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  1. IMO Oregon State has looked like trash since unveiling those logos/uniforms in 2013. They need to revert back to these ASAP
  2. I would have loved the Staten Island Wiseguys
  3. Same with FSU. Not a fan if their Coogi/Christmas sweater looking uniforms
  4. Lol could have been #TurnYourHeadAndGoff
  5. Just for fun Ill utilize historic identities as well NFL-80's Rams NHL-Whalers MLB-Expos NBA-Original Orlando Magic
  6. I don't know why they're trying to distance themselves from the dome era so much. I believe the Metrodomd era uniforms were their best. I personally loved the road pinstripes and the infamous Dairy Queens. (Possible unpopular opinion on both fronts)
  7. Yes, the road uniforms had powder blue accents during the 2006-2009 seasons. Navy returned in 2010. As for the gold pants on the road, that had been nonexistent since Mora took over
  8. Despite the loss it was so nice seeing the return of the Full UCLA stripes after being truncated and mutilated since 2010. Clarendon font would have been nice, but beggars can't be choosers
  9. Call me crazy, but I miss the diamond plate uniforms. I thought those were the coolest.
  10. I agree....Doesn't look very good optically for Charlotte fans when both the Hornets and the All Star game move there
  11. Finally, UCLA will look aesthetically pleasing
  12. Im seriously waiting for the reveal video where the players are like "These uniforms suck...we're going to get clowned on the Chris Creamer forum"
  13. Suprised the Mavericks lasted the 25 years that they did. Stater Bros Stadium in Adelanto is literally in the middle of nowhere.