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  1. Discrimihater

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I wish Miami had kept their previous number font. I thought it looked good on whatever jersey they put it on, and it would've been a nice nod to the 2000s teams.
  2. I gotta agree with @Gothamite, that name list is garbage. Sky Sox is a good name, why change it? Rocky Mountain Oysters is the best of the bunch...but this bunch blows.
  3. Discrimihater

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    I'm guessing a Chihuahua and a ham sandwich. Or people who are not smart.
  4. So I'm guessing next up is the Senators becoming the Angels...and the team that would've been the Angels instead becomes the Hollywood Stars?
  5. Discrimihater

    Unpopular Opinions

    I prefer the Cajuns' flaming fleur de lis myself over their non-flaming version, wish they'd use it somewhere.
  6. I dunno, it usually works for me.
  7. Discrimihater

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    Funny thing about the name...Crackers was actually short for Firecrackers.
  8. Discrimihater

    Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    I couldn't remember whether I'd ever posted these or not...which means clearly, the answer is no. First, a bit of a trip back to the 90s with St. John's, though admittedly the only truly 90s part is the use of the old logos (not a huge fan of St. John's' current logos). It's a bit tough to see, but the number plate on the vintage jumper was given stitching. And I've been sitting on this one for a while...Miami of Ohio, where repeating elements were what I was going for. And a gratuitous blackout.
  9. Discrimihater

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    So we have Iowa State in black, and we've had the Florida Gatorcanes... Now we wait for Texas to unveil a new maroon alternate
  10. Discrimihater

    Missouri football

    Here goes Mizzou version 2. The dark alt from the first set becomes the basis for the main set this time, with a tweak on the sleeves: the ghosted tiger is dumped in favor of sleeve numbers and diamond cuffs. The alts...are both gold. A gold-torso version of the main design, with white numbers, and a somewhat simplified version of the all-diamond alt is the other, with black torso numbers and the player's name in diamonds, something I'm not too sure about, but it was worth a try.
  11. Discrimihater

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    I think this would've fit a KHL team better than the Czech national team. The thing they're doing with the crown's color is cool, though.
  12. Because you accidentally ate your pet frog?
  13. What is this Sports Fan Fiction board you speak of? I'm getting old, I've never been there, and my awareness aint where it used to be Seriously, you know you've made it (normal version) when there's an entire project dedicated to outdoing you. And I know I'm losing it when I try something new and people call it either retro or dull
  14. Discrimihater

    Missouri football

    A lot to respond to, so I'll get to it....in all honesty, a simplified version of the gold/white alt sounds like a pretty good idea. The funny thing about the mains is that I didn't really have "retro" in mind, it just wound up that way, largely because I didn't think Mizzou's modern numbers were a good fit for this (and don't have their numbers on me anyway). I could've probably titled the main set "How to Make the Outlandish Retro Without Really Trying" Far as the mains, that is tasteful by my standards and yeah, I probably should've given the torso numbers on the road jersey gold trim, I'd mainly wanted the diamond numbers to be the attention grabbers. Thought about it briefly. I wouldn't do it as Alt 2 is now, but maybe I would for a simplified version. In order: consider yourself enlightened...going way out there on alts (and occasionally homes/aways) is kinda my thing, folks either love em or hate em...Thanks, as far as alt 1, I'd probably make a few tweaks first, but I see what you mean...and as I'd mentioned, I didn't have Missouri's current number font on me, and didn't think it would've been a good fit here in any case. Fair enough...though obviously, some hypothetical better way hasn't occurred to me yet.