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  1. Hey guys -- It's been a while, concept forums wise. Between my current job (I'm now a resident of North Carolina!) and my new allotment of free time, I've hit a moment of great self-demanding when it comes to designing. I've always done it as a side hobby, but didn't take courses on it in college or receive any type of professional training. I've made many posts in the past on these boards using Inkscape, but feel like the industry demand if I want to grow is to switch to Illustrator and Photoshop. So my questions and concerns are: Should I feel strongly about basically re-training myself in Illustrator since it's the industry standard? Are there any designers who have made that type of switch? Does anyone actually prefer Inkscape? I'm so comfortable with it, but I do know it has limitations. This is a very open-ended discussion. Drop in advice, experiences, etc.
  2. ^Agreed. Monuments would be lame. I'd rather the Wizards return to a non red-white-blue color scheme and reimagine the Wizards identity.
  3. They actually did a red vs. black spring game in 2008
  4. Yep. I get up every Sunday at the crack of dawn to watch Premier League, but I can't organically build a fandom. I've always grown up cheering straight for home teams, so adopting at this point feels out of the question. I just really love watching it -- I HAVE to have it on in the morning, and if I don't wake up in time for the first match I'm mad at myself.
  5. This is good, but I want you to know that as a native Atlantan, I see the Thrashers logo in the detailing on top and can't usnee it.
  6. The Hawks' black jerseys look awful on TV because the numbers and NOBs are in different material -- while technically the same color, the numbers appear more of a golden color while the NOBs look bright green. So yeah, I'd say they are up there in the awful category. I'm not a big fan of their uniforms outside of the red alternates.
  7. I don't think a team has a bigger disconnect with their nickname and their actually branding than the Wizards
  8. Eat boogers
  9. I think this is a downgrade. The previous uniforms were perfect.
  10. Initials WCF with the dual stripe behind it on the other sleeve, right on top of the stripes. Looks way too busy.
  11. This is perfect
  12. Weird having the old R and a jagged modern font. Bad branding is bad
  13. I think the Lions current uniforms are justifiably perfect. I'm saddened by this upcoming change. Nike hasn't done anything good yet except for the redesign in Minnesota
  14. How the hell are you doing this in paint? Well done. Those UNC uniforms are perfect mix of what they went after in their last redesign and the old look I recall from the early 2000s that I like so much
  15. The Rams are going to look awful. I don't understand this.