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  1. How the hell are you doing this in paint? Well done. Those UNC uniforms are perfect mix of what they went after in their last redesign and the old look I recall from the early 2000s that I like so much
  2. The Rams are going to look awful. I don't understand this.
  3. I could go on all day about the Bengals. To me, the old uniform was a dud because the stripes looked like they were forced into traditional ones, if you can get my drift. I liked how the stripes on the 2003-Present uniforms kind of just fell onto the uniform instead of being forced into traditional stripe spaces. My issue now is the way it looks on the new template, especially with the toilet seat collar. and of course, the side panels can be overkill, but I thought the home uniform from the 2003 unveil was a great modernization. Paired with white pants, I liked how the side panel translated into the pants stripe. I loved that uniform, pre Nike. The away was especially nice.
  4. I find it amusing how nearly every UGA recruit prefers the black jerseys. That's going to be a regular alternate moving forward and that makes me happy.
  5. The third kit for NYC is so smart, yet subtle. There's more than one way to mock the rail system on a jersey and the two stripe approach was the classy way to go. As far as Red Bulls, I'd love to see them drop the Red Bulls off the back of the jersey...and I don't think the bridge design adds anything to the set. I'd remove that and let the chest logo, which is unique to MLS, do the work there.
  6. Worst US kit in years. Worse than the blacks even. I want personality and identity. I want to feel like I'm looking at my country. Nike isn't even doing a horrible job, it's not doing a job at all. Really disappointing.
  7. I love those Coastal uniforms, but if I were them I'd have the chicken on a cap.
  8. Seeing this kind of inspires me to do an NFL series where home and roads or alternates aren't in the same style in color scheme, kind of like with soccer kits. I really love the gold and blue for home and white-blue look for the road.
  9. Reminds me of a local TV station's logo.
  10. Rose Bowl looked perfect. I could not stop thinking about how many bowl matchups would have looked great if teams learned how to keep base uniforms and team colors in the picture at all times.
  11. Maybe I'm crazy but I love the green jersey for Seattle. They need to use navy blue socks and/or pants to balance things, but the usage of that green in a more dominant way is fine with me.
  12. nfl

    ^ The Chiefs have always had stripes like that, and it's not inconsistent because the pattern of white-red-gold-red-white is the same.
  13. Shameless plug
  14. No red in the primary SAM is kind of a weird abbreviation too.
  15. First step toward those becoming a once or twice a year jersey for Georgia. I've always contended on here, since 2007, so that no black jersey has been farther from BFBS ... Even though it was first instituted in the new mellineum it has a classic look, and I'd argue is the superior uniform of the three.