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  1. Prepare for a dump of tons of templates this weekend from me. Here is a preview. There may or may not be others as well.
  2. Here is another pic of that beautiful jersey.
  3. Pretty sure the guy is just talking about new shoes.
  4. If I had it my way this is how the Cavs would look next season.
  5. I like them all except for the last one. There needs to be a gold outline around the whole SF
  6. BYU had the 3D embossed logo that you guys are talking about. I think it looks pretty good on the helmet.
  7. Im not a fan of the stripes on here, The points at the tip are meant to resemble a crown but since you made it extend, it looks like Bart Simpsons head.
  8. A silver bullets uniform would be nice.
  9. I saw that new wing design on their facebook as well.
  10. I would like to see you ditch the gold for a lighting yellow.
  11. They messed up the sock stripes but it doesnt look like they have sleeve stripes just tape. Also in the old pic the guy on the left doesnt have stripes on the bottom of his jersey.
  12. Nevermind my eyes were :censored:ing with me. I thought the grey stripe at the top was blue.
  13. What is going on with those sleeve stripes? its like they were trying to decide between two different sets of stripes and just said :censored: it, we will go with both.