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  1. Engage with SportsLogos.Net - A HowTo:

    One thing I would really love for you to do is change the way the forums are titled and monitored. It makes NO sense to have a 222 page thread on ANYTHING. If someone makes a post first that has a very specific comment about one aspect pertaining to Nike NFL uniforms, every single Nike NFL post that comes next shouldn't live under that original post name because it won't make sense in most cases. There could be tons of sub contexts or events that fall under that category is way too confining and if the original name of the post is too descriptive, you could overlook it. The thread name should change to something generic like "Nike NFL 2012". Also, can you just delete any smarmy user you makes a big deal that something was covered in a previous thread? That is the antithesis of social behavior. If you could use tags for major topics like NIKE NFL that catches it all and let the individual make posts that are more context based that live on their own, you could serve both groups rather than having these over judicious people trying to control the spontaneous conversation that you need to generate more and more conversation.
  2. Did the New Jersey Nets tease their Brooklyn logo?

    Wow! I really like that. I hope it is real.
  3. Generic Patriot logo

    Perfect! Don't change a thing! (Maybe add a ponytail, but that's it!)
  4. Rutgers New Football Uniforms

    I love them a lot too. Rutgers never had a brand. The last uniforms were supposed to create a generic tradition that never existed there. I think these are great and makes Rutgers feel like a more national brand ala Utah State.
  5. Nike's Fan Jersey Discussion

    Is it me? Or does that Cardinals jersey approach seem to be less of red shoulders that it is just having a white torso cut out like the Nike BYU jersey they got in trouble for a few years back Overall I love the Nike stuff, but my only beef is that the Jets shoulder patch goes over the seems and it REALLY bugs me. It looks like an after thought.
  6. I present to you the tackiest baseball stadium

    I agree, looks pretty great.
  7. Johnny Canuck Logo Petition

    It is absolutely not redundant. It reinforces the meaning of the guy which most of the world is not familiar with.
  8. Johnny Canuck Logo Petition

    This to me seems like the obvious solution if they were even interested in making another change. It's not more cartoon-y than the whale
  9. New USA Basketball logo

    The worst part about the uniform word mark, is the emphasis for some reason is on the "S" which of all three letters in USA might be the least important. For that fact alone it makes for a bad design.
  10. Matte Helmets in the NFL

    Wow, Rawlings still makes helmets? That takes me back to like Marino rookie year times. Just off the top of my head, I would say the Ravens would look the best in a Matte helmet. Steelers too because of the fact that they have a black side to the helmet and a textured finish would make sense.
  11. I don't think just taking the stripe away is enough of a change, it would probably just look like an error. What if they stayed in the same wheel house as your thought and added an extra stripe so they had 2 stripes on the helmet and maybe carry it on to the pants. That way it could be a reflection of the 2nd stage of Penn State football (I would also add bad the collars because I thought that change was just plain dumb anyways). To appease people who love the logo, what about just adding the oval logo to the pants on either side on top of the stripes as a symbol of change and moving forward, but all of these changes are small enough to stay inside of their brand.
  12. San Diego Padres Unveiling

    Counting the block numbers, is that 5 or 6 different fonts now in all?
  13. No offense, but having some fans wanting modern uniforms or changes doesn't really matter. Penn State needs to make a branding decision that leads to their long term success. The Boise State's, Maryland's, Oregon's, etc all do radical things with their jersey because they don't have an iconic brand. People kill for that. To throw it away would be very short sided and extremely costly.
  14. I don't understand when people clamor for Traditional brands to conform. The very fact that they never conformed IS their brand. If they change ANYTHING significant and go against their brand, they will cease to matter. I would argue that without those uniforms or coach, they would have ceased being nationally relevant a long time ago. If the next coach decides to make changes to put his stamp on the program, I would understand, but unless it keeps within the simple and traditional nature of the brand, it will be a failure. People are either Penn State fans because they are from the area/attended there OR most importantly revenue wise, they chose it because things like their classic uniforms and old school tradition (present events excluded of course).
  15. The Packers logo

    The Packers G is absolutely perfect. Is it simple? Yes, but that is what makes it so great. It is timeless, works in every possible setting, AND most importantly the most important thing is does is take a back seat to the yellow on the helmet which is probably it's most amazing achievement. Anyone who looks at a logo and confuses simple with easy has probably never designed a great logo them self. Perfect. PS. I love the Georgia helmet, but everyone outside of GA think they just stole the Packers logo. PPS. No one counts Grambling