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  1. Neither did I and I watch every game, heh. They dropped the plain pants after last season.
  2. The Flames (1985-86) and Penguins (1991-92) also did it. New Jersey has a "Patrick Division Playoff Champions" banner for 1987-88 too.
  3. The home numbers are silver, trimmed in anthracite (dark steel grey). http://www.detroitlions.com/news/article-1/Lions-unveil-new-uniforms/3fbedb1c-7b8a-4506-b0b4-dcf7d27cb883 I thought they were white as well.
  4. They're wearing the white panel hats and helmets tonight.
  5. Stafford looks really upset with what he's seeing.
  6. Already known the Oilers were wearing orange next season but Bob Nicholson (Oilers CEO) said last night there will be a design change to both the home and away: “Next year, we are mandated by the NHL to go to two uniforms without a third jersey. We will have two new uniforms, one orange and one white. There will be a bit of a changed design to them.” http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers/terry-jones-oilers-getting-futuristic-orange-as-crowd-gets-2006-loud-for-nhl-playoffs
  7. I remember seeing a picture of a Preds player (Shane O'Brien?) wearing that jersey at a community/fan event. Edit:
  8. #88 Jarome Iginla He doesn't look too bad in a Kings jersey (better than when he was a Penguin and Av) but not wearing #12 looks very weird.
  9. This is exactly what the banner is for. Brooks played nine shows at Rogers Place from February 17 to 25. http://www.edmontonsun.com/2017/02/15/garth-brooks-nine-show-edmonton-run-a-logistical-challenge-for-rogers-place
  10. The broken glove, what a way to lose. I remember that very well. Hard to believe it's been 20 years.
  11. He played in the famous 5OT game between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in 2000. That's why I think of him as a Penguin.
  12. The seats at Rogers Place are black. You're probably thinking of opening night when most had an orange t-shirt on them. As an Oilers fan I'm glad they are switching. I wasn't born until after the third Cup, so I don't remember much from the dynasty days. I associate the blue jerseys with the first playoff drought from 1993-96, the beginning of bad times in 2008 when it returned as an alternate, two spectacularly botched rebuilds, and putrid hockey from 2010 until last season. I do like the aways, however.
  13. How do you screw up the logo that bad?