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  1. I've got to echo some of these team names (in no particular order, defunct teams italicized): - Portland Beavers - Oklahoma City Barons - Oklahoma City Blazers - Tulsa Oilers - Reno Aces - Durham Bulls - Charlotte Knights - Carolina Mudcats - Tucson Roadrunners - Utah Grizzlies - Salt Lake Golden Eagles - Salt Lake Bees - Casper Ghosts (the name and a more Western-ghost theme would work) - Bakersfield Condors - Arizona Sundogs - Toledo Mudhens
  2. The list begins with "Super" and ends with "Sonics."
  3. I'll admit...I do (did?) like debate shows like PTI and Around the Horn, but that's because the people involved were actual sports journalists. There is (was?) definitely a level of professionalism that Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser (and the mishmash of reporters on ATH) that Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith lacked. But of course Skip and Stephen A. will be there long after anyone else I mentioned is gone.
  4. You can thank my brother for the Ingles/Flenderson connection. He sent a text saying it, I thought about it, and thought, "Holy crap! I don't think I've ever noticed that before!"
  5. I can't say just how much of a sneaky good signing Joe Johnson was for Utah. His clutch playoff experience is invaluable to the Jazz when someone's been poking voodoo dolls of his teammates (Gordon Hayward tonight and Rudy Gobert this series until tonight). Oh yea, he's also one of Rodney Hood's favorite players growing up: It's been awesome seeing the little stories and camaraderie this like this that this team has had this year despite the voodoo. Hood was also big, scoring 18 points late to help ice the game. Now, another Joe on this Utah team can't be overlooked: Joe Ingles. While he only scored 8 points tonight, he dished out 11 assists and pulled in 6 rebounds...not to mention how well he can get in the heads of defenders. Not bad for someone who looks like a slightly younger Toby Flenderson:
  6. Time for me to interject RE: Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 DX. While I think it took an excellent game from the original (that did have flaws, a pathetic excuse for a battle mode chief among them), and fixed most of those things, as someone who has owned a Wii U (and sold it over a year ago due to a roommate owning both console and game), I just don't think it's worth buying a Switch for $300 then plunking down $60 more for MK8 DX for what amounts to about 20% new content? Sure, battle mode is fixed and arguably the best the Mario Kart franchise has ever seen. Sure, there are a handful of new racers added from earlier Mario Karts (that shouldn't have been left out in the first place) that were missing from the Wii U original (though how there's still no other racers named Kong while the slew of clones--be they in baby, furry, or metallic form--remains is beyond me). But if Nintendo were straightforward with their fans/consumers (which they aren't), they'd admit that MK8 DX, to someone who has owned a Wii U and MK8, should only be worth $20 to $30. What also sounds just as insulting, at least at this point, is that Nintendo is not planning on making any Switch bundles in North America. Let that one sink in. The king of bundling games with its consoles has, as far as I'm aware, given up on one of its signature practices. (I may be wrong, but that's the latest I've heard.) Long story short? I'll wait until that price drops or I miraculously win one for free--if at all. Oh yes, and my roommate? He'd get it for Breath of the Wild, and he, too, has said that he would wait a year or two before getting one. So yea, that doesn't even touch on the NES Classic mess which also has been very Nintendo-esque in practice in their desire to control absolutely everything from demand to content.
  7. No kidding. Clippers' MVPs for tonight: Chris Paul and Tony Brothers. Seriously, how is this not a foul? I wonder what the Vegas line was...
  8. Whether Hayward stays or goes is definitely going to be my biggest concern over the summer, but of all the rumored teams that he could go or is currently on--Miami, Boston, Indiana, or Utah--the best opportunity for (continued) success is still Utah. Yes, I'm a homer (and yes, that's a term thrown being thrown around in this Jazz/Clippers series), but Miami missed out on the postseason, Boston blew 2 home games to 8-seeded Chicago, and Paul George is pointing fingers at his teammates in Indiana. Utah's biggest issue all year long has been a rash of (largely) freak injuries--of which Gordon himself has not been exempt--and the Jazz still managed to win 51 games in the Western Conference. Granted, it's still early in the playoffs and the Heat made an incredible run after starting 11-30, not to mention other TBD teams making a run at him, but one would think that the best team for Gordon Hayward is the one he's currently on, especially if someone can find the person with all the voodoo dolls of Jazz players (Enes Kanter? Trey Burke or his parents? I dunno) and remove the curse over the course of over another year or two. I was feeling bad (and still kinda do) for Melo with all the Phil Jackson stuff, but I've also heard he impregnated the lady he was cheating on LaLa with. Make no mistake, my sympathy level dropped considerably after hearing that news.
  9. Jacksonville, Miami, and Minnesota happened in 2013, Tampa Bay changed their uniforms in 2014, and Cleveland's uniforms were unveiled in 2015.
  10. My overall verdict: This is on par with Nike's Vikings set. It has its flaws (sleeve wordmarks, number font isn't quite there, matching pants and socks), but it improves upon the previous set while at least trying to reach back into the Lions' history and bring it into the future. Obviously the Color Rush™ alternate is the weakest uniform of the set because monochrome, but the tops themselves aren't too bad (this can be said of a lot of Color Rush™ tops). If the day ever comes where teams could pair Color Rush™ uniforms with different-colored pants, they might not look so bad with the blue pants. Also, using gray/silver socks with blue pants and blue socks with the Color Rush™ set might not be too bad.
  11. The logo really isn't all that bad. A bit bland or derivative, maybe, but not bad. That said, this is pretty funny. Well done.
  12. Is there a link?
  13. Talk about a missed opportunity.
  14. I'm a Panthers fan from Utah, so if they were to leave Carolina, I wouldn't care too much as long as they remained the Panthers, as I've decided to stick with them since I was 10 years old. If I may confess, a small part of me wanted them to leave for Los Angeles if Jerry Richardson didn't get the Bank of America Stadium renovation money a few years back (more empty a threat than not), as the LA Panthers would at least be a regional team in terms of drivability and watchability. But, I'm also glad that they've stayed true to the Carolinas (as far as public money goes), much like a lot of things they've done. I'd probably stay with the Panthers even if they were renamed (keeping the general color scheme, a la the Oilers/Titans), but I may root for someone else (probably Denver, who has been my 2nd team for as long, or Cleveland, my 3rd team ever since v2.0 of the Browns have been around) if I found the new identity and location too different from that of the Carolina Panthers. Contrast that with my brother who's a Broncos fan, who would follow the Broncos if they ever left Denver but kept the name but wouldn't follow them if they went the Browns (v1.0)/Ravens route.
  15. Unpopular opinion, but I like the deeper, redder shade of orange. That's about the only thing I like about the update. Well, I do like the helmet finish and brown facemask (though the stripe texture does nothing for me and can go) and upshadow (if they reversed the colors on the brown and white uniforms). A slightly updated version of this logo would look good, but this should be the Browns' primary (read: display) logo. It's very minimalistic, as the Browns uniforms should be. And yea, they can bring that first dog logo back as a secondary--it's also pretty straightforward and no-nonsence (and also fitting for a team whose primary color is brown, despite the debates we've had concerning color accuracy). That, or bring back an updated elf logo. I think Andrew Carrington (I think that's his handle, if he's still around) had a pretty cool old school-cartoon-elf-with-a-two-bar-helmet logo that could work. The Browns with white helmets as throwback/alternates? Sure, OK, I've always that could look good every once or twice a year (with a throwback-inspired uniform to boot), if the NFL ever allows alternate helmets again. The Browns with primary white helmets? Hell. no.