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  1. Not only were the stripes kept, the Flames doubled them in size on the new jerseys. They used to go halfway up the side; now they're almost up to the armpits.
  2. Ottawa is a mess.
  3. The oil drops on the sides would have been too much. I'm happy with what they ended up choosing. The bottom concept with the white collar looks to be the one that was in the leaked photo sent to Icethetics in mid-June.
  4. Did Tampa ditch the black outline on the numbers?
  5. The Argos are on the road tonight and wearing the navy buckets with white jerseys and navy pants.
  6. The numbers look similar to what they used in 1980-81: http://www.nhluniforms.com/Oilers/Oilers02.html Arm numbers are fat, back numbers are skinnier. Compare the boxes in the 9.
  7. https://twitter.com/jrnlbarnes
  8. McDavid's contract extension was announced today and here's the new road jersey:
  9. I'll take a wild guess and say the Oilers will unveil their road jersey for the press conference announcing McDavid's extension, which could be as early as Saturday. I have no idea what else they would be holding off for.
  10. This was posted over at HFBoards: 1) Adizero Breakaway Jersey ($130) - Replaces existing Reebok Premier jersey - Thinner, lighter stretch fabric - Sublimated logo patch, stitched to jersey - Has Fanatics branding on the front, similar to the Reebok Premier 2) Retail 'Authentic' Jersey ($180) - Heavier weight than replica jersey, but not on-ice weight - Full embroidered logo - Fight strap - Anti-counterfeit smart tag (NFC? RFID?) 3) On-Ice Authentic Jersey ($300?) - Same price point as the Reebok Edge authentic - What you see on the ice - No anti-counterfeit smart tag
  11. Old orange vs new orange:
  12. I think that looks terrific.
  13. The Hurricanes' site says authentics will be $185 for a blank and $265 for a name/number. That's about $246 and $352 Canadian.
  14. http://www.edmontonsun.com/2017/06/20/jones-new-oilers-jersey-unveiled
  15. The gloves are going to be gold according to their owner. I don't know why they had white ones tonight.