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  1. Apparently we here in Wisconsin have been annexed by those dastardly Canucks and nobody told us
  2. I remember back in 96 or 97, the Packers and Cowboys played basketball here in Racine...I still have my ticket stashed away somewhere, and I remember the house was packed (no pun intended).
  3. Well, it's mainly there because a similar outline is on the white jersey's script. Well, back in the 80s, the Angels wore Northwestern stripes on their BP jerseys, so if I'd made em noticeably larger, I would've gone that route.
  4. Welcome to the boards...I loved the mountain jerseys. I like the classic J-note. I think they could be integrated together. Honestly, though...something like this needs to be given more thought than just slapping the current logo over the old one. (Don't worry about it too much...the first concept I ever posted was a piece of crap on its own merits, nevermind what I can do now, I was just too green to realize it at the time) First on my list, were I doing this, would be to grab a pencil and start sketching. Step 2 would be to decide whether I was using navy or purple. One or the other, not both.
  5. Had this in reserve for a while, and I'm finally releasing this owl out into the wild...here goes Rice. Decided to go Carlton-style for the main design, with the big English R front and center. The third is a silver-to-white faux gradient, a Brisbane style offshoot. For at least this season, we at the WAFA are basically operating as an outlaw league...so I can still unveil the Milwaukee Robins' 2017 guernseys The robin's been given an addition for this year: a silver medal commemorating our Grand Final appearance last season. The home jumper also has silver numbers and a silver collar for this year only. The teal clash has a silver medal for the same reason...the Cup home, however, features a gold medal, commemorating our first trophy of any kind...when we won the midseason Cup final...ah man, the type of game we're almost always a lock to lose, we actually won
  6. Owls fly mainly at night...and the lunar cycle is often marked on calendars. So a while ago, I was looking at a calendar, and thought it'd be a good idea to somehow incorporate it into a uniform. So here we are. Home/Away set Alternates I figured I'd keep things semi-normal aside from the lunar cuffs (a theme I would have gone with for Asheville if I hadn't been revisiting the Hawaiian shirt angle), if only so you aren't as speechless as you were in my last baseball post.
  7. Yeah, but these threads still use the title I used so long ago So I'm like this thread's great grandfather Mainly the Village and Goodwill...there are a few smaller places in my neck of the woods, though I've never been to any of em.
  8. Sounds like this soccer game I read about a few times...you rolled different dice, depending on how strong each team is (dice used in an Arsenal-Man United match will yield a closer match than Liverpool-Stoke, for example) Anyways, got to playing one of the print & play baseball offerings yesterday and today. The funny thing was yesterday, I went with two great teams (82 Brewers vs 69 Mets), and today I went the opposite direction (2003 Tigers vs 62 Mets)...and despite rather disparate starting points and journeys, I wound up with the same score in both sittings: 7-3 Mets Admittedly, since I didn't have detailed rosters handy yesterday (given that this is another one where you rate the players before rolling any dice...my best short explanation is that players can have exceptional (or exceptionally bad) hitting, power, speed or fielding (pitchers can be aces/closers, average, or scrubs), and team standings determine how many of the good traits you can afford, as well as how many crappy traits you have to assign), I probably butchered both Milwaukee and 69 NYM to various degrees, notably handedness...like I said though, the journeys to 7-3 Mets wins were notably different from one another. About the only similarities they shared besides the score were that the Mets' bats were able to get to the opposing SP relatively early, and the Mets starter (Seaver for the 69 crew, Roger Craig for the 62's) made it to the 9th. Not gonna bore you with the boxscores, I'm just gonna give summaries: in the first game, the Brewers actually struck first, and took a 2-0 lead in the 2nd inning. By the end of the 3rd, though, the Mets had tied things up. A pair of Gorman Thomas errors, as well as Robin Yount going 0-4 and committing an error himself, paired with the Brew having to turn to the bullpen in the 5th were what largely doomed the Ball & Glove boys, as after a rough second inning, Tom Seaver only allowed one more run as he was able to finish what he'd started, with special mention to the 9th inning, better known as the Ed Kranepool Show...seriously, all three outs were hit his way, the man was practically standing on his head. One of the Mets' few lowlights was when I'd decided to send one of their slowpokes (who may have been Kranepool) home instead of holding him at third, which ended up in him being beaten by the throw home. In the Bad-tle between the '03 Tigers and '62 Mets, I guess I caught Marvelous Marv and co. on a good day, as they had two big innings: 4 runs in the first, and then 3 in the fourth, and never looked back, even as Detroit's pitching settled down. Errors and poor defense didn't play as large of a role as they had in the Milwaukee game, but there were a few balls that Tigers SS Ramon Santiago couldn't get to, IIRC at least one of which led to a Mets run. Dmitri Young and Craig Monroe each homered off of Craig, though both were basically too little, too late. Even though Monroe's blast ended Craig's day in the top of the 9th, the Tigers couldn't do anything else. Hey, even the '62 Mets had some good days.
  9. Bleeping. Computer. That's all I have to say...bleeping computer. I'd had some black screen issues earlier in the month, but I'd resolved them...or so I thought. Nope...it came back with a vengeance in the afternoon...and when I finally was able to run a program, any program, without the screen blacking out a minute later...I go from KSODs to a fickle connection. you, AOL
  10. Nice to see the thread title's outlived the need for its creator's involvement My local VV moved several blocks west a few years ago, and I only made my first trip there this afternoon...since I was looking for something else entirely (with no luck), I wound up not staying that long...hell, I was just happy I managed to get my fat ass across the highway afterwards. That NC State jersey, though...reminds me of one time when I came across an 80s Packers jersey and felt like kicking myself...in my case, I didn't have enough dosh...but anyway, I'll tell you what, @ChicagoOakland, just like I'll never see that particular jersey again, that NC State jersey is probably long gone by now.
  11. I seem to recall the Rockets wearing navy for their home opener the first year they had those pajama unis...and for some reason, I seem to recall the Knicks choosing to debut their black-side paneled unis at home too.
  12. I know one thing, I'm often not a fan of shoehorning black into perfectly good color schemes, and the Millen-era set is a textbook example of why. Basically, for the most part, the black elements all looked like somebody tacked them on at the last minute and Millen, the Fords or whoever said "good enough." The now-retired set, though, I felt black was incorporated with much more thought behind it, and the end result looked much more like a quintessential Lions uniform than what preceded it. The upcoming new set has a tough act to follow.
  13. Ah, the Boston Nola Portland Vagabond Breakers...the team that couldn't find a home
  14. wafa

    Bumping due to a change in leadership...not sure where @fumbler is, and we have the quandry of only having four returning owners when we need six. So for now, I've taken over as emergency CEO. We need at least two new owners by March 1, otherwise we're probably gonna suspend operations for '17. PM me if interested. Thanks in advance, Discrim
  15. As it so happens, the Bucks are considering various non-Madison places to put a D-League team in. Rumor has it that the current front runner is Oshkosh, with Sheboygan a close second. The other candidates are is Appleton, La Crosse, and my own hometown of Racine. (EDIT: man am I late to the party...apparently the Appleton and Lax groups threw in the towel months ago) I figure a team would succeed in La Crosse, given that I recall the old Catbirds were pretty popular there back in the CBA days, but being on the other side of the state would probably be an issue; I also figure Racine would support a team well, but for an even larger sticking point than Lax's distance: no real arena. If you've ever visited, you may have thought this would be the perfect place to put a minor league team of some sort, but all we have are a couple semipro football teams. (edit: and the Storm...forgot about those guys) "But wait Discrim! Didn't you guys have a team in that women's baseball league?" Yes, and the stadium's exterior still stands...but there's a reason A League of Their Own didn't shoot any scenes there: the interior's radically different now...instead of one field that switches between football and baseball, there's a permanent football field, mainly used by our Raiders and some of our high school teams...and a permanent diamond next to it (separated by football stands), used by the high schools and in Legion and amateur ball IIRC.