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  1. Clips gonna Clip.
  2. I'd also award the DustDevil DarkHorse Award to Minnesota...when I first saw these it bugged me to see a modern crest on such a traditional uniform, but it somehow...works. Maybe because I'm kinda seeing it for the elements in the logo that flow rather well with the chest stripe, maybe it's the color palette that has such a near-perfect balance both in contrast and use...I dunno. Obiviously we haven't seen the road and whether it's white or cream (probably white), but if it matches the home tit for tat and is cream, the Wild may never have to make any major change again. About the only change I'd make is to widen the cream bottom hem to that of what's on the sleeves (and add red too), or just wide enough to have just a thin red stripe. That and add red trim on the numbers; both are relatively small changes.
  3. My bad. Minimal design to both the Kings' home and road uniforms (not a bad thing, though the main logo can use some work).
  4. Them and the Lightning's conversation was pretty funny too.
  5. Thoughts: Colorado and Carolina both come to their senses at last. The Avs hit a home run and win the night by going back to a look they never should've departed from in the first place. Not only that, they cut down on the extraneous black and utilize more silver. The Hurricanes managed to stay neo-retro while bringing back the most identifiable element from their initial look (the warning flag stripe). I don't like that it's faded, nor do I like the absence of silver, but I hope that they fix that next year. Say what you will about the goofy locale name, the frankly-redundant adjective, and the "meh" logo, but I've got to hand it to Las Vegas for using an unused base color (dark gray, IMO a long time coming in any of the Big 4 sports) and a classicly-designed, restrained color scheme. I might prefer that the Golden Knights use gray gloves instead of white and replace red with a deep red-orange or even purple, but it's only trim after all. Not sure why Los Angeles dropped the hem stripe from their home look but the uniforms have enough going on on the sleeves so it kinda balances out. Similar to New Jersey, though not nearly as offensive. But the Devils really missed the boat on this one; either stick with what you've had since 1991, go full-stop to what you wore between 1982 and 1991, use the 1980s green set but with black (or even vice versa, the 1991-2016 set with green), but I could've set my watch to their uniforms until today. The worst part about the Devils' change is not what they came up with, it's the step down from what they had before. Both national capitols should've done something but didn't. It's actually kinda fitting when you stop to think about it. Maybe next year, Sens and Caps... St. Louis' switch from yellow numbers (yellow numbers that endured the Rbk Edge set, mind you) to white is slightly baffling, but I'm also pinning my hopes that the Blues rectify no later than next year.
  6. Essentially the same reason the NHL put a team in a primarily-transient market like Las Vegas while spurning a sure-fire rabid hockey market like Quebec City.
  7. Utah Yeti or Stingers Las Vegas Outlaws (a great name and identity in the short-lived XFL) Quebec Aces Milwaukee Hogs or Choppers Portland Platypus or Evergreens
  8. Totally agreed. If this is not the NFL (and to an extent the Rams themselves) not getting out of their own way, I don't know what is.
  9. Changed my avatar because I feel it's apt. Fits too:
  10. Oops. Forgot Salt Lake and Houston were (as far as we know) currently in the minors.
  11. I'll admit that, outside of the occasional movie, I was never much into comic book heroes (I still am), but Adam West is largely responsible for bringing comic book characters into the pop culture spotlight. It is also rumored that after his work on the 1960s Batman series, Mr. West could not land a serious role, so instead of growing resentful of his reputation, he owned it. That, in my mind, is equally as impressive. Pure, West. You'll be missed, TV's Adam West.
  12. I'm loving these 1990s looks (particularly California and Long Island), but I also love how Boston is sticking to the basics. Speaking of potential markets in the future, is there any chance the cities of Houston, Salt Lake, or Memphis (or Nashville) land teams at some point in the future?
  13. Canadian Quebec City, QC American Milwaukee, WI Salt Lake City, UT Las Vegas, NV Portland, OR
  14. Hmmm...so New Orleans may have issues with their arena in landing the Claymores. What about Memphis, Houston, Phoenix, or Salt Lake City? 🤔
  15. Until next year. Maybe they go back to their old color scheme, maybe they swap out black for forest green and use the Mighty Duck logo. I'm hoping against hope now, but it's worth mentioning.