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  1. That actually happens?
  2. Leeds United New Crest

    Damn...the AOL bill doesn't get paid for a month and the first thing I see when I get back is this? Wow...just...wow. this actually makes me wanna go panhandling. If only to scrounge up enough dough to get my internet back and put together an actual crest.
  3. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    First in the AFL, I wouldn't doubt. First in football history, not so much. I recall the Cardinals did it in their last decade in Chicago, and other teams probably did it as well. Apparently the Packers did it for a minute too.
  4. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    And with that, TIL Sri Lanka's a member of the "Non-Flag Colors" club, as far as sports go.
  5. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    Down Under, one of the longstanding matchups of this ilk was the longstanding rivalry of Essendon and Richmond...largely because for most of the VFL/AFL's history, contrasting shorts were considered a sufficient clash, few of the Victorian clubs bothered to use more than one jumper until relatively recently. Given most of the Vic clubs were also founding members of the league, naturally they were the most resistant to an idea that by now is second nature to every other team sport on the planet: clash jumpers (the clubs from the other Australian states tended to be more likely to have one by the mid 2000s). Essendon is in black with a red sash; Richmond is in black with a gold sash. Both, to slightly differing extents, were dragged into the clash era kicking and screaming. A few years back, Richmond decided their clash would simply be an inversion of their usual look: gold with a black sash, so this one's no longer possible. No, this is no intrasquad scrimmage...this is another long runner: Collingwood v Geelong. The former is in black and white stripes (with a black back), the latter traditionally wears navy and white hoops (white back). The main saving grace is that the backs are different colors, which goes a long way given that since they play on cricket ovals, the fans are rather far away from the action.
  6. Tell me about it...I occasionally try to look for any evidence of the New York Cityhawks' alternate logo-a hawk, wings spread over NYC, which appeared on their jerseys' shoulders-with no luck.
  7. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    One thing I know, the Army-San Diego State game was nuts. West Point couldn't stop that Penny dude...and the Aztecs had trouble stopping Army from bleeding the clock (unless they tried to pass). I'm not sure I would've gone for two, but it was either that or Penny gets one more shot at gashing the Army D in OT. Another thing I know, I'd only caught the end of the Tx Tech-USF game, but that end was equally crazy...you got three passes that had equal rights to being game enders...were defense not optional
  8. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    As one might put it...good thing Idaho's almost never on national TV. I'd judge vegas gold on silver a poor clash. Speaking of silver and gold, I remember one time when I briefly tuned into a game of the Big XII women's hoops tournament back when they still had XII teams Texas A&M was in silver uniforms with maroon lettering, while Colorado was wearing gold unis with black lettering. Distinguishing Aggie from Lady Buff was about as tough as making out the players' names in the above Idaho photo. Speaking of the Blue Turf Bowl...technically doesn't fit, but just for the hell of it...couldn't find a better pic, but Idaho is in gold helmets/pants and black jerseys, while Southern Miss is in black helmets/pants...and gold jerseys.
  9. Outlandish yet restrained designs

    Taken to its logical conclusion, one could easily consider the Chargers' longstanding lightning bolt usage as outlandish yet restrained, I figure the only reason they haven't been mentioned is they've always been that way, so we're all used to it. Among this vein...West Point's camo specials. The only truly unusual thing about these unis was all the camouflage. IMO THE Arena football uniform
  10. I'm pretty sure those Charger-style blacks were the mid-90s homes, given one of my earliest memories of Arena ball was the Storm playing against the Drive wearing a white version of said uniform. Sure, everybody remembers the Zubaz unis, but I don't think they were worn for as long as a lot of people think they were.
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    Cue the lack of demand for ivy green Cubs uniforms
  12. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    I see Wyo/CMU and raise you Notre Dame @ Georgia Tech, 2006. Gold helmets..check. One gold element and one white element each, check. Navy numbers, check. Deciphering who was who on TV...ugh. As well as Carmelo Anthony's Knicks debut...if there were any games where I wish the Bucks had worn red instead, this was one of two, the other being a later game in Orlando where the Magic decided to wear their black jerseys. Another brutal one: Skins at Cowboys, 2002. It wouldn't have been so bad if the Skins had been wearing the brighter burgundy they've worn since their one year of Lombardi. Or had the Cowpokes gone with the white doublestars instead of the blue version. Not as tough a watch as ND/GT, but still a bit brutal. Not to mention Wisconsin at Illinois in basketball in 2004...I can also recall seeing a photo of a Nevada game where they wore silver uniforms against white, though I forget who they were playing, as well as a photo of an Army-Navy basketball game that used to be on the Wikipedia basketball article, but I'm not sure if it's still there (Army was in silver, Navy in white).
  13. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Can't believe I forgot about the Caps...should've mentioned the Canucks' pants from the flying V era as well.
  14. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    The only other things I can think of were both from the Stars: their last green set in Minnesota, they had black pants with three stars on each leg, and after moving to Dallas, they began wearing pants with a vertical DALLAS on each leg, though sadly they dropped this after switching to the star jerseys full time.
  15. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Who knows, maybe we'd get a gem like "This is not soccer." As it stands now you gotta hope Hochuli's reffing your team's game and wait for him to either get long winded or tongue tied. "Yes, there are penatlies at CCSLC. False start, @WideRight. Five yard penalty, still second down."