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  1. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    Ebbets Field Flannels does a wonderful job recreating these.
  2. MLB by Under Armour

    Yes!!! I love the subtle changes on both. The sleeve stripes on the Cubs really make the blues pop, and you brought a more classic but more apealing look for the Cubbies. With the Yankees it wasn’t a no brainer. Removing the white outline on the road script is a great idea. Potential Yankees alternate idea. Is to make a cream jersey to mimick the home whites. Similar to those Current Twin alternate beauty’s
  3. MLB by Under Armour

    I love Boston’s. I pesonally love the new logo.... but my only critique would be swapping the blue and red cap on the alternate and homes. Very crisp none the less.
  4. MLB by NIKE

    Wow. Modern but simplistic. I really love what your doing. Can’t wait to see the Angels. iust wondering what others think of the coloured pants? I can’t iump on board unless it’s baby blue.
  5. MLB by Under Armour

    Really liking the series. Sure will be weird seeing Under Armour on the fronts of MLB teams jerseys tho.
  6. NBA Changes 2018-19

    These might be one of my favourite basketball jerseys of all time.
  7. Hershey Bears Project

    Loving the project so far. This is beautiful.
  8. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    To bad they didn’t distinct them in to eras. For what example Montreal’s Dynasty Jerseys are much better then what they wear now. The Habs jerseys now seem to modernized. I like them with more as sweater type look/collar. similar to what they used last year.
  9. Best mlb uniforms

    Stumbled across this forum, and it has me thinking of what a tremendous job Majestic has done with keeping the uniforms so crisp and prestine. The MLB jerseys are the best they have ever looked in my opinion.... Going to be really weird seeing the Yankees with a big under armour patch come 2019.
  10. Canadian NHL Team Updates

    I like em, all look clean, modern and are very well done good work.
  11. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Just my opinion but I think Sift has one of the nicer kersey sets in all of the WHL.
  12. Pan-American Hockey League: 1999-2000 Final Season

    Great series so far you always do a great job! I know this is Probobly somewhere in this topic and sorry for asking but how did you come up with the legacy points? It's a great idea.
  13. Concept Thread Think Tank

    What it be real lame if I made scripts for golf? I'm fascinated with golf fashion but don't know if it be worth my time to post on the forum?
  14. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Is there any chance we can get the Caps winter classic template?