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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    This was always my favourite look... i own a Lemieux and Crosby in this style... Honestly think if they used this with "Pittsburgh Gold" it would be pretty damn good
  2. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Which is weird from a source I trust I heard the signature "wheat" numbers were coming over to the new look... Maybe they got cold feet
  3. the mother of all fantasy leagues

    Barrish is unfair... there i said it... thats the reason i dont have a team in this great league... since yale didnt bump this someone had too
  4. the mother of all fantasy leagues

    that would be one way to get the franchise... if you know what i mean... ;-)
  5. the mother of all fantasy leagues

    I've spent five years of my life trying to invent an anal bum cover, failing to do so is my greatest regret
  6. the mother of all fantasy leagues

    see if it was me I'd put them in Jamestown and call them the prowlers... can someone make a logo for that...
  7. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    anyways... im leaving this thread open... there are other mods that will cut it down if need be... behave... and play nice...
  8. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    sounds like a sport.... a fantasy sport... oooh can i play... you know this could give best fantasy league thread a run for its money
  9. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    thats interspecies erotica dick \\\
  10. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    what... nudges... is that like
  11. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    wow... this is mature... damn these mod powers i want to get my hands dirty
  12. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    so being gay means i masterbate to women on the internet... christ ive been gay since i was 16... who knew... heres an idea if you didnt start these stupid flaming threads cuz you didnt qualify for a freaking fantasy team you could have been a contributing member of these boards and then have qualified for a team.. which every single member of this board has to do... i was member 332 and you are member 11670... i have had to follow the rules alot longer than you so just because you think you are freaking entitled to a :censored:ing team... too :censored:ing bad... everyone has to follow the rules... even you... its been a great trip while it lasted
  13. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    done... and dont tell a mod to shut up... and really dont use the term gay cuz that might awaken some of the boards rainbow warriors and they will show you what gay really means... yeesh
  14. watch as a guy gets himself banned

    oh me... you have 20 minutes... then you kids are being sent to your room
  15. Dan Patrick Leaving ESPN

    I think Hardcore Sports got dumped here in the States. I tried it for a few mornings, but all they had were highlights. ESPNNews on 121 is nice at times, but apart from the morning, Sirius programs have everything covered. Of course, 124 is the NFL Network (I still haven't tried it) 127 is the NBA Network (Not terribly interested) and 128 is NASCAR Network (Can they get a guy without a Southern accent?) (All Times CST) 5-9 Mike and Mike (120) [if only Rivals wasn't so lame...] 9-11 NHL Live (123) [in Season] 11-12 Er... Nothing much at this time 12-2 World Soccer Daily 2-5 Mike and Murray 5-6 The Desk During Commercial Breaks? 125 pretty much plays replays from Premiership matches from this past season all day and night, so you can always catch up on that. What else do you need? hardcore is back on the full sirius network... enjoy... drive this, sports rage, fight network radio,and live audio wrestling... and its all uncensored... its really refreshing actually they dont sugar coat anything