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  1. I tried that and it just didnt look right even though you think it would. If every number were 2 digits and didn't include a 1 it would look nice but the single digit numbers and the numbers in the teens looked awkward. To counterbalance the navy number on the front i would make the number on the back red.
  2. Just in case anyone who though the jets use of Neon Green was random, its not. For some reason its listed on their color pallet but i never see it used.
  3. I've got a few more teams to show you guys tonight. Let me know what you think. I know I said that the whole point of me doing this was to minimize white and showcase the colors that pop but this Texans uniform looked so good i had to break my own rules.
  4. Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks I based the Seattle uniform on their 1982 Uniform
  5. Here are the Lions and Bengals. Ignore the second Bengals image, it wont let me delete it from the post.
  6. I am not trying to exactly follow the NFL rules here, i'm just trying to design each team with colors that pop while minimizing the white. Here are updates to Eagles and Falcons along with the Patriots color rush.
  7. Schedule will be all inner division games. AFC AFC North Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cinccinatti Bengals AFC East New England Patriots vs New York Jets Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins AFC South Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars AFC West Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos NFC NFC East Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins vs New York Giants NFC North Minnesota Vikings vs Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears NFC South Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC West San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals
  8. Your Jets concept is amazing. I love the shoulder design. Its perfect.
  9. I'm working on it. I will have it up sometime tonight.
  10. The Dolphins Template has a Vent down the Center of the Jersey. The Colts and Dolphins both have a small extension to the V in the collar. Maybe similar but not the same. Best Pro Bowl uniforms in recent memory Well this was just in 2013 Those were also boring and unoriginal.
  11. Any feedback before I start my next project with this template?
  12. So close to finishing it but I forgot all about Maryland. I will have to knock that out after work tomorrow. Anyways here are the home uniforms for each set. You can find the rest of the options in first post.
  13. That comes next year on Thursday night. The dolphins may even go all orange.
  14. These are fantastic. The only thing I would like to to changed is the angle of the horns on the Vikings helmet. Maybe tilt them backwards a little bit.
  15. Michigan will be wearing Jordan's logo starting next year. But it is a Nike template because Jordan is a Nike brand. The basketball teams that wear Jordan brand use the Nike template and slap the Jumpman logo on it. I'm almost sure that is what they will do with football too. Also, Michigan signed a deal with Nike, then they announced that they would be wearing the Jordan logo; they didn't sign directly with Jordan. Thanks for explaining that better than I could. I just knew they were wearing Jordan this year and didn't know which template they would be using so I chose to stick with this one.