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  1. Dolphins in aqua pants today.
  2. Cardinals-Dolphins will look a lot better if Miami wears their aqua pants, which they've surprised us with already this season...
  3. Are the current Rams and Chargers color schemes too similar to coexist in the same city?
  4. In case there was any question, Panthers in black jerseys... http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article56543008.html
  5. Nope, no alts allowed...
  6. Like I said elsewhere, I bet the Broncos first asked if they could wear blue and were told no...
  7. I bet the Broncos first asked if they could wear blue and were told no...
  8. Did I just hear on NFL Network that the Broncos have chosen to wear white?....
  9. Apparently the last time the Dolphins wore aqua jerseys for a 1pm home game, 12/15/73....
  10. Dolphins to wear aqua for a home day game for the first time since 12/31/94 playoff contest vs. Chiefs (Joe Montana's final game) ‏@TomGarfinkel Uniforms tomorrow will be aqua/aqua...
  11. The only thing that makes Monday's throwback specific to 1966 is the pants striping, the next season it changed to orange-aqua-orange, how it remained thru 1985.
  12. . I never understood why some people post the helmet color with the combinations, we ALL know what helmet color each NFL team wears. It's not like certain teams change helmets from week to week in the NFL Yeah, the Dolphins wear this helmet every week. But seriously, are you serious?
  13. Looks like the modern helmet style has greatly affected the placement of the decal...the angle is totally off. Compare to my avatar and the photo below.
  14. No, it just worked out that way...the Dolphins decided on aqua jerseys for their new 1966 throwback set, and the only way they were going to get to wear them was for this sole home primetime game (since they only wear aqua at home for night games). FYI: The last time they wore aqua in Miami for a day game was a January, 1995 playoff contest (Joe Montana's final game).