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  1. Yeh can take my life...but yeh cannae take MY FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! There can be only one... Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver, so were Eddie Haskell, Wally and Miss Cleaver The zipper of my trousers seems to have come undone...please allow me to excuse myself to the lavatory In other words, Fly is open, Let's Go Peay!
  2. For almost as long as football has existed, there have been many tries at tabletop simulations of the sport. I'm not talking about Strat-o-Matic, Paydirt and their ilk. No, what I speak of is having the whole field, and 11 little men butting heads with 11 other men. The most famous of these attempts is electric football, which seems to be something of a love/hate affair mainly because getting those little men to go where you want them to, as well as passing and kicking, are dark, arcane arts mortals were not meant to know ...and then there have been other, more obscure efforts, a number of which basically combined football with chess, though that has its own issues (queen pieces might end up being too powerful to contain, for instance). What I saw someone at Boardgame Geek do with All-Pro Football, a late 60s effort, inspired me to try my hand at at least preparing to make my own board, and at some point I'll post some of them. These fields I'm about to show you, I created with a different game, Techno Bowl, in mind. All I'll say is what I know: I think the idea has finally found its winner, and all it took was inspiration from a certain iconic NES game. Anyway, I give you a field for Rice... And in my world, the Noles bring back the white endzones...I was on the fence considering whether to have the feather on the spear or not. Finally for now, los Jefes...I have some faint memories of Arrowhead's old turf field, and also used the spear stripes from one of my older concepts in the endzones. I'll note: the original versions of my fields/boards feature grid lines, which I intend to either leave off or severely lighten for the concept versions I'll be posting here. The All-Pro fields I'll be posting, however, will be in the checkered form I intend to print them in (and I've made CFL and Arena versions as well, which I'll post later).
  3. ....aaaand I'd forgotten about the inaccuracies I'd seen in Gameday 2004 until I decided to reenact Super Bowl XXV for the hell of it. Unlike in Madden or 2K, teams in Gameday basically only had their then-current uniforms and one throwback set...and if the team in question had changed uniforms since going to a Super Bowl, there's usually a good chance said uniform won't be available to the current team. Anyways, now giving you Discrim's Incomplete List of Gameday 04 Inaccuracies That You'll Promptly Forget About 90s Bills: the road whites are paired with blue pants instead of the actual white pair 85 Patriots: the home white pants' striping is blue-red-blue, when it should be red-blue-red 96 Patriots: block numbers instead of their italic digits, and wrong socks (white with red-blue-red striping, should be blue with a thin red stripe) Eagles throwbacks (Randall Cunningham era): the eagles are missing from the sleeves Redskins throwbacks: based on the 70th anniversary uniform, complete with a white version that has never existed Falcons throwback: based on the red-silver era, but the falcons are missing from the sleeves and from a few other games...not sure if it was this way in earlier Blitz games, as I don't play as or against the Chiefs often, but the arrowhead on the left side of the Chiefs' helmets pointed the wrong way in Blitz 2003, and probably Blitz Pro too. Another oldie from Madden: the late 80s Saints home unis had white numbers w/black and gold outline IRL, but had gold numbers with a black and white outline in several Maddens.
  4. I know one thing, going slightly off topic, if the Bucks had moved, I wouldn't have followed unless they moved to Seattle, and maybe not even then. I've loathed the Bulls for too long to consider going to them, so I'd probably either quit watching basketball altogether, or follow the Knicks. But then I repeat myself.
  5. Bucks in 5. They have a freak, some money, a moose, and a president. After that, Cavs in 7 because while future things are coming, true things are true.
  6. WTH was Nedney doing? Having lunch with Chuck Norris?
  7. Woof...I live about 15-20 minutes away from an actual D3 stadium (at Carthage College) and went to UW-Whitewater. Can confirm both schools' football facilities being easier on the eyes than Fordham's (never been inside Carthage's gym).
  8. Only time I've gone to a stadium for an actual game was one time when my aunt got free tickets to a Bucks game but couldn't convince her own son to go with her, so she asked me instead...I still have the program somewhere, as well as the little Grant Hill poster and ticket stub, though I long ago lost the deck of playing cards I bought at the BC. Among crap I've either bought or gotten in the mail, there's an Expos mini-helmet with an earflap and stand that I found in a dollar store once, a Cubs Convention pennant I found at the Village years ago, a Kalamazoo Wings media guide I got in the mail from em during their IHL days (sigh...I miss you IHL...you weren't lame like the AHL)...and I think that's it for now. EDIT: forgot about a few Admirals pucks I bought at the Village years ago-one has the late 80s-early 90s skating admiral, one has the early 80s skating sailor, and the last one has a celebrating version of the sailor...as well as a full size Mariners helmet I won at a carnival. And a pair of towels my uncle got his hands on from the Rams' training camp back when they held it at Western Illinois' campus...around 98 or 99 IIRC.
  9. There are high schools with better fields than what you described, and that's even if you leave out those stadiums in Texas.
  10. Apparently we here in Wisconsin have been annexed by those dastardly Canucks and nobody told us
  11. I remember back in 96 or 97, the Packers and Cowboys played basketball here in Racine...I still have my ticket stashed away somewhere, and I remember the house was packed (no pun intended).
  12. Well, it's mainly there because a similar outline is on the white jersey's script. Well, back in the 80s, the Angels wore Northwestern stripes on their BP jerseys, so if I'd made em noticeably larger, I would've gone that route.
  13. Welcome to the boards...I loved the mountain jerseys. I like the classic J-note. I think they could be integrated together. Honestly, though...something like this needs to be given more thought than just slapping the current logo over the old one. (Don't worry about it too much...the first concept I ever posted was a piece of crap on its own merits, nevermind what I can do now, I was just too green to realize it at the time) First on my list, were I doing this, would be to grab a pencil and start sketching. Step 2 would be to decide whether I was using navy or purple. One or the other, not both.
  14. Had this in reserve for a while, and I'm finally releasing this owl out into the wild...here goes Rice. Decided to go Carlton-style for the main design, with the big English R front and center. The third is a silver-to-white faux gradient, a Brisbane style offshoot. For at least this season, we at the WAFA are basically operating as an outlaw league...so I can still unveil the Milwaukee Robins' 2017 guernseys The robin's been given an addition for this year: a silver medal commemorating our Grand Final appearance last season. The home jumper also has silver numbers and a silver collar for this year only. The teal clash has a silver medal for the same reason...the Cup home, however, features a gold medal, commemorating our first trophy of any kind...when we won the midseason Cup final...ah man, the type of game we're almost always a lock to lose, we actually won
  15. Owls fly mainly at night...and the lunar cycle is often marked on calendars. So a while ago, I was looking at a calendar, and thought it'd be a good idea to somehow incorporate it into a uniform. So here we are. Home/Away set Alternates I figured I'd keep things semi-normal aside from the lunar cuffs (a theme I would have gone with for Asheville if I hadn't been revisiting the Hawaiian shirt angle), if only so you aren't as speechless as you were in my last baseball post.