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    2018 High School Football

    Live from Dairyland...the state championship games are set, here's who's going to Camp Randall... Division 1: #2 Kimberly vs. #1 Muskego...the Warriors felled fellow 1 seed Marquette 24-21 to punch their ticket to Madison, while the Papermakers took 1 seed Fond du Lac to OT and won 22-21. Not sure who I'll pull for, as while I have no feelings for or against Kimberly, I remember making an ass of myself in a game at Muskego like it was yesterday (blatantly yanking an already downed runner's facemask would definitely qualify as a braindead move. I was braindead that day.) Div 2: #1 Homestead vs #1 Brookfield Central...the Highlanders won a 12-7 defensive struggle over Marshfield, while BC beat Waunaukee 20-13. If any of you are ever in Mequon, the place that looks like a movie high school is Homestead. I can't remember whether it was in Mequon or somewhere else, but I had a pretty good poached egg up there once. Div 3: #1 West De Pere vs #1 Catholic Memorial...WDP easily handled Rice Lake with a 35-14 win, while Catholic Memorial handed New Berlin Eisenhower a 41-14 beatdown en route to Madison. No weird personal anecdotes this time around. Div 4: #1 St. Croix Central vs #1 Racine St. Catherine's...Central beat Little Chute 48-25, while St. Cat's had a tougher go, edging past Lakeside Lutheran 30-28. Oddly enough, despite living here my whole life, the only connection I really have to St. Cat's is a cousin who played football and basketball for em in the late 90s...and who'd transferred to my school partway through his senior year and featured on our basketball team when they won state...and who I was completely unaware I was even related to until his brother came up from Chicago to attend his graduation. Div 5: #1 St. Mary's Springs vs #2 Stratford...if Springs is as good as they were last year, I think they'll be repeating as state champs. Their defeat of fellow 1 seed Lake Country Lutheran 41-12 would probably confirm this. Stratford, meanwhile, pulled off a 22-6 upset over 1 seed Spencer/Columbus Catholic. Div 6: #1 Iola-Scandinavia vs #3 Racine Lutheran...Iola-Scandinavia survived a scare against 2 seed Grantsburg, edging them 27-25. The Crusaders faced off against fellow 3 seed Lancaster, taking them out to the tune of 55-28. Kinda confirms what I'd long suspected of Lutheran being smaller than St. Cat's Div 7: #1 Edgar vs #1 Black Hawk...Black Hawk beat Bangor 24-6, while Edgar routed 3 seed Reedsville 41-0 to get to Madison. Knowing nothing about Edgar, I'd wonder how they'll handle Black Hawk's option attack. And to round things out, Wisconsin held its first ever 8-man playoffs, with Sevastopol and Luck being the last schools standing. Unlike the 11-man title games, this was NOT held at Camp Randall, but in little Stanley. In any event, Sevastopol won 36-30 to claim the first 8-man golden ball.
  2. Discrimihater

    College football postseason 2018: The Other Divisions

    Warhawks, mighty Warhawks, we're proud to bear that name...so take the ball again and go Whitewater, win this game! Aside from UWW being back in the playoffs, I think I'll keep an eye on that Brain Bowl between Hopkins and MIT. I think I'll hop on the Mankato bandwagon in D2 because one of my old teammates played there in the early 2000s.
  3. Discrimihater

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    @BellaSpurs beat me to the punch, but even if it wasn't intentional, I like how the I resembles a bow. Far as some of the rest, I particularly liked the Denver A's.
  4. Discrimihater

    Introducing the Cedar Rapids River Blecch

    We're coming your way... we're gonna dazzle you with our play... the time has come...you know we're shooting for number one Thunderbolts and lightning...will light up the sky-yi-yi-yi... we'll give it all we've got and more with a River Chaaaaarger try
  5. Discrimihater

    Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    The CCSLC can exist without footy...it is simply poorer for the omission. But then, that's partially what I'm here for, dammit! The parrot is probably best known as my avatar, but it began life as the crest of a hockey concept in a series I was ill-equipped at the time to truly bring the best out of, and in some ways still am (to put it bluntly: I'd put out an NHL Revivals set back in 04 [and please don't bump that thread...it's 8 years old dammit]. The bulk of those concepts did NOT age well.) And actually, the whole thing is based on a hockey set I worked on a few years ago but never got around to posting. The one-off...yeah. Reached into my inner Lewiston MAINEiac for that one. EDIT: Though I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I figure I'll be doing this a lot, so I gotta change the thread name...so 'They Came from the Land Down Under' has been retired in favor of 'Discrim's Australian Football Concepts.'
  6. Discrimihater

    Fixing the adidas/NHL19 Digital 6

    Never thought I'd say this, but the Bruins jersey is my least favorite of these. Just way too much white there, it doesn't feel like a Bruins jersey. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'd be intrigued if the Blackhawks unveiled that jersey IRL. I am guilty as charged of being a designer who, at one time, thought a Rangers sash jersey would look good, when in truth it was actually a sign that I was bereft of actual good ideas at that time. The horizontal variant blows the diagonal version out of the water. On the Leafs jersey, I'm reminded of the Canucks' primaries...except it actually works here. I don't have many qualms with the '72 Team Canada ripoff, but we all know the Leafs would never go for it IRL. The Habs, lastly, understated and classy. Honestly, make the stripes slightly thinner and it would translate better than that early 40's throwback as an alt white.
  7. Discrimihater

    Discrim's Australian Football Concepts

    Apparently the Bucks have made my "Mecca uni" dream a reality. In any event, a few new things..first, McNeese State. First choice uses a Melbourne-style vee yoke, but with a bit of a curve to mimic a bandana. William & Mary...figured I'd play it safe-ish for the home and clash. The third, though....I shamelessly dipped into a well that'd served me well twice in hockey. I give you a footy version of Arsenal's bruised banana, with the V's becoming W's and M's.
  8. Discrimihater

    Tabletop sports game appreciation

    Went to Five Below for the hell of it, and lo and behold, the one here had this on their shelf. More addicting than it has any right to be.
  9. And now I can't unsee it... Mordecai at the bat.
  10. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    Prediction that will probably be completely wrong: the Bills' starting QB next year will be... drumroll please...Swag effin' Kelly. Feel free to @ me.
  11. Discrimihater

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Yeah, the Jets are already that Or are they closer to being the football Mets?
  12. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    In all seriousness, I figure if Big Ben got atomized, his remaining cell would figure out some way to regenerate within a month or two. Yeh...Tyrod Taylor, you led the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in eons! Congratulations, you've won a one-way ticket to Cleveland! Nathan Peterman, for some reason, the Buffalo Bills think you're more than a career backup! Congratulations, you've won a chance to establish yourself as the worst QB to ever start in NFL history and prove that the Bills brass has no idea how to find competent players! Go home Bills, you're drunk.
  13. Discrimihater

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Seconded. Not sure when gray even became a school color, but I wouldn't have picked the Iowa game to wear em. Too light, really, and they made the gold helmets look out of place. Imagine that, a freaking Purdue uniform where gold looks out of place.
  14. Discrimihater

    Worst owners in Sports

    Robert Irsay is probably in the top 10 for worst owners in NFL history. What the York's have done to the Niners, he did to the Colts. And that's not even mentioning the move. I'll throw Herb Kohl into the ring, if only because before he bought the Bucks, they tended to be competitive. Under him, they could never sustain success for very long. Honestly, it was frustrating enough that at one point, I actually wanted them to move to Seattle.
  15. Discrimihater

    2018 High School Football

    Well that's a novel approach.
  16. Kentucky is in the top 10. In football. I must be in some alternate universe or something. Next thing you know, Vandy will win the SEC.
  17. Discrimihater

    My CFL Uniform Database

    I'd read somewhere that those double-R Ottawa roads were silver. Could've been wrong though.
  18. Discrimihater

    Are the Cleveland Indians a red team or a blue team?

    The Tribe is a bled team. That's plain as day.?
  19. Discrimihater

    2018 High School Football

    I'll assume there's some convoluted weirdness at play here to somehow make this even possible.
  20. Discrimihater

    2018 NFL Season

    I know one thing, sometimes something happens that's so absurd you'd think it was made up...and then you hear who was involved, and think it's absurd enough that of course it happened to that guy. Soon to be former Bronco Swag Kelly is one such person.
  21. Discrimihater

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    If you asked me which MiLB teams needed a rename, the Syracuse Chiefs would not have crossed my mind. The uniforms are nice, but the logo is lame enough I almost thought it came from whoever created the Williamsport Cubs logo...or the original D-Cubs bear...or the I-Cubs primary. (as an aside, Thanks D-Cubs for breaking our long lame farm logo streak)
  22. Discrimihater

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    watching Bucks-Hornets...the pinstripes on the Hornets throwbacks are way too thick. Kinda ruins the look.
  23. Discrimihater

    Tabletop sports game appreciation

    I've lurked there every now and then, mainly due to HMB catching my interest. I used to find old games at my local Value Village all the time, not so much now...and like you, I tried electric football and it was lacking, though I've seen that a good amount of folks have found ways to make it actually playable (mainly, there's an easier way to pass). Far as the games you mentioned, @SealsFan, which is the one you find yourself breaking out most often for both hockey and baseball, and which would you recommend for someone who's never played any tabletop hockey?
  24. Discrimihater

    Philosophical question - Monochromatic Design

    That '53 Pack team photo, albeit they were wearing kelly green at the time and not the current forest green, supports my own belief that the Packers should avoid monochrome green or gold...that, and that if they ever adopt a gold jersey, it would only work if paired with white pants. I know there are green/gold teams that have made green pants work, but I don't think the Packers are among those teams. Conversely, the Bucks would look strange if they paired the white jerseys with the green shorts, or vice versa, given that their uniforms weren't really designed with a mix & match in mind (though granted, the side panels being the same on both jerseys would make it theoretically more feasible than, say, the Spurs or Lakers). The Wizards' gold jersey/black shorts uni, by contrast, I thought it looked great, given that that was how it was meant to look. The Harlem Globetrotters wouldn't look the same if they dropped their striped shorts in favor of blue ones. I figure one thing, if the Brewers walked out of the dugout in blue pants, it would look out of place, like the real team overslept and they had to throw some fans onto the field to hold down the fort for a few innings. And then there was that white cap the Red Sox wore for one game...mention that, and you'll get reactions that would make you think they'd worn a TATC uniform instead of simply a different cap with their normal home whites.
  25. Discrimihater

    Forgotten Rivalries

    Packers-Niners flares up every now and then, and Bucks-Hawks was heated for a minute.