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  1. Discrimihater

    NFL changes 2019

    Ironically starring the Bucks
  2. Discrimihater

    NFL changes 2019

    Indeed I do. Got a handful of old Eastbay catalogs on me too.
  3. Discrimihater

    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    this last one, I believe, is from nearby Union Grove HS
  4. Discrimihater

    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    ...to be continued...again...
  5. Discrimihater

    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    Back in December, I came across a bunch of blank Packers jerseys at Burlington. If they'd had any in size 56, I would have bought one. And now some Salvation Army finds I didn't buy, mostly due to size, starting with Intet ...to be continued...
  6. Discrimihater

    NFL changes 2019

    I know what you're talking about, I have an old catalog with a picture of a royal blue Aikman jersey. Basically took the white jersey and inverted the blue and white.
  7. Discrimihater

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    It's funny, I've hated the Cowpokes since the 90s, but like Dak, and liked Romo (he's from my county... opposite side, granted, but still); conversely, I liked the Pats in the 90s but won't consider rooting for them at all until Brady's gone. So...time to get a Pokes jersey ready, I guess.
  8. Discrimihater

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    ...and with that, my snowball's chance in hell crack prediction of Mike Leach goes about as well as I'd expected. No idea about Lafleur, tbh.
  9. Discrimihater

    Worst Game You Ever Saw

    I guess all the crappy Bucks games I've seen over the years have run together. This new world-beater Bucks squad is still a new concept that hasn't quite sunk in for me yet. Of all the horrid QB play I've seen from the Bears, Todd Collins' single start was easily the most cringeworthy game I can recall...and this is considering the Bears somehow managed to actually win that one. My thoughts were "how the effort is this man employed to be an NFL passer?". The way he played, I don't even think a mediocre semipro team would want him.
  10. Discrimihater

    College football postseason 2018: The Other Divisions

    Damn...you give Mount Union one hell of a fight and then you're dead.
  11. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    I wondered about something the other day... if the Chargers managed to win the Super Bowl, would their championship celebration be the first of it's kind that nobody showed up for?
  12. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    Among people I'd like to see become Packers HC, Chuck Pagano and Jim Caldwell would not be my choices. Then again, I'm the guy who's wishing they had the balls to hire Mike Leach, so what do I know?
  13. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    And the Steelers, in spite of making things far harder on themselves than necessary, are on the cusp of being gifted the AFC North title...on the arm of Baker Mayfield. The next Urinating Tree video will be epic. edit: spoke too soon.
  14. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    As a Packer fan, I guess there's no more fitting way to end this disgrace of a season than getting blanked. By the effing Lions. In Lambeau.