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  1. Seeing Vandy in gold helmets almost looks weird now, which is sad. They used to have one of the better looks in CFB
  2. Has anyone in the other thread discussed how the LA Rams are using a lot of blue and white imagery right now? Their sideline padding doesn't have any gold and the Twitter avi for them is the Rams logo, but washed out of any yellow.
  3. I wish the Falcons updated their look, but it doesn't sound like that's going to happen. Expect a 90s throwback, plus the color rush.
  4. I really like Oregon's uniforms. I actually think these are better than half the alternates they've worn because the concept has intention -- was thought out. So the opposite of the shoulders on last week's jerseys
  5. Look at Richt making the U great again
  6. The longer overdue change at GT happened. I've never seen a team go from one contemporary look BACK to another contemporary look, but Tech ordered new white jerseys that are just complete rehashes of the ones from the mid-2000s. The trademark here is the GT roundel on top of the detailed collar, as well as the gold stripe on the sleeve. The only difference is the pants are from a previous era--a lot more simple and look better. This is Tech's best look.
  7. The Arizona uniforms will only be in bad taste if they go down...
  8. I actually really like the template ACU has for its home uniform. It's also kind of interesting because the piping looks a lot like UA's piping on a lot of uniforms. First time I've seen Nike copy UA instead of someone else copying Nike
  9. I actually don't think Ole Miss looks right without grey in the uniform. I've always thought the facemask should be grey to complement grey pants. I even loved their grey alternates from the last decade. Concept plug:
  10. ^Thanks for that! Clears up what i was wondering about. Just seemed like an odd look for them
  11. I wonder if the new Oregon uniforms were behind on schedule or something so they worse those as filler? The weird, clothy grey look just seemed so outside of their direction -- and I know, it sounds weird, but I do think as they always evolve there is always at least a sense of direction.
  12. Georgia Southern continues to do some different things with its uniforms.
  13. Also, I actually think Central Michigan looked better than anyone this weekend. Finally going with the simplified look with the gold facemasks has made a big difference
  14. Vanderbilt really needs to return to the black shells with the gold logo. The pajama sleeves are of Russell-level amateurism. South Carolina had a decent look. I think I'm biased because it's kind of reminiscent of the Falcons 1960s uniforms. I'm a fan of App State doing a classic sleeve stripe and big logo on a sleeve. Their uniforms are much better than they've been in the past.
  15. I asked today, "Why has Tulsa abandoned gold?" A Tulsa beat reporter told me that she didn't know if the uniforms unveiled today were core uniforms. This is the curse of being a uni nerd -- you don't realize how illogical and uninformed reporters are until you try to do uni talk with one of them.