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  1. Im seriously waiting for the reveal video where the players are like "These uniforms suck...we're going to get clowned on the Chris Creamer forum"
  2. Suprised the Mavericks lasted the 25 years that they did. Stater Bros Stadium in Adelanto is literally in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I've been advocating a rebrand as the Hollywood Stars for years, even did a concept on here . P.S Balmer is "trying to build a new arena" on the westside of LA so the Hollywood moniker would fit perfectly. (But I'm going to keep it 100...that's just a ploy to move them to Seattle)
  4. Was thinking the same thing lol it's like a Chuck character in Emoji form... To think they paid someone for that
  5. Having grown up in the 1990s, I've always prefered the Rangers with red being the dominant color and feel as though the Pudge Rodriguez/Juan Gonzalez era uniforms were the best they've looked aesthetically The Angels need to simply return to their 80s uniforms because I'm sure I'm the only one who would welcome the periwinkle Disney uniforms back
  6. The A's and Pirates didn't need Stance for that. This is why I can't stand the modern day MLB, teams wearing the wrong socks but Yasiel Puig can't wear cleats honoring Vin Scully because the shoes contain too much red? Are you kidding me MLB. I'm all for the #MakeBaseballFunAgain movement but each player wearing whatever socks they choose reeks of a "look at me" moment. I went 0 for 4 but damn my socks are ... I don't know what I hate more, off-white throwbacks (Mariners, Phillies, Cardinals) or the I'm going to wear whatever socks I damn well choose Thank you Mr. Taylor
  7. In honor of the Rams...player in the right uniform...but wrong city and wrong stadium... err dome
  8. Which is funny because Official Baseball Rules Page 7 states 1.11 (1, a) No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game
  9. Yea I think it needs to be 51% team designated color. I know Angels just switched from black to red. Wearing random non team designated socks totally fine (ahem Pirates/A's) but wear the wrong colors on your cleats and you're asking for a call from Mr Manfred's office
  10. Only time new Browns uniforms will see the Edward Jones Dome
  11. Yellow/Blue and exclusively Yellow and Blue. There are more throwback gear in stores then current colors
  12. Sigh...Today's ballplayers have no sense of aesthetic appeal. The A's dont wear stripped hosiery Between the overly baggy uniforms and the stripe fetish, Throwback games are a joke. Is it so hard to play along and look the part for one game.
  13. My favorite Angels uniform Would seriously love a TBTC to this era, but doubt it happens since they didn't acknowledge it during their 50th anniversary season
  14. Nice those Sox unis are pretty sharp