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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    I definitely remember reading somewhere that the Sox brass wanted the return to red letters on the road with no piping to create consistency with the home jersey.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    The Giantsrevealed the Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July caps/uniforms on their Twitter account yesterday. Caps are supposed to be a graphite with pink and blue logos, eyelets, and stitching, respectively. I believe Marine camo (not quite sure) for Memorial Day, but I don't knowwhat's going on with the FOJ cap.
  3. Help With Red Sox Throwback Cap

    Thanks, Scoo8b! Much appreciated!!!!!
  4. Help With Red Sox Throwback Cap

    I can say it's definitely not New Erabecause I actually went to one of the games whenthey wore the hat. I remember sitting in the bleachers close to the Sox bullpen and trying to see what was on the back of Bill Haselman's cap. I could tell it wasn't the batterman logo. It was either letters or numbers.
  5. Help With Red Sox Throwback Cap

    It'sdefinitely not a batterman, as this is not a New Era cap.
  6. Hi, everybody. I was just wondering if any board members had more information on this cap. I know the Red Sox wore this against the Braves in 1997 for two games. What I don't know is what was stitched on the back of the cap. I have searched on the Internet, but I have only been able to come up with photos that show the cap from the side or front. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. MLB 2016 Changes

    Looks like potential of NNOB for Red Sox road grays.
  8. MLB 2016 Changes

    Anyone with news about the Red Sox going with NNOB of their road grays? Majestic and MLB Shops Flex Base photos for Papi and Pedroia reflect this possibility.
  9. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    The other site was Next Level Talk. Both sites are gone. You could try Game Used Universe. There is some jersey talk, but it centers mostly around buying and selling game-worn/team-issued memorabilia.
  10. Not a huge NFL fan, but why are the Packers allowed to wear throwback helmets? Wasn't there a one-helmet rule? Are they wearing them all season? Thank you.
  11. 2015 MLB Changes

    Wish they would reveal the pillbox caps they'll be wearing for the ASG, already!
  12. 2015 MLB Changes

    I think it's 1975 throwbacks. (1979 is when they abandoned the pullovers. The Bucky Dent game was thus the last game in which they were worn.) 1975 is the year they won the World Series over the Reds with Carlton Fisk's extra inning home run in Game 6, or so you would be led to believe if you watch the usual canned highlights of that series. Tell me about it. I always felt it was ridiculous for the Fisk homer to be so celebrated knowing that his team lost game 7. With the hypothetical of the Cubs being in the world series too far fetched, I can't imagine another team that would get such love and historic declarations over a moment that was ultimately meaningless. The only other thing which is in the same category (and not anywhere close) was Lebron James' last second shot to beat the Magic in game two of the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals. Until James finally won a title, ESPN showed that shot in literally every Lebron highlight. It was talked about as if it was one of the greatest shots of all time, and in the end it accounted for one of his team's two wins that series. Most true baseball historians would place that particular Game 6 amongst the greatest games of all time. The 1975 Series was arguably the best ever, and the Fisk homer capped a fantastic comeback by the Sox to force Game 7. The homer is iconic partially due to the unique (at that time) vantage point of the camera from inside the Green Monster. Let's face it. If you hit a walk-off in the World Series, it's going to be replayed.
  13. 2015 MLB Changes

    Padres- every Thursday home game Nothing official, but I'd keep an eye on the Rays for June 27th. They promo giveaway is a retro headband with the fauxback wordmark on it. A's also look to be doing something June 27thi Have it marked as 1965 Turn back the block day on promo calender. Heard the Red Sox and Phillies are throwing back in the first series of the season to commemorate the 1915 World Series.
  14. 2015 MLB Changes

    Here are some better shots via Red Sox Twitter account:
  15. 2015 MLB Changes

    Red Sox wearing Red Sox Foundation patches tonight. Seems as if this is coinciding with an RSF pledge drive - not for the regular season.