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  1. Yogi Robin Yount Duke Snider
  2. Meet David Arias, Mariners farmhand. Some people know him as Big Papi
  3. Well Oregon is THE Nike school so what if its an OVO X Oregon collab uniform. All gold with green accents. Lol Nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to uniforms
  4. Well to quote the great Mr Sale "Why should they prioritize p.r. and uniforms over winning" lol
  5. What if instead of being Brooklyn throwbacks, it was worn to honor this guy's HOF induction
  6. I wonder if the jerseys will now be "half off" on the auction site
  7. Way down in Eugene's land,Tell old Pharaoh,Let the secrets out Couldn't resist lol
  8. So I guess this means they're setting the gold standard
  9. Those uniforms are sick...cough cough
  10. Probably true lol one things for sure, I bet the uniforms make this board cry
  11. Oh I can just imagine The News & Advance headline after their first loss... "This is what it sounds like when doves cry"
  12. They were alright, would have much preferred players wear the solid brown with gold sanitary socks like the 80s Padres
  13. Technically a repost but first non photoshopped picture and I'll mike this post a 2 for 1...this might be an unpopular opinion, but in my mind this is his forever rightful uniform
  14. Pacers really need to bring back the pinstripe uniforms