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  1. This might be a weird thought, but now that those jerseys have been in a Super Bowl I don't think they need to change them.
  2. nba

    My thoughts on all of this so far: Hell yeah.
  3. I'm really angry at NBA branding right now
  4. Hell yeah
  5. [insert Jamal Crawford in black-red-volt Hawks jersey if it happens]
  6. WALK THE MOON has one of my favorite sounds and has for a few years, but I just now discovered some stuff from their earlier EPs. They just have a super fun, jammin', electric pop sound that I don't think I'll ever get sick of.
  7. Whispers: LSU looks so much better
  8. Well done across the board.
  9. I've never liked the Mavs' current branding. I think that primary logo has too many pieces in it. It's very convoluted. I know it's a horse, but it doesn't look like one from a far.
  10. I like it...
  11. A lot of people on these boards should be working with Nike's creative teams... and a lot of people working with Nike's creative teams should be fired. Edit -- the same goes to Adidas.
  12. More teams should go with the broad helmet stripes like that. Ohio State and Oregon State's looked great. I'm a big fan.
  13. I'll throw a little more reasoning in for mine -- the 2000s. Pro sports has always been pretty consistent, but college football has always been in the spotlight. This is not because it was the decade I grew up in (born in 90), but b/c we were entering the alternate uniform era but before teams started with all of the cookie-cutter, overnight ordering of grey jerseys and deciding to change in and out decals, facemasks, etc on a regular basis. It was also before Adidas looked like it was making uniforms with third-rate material. The 2000s were a time when not every team had alternate uniforms, but the ones that did usually put some thought into them. Modern uniforms these days are hogwash. Modern uniforms in the early 2000s are modern classics to me. And -- I will get killed for this -- but stripes were the name of the game for decades. Piping was a big aesthetic change and looked great when done right. We were at a moment in time when you could have a modern uniform AND an identity.
  14. This image is floating around Twitter. Hope equipment managers plan on ordering decals that better go with the helmet -- maybe red trimmed logo decals and a red stripe instead of white.