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  1. Its just not easy to see because it's straight on. It's clearly still there.
  2. How close is the new Browns orange to the Bengals orange?
  3. This is absolutely insane. They hyped up a facemask change. Have we ever seen anything like this?
  4. Garbage. Looks worse in the sunlight (or maybe I just haven't looked at them in so long I forgot how bad they are)
  5. WVU numbers are much better (and I hate them) than Tampa Bay's. Also, give me the old Lightning logo, either of them, over the new one.
  6. Oh sweet baby jesus that 7 is an absolute tragedy.
  7. Oh God. That 5 is obscene.
  8. Can't get other that font. All of the other terrible elements I can understand, but those numbers. I don't get it. Never will. Can't believe at one time I was critical of the Vikings vast font possibilities last year. They're fantastic compared to the Bucs.
  9. I could see a Chrome Orange helmet coming. Seriously.
  10. Phil Hecken posted this on twitter. It's the Bucs template recolored as if they were the Giants, Jets and Eagles. This helped me see the biggest problem with this set (besides the font) is the over use of Pewter and the overall color scheme. Giants (sans numbers) doesn't look horrible. Nor do the other two. The over use of an ugly color when matte (Pewter) and trying so hard to mix creamsicle and red make the new Bucs set the worst jersey/pant combo currently in the league. By far. Now the helmet...that's another story for another day.
  11. Creamsicles without contest. My team. I'd like complete control.
  12. I'll bet you anything that they do.
  13. Absolute disaster. The number font is a joke. Everything about this is a joke. My god.
  14. Holy crap....ain't even mad about the Jags helmet anymore after seeing this look. Unreal.
  15. Somebody on twitter pointed this out. Cannot unsee.