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  1. The Creamers & The Concepts Hall of Fame

    Little late to this one as I haven't been frequenting the boards too much, but a big thank you goes to you guys. I appreciate it!
  2. A11 Football League Branding

    I've never posted anything. But the majority A11 logos in the middle of the picture with the screen and guy are concepts I whipped up.
  3. A11 Football League Branding

    @Brandon: Yeah, they did a whole crowd-source thing after the first rebrand was done. I also drew up around 20 league logos until they untimely settled on something one of their in-house guys worked on. They asked me to be a part of the crowd source but I didn't find it too flattering to have a second go-around at a project that we had already worked on and were happy with. I also have a feeling that the final designer(s) and I had incredibly different creative briefs from start to finish considering the style and modernity of these marks, but kudos to the fact that they were soundly-designed. @Doug: Yep! Those were mine. I'll post my cutting-room designs when I get the chance. @Goth: Wouldn't say they ripped it, but it's similar.
  4. A11 Football League Branding

    Yikes, didn't even know these were realeased. I'll shed some light on this... I was a part of this whole rebrand during the beginning of 2013. It was a real exciting opportunity for me and, although my designs were eventually scrapped, the final designs are pretty remarkable. It's odd to me, however, how much effort they put forth to cap my creativity and stay deadset on using traces of the old USFL logos, while they let the current designer roam free. I know a few other designers who were a part of this as well. They probably dropped a big buck on this whole rebrand strictly because they were unsure of what they wanted. Oh and that Stag helmet looks awfully similar to a concept I had made for my fictional league, so much so that they even left "Rage" in the bottom right corner of the display. Hmm.
  5. Looks like a pull-it-out-of-your-ass rebrand to me. Here's your font. http://www.dafont.com/shadow-of-xizor.font?text=BUCCANEERS
  6. Meh. AND the football looks like a friggin' grapefruit.
  7. I don't think any logo deserves that kind of treatment, especially this turd
  8. Looks like they yanked that type right off dafont, ha
  9. ...Well at least the spots don't look like Cheetos, right? That must make it an okay logo.
  10. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Looks really nice, despite the botched attempt at adding depth to the horn.
  11. Worst sports logos ever

    I think about half of these actually apply to the title of this thread while the other half just fall along the lines of "Logos That I Hate"...
  12. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

    CJ, I generally like your work, but I'm not a big fan of this one. The old Jags logo was very flawed and your update doesn't really fix any of its problems, IMO. Fair enough. I just threw it together really to prove a point. I'll work on a Jags concept if I have the time.
  13. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

    heres my proposal still better than what they got Immediate upgrade. Stunning accuracy.
  14. Talk of possible new Jaguars logo

  15. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Overused? I don't think any NFL team has a matte helmet. Therefore it would be the opposite. You don't suppose he's talking about the entire realm of football, do you? The NFL is the NFL. Who cares what is popular or unpopular in college. If the Jags use a matte helmet in the NFL, then it's unique to the league and not overused. Who isn't going to care? For those who are butthurt over college football Nike designs, you're going to have some leakage since Nike is outfitting the biggest football league in the world.