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  1. Bloomington Prairie Thunder

    Follow-up with further details... PrairieThunder
  2. Bloomington Prairie Thunder

    Prairie Thunder Logo/Story
  3. Bloomington UIF Unveiling...

    Bloomington Extreme Ugh. This is bad.
  4. Frederick Keys Redesign

  5. Frederick Keys Redesign

  6. Frederick Keys Redesign

    CONCEPT: Took the themes of the team's inspiration (Francis Scott Key), the literal key association, as well as a nod to the parent club. May be a tad gaudy for some, but I think it almost works? IDENTITY
  7. Canadian Soccer Association Concept

    MR. MINGS: I regret not acknowledging your template...a defite faux pas on my part. I am an avid observer and less-than casual contributor on this site. That is not an excuse at al; however, I apologize for my oversight. Credits are on the way...
  8. Canadian Soccer Association Concept

    It's a cross between a Maple Leaf and a Fleur-de-Lis
  9. Canadian Soccer Association Concept

    Never heard anything on my take, and was ready to let it die, until now that I see some other concepts have been tossed out there:
  10. CSA looking for new logo

    A take at the uniforms...
  11. CSA looking for new logo

    Not a Canadian citizen, but here's my quick take: Conglomerating the obligatory leaf with the fleur-de-lis to the east.
  12. Image Problem on Site?

    IE 6.0 running on a Windows XP platform...can't see the images.
  13. 2004 NFL Thanksgiving Throwbacks

    David Haugh of the Chicago Sun-Times reported on WSCR 670 AM the Bears' throwback uniforms. Based on his description, we may all be upchucking Thanksgiving Dinner in reaction. He spoke in shock of the fluorescence of the orange, yes, ORANGE jerseys. One other detail divuldged was that the helmets will sport a white wishbone "C" as opposed to the standard orange. If any photos emerge, I'll be sure to add to the post.
  14. Las Vegas Athletics Concept

    Love the poker chip idea, but would suggest maybe pitching the circle on a bit of an angle, giving the illusion of a little more dimentsion/depth, plus you could then add the alternate color banding on the outer ridge of the chip to better express it's indeed, a chip, not just a flat circle with a funky border. Not a huge fan of the red, either, but a nice package nonetheless.
  15. Bloomington (IL) Underwriters

    Whipped up some early uniform ideas as well. Regarding the two alternates, I was torn on the more "classic" look of alt #1, versus what I think is a more aesthetically pleasing alternate #2. I suppose for functionality sake, the first one would probably work for better contrast as a road alt. Again, can't wait to hear you guys rip/make suggestions on the infant stages of this project: HOME: ROAD: ALT #1 ALT #2