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  1. Conference Championship Sunday AFC Championship Pittsburgh at New England NFC Championship Green Bay at Atlanta
  2. You can fry it or get botulism...
  3. Try swapping out syrup for honey as well. It's pretty good too.
  4. So was Rudy Gobert. Stupid Zaza.
  5. A couple sauce-related (potential) unpopular opinions: --I like BBQ sauce in general, but my favorite by far is Carolina-style. I'm just a sucker for that mustardy/vinegary flavor. --Best steak sauce? Heinz 57. I don't mind A-1, but a good home-grilled medium-rare steak with just a little fat and Heinz 57 on top is among my favorite meals. --Even though my favorite steak sauce is 57, I haven't had a burger (a step up from the McDonalds and Wendy's of the world) with A-1 that I didn't like. I'm especially fond of the steakhouse burger, with A-1, blue cheese *heavy breathing,* and onion straws *starts drooling.*
  6. Excellent update, though my one criticism is not putting the awesome "Redbirds" script on the home uniforms (which would scream "Memphis baseball"). Everything else is excellent (and I love their take on the standing bird looking back logo).
  7. Don't forget Kroenke and his Inglewood palace. Whether or not he can get the Rams to relevance remains to be seen, but he's building it on his own dime as well. And to add my 2ยข into this discussion: It sure feels a lot like the 1996 all over again, doesn't it? Within the span of 12 months, we've had 2 teams relocate and a 3rd most likely will be settling into their new digs after a 2-year limbo. We'll have to see if the Raiders try to pull an Oilers (hopefully without a renaming at the end of it) and just rip off the band aid if one lame-duck season in Oakland becomes one too many (provided they get approved to move). As for the moves themselves, the Rams reclaiming Los Angeles as their home is easily the one move of these 3 making the most sense, restoring LA's longest-tenured NFL team to the city that it made its rightful home (50 seasons in LA as opposed to 9 in Cleveland and 21 in St. Louis), and all without any major taxpayer contributions. The next one down is the Raiders going to Las Vegas. While I certainly despise the city (and state, IIRC) giving up $750M to build a stadium, besides that I can at least see the logic behind it: Las Vegas is an event town, the NFL is an event league (no more than about 10 home games in a playoff year), Mark Davis fits in as a Las Vegas businessman,* and the Raiders (will) still have a large and loyal following in California and nationwide--anyone who's driven on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and southern California during the weekends can attest to how it becomes a parking lot for miles on end. Given that they would be staying in the same general region as California (instead of going to, say, San Antonio), they can keep much of their fanbase, as sports fans in Las Vegas historically tend to be California-based (Lakers, Dodgers, LA Kings, etc.). Also, as fellow Utahan (Utahn?) @FinsUp1214 said, the Raiders could possibly market to parts of Utah and Nevada due to proximity.**Don't get me wrong, and I'd hate to see them leave Oakland again, and it is a big gamble (no pun intended) given the economic situation in Las Vegas. The Raiders will have to push that regional fanbase hard if they want long-term success (because they won't be getting it from Las Vegas alone), but for all the reasons I listed above, if any pro team can work out in Las Vegas, it's the Raiders. And the worst move of them all is clearly the Chargers going to Los Angeles. Now, I will say that there was a time where moving to LA could've been a reasonable, relatively painless move for the Chargers--they may have even kept some goodwill towards San Diego by playing the "regional team" card. That time was around 10-15 years ago, when Georgia Frontiere was still alive and the last thing the St. Louis Rams, their fanbase, and pretty much any other NFL franchise and fanbase had on their mind was a move to Los Angeles (aside from empty threats). What did Dean Spanos do then? Really, nothing, except the insistence that the Chargers need a downtown stadium and that the city needed to foot the bill. Once Madame Ram passed away and her heirs divested themselves of the team? Same rhetoric. When Stan Kroenke bought the majority of the team and a few years later bought the Hollywood Park site? Same rhetoric, maybe a little louder, but still, no new ideas. When Kroenke kicked the St. Louis endgame into gear? Spanos writes a letter complaining how the Rams want to move back into a region they abandoned 21 years prior while partnering with the owner of the other team that abandoned the same region 21 years prior and would thusly be abandoning the first region said other team abandoned 34 years ago and oh no I think I've gone cross-eyed. When the Rams were approved for relocation to Los Angeles via Inglewood instead of Spanos' Chargers and Mark Davis' Raiders via Carson? Still, pretty much the same old "I won't pay for it, you will, San Diego" rhetoric for a stadium that went to a vote in November 2016--and was turned down rather emphatically by San Diegans. With about a week to go before the relocation deadline and with some hope that something might, just might, get done in San Diego? Spanos drops the sports-team-owner's equivalent of Ron Burgundy's on-air f-bomb, except he has enough self-awareness that he knew what happened, then has the gall to come up with the new, ironic tagline "Fight for LA," which he never did when LA could've all been his and when he never fought for San Diego (like @Lights Out has basically said). On top of that, he spurns San Diego for ultimately playing second fiddle to the Rams and, before that, playing second fiddle to an MLS team with MLS crowds. Say what you will about Mark Davis and the Raiders in Las Vegas, at least he has enough of his father's vision to not play second fiddle to anyone. *Already looking like a tracksuit-wearing, Las Vegas-based Kathy Geiss and appears to be a couple years away from OCD with levels comparable to that of Howard Hughes. **Even if most NFL fans in Utah tend to be Broncos and 49ers fans, the option to shave 100 miles off a road trip to Denver or 300 to San Francisco could lure in quite a lot fans from there.
  8. Key word here: an, implying just one.
  9. I hope I'm not too late, but here are my picks: Divisional Round Saturday Seattle at Atlanta Houston at New England Sunday Green Bay at Dallas Pittsburgh at Kansas City
  10. Los Angeles Dolts. I like it.
  11. Exactly. If Los Angeles was so damn important to the Chargers like the Spanoses said 10 or so years ago, they should've just moved there already. Instead, they've just sat on their hands until it became apparent that the Rams wanted to come back, then they kicked up a stink about that, then the Rams did move back, and now they're going to be the pre-Chris Paul-and-Blake Griffin Clippers. It's oh so appropriate that their abbreviation will be "LAC." As for San Diego, I can't help but think whether another Big 4/MLS team eventually comes to San Diego to fill the Chargers' void. While I'm not one to ordinarily vouch for southern markets in the NHL, the support the AHL Gulls have led me to think that San Diego could have an outside chance at an NHL team (if, of course, they can get an ownership group and a new arena). Maybe that's where the Las Vegas Golden Knights wind up. I dunno.
  12. At least they'll remain the Chargers. But still...looks like they're going to be navy and white with some yellow trim. Oh joy.
  13. Wild Card Weekend Oakland at Houston Detroit at Seattle Miami at Pittsburgh NY Giants at Green Bay