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  1. Reminds me of a local TV station's logo.
  2. Rose Bowl looked perfect. I could not stop thinking about how many bowl matchups would have looked great if teams learned how to keep base uniforms and team colors in the picture at all times.
  3. Maybe I'm crazy but I love the green jersey for Seattle. They need to use navy blue socks and/or pants to balance things, but the usage of that green in a more dominant way is fine with me.
  4. nfl

    ^ The Chiefs have always had stripes like that, and it's not inconsistent because the pattern of white-red-gold-red-white is the same.
  5. Shameless plug
  6. No red in the primary SAM is kind of a weird abbreviation too.
  7. First step toward those becoming a once or twice a year jersey for Georgia. I've always contended on here, since 2007, so that no black jersey has been farther from BFBS ... Even though it was first instituted in the new mellineum it has a classic look, and I'd argue is the superior uniform of the three.
  8. Here's every Kennesaw State uniform so far this season. The only duplicate uniform they have worn this year is gold-white-gold, which they also wore Saturday vs. Gardner-Webb. They also just unveiled a matte black helmet with a larger KS monogram on it. That will debut Saturday vs. Monmouth with white jerseys and black pants. Sept. 3 vs ETSU Sept. 10 vs. Point Sept. 24 vs. Duquense Oct. 1 vs. Furman Oct. 8 vs. Missouri S&T Oct. 15 vs. Liberty
  9. The Falcons looked absolutely perfect on Sunday. I've always been one to think the new crest is superior to the old logo, but for some reason I just love the simplicity of the old one on that black helmet with those black jerseys, and the white pants look so much better than the gaudy, over-striped silver ones of the 90s.
  10. Seeing Vandy in gold helmets almost looks weird now, which is sad. They used to have one of the better looks in CFB
  11. Has anyone in the other thread discussed how the LA Rams are using a lot of blue and white imagery right now? Their sideline padding doesn't have any gold and the Twitter avi for them is the Rams logo, but washed out of any yellow.
  12. I wish the Falcons updated their look, but it doesn't sound like that's going to happen. Expect a 90s throwback, plus the color rush.
  13. I really like Oregon's uniforms. I actually think these are better than half the alternates they've worn because the concept has intention -- was thought out. So the opposite of the shoulders on last week's jerseys
  14. Look at Richt making the U great again