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  1. And for the love of crumb cake find whoever has voodoo dolls of the roster (Coach Snyder included--!!!) and end the curse!!
  2. I believe the Los Angeles Rams spent 37 years (1979-2016, with 21 of those seasons playing in a completely separate metro area) between playing games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Granted, it's only a temporary situation until the Inglewood stadium gets built, but an interesting nugget of knowledge nonetheless.
  3. That's right. The Chargers are going to be the NFL's version of the pre-Chris Paul/Blake Griffin Clippers. I'm sure that will go very swimmingly.
  4. Stop right there, Ron. You have your answer right there. Nevermind corporatespeak. Nevermind focus grouping. You said it yourself--you like tradition, and the Padres' tradition is brown. Stop running from your organization's tradition and embrace it, instead of trying to put your bland navy stamp on the team against the fans' wishes and your own logic.
  5. 2016 has taken far too many people of note...glad it's almost over.
  6. Maybe it was mandated by The Commissioner himself as part of this "LA Compromise:" "All right Stan, you and your Rams get first dibs on Los Angeles, but the Chargers get to be the blue and yellow team if they move there too!"
  7. Week 13 Thursday Dallas at Minnesota (Highlighting is your friend) Sunday Denver at Jacksonville Kansas City at Atlanta Detroit at New Orleans Philadelphia at Cincinnati Los Angeles at New England Houston at Green Bay San Francisco at Chicago Washington at Arizona Buffalo at Oakland Miami at Baltimore NY Giants at Pittsburgh Tampa Bay at San Diego Carolina at Seattle Monday Indianapolis at NY Jets
  8. Any attempt to determine which teams are "elite" and which teams aren't is ultimately fruitless, as elite teams come and go. Even the Patriots (to the relief of most of us) will one day become mediocre and awful. Maybe not for a few more years, but it will happen again. That said, this isn't the point I'm looking to get across--I'm here to share what I think what Color Rush™ (or whatever you want to call it) should be. I think the concept of Color Rush™ can work...if they dial it back, and rather significantly. No more of this shoehorning-everyone-into-monochrome crap, because league-mandated special uniforms are rarely, if ever, a good idea. (Think NBA Christmas uniforms--especially the sleeved uniforms with the colorless logos on front--and MLB's holiday special uniforms. Or do yourself a favor and don't.) No, as someone earlier in the thread mentioned, go the throwback/fauxback route, and/or emphasize colors, whether current, historical (or historically obscure). I'd love to see the Broncos with their current Color Rush™ fauxbacks...but with navy blue pants that match the helmet. The Rams? Pair their lovely yellow tops with dark blue pants with a single, fat yellow stripe down the sides. (That, or if/when they change to Blue/Yellow, make the 1960s Blue/White the new specialty uniform.) The Ravens can, with a couple tweaks, use their Color Rush™ tops and pair it with their mustard pants. The Saints can break up all that white below the knee with black socks, as can the Panthers with their blue Color Rush™ set. The Raiders can wear their silver pants like they should (pretty much) always do with their silver-numbered uniform. Let the Jets wear white pants and kelly green socks with their kelly green tops (they should probably be doing this regularly). The Vikings can use yellow pants if they'd like. The Bills can wear white pants and red socks with their red tops. The Browns even wore silver pants for night games in the early 1950s--let's see them wear silver (well, lighter gray) pants with a matching, throwback-inspired brown top--while hitting the reset button on their regular set, of course. Long story short? Give teams some room for a little inspiration. Let them draw upon their past if they want to, or try something that they normally can't do instead of forcing one solid color below the neck upon them (and preferably dumping the one-helmet rule). Not every team would produce a winning look in that case, but as a whole it surely couldn't be any worse than what Color Rush™ is right now.
  9. That. That works too.
  10. I just don't get how any sports team comes up with dull metallic color as translated to flat print. The embroidered gold is much livelier--it's brighter and more saturated (basically, more yellow--and a sliver more red). Why not use a flat color that's averaged out among the embroidered gold for the print?
  11. Realized with Thanksgiving that a couple of these games (PIT@IND and GB@PHI) have the wrong home team (as showing who's at home is something I try to do). But before moving on to Week 13, I figured that I'd correct that in my neverending quest for completionism: Week 12 Thursday Minnesota at Detroit Washington at Dallas Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Sunday Cincinnati at Baltimore Arizona at Atlanta Jacksonville at Buffalo Tennessee at Chicago Los Angeles at New Orleans NY Giants at Cleveland San Diego at Houston Carolina at Oakland San Francisco at Miami New England at NY Jets Seattle at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Denver Monday Green Bay at Philadelphia
  12. Week 12 Thursday Minnesota at Detroit Washington at Dallas Indianapolis at Pittsburgh Sunday Cincinnati at Baltimore Arizona at Atlanta Jacksonville at Buffalo Tennessee at Chicago Los Angeles at New Orleans NY Giants at Cleveland San Diego at Houston Carolina at Oakland San Francisco at Miami New England at NY Jets Seattle at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Denver Monday Philadelphia at Green Bay
  13. Well, to be fair, he was the best part of the Las Vegas Golden Knights name reveal conference, albeit as a heel to those who love hockey.
  14. Actually, that seemed like an Arrested Development scene. Where's GOB when you need him?
  15. Well, the logos are actually all right. The fan reaction, not so much. But hey, the "Golden" can move up I-15 in a few years!