to really stand out and make brown Cleveland's color, and with as many alts the Cavaliers have, can plausibly be done.) Brown/Yellow/Light Blue would also work well for the Padres as well.
  9. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    Agreed for the most part on both counts. As I've said numerous times before, the biggest problem with the Jazz's current identity is that it's just been too dark. Even the color palette, in a more saturated and/or lighter form (Blue/Green/Yellow) is unique in the Big 4 leagues (I believe only the Packers, when you count their alternates, wear Blue, Green, and Yellow, but only when you count the navy throwbacks), and I'd have no qualms with Utah sticking with that general colors. Sure, I'd prefer replacing navy with purple, but a purple alternate/throwback (aside from the green) would do just fine in rounding out the color scheme; the only thing I'd require is a lighter green. I like how the side panels on the road uniforms are white, and that the white and yellow pop on it, but the blue is just a dial or two too dark; sometimes it looks black and the green, being too dark also, is barely noticeable. A somewhere-between-navy-and-royal blue would make all the colors pop much better. *Knocks on wood* I'm also hoping that the green alternates this time around have a near-all-yellow Utah Jazz wordmark/script and numbers, like the beautiful 1980s green jerseys: All that said? I still love the note logo, even though I'd update it like @Conrad.'s wordmark/script, and I love the uniform template, as it emphasizes the stripes and has an overall no-nonsense, neo-retro look. Maybe throw some mountain outlines at the bottom of the pants and, special alternates aside, the Utah Jazz's uniforms may be set for perpetuity As an aside, I'm also of the opinion that the note logo and the current template translates well to just about every previous color scheme (at leastwhen emphasizing the most prominent 3 colors from each scheme). Even though this is a hat (and probably from a shady website), I think it helps illustrate what I'm getting at: (Link here: http://www.ecapcity.com/utah-jazz-era-59fifty-fitted-hats-varsity-purple-teal.html)
  10. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I'm pretty confident the "UTAH JAZZ" wordmark is the new primary, given its extensive use by the team.
  11. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    The purple uniforms and number font are actually nice, but for the love of, get some purple on that white uniform!
  12. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    The only surprise I have with the new primary is the "Utah" font isn't Optima; and all indications for me (and probably everyone else) going in is that "Utah" would be simply put above the Jazz wordmark. Also, I may also be a bit of a homer here, but the note ball works better in the roundel than most roundels, though they could remove the roundel altogether and just have "Utah Jazz Basketball" surrounding the note ball. Is it me, or has the green gotten lighter? If so, that's the best part of this update.
  13. THE Video Game Thread

    And there likely goes my theory that Disney eventually finds its way into buying Nintendo on its warpath to world domination of way to being the leader in family-friendly entertainment.
  14. StubHub New Logo

    I thought they were onto something with Ticket Oak: and now, I guess you could say, they have no character.
  15. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I say this as one who has no problem with the volt color and the (once-in-a-blue-moon, red-over-gray) mix-and-match, but... The biggest thing I have about the sublimation is that it covers the entire jersey, and yet is only found on the side of the shorts. Either go all out with it, everywhere, relegate it to a side panel continuation on the jersey, or put it everywhere but said side panel--I don't care. Just keep it consistent between the jersey and the shorts.