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  1. That's how you should do you, Oregon.
  2. How about the current Utah Jazz logo (this one they just came out with) in (A) The "Mountain Colors" of the late 1990s (Purple, Teal, Copper, etc.), (B) The Black/Copper/Purple alternate of the early 2000s, or (C) The mid-to-late 2000s Dual Blue?
  3. Also note that 2k Sports isn't listed but EA is, so that would mean that the basketball game shown on the promo video is EA's NBA Live, not NBA 2k17 like so many have mentioned (unless of course it's under an umbrella of a different name). But then again, it says "Sampling," so it's no final list by any means. I'm going to wait to see how it does before making a decision. First off, I want to know if first-party Wii U titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are being ported over* and whether some kind of compensation for those who already have those titles (such as a discount and/or data transfer) will be available if that's the case. Then, I'd like to know how third-party games stack up (even if it is EA's inferior NBA Live, for example). That said, it's neat and looks promising. *Given that the Mario Kart segment of the video is basically Mario Kart 8 with a playable character (King Boo) and a two-item holding system not currently found in Mario Kart 8. Everything else looks the like Mario Kart 8.
  4. I don't mind it when teams try a different shade of a color, and to be fair, Midnight Green isn't that bad (it has ported over to Nike's flat material well), but I just can't quite get over how the color is (ever so slightly) more blue than green and how easily it gets lost in the Eagles' dark palette. My primary solution would be to make Midnight Green a couple shades lighter, a couple shades greener, and a shade less blue--more like a dark jade. I'd also drop black to trim only (if that) and emphasize silver (or possibly charcoal) more. To wit: Dark Jade/Silver or Dark Jade/Charcoal.
  5. nfl

    I like this a lot. I think I prefer the Broncos in Orange first and foremost, but as far as the alternates are concerned: Broncos Blue over White>>>Broncos Blue over Blue The Broncos have never looked like the Broncos when they don't wear white pants, regardless of the jersey color.
  6. nfl

    I'm loving the Falcons throw fauxbacks. The more I think about it, the more the Falcons fit better as a Black/Red team (in that order), but maybe red helmets over black jerseys would look best. All that said, what was wrong with just going back to the 1990s throwbacks?
  7. Week 7 Thursday Chicago at Green Bay (highlight for results...again) Sunday NY Giants "at" Los Angeles New Orleans at Kansas City Indianapolis at Tennessee Minnesota at Philadelphia Cleveland at Cincinnati Washington at Detroit Oakland at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Baltimore at NY Jets Tampa Bay at San Francisco San Diego at Atlanta New England at Pittsburgh Seattle at Arizona Monday Houston at Denver
  8. Week 6 It's a late formatting, but here it is nonetheless...
  9. I'm more concerned why MLB (if they indeed have veto power on team colors) has more issue with the Padres wearing Navy/Yellow (which makes their navy blue pop better) than, well, Navy/White, which makes the Padres look more like a darker version of the nearby Dodgers (not to mention having a primary color which literally half of all MLB teams wear). Seriously folks in the Padres FO and MLB, what's wrong with Brown (be it with Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, or any other reasonable lighter trim color)?
  10. I don't think this is correct. IIRC many of the expansion candidates have been competitive with the Big 12 when playing them. I'll have to pull up the tweet I saw earlier. Here it is (albeit ESPN): Yea, I noticed that just as I was posting, though the point I was trying to make is that the reasoning from the TV partners that expansion would dilute the Big 12 is flawed. Basically, there's no telling exactly what's going to happen until we hear it, given the Big 12's history of flip-flopping RE: Expansion and this being a Chip Brown post. That said, I'm not holding my breath on expansion.
  11. I don't think this is correct. IIRC many of the expansion candidates have been competitive with the Big 12 when playing them. I'll have to pull up the tweet I saw earlier. Here it is (albeit ESPN):
  12. And I may add Utah to an extent (I say "extent" with the Sunday thing), given the state's general proximity to Las Vegas and the fact that a sizable portion of Utahns are Raiders fans or fans of the rival Broncos.
  13. and the rest... Sunday San Francisco at Buffalo Philadelphia at Washington Carolina at New Orleans Cleveland at Tennessee Jacksonville at Chicago Baltimore at NY Giants Los Angeles at Detroit Cincinnati at New England Kansas City at Oakland Pittsburgh at Miami Dallas at Green Bay Atlanta at Seattle Indianapolis at Houston Monday NY Jets at Arizona Formatting will come later.
  14. Either one isn't a bad look, though yellow pants would really embrace what should be the whole Color Rushâ„¢ concept--the emphasis of teams wearing colors that they normally don't wear (whether from their current or historical pallettes).
  15. Not to mention a new team in Salt Lake, which makes travel that much easier.