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  1. I'll throw a little more reasoning in for mine -- the 2000s. Pro sports has always been pretty consistent, but college football has always been in the spotlight. This is not because it was the decade I grew up in (born in 90), but b/c we were entering the alternate uniform era but before teams started with all of the cookie-cutter, overnight ordering of grey jerseys and deciding to change in and out decals, facemasks, etc on a regular basis. It was also before Adidas looked like it was making uniforms with third-rate material. The 2000s were a time when not every team had alternate uniforms, but the ones that did usually put some thought into them. Modern uniforms these days are hogwash. Modern uniforms in the early 2000s are modern classics to me. And -- I will get killed for this -- but stripes were the name of the game for decades. Piping was a big aesthetic change and looked great when done right. We were at a moment in time when you could have a modern uniform AND an identity.
  2. This image is floating around Twitter. Hope equipment managers plan on ordering decals that better go with the helmet -- maybe red trimmed logo decals and a red stripe instead of white.
  3. Team No. 2 -- Wilmington FC (Wilmington Hammerheads) Founded: 1996 Current league: PDL (amateur) Location: Wilmington, North Carolina Stadium: Legion Stadium (3,000) Kit sponsor: UnTappd (social drinking app) Twitter: @WilmHammerheads
  4. Team No. 1 -- Atlanta Silverbacks Founded: 1994 Current league: NPSL (amateur) Location: Doraville, Georgia Stadium: Silverbacks Park (5,000) Kit sponsor: Taco Mac (popular wings and beer) Twitter: @ATLSilverbacks
  5. Fun fact: Falcons have worn white at home twice since the turn of the century. I'm also pretty sure they did it for a preseason game in the early 2000s, but can't remember which one to look it up. 2002 vs. Bengals 2003 vs. Vikings
  6. Waldo. I know we need to keep making new designs for the sake of merchandise, but I'd prefer if the U.S. stuck to a Waldo design as their primary through every cycle and then rotated in new clash kits for people to throw their money at. As someone else said, if you're going to put white stars on blue sleeves, go the whole way and make the bars white and red. Either way, this is a big step after the last two abominations.
  7. Looks a lot like the Hawks font As far as the logo, clean it up, throw some gold on it and send it to the Charlotte Knights because their current set is an abomination.
  8. People like you are the reason college football is in the state it's in with uniforms. **makes subtle, non-sensical swap of equipment** YO!! FIRE!!
  9. This is a historic day in the history of these boards.
  10. Did everyone on these boards just see this for the first time? Including me? I'm amazed.
  11. Also, Atlanta is down 1-0 after waiting for 2.5 hours following a severe weather delay. A few fun facts: the match is at Kennesaw State. Charleston, the team winning, is actually Atlanta's USL affiliate. They've played in an Open Cup final before.
  12. Either way, Cincinnati showed up. That crowd was 95% Cincy fans. 30,000 people. That's a big-time showing because there are other markets bidding for MLS entry who are playing MLS sides at home and not drawing nearly as many. North Carolina FC hosted Houston Dynamo tonight and I'd be surprised if they had 4,000 people. They are bidding for MLS. I believe Cincinnati sealed itself as one of the two teams to get the expansion nod. That rivalry with Columbus could become something else.
  13. The blue, black and orange version of the modern Cavs alternate is my favorite Cavs uniform.
  14. What makes a helmet stripe "terrible" other than it not being a traditional one? I don't think there's anything wrong with the Titans' helmet stripes. Those stripes also fit rather nicely on modern helmets. I also didn't mind the white-powder-navy look for Tennessee because, for me, it's the color balance overall -- not just the principal color balance -- that makes or breaks a uniform like that. A lot of colleges are wearing solid/dark jerseys and pants and then going with white helmets and white facemasks just because they are mixing and think it's cool. But, with Tennessee, the fact that the numerals are white draws the balance from top-down, while the navy pants draw the balance bottom-up into the shoulder yokes. This probably sounds like a bunch of hogwash, but there's a big difference between these two examples below. vs.