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  1. Joe Haden was allowed to wear this visor against the chargers this year. and the im just noticing he wore it against the Bengals as well, is the NFL loosening up on the rule?
  2. The main focus for me with this concept was to create a true identity for this team. The Browns have had several mascots over the years but the stripe has always been the focal point on the uniform. Since the browns wear no logos on their uniform, the stripes on the helmet, jersey and pants have pretty much become their logo. This is why I decided to scrap the mascot and logo entirely and focus the whole design around "The Stripe". While I would love to change the team name to a symbol (most likely of a stripe) similar to what prince did with his name, there is just too much history behind the Browns name. I'm only half kidding but you get my point. While I think this stripe design could work with many other teams, I designed it specifically for the Browns to give a modern twist on their historic uniform. I may try it out on a few different team to show what some of you guys requested.
  3. Playing around with my new template, what do you guys think?
  4. I just wanted the stars on the shoulders to match the stars on the helmet. It does suck that its the odd one in the bunch but i prefer over the all royal blue set. Here is so you can see what i'm talking about. Some may like it this way but idk just doesnt seem right to me.
  5. Thanks I would love to hear some more feedback. I am willing to make minor changes before I start doing the matchup graphics
  6. The league is now finished. I will be doing graphics for each matchup in the upcoming future.
  7. Two more teams down, four more out of the AFC West to go. I know most people will wanna kill me for getting rid of the silver dome for the Cowboys but i really like this look. That royal blue really pops on their navy.
  8. I gotcha right here along with Giants and Rams.
  9. Two more
  10. More uniforms. I always start series like this and never end up never finishing them. I plan on seeing this one through til the end. I plan on knocking out a lot more this weekend.
  11. I tried that and it just didnt look right even though you think it would. If every number were 2 digits and didn't include a 1 it would look nice but the single digit numbers and the numbers in the teens looked awkward. To counterbalance the navy number on the front i would make the number on the back red.
  12. Just in case anyone who though the jets use of Neon Green was random, its not. For some reason its listed on their color pallet but i never see it used.
  13. I've got a few more teams to show you guys tonight. Let me know what you think. I know I said that the whole point of me doing this was to minimize white and showcase the colors that pop but this Texans uniform looked so good i had to break my own rules.
  14. Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks I based the Seattle uniform on their 1982 Uniform
  15. Here are the Lions and Bengals. Ignore the second Bengals image, it wont let me delete it from the post.