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  1. These are just fantastic, and I think the only way I could like them better is by either using their current name and number font, or bring back the old one. But the jersey and striping and all that is just phenomenal.
  2. Grant94's NHL Redesign

    I love these (even if the more traditional numbers on the 3rd took a little getting used to), and I love the fact that you aren't using Carolina Blue in these. Way to not fall into that trap.
  3. 2010 CFL Season

    This was only the second game I've ever seen, but it makes me wish I had NFL Network so that I wouldn't be stuck trying to watch it on ESPN 360.
  4. 2010 CFL Season

    Another Too Many Men penalty? I watched the Grey Cup last season and it just seems like that penalty bites the Riders in the ass all the time. EDIT: If it counts, holy crap what a catch!
  5. 2009 CFL Season

    I'm an American who watched that on ESPN360, and I can readily say that it was the best football game I watched today. Absolutely awesome.