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  1. I asked today, "Why has Tulsa abandoned gold?" A Tulsa beat reporter told me that she didn't know if the uniforms unveiled today were core uniforms. This is the curse of being a uni nerd -- you don't realize how illogical and uninformed reporters are until you try to do uni talk with one of them.
  2. I think that Southern Miss' current uniforms are far inferior to the ones they had prior, even with the two-toned pants. Current: Previous:
  3. Georgia was 2-1 in black jerseys -- I think everyone west of Auburn, Ala. thinks they only wore them one time. As far as the aesthetics go, these are the best alternate uniforms in college football. Nobody else has pulled off black alternates and made them look as classy and timeless as Georgia, and nobody ever will. Glad they're coming back.
  4. The design is flawless. Maybe change up the color scheme to something less similar to the Sounders?
  5. Kennesaw SID is saying there's some fun news coming later in July, while the jerseys on the online store are now listed with '15 next to them. Considering how many people complained about the chrome, blobby numbers on our home jerseys I wouldn't be surprised if the team has either added to and/or revamped its uniforms after only one season. We'll see. The road unis are actually quite nice.
  6. I don't mind anything about that uniform for Miami, but probably only because their previous uniforms were the world's worst
  7. This looks good on white space, but only white space.
  8. Brigham Young Stormin' Mormons
  9. Only after the playoffs where the Cavs stuck to the blue and black jerseys, those win jerseys already look foreign to me.
  10. Took Page 2 to bring up the Utah Jazz?
  11. That could not be a more boring decision by Delaware.
  12. Texas has way too much going on between the number in the collar. I wouldn't mind if the conference logo was raised onto the shoulder plate and the longhorn was removed completely.
  13. Striped baseball socks/stirrups and oversized logos on football helmets
  14. ACC: Clemson (new ones) Big Ten: Michigan Big 12: Texas Tech Pac 12: Oregon...I guess SEC: Georgia
  15. Please use a number font modeled after the basketball font.