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  1. My thoughts exactly. And, it also stands out from the rest of the league.
  2. LOL @ Sarah Silverman, a (now former, I guess) Bernie supporter, telling booing Sanders supporters that they're being ridiculous. Keep up that brand of "Me first" activism, Sarah!!
  3. Don't forget Politico Ken Vogel emailing stories to the DNC before publishing them. But this only confirms my fears that Hillary and her team is vindictive and she would step over her own mother to get the Presidency. Great timing (OK, not on my response that's inadvertenly been sitting in Topic Quote Purgatory for 2 days, but still). Remember the Friday news dump (the Friday before the Independence Day weekend, mind you) that determined that only ~ 60-120 people outside of combat zones were killed from drone strikes by executive order? At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I never understood how Obama won the Nobel Peace Price when stuff like this keeps happening under his watch. Anyways, the United States is pretty much set on picking either: Someone willing to literally throw her own mother under a bus to win the White House, or Someone who's quite literally BS-ing his way there in the most ignorant way possible, and a lot of people, for whatever reason, will pick one of those people to lead the free world (if "leader of the free world" is still a thing--sorry Admiral). At the risk of using a common phrase again...at the risk of sounding cliche, I'm not going to be among the people choosing between these 2 this come November. I need a rock to hide under.
  4. *Points, laughs "Ha-ha!" ala Nelson Muntz* More on that here, and more Nu Ghostbusters, Nu Star Trek, more Shrek, and so forth. Oh joy.
  5. I also recall a concept that had the Nuggets in a Black/Yellow color scheme. I like that idea (I might add light blue or maybe silver trim too), or, failing that, go with either navy, black, or dark gray with gold and silver (maybe even emphasize gold and silver with the dark color separating them)--after all, they are basically named for precious metals. Why not own that?
  6. Time to @Ice_Cap this post in agreement: It's been years, if not a decade or more, since I've seen the original Ghostbusters movie from end to end, as through my teens and early 20s was under the impression that it was a kids' movie and nothing more, until I realized Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd (among others) were in it, and past experiences tells me that all those guys are pretty funny. The original seems to be the perfect "Go back and watch it when you've grown up to see what you've missed" type of movie. It seems to also reflect the general downturn of Saturday Night Live, as at least Murray and Aykroyd were in what's considered the best few seasons of SNL. (Well, OK, it's subjective/debatable, given the show's 40+ year run, but very few are calling recent years' SNL its best). It looks like someone forgot the old adage: Brevity is the soul of wit. Admittedly, I haven't seen the 2016 reboot, and like most films, I won't until I see it after it comes out on DVD/is available to stream, but I have seen a preview where Leslie Jones' character remarks that Melissa McCarthy's character hasn't spent a lot of time on her knees after McCarthy's character is knocked over on her knees, setting up the line. Very Paul Feig/Katie Dippold-esque. But hey, this movie is to give little girls heroes of their own (according to Sony, Feig and Co.), and what better way to do that than have the stereotypical black lady imply that she's given her fair share of bjs in the past? (OK, that might be my "get off my lawn" moment, as it may be intended to fly over the heads of most kids, but IMO still not a good look to educated grownups.) To be fair, McKinnon's character seems to have potential (nerd girls are a good thing in media), and I haven't seen enough of Hemsworth's character in the previews, but the rest of the cast are either stock stereotypes (Jones) or stock Feig/Dippold characters insomuch that they look like they wondered out of a different Dippold/Feig movie (McCarthy). Won't comment on the villain because I haven't seen the movie, but the cameos are every bit as desperate and yet somehow mis-aimed as I had thought (going off of what you said, though Murray's cameo being quick tells me everything I need to know). What probably pisses off most fans is that the writers call back to the original and yet spit all over it at the same time. The original Ghostbusters characters? Never existed in this universe. The roles the actors play aren't mentors but random people that show up and then fade into the background. Base the business out of an old firehouse? Nope. Oh here's firehouse, but let's instead set up shop above a Chinese restaurant because [insert Melissa-McCarthy's-characters-like-food-because-she's-fat-get-it-haha joke here]. Were any proton streams crossed in order to battle the big bad? *Shakes head* (That really has no bearing on the film's quality, honestly, but it's a testament as to how much contempt the writers have for Ghostbusters fans by continually pulling the rug out from under their feet.) But I may have called it...in @CS85's last post one of those links mention that Sony may have considered "agressive litigation" against Bill Murray for his refusal to have anything to do with this iteration of Ghostbusters, not to mention deleting posts on the official trailers, so...it's quite possible that Dan Aykroyd was just every bit pressured into praising the movie and may simply have more composure to let the media windstorm blow over and take the money. Nailed it? The allure of money and, failing that, pats on the back for giving the world a reboot it didn't want or need in the name of "fighting the good fight" for feminism. But hey, it opened at $46M. On a ~ $180M budget. That's good for 2nd to The Secret Life of Pets (a movie on its 2nd weekend). Anyways, this all goes to show that reboots are overwhelmingly a bad idea. I'll admit, I've never been huge into Star Wars or the Star Trek TV series, but they at least have the right idea for breathing new life into movie/teevee franchise for future generations: Avoiding a reboot and simply expanding the show's universe by doing something different. Ghostbusters (2016) wouldn't have half the hate (that's not of the truly misogynist kind) heaped upon it if it were billed as something like Ghostbusters: The Next Generation and (surviving) members of the original cast made their cameos as mentors. Heck, even Bill Murray as a disgruntled/apathetic Peter Venkman that soon dies could possibly work as a cameo, reflecting his attitude towards the franchise. But no, we get a film that's labeled as an updated version of the original that, in reality, does its damnedest to avoid. At least Harrison Ford can sleep easy now that his time at Star Wars is over; can't say the same for Bill Murray.
  7. #1992meet2016
  8. Yea, I've never gotten the appeal of Pokémon either, namely the often-glacial RPG element to it. I saw my roommate grind a couple hours through a Game Boy Advance version (not sure which one) on an emulator and it pretty much confirmed my suspicions. That said, I love the idea of augmented reality games and can't wait to see what else in store for the genre That said also, I couldn't help but have a little Photoshop fun with it with another (pseudo-) Nintendo meme (??): (And yes, I didn't realize that Twitter posts are embedded with the words at the bottom)
  9. First of all: Couldn't have said it better myself. Second of all: Not only does the special caps/uniform template thing in MLB need to stop, it needs to stop across all of the Big 4 in general. There are exceptions, though too many pieces of team identity are sacrificed in the name of league-mandated special event jerseys (NBA's Xmas, particularly 2012's solid-color, 2013's sleeved-with-a-silver-colored-logo-on-front, and 2014's first-name-on-a-contrasting-nameplate-below the-number-with-a-logo-on-front jerseys), hats (MLB All-Star Game), and overall uniforms (NFL's Color Rush™ and last year's NHL Stadium Series). The Red Sox don't look like the Red Sox when the B on their navy hat isn't red (or vice versa on their 1970s red throwback hats). I know it won't happen, because merchandise=money, but it would sure be nice if this stuff was toned back significantly.
  10. #RIPIceCaps... ...sorry, @Ice_Cap.
  11. Same here--this reminds me of John Stockton's retirement to a degree: Bowing out as quietly as you came.
  12. Having a giant "CLEVELAND" is extraneous, but something more subtle, like the size of "Browns" on the previous set, maybe a touch bigger and not a color that overpowers the numbers (orange on brown w/white numbers, orange on white w/brown numbers, brown on orange w/white numbers) could work. But that's just my $0.02.
  13. Fixed. That said, Orange Jersey/Brown Pants is one of the better combos of this Browns set.
  14. Totally. Al Jefferson was fun to watch when he played for the Jazz. Shame that everything went to hell when he was here with Jerry Sloan's retirement and Deron Williams' departure. Hopefully things work out in Indiana and he has some sustained success there, but I'm feeling for Charlotte now, especially after last year's playoff run. Anyways, I'm liking Utah landing Joe Johnson as well. No, he's not in his prime, but as @FinsUp1214 said, he's a wing that can help out a lot. It's also nice to know that the Jazz are, in fact, capable of attracting and signing free agents.
  15. Speaking of Dirk, apparently this was posted and taken down (though I'm calling shenanigans but I'm putting this up FTR):