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  1. sergeimakarenkov44

    NHL Rebranded

    How'd you get the sparkle effect on the logos? was it just done by adding noise or was there something else involved? They look nice, by the way. I'm digging the gold sweater. @ fishheatcats - yes, Bank Atlantic Center is gorgeous. I was there a couple of years ago watching Ilya and the Thrashers get torn up by the Panthers. The arena is so nice. It reminds me of PNC here in Pittsburgh. From a traditionalist baseball standpoint, it's among the best fields in the MLB, but nobody appreciates it because the team is awful.
  2. sergeimakarenkov44

    NFL Uniform Concepts

    I'm a super-crazy purist when it comes to the steelers. I like the striping on the jerseys and think the sleeves complement them nicely, but I just cannot live with the helmet. Have any of you ever seen that gold helmet in person? If you have you know it is one of the ugliest-looking things ever. The black is an absolute classic and isn't replaceable in my mind. I feel like it's something that would look decent as an alternate, but I would never want to see it as a primary....ever. That is just because I'm a purist, not because I don't like the design though.
  3. sergeimakarenkov44

    Rbk Edge

    I believe you must go one way or the other with black & gold or vegas gold. either will leave an audience wanting more of the third. I would stick with a vintage blue as the third.
  4. sergeimakarenkov44

    Rbk Edge

    Agreed, these sweaters were very delicious. I personally want the black & gold back so we can return to the glory days of having all 3 teams using the same palate. I would love to have an athletic gold alternate, as well. You're correct that the "gold" in the Ducks' jersey is shiny. It actually has the same raised stripe texture on it that the old Penguins gold stripes had, except Reebok has the ribbing vertical rather than following the angles if you understand what I mean. I absolutely abhor that 3rd though. The colors just don't work correctly, in my opinion. If you feel the need to use the navy sweaters, I would suggest a take on the Larouche-era design - link not the exact jersey, but something akin to it if you absolutely don't want to use the powder blues.
  5. sergeimakarenkov44

    Prokhorov: Nets to change name for 2012 Brooklyn move

    Spell it with a "K" for authenticity
  6. sergeimakarenkov44

    Hockey Logo

    hmmmm, that's true. Something you could try is making it like the New Orleans Saints' chest patch commemorating Louisiana - link I'm not sure how it would work with outlines like that. I would try mixing up the bottom though and making it a tad curvier like it is on the map (just for consistency's sake). I don't know for sure that it would look right, but it's worth a shot. Removing the areas where water is present inside the count would make sense, I think. You could always try something out of the box, as well
  7. sergeimakarenkov44

    Hockey Logo

    Changing up the sticks would make sense, actually. I would remove the gradient and try out different kinds of shields, as well as the outline of the county. If it's not too weird looking it could have a really neat look.
  8. sergeimakarenkov44

    Bill Leavy admits he made "mistakes" in Super Bowl XL

    Deal with it. Officiating mistakes are part of the game, and I as a Steelers fan refuse to believe it was officiating that decided everything
  9. sergeimakarenkov44

    Chilliwack adds third jersey

    That Quebec jersey looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Ahh, yes! the WBS Penguins! Hey, give credit where credit is due! We stole that design first. Hawks winer classic sweater=Baby Pens sweater
  10. sergeimakarenkov44

    DEG METRO STARS Jerseys 2010-2011 - The process

    That is really awesome. I'm a Köln person myself, but these are nice regardless. Congrats, as Andrew said, on getting to see your design used
  11. sergeimakarenkov44

    Brady and Big Ben with the Revoloution

    the helmet is designed to reduce concussions, so kudos to Ben. but he practiced with it all last year and never wore it so i doubt that's going to change. not sliding headfirst into linebackers would also help him avoid concussions
  12. sergeimakarenkov44

    Concepts from Camp.

    Font is a thousand times better. It looks sort of like Gatorade branded coffee at the moment (at least to me). I would change up the lightning bolt a bit
  13. sergeimakarenkov44

    NHL Rebrands -- #2 Pittsburgh Penguins

    with Pittsburgh I will always be a purist, so this isn't exactly something I like. Lights Out is right about the numbers and wordmark. I'll give you credit for being creative, but I'm just not that into the vertical baseball stripes and the wing-looking things.
  14. sergeimakarenkov44

    Anaheim Ducks Rebrand

    I thought the same about his Quad City Mallards design. It's tough to differentiate, though, as aci said. it's really not too bad if you think about it
  15. sergeimakarenkov44

    ESPN "30 FOR 30" Series

    saw it yesterday. it was awesome