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  1. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    The other site was Next Level Talk. Both sites are gone. You could try Game Used Universe. There is some jersey talk, but it centers mostly around buying and selling game-worn/team-issued memorabilia.
  2. Not a huge NFL fan, but why are the Packers allowed to wear throwback helmets? Wasn't there a one-helmet rule? Are they wearing them all season? Thank you.
  3. 2015 MLB Changes

    Wish they would reveal the pillbox caps they'll be wearing for the ASG, already!
  4. 2015 MLB Changes

    Most true baseball historians would place that particular Game 6 amongst the greatest games of all time. The 1975 Series was arguably the best ever, and the Fisk homer capped a fantastic comeback by the Sox to force Game 7. The homer is iconic partially due to the unique (at that time) vantage point of the camera from inside the Green Monster. Let's face it. If you hit a walk-off in the World Series, it's going to be replayed.
  5. 2015 MLB Changes

    Heard the Red Sox and Phillies are throwing back in the first series of the season to commemorate the 1915 World Series.
  6. 2015 MLB Changes

    Here are some better shots via Red Sox Twitter account:
  7. 2015 MLB Changes

    Red Sox wearing Red Sox Foundation patches tonight. Seems as if this is coinciding with an RSF pledge drive - not for the regular season.
  8. 2015 MLB Changes

    I have it on good authority that the Red Sox will throwback to 1975 this season.
  9. 2015 College Baseball

    Here is the UConn cap!
  10. 2015 College Baseball

    I found out this is BP only, and it has the new Husky logo, not the hook 'C'. Picture to come later today.
  11. 2015 College Baseball

    UCONN has a new red cap as an alternate. There was a crappy too-distant shot of it on Twitter.
  12. Come On, Nike, Why No Elite Super Bowl Jerseys?

    I guess I'll try eBay for the patch. I know the on-field patch was larger than those used on the Game versions by Nike. My guess: 4 inches?
  13. Does anyone know why it seems Nike refuses to make these available? MLB really does outshine the NFL when it comes to making Authentic Collection World Series jerseys available. Does Nike really NOT want more money that badly? Also, what company produces the SB jersey patch? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Via the Lowell Spinners Twitter account, new on-field caps are on the way.
  15. 2014 MLB Changes (logo, uniform wise, etc)

    They look amazing IMO.