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  1. We need it on a woman's tight shirt and belt buckle or it's not for real.
  2. Week 3 Thursday Houston at New England Sunday Detroit at Green Bay Denver at Cincinnati Oakland at Tennessee Arizona at Buffalo Cleveland at Miami Minnesota at Carolina Baltimore at Jacksonville San Francisco at Seattle Washington at NY Giants Los Angeles at Tampa Bay NY Jets at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Philadelphia San Diego at Indianapolis Chicago at Dallas Monday Atlanta at New Orleans
  3. I remember this in the Banhammer thread, but I'd like to remember who's matched up with who (other than Wayne Knight as Tnak, of course). </tangent> I've got a request idea or two forming in my head...I'll let you know when they've completely formed. Stupid slow creative part of my brain!
  4. I can do without that weird fabric pattern on the orange uniforms and I'd think it'd be cool to see a green alternate top (history notwithstanding), but this is still a home run in my book.
  5. Looks pretty accurate, though the asymmetry is throwing me off a bit. What if this were in the same universe where the St. Louis (Baseball) Cardinals moved in 1952 (and the St. Louis Browns stayed)? Anyways, I'd like to see what the Baltimore Browns (that's NFL) would've ended looked like had they been allowed to keep the name, and what the new Cleveland team (known in our timeline as Cleveland Browns v2.0) would be named.
  6. Wood Ducks is workable (and could be excellent if done right), but Brandiose will probably interpret "wood ducks" as literal wooden ducks, with a logo of a wooden duck swinging either a 2x4 or his detatched foot. And yes, all the bad name options (Shaggers, HamHawks, Hogzillas and the locale being "Down East" instead of Kinston) reek heavily of #DelusionsOfBrandeur.
  7. Dumb choice to go with "Down East" in any case. Where's Down East? What's Down East? Isn't that a department store or something? As for the name, each nickname is idiotic aside from Eagles and Wood Ducks.
  8. Week 2 Thursday NY Jets at Buffalo Sunday Baltimore at Cleveland San Francisco at Carolina Tennessee at Detroit Cincinnati at Pittsburgh New Orleans at NY Giants Kansas City at Houston Dallas at Washington Miami at New England Tampa Bay at Arizona Seattle at Los Angeles Indianapolis at Denver Atlanta at Oakland Jacksonville at San Diego Green Bay at Minnesota Monday Philadelphia at Chicago
  9. A few takeaways... Those Raiders and Saints unis look great, despite whether or not they are accurate (as stated just above). Browns with no "up-shadow" and a more classic arm sleeve striping. But still, if true, I don't like all brown (or all-[insert color here], which is a common opinion of Color Rush™). The Bengals' Color Rush™ template may just prove to be a great update if done in Black/Orange/White (and no bloody white side panels). Broncos' tops look great, though I'd rather have a modern template if they're going all orange. Not hot on the Seahawks' all lime Action Green™ look. What happened to the Jets-Bills "Colorblind Rush™" unis? I thought we were over this.
  10. "The brown remains unchanged." --Cleveland Browns Anyways, it's ridiculous how the Browns finally emphasized the striping in their identity and branding, only to truncate said stripes in two of the three places where stripes are most prominent--on the pants and on the socks. Oh, how I hate how sock design has fallen by the wayside and how I LOATHE pants wordmarks.
  11. From the waist up, the Jets' Color Rush™ jerseys were nice, with both the kelly and dark green (I can take or leave the chrome green, though). I've been hankering for a double-green team since the double-blue era of the 2000s came and went. Who better than the New York Jets to do it? Go with White pants, kelly green socks with a simple white/dark green/white stripe pattern (same as on the Color Rush™ jerseys), and black cleats, and you've got a winner.
  12. I understand football's an aggressive game, but with this many headshots this long after Super Bowl L, you'd think that Cam Newton knocked up one of the Broncos' sister or something. What's just as bad is that if this happened to just about any other marquee NFL quarterback (i.e., likely one that's won a Super Bowl) or in any other situation the offending defender would've been flagged and ejected. Which is a shame because an NFL "golden boy" such as Ben Roethlisberger (who may actually knock up their sister if given the chance) may never get such a satisfying comeuppance. Excuse me while I go wash my hands for typing "Ben Roethlisberger" and "golden boy" in the same sentence.
  13. They're easily the most annoying part of the new set. They do look better on the players, but with the Utah Jazz emphasizing stripes and simplicity across their brand, slicing the stripes at a 66° angle (because it's the angle the note stem lies at or something) seems a little out-of-nowhere. What I'd do--outside of wholesale connecting the stripes--is to at least bring them closer together by extending the stripes down to (or at least near) the bottom of the jersey and to the top of the shorts. I get what they're trying to do in implying the note stem on the jersey, but why not use that negative space/subtlety more effectively? I'd might even extending them down to the bottom of the jersey where it doesn't show when tucked in while having the full stripe on the pants but does show on untucked jerseys (i.e., when fans wear them). You know, like the team phrases/hurricane warning flags/etc. on the back of the collar that no one actually sees when worn...it might work here. While I'm at it, let's stop making "Utah" (or "Jazz" on the green alts) a tramp stamp and put it on the Jazz wordmark where it belongs (home and road), and basically continue the stripe pattern up and down the arm/neckholes. I might have to photoshop a picture to show what I'm getting at here.
  14. Week 1 Thursday Carolina at Denver Sunday Green Bay at Jacksonville Buffalo at Baltimore Chicago at Houston Cleveland at Philadelphia Tampa Bay at Atlanta Minnesota at Tennessee Cincinnati at NY Jets Oakland at New Orleans San Diego at Kansas City Miami at Seattle Detroit at Indianapolis NY Giants at Dallas New England at Arizona Pittsburgh at Washington Monday Los Angeles at San Francisco
  15. The solo note ball at center court looks great (as a callback to the Salt Palace/early Delta Center days), but I wished they could've worked in a little green somewhere.