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  1. NFL Mach Speed Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    Your Jets concept is amazing. I love the shoulder design. Its perfect.
  2. Nike Does Big Ten

    I'm working on it. I will have it up sometime tonight.
  3. NFL Changes 2015

    Those were also boring and unoriginal.
  4. Nike Does Big Ten

    Any feedback before I start my next project with this template?
  5. Nike Does Big Ten

    So close to finishing it but I forgot all about Maryland. I will have to knock that out after work tomorrow. Anyways here are the home uniforms for each set. You can find the rest of the options in first post.
  6. That comes next year on Thursday night. The dolphins may even go all orange.
  7. Rebranding the NFL

    These are fantastic. The only thing I would like to to changed is the angle of the horns on the Vikings helmet. Maybe tilt them backwards a little bit.
  8. Nike Does Big Ten

    Thanks for explaining that better than I could. I just knew they were wearing Jordan this year and didn't know which template they would be using so I chose to stick with this one.
  9. Nike Does Big Ten

    Thanks. The template will be available eventually but I still have a few projects that I wanna use it for. Ill let you know when Im ready to give it away.
  10. Nike Does Big Ten

    I really like how Nebraska turned out.
  11. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    Chrome logos looks cool. Chrome facemask looks horrible
  12. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    I think the bills would look better with their old logo on their helmet.
  13. Nike Does Big Ten

    Decided to do the entire Big Ten. Here are 3 more teams. Michigan State: Michigan: Iowa:
  14. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    This actually sounds pretty awesome. Im all for it.
  15. Nike Does Big Ten

    For those of you who did not like the black numbers on the grey jersey, what do you think of this?