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  1. Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Please don't kill my vibe, because Lamar's up
  2. some football field concepts

    A combination of laziness and the paid job conspired to cut into the time I devoted to this...anyway, a couple I've been sitting on for a minute... 49ers...I know the NFL would never approve the cat shooting his guns off nowadays, but I've long thought it was kinda cool. Cardinals...inspired by their late 98 endzone, with my rendition of the STL-era running redbird making a return
  3. Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Continued...figured the fellas may want t-shirts, so I sent them a few ideas (though fewer than I'd intended to, as they asked for some extra work to commemorate their recent cup win)...two are relatively basic, two are shirseys Striping pattern is another stripes-within-stripes look, this time essentially a vertical version of my Boston U design from when I did a Beanpot set a while back. Faux gradient has been used in at least a couple concepts, striped jumper is a new design I have no idea whether they'll use any of my jumper ideas, but to modify a certain phrase...to get paid is glorious
  4. Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Been considering phasing out Photobucket for a while now...as you can see, looks like they're phasing me out in any event, to celebrate me finding a new host, a little something I haven't had the chance to post until now, given I was largely focused on the paid work that'd stumbled upon me. ...and speaking of that paid work...not sure when they're gonna roll anything out, but they already paid me, so it's storytime. Last month, I found out that the USAFL site was using an old Port Adelaide concept of mine to represent the Dallas Magpies (and I'm almost positive my old partner in crime is responsible), and apparently at least some of the guys down there liked it enough that they asked me for permission to use that old thing (which IMO is a piece of crap compared to when I improved on it the first time...but at the same time still better than what they had). I offered to rework it, mainly so it didn't look so obviously made for Port Adelaide (by this, I mean no teal and no lightning), and they offered to pay for the effort, so I threw in some concepts along with the identity. On the upside, my :censored:load of footy concepts meant there was a stupefying amount of designs I could rework in a relative hurry, I mainly wanted to give them some examples to show what they could do. The full magpie is the primary, and there's a "Big D" secondary, as well as a winged star. White back is modified from the Rhode Island home from my old State of Origin series, while the black back is modified from a "braces" design I first used for a Notre Dame concept. Recolored version of my Arkansas set, basically. Black jumper and bottom white are both modified from my Canisius design, while the "vortex" white is a new design. White back uses a stripes-within-stripes pattern, while the Texas flag black jumper I just did for kicks
  5. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    I like the idea behind the Yanks' socks, and I also like the execution...though I'm not sure it'd translate all that well to reality. The Mets' skyline socks...brilliant, man.
  6. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    I decided to stop by Shopko for the first time in quite some time the other day, and along the way I saw a Salvation Army store had opened near there. Honestly, I was tempted to take a stab at flipping some of what I didn't buy: a couple Chivas jerseys, a Jagermeister hockey jersey, a TON of blank jerseys (mostly youth sized)...speaking of blanks, I kinda wish I'd thought to myself "youth and high school teams gotta buy their uniforms from somewhere,don't they?" earlier in my life...in any event, I bought a blank jersey and a somewhat surprising find given the huge glut of stuff I could tell was from Illinois: a Racine Raiders alumni tee (which I'm not sure I'm ever gonna wear in public, given I've never played for them...much like at least a few people have said of my concepts, I might just look at it and never wear it)
  7. What Grinds Your Gears...

    This crap South Africa's politicians are pulling, making the Knicks front office look brilliant by comparison. A double whammy of stupidity that only government can force on people: Marxist policies and hate speech laws. Speech =/= Action, but South Africa is on the road to repeating a number of mistakes made in the Apartheid era, and also some of nearby Zimbabwe's. https://fee.org/articles/south-africa-is-repeating-the-mistakes-of-apartheid/?utm_source=ribbon Future prediction: "I have a great idea to improve the plight of our people: let's print so many bills that every South African can be a milionaire...because it worked out so well for Zimbabwe!"
  8. 2017 NBA Offseason

    No way in hell I am...but I'm damn sure there are people out there who will just because they're so effin expensive. Why do the Knicks do these things? Just WHY? Is there some "Dumbest Trade" contest they're taking part in? I'm not even a Knicks fan, and I miss when they were good.
  9. NBA D-League Still Needs to Expand

    Hell, I know it wouldn't happen quite like what I just experienced, but if that happens, I'd like em to stumble upon me...I got a whole identity ready for em.
  10. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    Well, to be fair, given blue flames are actually the hottest, at least they did the research. I'm not gonna say this is even a good logo, only that it could have been worse. Not sure how, but it could've. It's very clear this aint a hockey logo.
  11. It has been one crazy week and a half, yall...but paid work stumbling upon you is like that.  In any event, I'm excited...a real team will be using my logo!!! :winner::woot::lol:

  12. Interesting look for Vegas. The more I look at the V sleeves, the more I like them. Also liking the return to the navy/bronze scheme for the Oilers, though I'm not a fan of the number font you chose for the third.
  13. Avs: there are people in the world who are known as butterfaces. This is the jersey equivalent: I like everything but the crest. Flames: having used that unused C in a concept myself, I can safely say you could have chosen much better striping to complement it than what you went with. Devils: I see what you're doing with the green...that said, if this were one of mine, I'm not sure I wouldn't tweak this by tomorrow, by blending the black and green into a really dark green for example (what I wound up doing with a North Stars concept) Bruins third: unless that's supposed to be a Stadium Series jersey, the sleeve numbers seem like they're too big...nice homage though. Love the Isles set, though I would've gone with an NY on the orange instead of BKLYN.
  14. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    In all fairness to anyone blaming the 90's for the Cowboys' blue jerseys being navy, didn't it change to navy in the early 80's?
  15. I watched a few games of the Big Ten tournament, and I hadn't noticed anything unusual at first (IU-Michigan game IIRC)...that is, until I noticed the "dirt" was kicking up no dust. Couple that with the bits and pieces of the Houston regional, and that weird black mound. Don't get me wrong, I'm no newbie to college ball, this has just been the first time I really noticed this...dirt that's not dirt. To anybody who actually played competitive baseball, would a black mound like Houston's seem distracting, at least at first, or would it actually be easier on a batter's eye than the usual dirt mounds? Go TCU...America needs to know how Schwarberish Luken Baker is!