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  1. NFL 2018 changes

    Can we just page Brandon Moore about the Dolphins changes? If he's been in charge of creating their graphics I bet he knows something!
  2. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Looks like Auburn is in new gear today. Big downgrade.
  3. New(?) Logos on NBA "Mash Up" hats

    Those are awesome. I ordered a Hawks hat the second I clicked on the link.
  4. Team Color Changes

    A rundown of the Atlanta Hawks' color history -- I would venture to guess no professional sports team has changed colors more than them. Red // Sky Blue Blue // Green Red // Yellow Red // Black // Yellow Red // Blue // Grey Red // Volt // "Granite" I'd guess another change will come <5 years. The new scheme is quirky but wearing off on folks and not a hit with fans
  5. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

  6. Falcons with the addition of gold trim
  7. 2017 Miami Dolphins Creative

    Best in the league. Classy.
  8. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    You're the only person in 2017-18 to get me excited about something involving the NE Patriots. Well done.
  9. NBA Changes 2017-18 them
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Hawks need to take the template of tonight's uniforms and apply it to primary home and road uniforms. I'd also love to see their home and roads stick to red, volt and white and then have an alternate like this as the third jersey. Their current getup looked cool at first, but I'm so over them.
  11. What year was this Hawks jersey?

    So, I guess this was the first uniform to use the Pac logo? Fascinating, I've been a Hawks fan and a uni nerd for a long time and somehow never saw these until tonight.
  12. What year was this Hawks jersey?

    This is a new one for me -- have not seen it before or documented on the website.
  13. Carolina Hurricanes Redesign - Help needed!

    That looks great.
  14. We know there's dozens of awful ones out there, but which templates (any sport, any era) that were worn by numerous teams were actually up your alley? My vote:
  15. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Hook this thread into my veins